Colorado: Could YOUR Child be Transitioned at School?

February 28

Dear Colorado Friend,

I want to alert you to a dangerous bill moving through the Colorado legislature that would force schools to “socially transition” children without their parents’ consent or knowledge.

HB 24-1039 would mandate that schools accommodate a child’s attempted “gender transition” by requiring that all Colorado public and charter schools use a child’s “preferred name.” Failure to comply with the use of a child’s preferred name would be considered discrimination under this new law.

The legislation goes so far as to require the Colorado Department of Education to provide recommended policies for schools to implement “non-legal name change” practices in every public or charter school in Colorado by July 2025.

Parents have the Constitutional right to direct the upbringing of their children, including decisions like so-called “social transitioning.” But this proposal is the first of its kind in the nation, representing a radical departure from long-established parental rights and instead setting up schools as decision-makers in the lives of children suffering from gender dysphoria, regardless of parental involvement.

HB 1039 is currently moving through the legislature and could receive a vote in the House any day before it moves to the Senate for further consideration.

Please send a message to your state lawmakers today telling them that this legislation is wrong for Colorado families, and you expect them to oppose it when it comes up for a vote.

Sending a message is easy in our Action Center and takes just a moment.

Your voice is needed, so please act today.


John Paulton
Vice President, State Alliances