UPDATE: Children Have Been Treated as Pawns in a Global Political Agenda

March 22, 2024

Last week, we told you how WPATH (the self-appointed international group which established itself as the authority on transgender “standards of care”) had been rocked by scandal. That scandal was the result of hundreds of pages of leaked documents and videos.

As we learn more, we find that inside WPATH there has been controversy, disarray and conflict.

The shocking thing is that despite that disagreement, all attempts to have rational discussions about real concerns for children were dismissed internally. Instead, the group pursued a radical agenda putting children on the fast-track to transgender procedures, simply shutting down disagreements and discussions about the most basic of psychological and medical concerns.

Along with our supporters, Family Policy Alliance recognized this early on and together we have been fighting this agenda since 2017.

To date we have worked together to pass Help Not Harm bills in 21 states!

Now, the entire world must begin to deal with the fact that WPATH and its “standards” appear to be nothing more than a political agenda.

Your help is key to continuing the progress in our work to protect children from this ruthless political movement.

Every day 115 children are diagnosed with gender dysphoria in the US and that unfortunately sets them upon the one-way street toward transition established by WPATH.

Now is not the time to relent – the truth is on our side, and we must push forward. Your help is key to that.

Please consider partnering with us today.

If you missed it, you can read last week’s email below.

Joseph Kohm
Director of Public Policy


March 13, 2024

Dear Friends,

We have an encouraging update for you from the frontlines of the fight to protect children and families from radical gender ideology.

An organization called the World Professional Association of Transgender Health (WPATH) has provided cover for healthcare professionals across the world by promulgating “standards of care” for children struggling with gender dysphoria. These so-called “standards” encouraged doctors to attempt to “transition” children from one sex to another (something that is impossible) as early as possible. They also allow doctors to hide behind the justification that they were simply following the “standard of care.”

The fatal flaw in WPATH’s perverse plan: it’s not backed by science.

Recently leaked internal WPATH files revealed that the organization engages in experimental, blatantly harmful treatments that violate the Hippocratic Oath and contradict their own public statements claiming their standards of care are based in evidence and science. Those public statements have allowed these barbaric procedures to be covered by insurance in hospitals across the world.

FPA has worked successfully in 21 states to protect these vulnerable children from harmful and irreversible procedures done in the name of transgender ideology.

This important leak discredits one of the world’s leading transgender activist organizations and takes us one important step further to ensuring children struggling with gender dysphoria are protected everywhere.

Your support has made this possible, and we ask that you would continue that partnership.

Every day approximately 115 children in the United States are diagnosed with gender dysphoria. WPATH “standards” would send them down a path of barbaric, experimental “medicine.” You can help us to push back against deceptive practices by financially supporting our ongoing work to enact Help Not Harm in even more states.

Together, we will ensure children are not preyed upon because they are confused about who God made them to be. We will ensure they receive real help, not harm.

For our kids,Joseph Kohm

Joseph Kohm
Director, Public Policy

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