Tell President Biden NO on Radical Gender Rules for Children in Schools

April 29

In 1972, Title IX was enacted to protect girls and young women in our public schools from discrimination and ensure equal opportunities for them. In a sick twist, the Biden Administration released its new Title IX rule that is an active assault on our girls.

We need you to sign onto our open letter to President Biden because if this rule goes into effect, it will force every public educational institution in America to allow men full access to bathrooms, locker rooms, scholarships, and likely even sports teams.

It is a slap in the face to girls, women, and parents everywhere.

Only a hundred years ago members of President Biden’s party fought women’s suffrage in Congress tooth and nail. Today’s modern radicals have brought that same misogynistic fight to our school system by putting boys in girls’ most intimate settings. Your daughter, sister, niece, or granddaughter should NEVER have to undress in front of a boy regardless of what our President says. This is twisted and evil.

Once more, moms and dads are under attack by the Biden Administration, too. K-12 schools would be mandated to accept a child’s new gender identity irrespective of their biological sex, without notifying or seeking consent from the child’s parents. We’ve seen horror stories related to this all over our country, yet the Biden Administration sees it as not enough. This is a direct assault on our First Amendment freedoms of speech and religion, and parental rights.

While these egregious measures will be fought in court, this takes time. In the interim, we call on YOU to sign our open letter to protect girls nationwide. This will be sent to the Biden White House to remind them that this grotesque endangerment of girls and affront to parental rights is NOT acceptable.


Dylan Jeremiah
Director, Government Affairs