Does Dad Need a Reminder?

May 10

Mother’s Day is Sunday– are you (or is Dad) stuck on what to get for mom?

We all know that flowers and chocolate are great (and you should certainly do that!) but we also know that moms want meaningful, thoughtful gifts.

And gifts that keep on giving are often some of the best.

The Tech-Ready Family is one of those gifts…one that can help any family get a handle on the technology and online safety in their household…giving peace of mind for weeks, months and years to come.

Family Policy Foundation is offering through tomorrow a fantastic discount on The Tech-Ready Family – it is just $79.

That is 60% off just for Mother’s Day.

The clock is ticking on this offer – and Mother’s Day is Sunday– so act now before this remarkable offer ends and the price goes back up.


Dads, help mom (and everyone else in your household) get a handle on technology and online safety by getting The Tech-Ready Family today.


Robert Noland
Director, Audience Engagement

P.S. Get The Tech-Ready Family before this offer expires.

P.P.S. If you know of a dad (or mom for that matter) who needs help with taming the technology in their home, please forward this message to them.