Remembering on Memorial Day

May 24

Dear Friends:

I don’t know about you, but it’s been hard to see how forgetful we’ve become as a nation. Amidst the cultural and political battles we face, there are too many Americans who have forgotten our history, our allies, and even the shared values that make us a strong and united nation – a nation worth dying for.

But we can still be a nation that remembers, especially on Memorial Day. We can remember God’s goodness, and we can remember those brave heroes who have made the ultimate sacrifice to preserve this great American experiment.

Take some time this weekend to talk to the veterans in your family and community. When we give these brave men and women the chance to share about their experiences and the friends who never made it home, we remember them together.

Share with your children and grandchildren about the cost of freedom. Take them to visit battlefields where countless Americans have marched and fallen, and take them to military cemeteries to walk the hallowed ground where many of them have been laid to rest. Respect for service will be taught to them by our own actions.

Hundreds of thousands of American service members have died in the line of duty since the Revolutionary War. More than 7,000 American service members have lost their lives just since 9/11. It’s our job to remember them and their families because the cause for which all of these heroes died is still a cause worth fighting for.

Thank you for joining us in our efforts to remember and protect the principles of faith and freedom that built this nation. May God bless the families of the fallen and may He bless your family this Memorial Day.


Craig DeRoche
President & CEO