Help Not Harm Wins Again: A Legislative Update from South Carolina

June 6

Recently, South Carolina became the 23rd state to pass a Help Not Harm bill protecting children from irreversibly damaging so-called “gender transition” procedures. No child is born in the wrong body, and our friends at Palmetto Family Council have ensure South Carolina is the latest state to protect vulnerable children struggling with gender dysphoria. Hear from Palmetto President Steve Pettit about how it happened!

At the same time, South Carolina also took a huge step in protecting children from the harms of pornography. FPA has worked hard to facilitate a coalition of states to pass age verification requirements for online pornography. This coalition includes South Carolina, and they got it done this year! The Governor signed both Help Not Harm and age verification on the same day. You won’t want to miss hearing how all this remarkable success came about!

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Sincerely,Joseph Kohm
Joseph Kohm
Joseph Kohm
Director, Public Policy