After ringing in a New Year, each January we focus on the life issues, as this is the month when the infamous Roe v. Wade decision was handed down by the U.S. Supreme Court in 1973, leading to the termination nationally of more than 62 million babies in the womb.

Also, every two years we deal with what is infamously called “The Lame Duck Legislative Session.”  This year’s version began after the General Election on Nov. 2 and ran through Jan. 11. This is a time when some of the most egregious bills that the radical left wants to see passed into law get moved, and this year was no different.

The Reproductive Freedom Act was redrafted and pushed forward, ignoring all policies and procedures for bill hearings, the most important being that a bill should be posted and available for review five days before the scheduled hearing. With the liberals in control, those protocols went out the window. The bills were actually being delivered to the legislators as the committees held the hearing.

This new version (S49/A6260) had all the egregious points of the initial bills and would legalize abortion up to the point of birth. In the Assembly, it passed by a vote of 46-22, with four not voting and eight abstaining. In the Senate, the vote was 23-15, with two not voting. So as most New Jerseyans were dealing with the pandemic and the Omicron variant, the legislature took the opportunity to “get things done.”

Thank you to so many of you all over the state who responded to our call to action and made your voices heard to legislators on this outrageous bill. It’s important that we do so, even when it’s an uphill fight. We have the self-evident truth of life on our side, and we must continue to proclaim it. Someday, we WILL WIN the fight to protect life, and the mystery will be how our politicians of today could have been so hard-hearted and blind to the truth.

To that end, here are two more ways that you can actively stand for life:

In this context, it’s also fitting that we commemorate the life of an American Hero on Monday. Dr. Martin Luther King literally gave his life in the quest to uphold true equality. His quest for people of color to be treated equally was, on Dr. King’s part, a mission worth dying for. Let’s remember his sacrifice and critical contribution to upholding the life and dignity of all.

Yours for the Family,

Len Deo

Last month, the U.S. Supreme Court heard the Dobbs vs. Jackson Women’s Health Organization case, a critical case that represents the best chance at overturning Roe v. Wade that the pro-life movement has ever seen. The seven Supreme Court justices who decided Roe v. Wade had no idea the decision would cost 62 million American lives and counting. They didn’t know what we know from ultrasounds. And they certainly didn’t know about the incredible pro-life movement that would rise up. But now they do.

After 49 horrific years, Roe’s reign of terror may soon end—either with this Dobbs case or another future case. But that doesn’t mean abortion will end right away. Instead, the battle for life could quickly shift to the states. Most legal experts believe that the justices will not completely ban abortion in America. Rather, they could return the issue to every state.

Each state would be responsible for regulating abortion. Each state would decide the destiny of its unborn children.

Our mission? Plan for a pro-life America and a pro-life Wyoming.

Family Policy Alliance put together information on Wyoming’s current laws on abortion limits, the safety and health of women, and the protection of fundamental rights here.

Sadly, post-Roe in Wyoming means abortion will still be legal in some circumstances, which means your pro-life vote matters even more. We have more work to do than ever to support babies and their mothers in embracing the sanctity of life. has helpful information about what we’re doing to fight for life in a post-Roe world in our state and across the country.

Sign the AfterRoe pledge to start the post-Roe pro-life movement NOW.

Thanks for standing for life!

Nathan Winters
Executive Director

In just thirteen days, pro-lifers from around the country will gather in Washington, D.C. for the annual March for Life.

Each year since the Supreme Court’s Roe v. Wade decision, this event has drawn attendees from all walks of life. In fact, it’s the world’s largest peaceful human rights protest.

But this year, there is a special weight and significance. Why? Because Roe’s time may soon be up.

In December, the U.S. Supreme Court heard a case challenging Roe v. Wade, putting a world After Roe clearly on the horizon.

The day before that hearing, we sat down with Jeanne Mancini, President of the March for Life, to learn more about the annual March and why it’s especially significant this year.

You can watch that video here:

This year, our team will be at the March for Life, marching together for a day when not only is Roe overturned, but life is truly cherished across our nation. Will you join us?

You can learn more about the March for Life here.

Plan to join us at the March? Family Policy Alliance will have After Roe signs available for you to march with! Sign up here to get in touch with us on the day of the march. We would love to meet you and give you a free sign for the march!  Also – stay tuned for an exciting announcement coming next week about branded After Roe merchandise!

Can’t make it to D.C.? You can still support the cause from your own state! Some states have their own marches throughout the year. In the meantime, watch for information about new pro-life merchandise you can sport around town and share with friends and family. Details to be revealed next week!

Whether you’re joining us in D.C. or supporting from afar, we hope that you will join us in prayer for an era After Roe – and ultimately, for the end of abortion and the embrace of life throughout our country.

Standing with you for life,

Meridian Baldacci
Director of Strategy

P.S. Want to learn what you can do right now? Visit for information about your state and ways you can engage across the pro-life movement!

Dear Friend,

Your help is needed immediately to stop the License to Kill Act. Formerly known as the so-called Reproductive Freedom Act, now renamed S49/A6260, this legislation “Codifies constitutional right to freedom of reproductive choice.”

This is the most radical abortion bill ever proposed in this state.

Under this legislation:

We have held protests and rallies throughout the state over this past year! Now, pro-abortion organizations are working behind the scenes and rushing these bills through in the last minutes of this Legislative Session.

We must make our voices heard!!

We need you to immediately contact your two Assembly Representatives and NJ State Senate and urge them to vote against the replacement bill for the Reproductive Freedom Act in the NJ Senate S49/A6260. (Codifies constitutional right to freedom of reproductive choice.)

It only takes a moment to send a message to them in our Action Center.

You may want to contact your state legislator’s office by phone as well. We will also email it to you once you have taken action in our Action Center.

Let’s act like lives depend on it – because they do!

Len Deo



In 1857, the U.S. Supreme Court made a decision that, if it were made today, would be unthinkable and even appalling. Seven of the nine Justices decided that a black slave named Dred Scott was not a person and nothing more than the property of his owner. They consequently ruled that he had no rights as a citizen and no protection under the U.S. Constitution. It took eleven years, but the Supreme Court’s decision was finally overturned in 1868 with the passage of the 13th Amendment that outlawed slavery and the 14th Amendment that granted citizenship to all those born in the United States, regardless of color.

On January 22, 1973, the Supreme Court made another poor decision that was even more appalling. That Court struck down state anti-abortion laws, deciding that a woman’s right to privacy gives her the right to end the life of her unborn child. In the Court’s opinion, that unborn child was not a person as defined by the U.S. Constitution and was therefore not entitled to or guaranteed even the right to life.

As in the Dred Scott case, they ruled that the unborn baby was not a person and thus was nothing more than the property of the mother. Therefore, the mother could choose along with her doctor whether the child lived or died. Someone would have to be willfully ignorant not to see the similarity between these two Supreme Court decisions.

The irony of the Court’s decision in Roe was that the year before, in 1972, the same court amended the Bald Eagle Protection Act (of 1940) and authorized fines up to $500,000 in addition to jail time for destroying an “unborn eagle” in its egg. The Supreme Court and the justices who serve on it are not infallible and have made decisions that needed to be corrected – and the Roe decision of 1973 is the most egregious and appalling of them.

Family Policy Alliance has been heavily involved in current efforts to overturn Roe v. Wade with the Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization case debated in the Supreme Court last month. This case is a challenge to Mississippi’s law that bans abortions after 15 weeks. Pro-life legal experts believe that there is legitimate reason to hope that the justices will return the issue of abortion to the states. That would mean that each state would then be responsible for regulating abortion and deciding the destiny of their unborn children.

Because of that very real possibility, we need to plan and work for a pro-life America as well as a pro-life Rhode Island after Roe. For more info, please visit

This year, I will be attending the National March for Life in our nation’s capital for the first time. Tyler Rowley has put together a 2-day bus trip to the March for Life in Washington, D.C., that is quick and affordable (January 20-21 at a cost of $125). Tyler is the founder and leader of Servants of Christ for Life, a very active Roman Catholic pro-life ministry here in Rhode Island. If you are interested in joining the group, there are still seats available. I would love to see as many as possible attend from Rhode Island. For more info, call Tyler at 401-290-7201 or email him:

There is already talk of a bill to introduce taxpayer-funded abortion in Rhode Island. Please make it a matter of regular prayer that this bill will not see the light of day and that our state will once again recognize the value of every life!

For Faith and Family in RI,

David Aucoin
Chairman, Board of Directors – Rhode Island


P.S. Please begin to pray The Battle lines are already being drawn and we can expect to see Pro-Abortion advocates out in force


This year we have been talking about a number of egregious pieces of legislation, the most infamous being the Reproductive Freedom Act (RFA). This bill would codify into law abortion at any time up to the birth of the baby. There are other things in the bill like allowing unliscensed “technicians” to perform abortions.

Because of you and your generous support, we have been able to place billboards (see above and below) near the offices of legislators who were prime sponsors of the egregious RFA. We were able to produce resources to assist parents in their quest to protect their children from the force of evil masquerading in their public schools.

Advocates of abortion-on-demand are persuading the masses with their message. It is unsettlingly similar to the serpent’s tactics in the Garden of Eden, convincing people that we should be equal to God. The balance of life in the womb should NOT be a matter of choice! This is not the way of GOD.

In addition, we have been fighting the LGBTQ agenda in New Jersey schools by assisting parents in their quest to stand up for their sons and daughters. Transgender activists have helped changed the curriculum leading to woke indoctrination, which impacts not just school kids but also girls’ sports. Often, the “male” competitive edge robs girls of athletic scholarships.

I’m not willing to tell my children and grandchildren that their families, and this great country in which we live, are not worth fighting for. I want to truly tell them I stood up and fought for them.

I know you’re the kind of person that feels the same way. I believe you agree with me that this is a time for resistance! That’s why I’m so glad to partner with you as we stand together, step forward, and fight for New Jersey’s families in 2022.

Because of your support in 2021, we were able to accomplish many things. We…

I know how difficult the past two years have been with the Pandemic. I know how many families have been impacted, some very severely. We have endured and seen this time of testing through. I want you to know that I am so appreciative of your standing behind us, even through these difficult days.

We are so close to reaching our year end goal which will enable us to start this fight strong in 2022. We are so close to reaching our year end need. Please help us so we can stand strong for you and your family and continue to be there for parents who want to make a difference. Together we can make it happen.

Thank you for fighting for a better tomorrow!
Len Deo

It’s December 22. With Christmas just days away, we’re setting aside time to gather with family, rest, and reflect on the mystery of the incarnation, and we hope you can, too.

Twenty days ago, we launched our campaign to prepare for a world After Roe. It’s a world where babies are saved, and we’re celebrating that it could soon be reality.

As I considered this, something struck me: it is so special that this month, as we celebrate the baby who came to save us, Christians around the country have rallied to save babies.

Christ came down not as an adult or even a young child. He came as a baby. Weak, vulnerable, in need of constant care.

He came to be fully human, with all that means. All the baby teeth and growing pains, scrapes and sniffles – and yes, living even as a baby in the womb.

Of course, Christmas is about so much more than Christ coming as a baby. It is about the eternal God, the One worthy of all praise and honor, humbling Himself for our sake. Christmas is about Christ’s obedience to the Father and His love for us, as He took on flesh and dwelt among us, even becoming “sin on our behalf,” that through Him we might be saved.

But all of that began with Christ as an infant – so Christmas certainly is about nothing less than Christ coming as a baby.

And to me, that is an encouragement.

It’s because of Him that we can appreciate the value of the life He’s given us. In fact, it’s in Him that we live and move and have our being. And at Family Policy Alliance, it’s because of Him that we are called to do the work we do every day.

So this month, as we celebrate the birth of the baby who came to save us, we’re standing together to save babies. What work could be more fitting?

From all of us at Family Policy Alliance, Merry Christmas. May these coming days be filled with joy, peace, and renewal, as we celebrate the birth of our King.

Craig DeRoche
CEO & President


P.S. If you’d like to learn more about our work to protect babies, visit It would be an honor to link arms with you in this life-saving effort.



I know it probably doesn’t feel like it, but 2021 has truly been an amazing year of wins—wins that you helped bring about! And we didn’t want to close out 2021 without pausing to thank you, and the Lord, for the incredible momentum in the family policy movement we saw this year.

Thank you for partnering with Family Policy Alliance this year and for making this Top 10 list possible! We are praising God for these 10 wins and invite you to join us!

10. Your voice inspired lawmakers to remove “woke” language from the national defense funding bill.

Our federal lawmakers’ top priority in Washington, D.C. should be the nation’s defense. Instead, this year, some lawmakers tried to take advantage of the all-important defense spending bill to add in “Equality Act” language (elevating the LGBT agenda in the defense bill) and requiring women to register for the draft.

You took action through the Family Policy Alliance action center and made your voice heard—empowering some brave lawmakers to speak out against this radical language. The result? This harmful language was removed from the bill, allowing the defense funding bill to move forward in a much cleaner form!

9. You stopped the radical Left’s push to pack the courts.

In the early days of the Biden Administration, there was a lot of talk about “adding judges” to the courts—basically creating a scenario where the far Left could guarantee a win on their radical policies in court because they pick their own judges. You made it clear that this idea was wildly unpopular among American families, and it has gained no traction—even in the President’s own commission formed to consider such a court-packing proposal.

8. You are forcing lawmakers to take a stand on whether they will protect babies who survive abortions.

Of course, Speaker Nancy Pelosi is blocking a bill that would protect babies who survive botched abortions. So prolife House members initiated a procedural move called a “discharge petition” that would force the bill to come forward for consideration. A record number of lawmakers signed onto this petition this year—thanks to your advocacy calling on them to take a stand for these precious babies fighting for their lives!

7. You made it a rough year for Twitter!

You may recall that Twitter cancelled our friends at Focus on the Family earlier this year, and you helped us rally to their defense. Your voice elevated the issue all the way to Congress and national media. Later, they canceled Statesmen Academy alum and prominent U.S. House member Rep. Jim Banks (IN-03). Focus on the Family’s and Jim Banks’s crimes? Correctly identifying a Biden cabinet pick as a biological male who identifies as a woman.

You raised your voice to help us launch a campaign in support of Focus on the Family and Representative Banks, send a petition to Twitter, and build a coalition to stand against these cancelling policies. Now, Twitter’s CEO Jack Dorsey has stepped down after a tumultuous year.

6. You set in motion the movement to save our kids from harmful “gender transition” procedures.

Just this year, Statesmen Academy alum Rep. Robin Lundstrum led the nation’s first successful effort to ban harmful and experimental “gender transition” procedures on children in her home state of Arkansas. It was a groundbreaking piece of legislation!

Your support for the Statesmen Academy, your advocacy in Arkansas, and your partnership with Family Policy Alliance and the network of state family policy council allies in standing for the truth that biological sex cannot change made this a win! Now, more states are ready to consider taking the same stand to protect children!

5. You are saving girls’ sports for our daughters and their daughters.

In 2020, you helped make Idaho the first state in the nation to reserve girls’ sports for only biological girls—as a matter of fairness. This year, over 35 states considered the same legislation to save girls’ sports—and a version of that bill is now law in 9 states! Plus, even mainstream media credits the movement to save girls’ sports (that you have made possible) as the reason the dangerous Equality Act is stopped in the U.S. Senate!

4. You stopped a far-Left takeover of elections nationwide!

The far Left made clear that legislation to “redo” elections (and thereby secure policy wins for their agenda) would be a top priority in 2021. Despite relentless attempts to take over elections at the federal level by one political party, these multiple bills have gone nowhere. No matter how many times they tried to bring forward these bills, you continued to engage and raise your voice, calling on them to vote NO every time. You are saving our country’s elections with generational impact!

3. You helped parents and families raise their voices—and change the future in their states.

It’s been a year where parents and families have faced unbelievable indoctrination in their children’s schools. Radical gender theory policies have touched the classroom, locker room, and sports field. Critical race theory has divided children and communities. And parents have been deeply concerned about the impact on their children.

After a number of deeply concerning incidents in Virginia—including sexual assault against a female student in the girls’ bathroom by a male student wearing a dress—parents had had enough. They raised their voices and voted against politicians that believe schools—not parents—should direct children’s education. They flipped control of their state from politicians who discount parents to leaders who pledge to honor the role of parents in their children’s education. It was a stunning win that caught the attention of the nation, especially ahead of the 2022 election.

We also recently learned that the National School Board Association, which has supported these radical curriculum proposals and treated concerned parents as “terrorists,” is at risk of losing millions as their own state chapters withdraw over the controversy.

You are changing the narrative and forcing lawmakers to return to considering parents and families before political agendas!

2. You stopped the #1 priority of the Biden-Harris Administration and the far Left.

The Biden Administration made clear that the Equality Act was their #1 priority for 2021—a “must-accomplish” in the first 100 days. Here we are in the waning days of the year, and the Equality Act has clearly been stopped in the U.S. Senate! Tens of thousands of you took action through the Family Policy Alliance action center calling on lawmakers to stop this bill.

We’ve identified this bill as the most dangerous piece of legislation we’ve seen come out of Congress because it would force the LGBT agenda into homes, schools, doctors’ offices, businesses, and nearly every area of law and life. THANK YOU for making clear to D.C. that this is a nonstarter for American families!

1. Life is winning!

And, for the #1 praise for 2021, at the end of the year and on the eve of the 49th anniversary of the deadly Roe v. Wade Supreme Court decision, we stand on the brink of seeing Roe overturned (perhaps even in 2022). This would give all of us in the states more power to protect the lives of babies in the womb than we’ve had in decades!

In addition, Texas passed a strong pro-life “heartbeat” law that, despite being challenged in court, has already saved thousands of lives. And  the Supreme Court allowed it to stay in effect by—despite the ongoing challenges against it by the abortion lobby and the Biden Administration. Life is truly winning in America.

As you and your family head into the Christmas season and wind down your year, we pray you are as encouraged by these wins as we are! And thank you for being an encouragement to us in our ministry! When you take action and raise your voice for family values, standing on biblical truth, you shine brightly—despite any level of darkness around us in our nation.

Thank you for your support and engagement that make these wins possible!

May God bless you and yours,

Craig DeRoche, CEO

Bustling energy. That’s what it felt like outside the Supreme Court last week while the Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization case was being debated inside the chamber. Last Wednesday, this case questioned the Mississippi law that bans abortions after 15 weeks of pregnancy.

Our FPA team members were joined by hundreds of other pro-lifers who feel the exact same way. We loved seeing pregnant mothers, their children, young women, fathers, and countless others being the voice for the voiceless

We were all there united in the fight for life!

Just the day before, The Federalist wrote an exclusive on our After Roe campaign. Meridian Baldacci, director of strategy for Family Policy Alliance, told The Federalist: “No matter what happens with Dobbs, we are confident of two things. Roe’s time is short, and pro-lifers across the country need to prepare for that coming reality now… But a reversal of Roe by the Supreme Court would not automatically outlaw abortion across the country, either.”

Craig DeRoche, CEO of
Family Policy
interviews Cathi Herrod,

President of Center for
Arizona Policy.

If Roe is overturned, most legal experts agree that states would decide if they are pro-life or pro-death.

At Family Policy Alliance, we are grateful to host an alliance of family policy councils in states around the country who are already on the ground fighting for life. Many of those allies were able to join us at the Supreme Court, and we streamed live interviews with our President Craig DeRoche about what would happen in those states if Roe were overturned. You can still watch those interviews here!

If the Supreme Court overturns Roe and returns the regulation of abortion back to all 50 states, what does my state look like in a post-Roe world? We have an interactive map with state-by-state information for you. Check out what your state would look like here!

Meridian Baldacci interviewed with MSNBC, doing an incredible job covering our After Roe campaign and discussing FPA’s mission. This network is not well known for its friendliness towards conservative voices, but they did interview with us. However, they never aired it. Based off of their news coverage last week, they were more interested in covering the abortion industry’s side than ours.

We were excited to see Fox News run a story covering our After Roe campaign and pro-life efforts of our allies across the movement. Read here: If Roe v. Wade is overturned, here’s what happens.

Our President Craig DeRoche said to Fox News: “Family Policy Alliance, together with family policy councils across the nation, stands ready to compete with the abortion industry — and win! — for every precious life.”While pro-lifers were waving signs like “Equality begins in the womb,” “Life is a Human Right,” and “Overturn Roe,” the abortion industry passed out these small abortion pill boxes. It was as if they were passing out candy. Inside was a QR code that leads to information falsely stating that these chemical abortion pills are “safe, effective.” The site goes on to say, “you can order pills to have on hand before you’re even pregnant,” and they’re “widely available for about $100.” Young children were walking around the Supreme Court holding onto these boxes, not knowing the serious harm these chemical abortion drugs bring to women across the country.

As aggressive as the pro-abortionists were, pro-lifers far outnumbered the abortionists at the Supreme Court last week. For example, Liberty University, a Christian college in Virginia, sent over 900 students and Concerned Women for America, a conservative pro-women organization, brought over 1,000 women. We were able to interview with people on both sides of this life debate, and it was encouraging to see such a courageous young generation standing for life.

Watch this video to hear directly from them HERE:

At the end of the day, here’s our After Roe vision: 50 pro-life states. We can’t do this without our allies and without you! It takes a village. Pictured here you’ll find President of the March for Life Jeanne Mancini and our very own FPA Vice President of Education Amanda Banks. Both of these women have fought tirelessly for life. Amanda is raising her own family while fighting for family values at FPA. She made the time to be a huge support for our team last week at the Supreme Court, and we are incredibly thankful for her.

Jeanne heads up the March for Life, which will take place Friday, January 21, 2022. Every year, thousands of young people show up and march across D.C. – standing for life! Find more information here about the March for Life if you would like to get involved.

After 49 horrific years, we are prepared for Roe’s reign of terror to end. Our FPA team members continue to show up in big ways like they did last week at the Supreme Court. We all share the same vision, the same mission, and the same strong desire to see a pro-life America.Thank you for what you’re doing in your corner of the country to promote life!

Learn more about AfterRoe here: www.AfterRoe.comCaroline Woods


Caroline Woods
Family Policy Alliance

P.S. We’d be remiss if we didn’t mention today’s win at the Supreme Court! The Court is allowing a groundbreaking Texas law to continuing saving lives. Learn more here.

Last week, the U.S. Supreme Court heard the Dobbs vs. Jackson Women’s Health Organization case, a critical case that represents the best chance at overturning Roe v. Wade that the pro-life movement has ever seen. The seven Supreme Court justices who decided Roe v. Wade had no idea the decision would cost 62 million American lives and counting. They didn’t know what we know from ultrasounds. And they certainly didn’t know about the incredible pro-life movement that would rise up. But now they do.

After 49 horrific years, Roe’s reign of terror may soon end—either with this Dobbs case or another future case. But that doesn’t mean abortion will end right away. Instead, the battle for life could quickly shift to the states. Many legal experts believe that the Justices will not completely ban abortion in America. Rather, they will return the issue to every state.

Each state would be responsible for regulating abortion. Each state would decide the destiny of their unborn children.

Our mission? Plan for a pro-life America and a pro-life New Jersey.

Family Policy Alliance put together information on New Jersey’s current laws on abortion limits, safety and health of women, and the protection of fundamental rights here.

Sadly, post-Roe in New Jersey means abortion will still be legal in most circumstances, which means your pro-life vote matters even more. Our lawmakers are even more responsible for the lives protected or the lives lost in New Jersey, without Roe to blame. And, we have more work to do than ever supporting babies and their mothers in embracing the sanctity of life.

AfterRoe.Com has helpful information about what we’re doing to fight for life in a post-Roe world in our state and across the country.

After Roe US Map

Sign the AfterRoe pledge
to start the post-Roe pro-life movement NOW.

Lame Duck session is here. This time of the year makes us nervous because the outgoing New Jersey House and Senate members have little to no accountability because they are finished in the New Year. And for the members re-elected, they know that people are too busy to keep an eye on them during the Christmas Season.

We here at the Family Policy Alliance of New Jersey stand vigilant. We are watching what bills New Jersey lawmakers intend to debate and vote on, including the Reproductive Freedom Act. This bill enshrines into New Jersey law such egregious pro-abortion policies, making abortion legal up to and even after the birth of the baby.

This is why we must stay alert and keep fighting to protect babies in New Jersey!

God bless you,

Len Deo