At Family Policy Alliance, we often tell you about candidates who will vote to protect life. And indeed, we’re doing that now with mailers and digital ads in several key legislative districts around Colorado.

But this year, you have a chance to directly save lives with your vote in favor of Proposition 115.

Prop 115 fixes a horrible blemish on Colorado’s legal standing, not only in the nation but the world. Only a handful of countries allow abortions for any reason right up to the moment of birth – which is exactly what Colorado allows. We stand with the likes of Communist China and North Korea in our abysmal treatment of babies in the womb.

Specifically, Prop 115 bans abortions after 22 weeks unless the mother’s life is in immediate danger. Penalties for violation are applied to doctors who perform such abortions.

Vote YES on Prop 115 to save lives!

Other Huge Measures on Your Ballot

But Prop 115 isn’t the only critical issue on your ballot. Others will also have profound impact on the ability of Colorado families to thrive – or on the election process that undergirds our system of government. Here are a few recommendations.

Amendment C: Vote NO.  Amendment C makes it easier for charities to start and expand gambling operations. Yes, these are not full-scale gambling operations, but it’s still a step in the wrong direction.

Amendment 77: Vote NO. This DOES involve full-scale gambling operations – allowing mountain towns (where most residents work for the casinos) to decide what’s allowed. Truly, this is putting the fox in charge of the henhouse.

Prop 113: Vote NO. This duplicitous scheme is backed by California money – and no wonder, as it would essentially hand Colorado’s votes for president over to California and a few other populous states. Why let the Los Angeles metro area – which outnumbers Colorado’s population by more than two-to-one – decide where Colorado’s electoral votes go?

Prop 116: Vote YES. Colorado’s government continues to grow – and out of that comes a host of liberal programs that harm families. One of the best ways to control government mischief is to limit its funding. Colorado families can put this modest tax cut to better use than our state’s politicians.

Prop 117: Vote YES. Colorado politicians have for years skirted our state’s Taxpayer Bill of Rights by raising fees. This holds them accountable by requiring that fees raising big dollars (more than $50 million in first five years) get voter approval.

Your vote on the candidates and the issues is critical. Make your voice heard with your vote!

For Colorado families,

John Paulton
Mobilization Manager


I wanted to share this message from Brittany Jones, the Advocacy Director for Family Policy Alliance of Kansas. I thought it was well done and encouraging.

As a proud “girl dad” of a 2 month old daughter, I find it so encouraging to see a woman unashamed to be pro-life, unashamed of her faith, and unashamed to be what the world defines as a “little weird” because her counter-cultural stances is biblical.

I’m also ecstatic that Governor Brian Kemp saw fit to appoint a strong, unashamed pro-life woman of faith to be the key voice in the confirmation effort for Amy Coney Barrett. Pro-life women are making it happen, and my Audrey is so, so proud!


Cole Muzio
President and Executive Director


America has had the privilege of watching Judge Amy Coney Barrett withstand intense fire with grace, compassion, all while displaying astounding knowledge of the law and legal philosophies without any notes – winning the hearts and minds of many Americans.

Lindsey Graham powerfully opened his remarks on Day 2 of the Supreme Court nomination hearings with Judge Barrett with a powerful statement “It’s ok to be religiously conservative…it’s ok to live your life in a traditional Catholic fashion and you are still qualified for the Supreme Court. To all the young, conservative women, this hearing today is about a spot for you at the Supreme Court, just like there was for Justice Ginsberg.”

This is a powerful picture for not only young women, but all conservatives. There is a place for us.

However, as was clear from these hearings, the Left clearly doesn’t think there is a place for us. Amy challenges their ideas of what a women, a justice, and a member of society at large should be.

The beauty of the American process is that there is a place for all of us in the discussion. It is why conservatives fight for religious freedom and free speech. These God-given rights preserve a place for everyone.

And the beauty of conservative legal principles: We don’t demand an outcome. We trust the process.

The Court should not be about policy outcomes – but instead about allowing our laws to be made by the proper legislative bodies and then allowing the Court to defend the Constitution. But Liberals are terrified of a Court they can’t control. Liberals want the Court to pass their legislative agenda. Conservatives recognize that sometimes we will get decisions we like from the Court and other times we will not. The Court has a duty to the law, not to a political party or to a particular policy.

Conservative judicial philosophies actually give us all a seat at the table. There is room for differing outcomes and policy can still be left to the political bodies.

Now that the hearings are over, we can move forward to a vote by the committee and hopefully a vote by the entire Senate soon.

So we all have a seat,

Brittany Jones, Esq.
Director of Advocacy


In just four days, the full U.S. Senate is expected to vote on the confirmation of Judge Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court. Judge Barrett’s confirmation would mark a sea change for conservative women of faith:  her nomination has already sent a clear message of support for those who value their faith, family, and conservative values in addition to their careers.

Today we were honored to have a piece published in The Christian Post, authored by four female members of the Family Policy Alliance team. In it, we examine what the (hopeful) confirmation of Judge Barrett to the Supreme Court signals for conservative women of faith. We’ve shared the text of the article below – plus a bonus link where you can urge your Senators to confirm Judge Barrett!


Amy Coney Barrett is a unicorn to the left; To us, she’s the future

By Sonja Swiatkiewicz, Amanda Banks, Meridian Baldacci, Autumn Leva

To the Left, Judge Amy Coney Barrett is a unicorn — she’s not supposed to exist. A woman isn’t supposed to achieve her dreams of professional success without aborting children — let alone with seven children. A person of faith isn’t supposed to possess the intellectual legal prowess to graduate summa cum laude from a prestigious law school, become a judge on a federal appellate court, or be nominated to the nation’s highest court.

But to us, Judge Barrett is the future. All four of us are professional women, working in the traditionally male-dominated fields of law, policy, and politics. All four of us are women of deep faith. Two of us have daughters. One of us is a fellow Hoosier. And we all see our futures and our daughters’ futures in Judge Barrett.

Chairman Lindsey Graham (R-SC) said it well in his opening comments last week: “This is about you – all the young, conservative women out there.  This hearing to me is about a place for you.  I hope when this hearing is over, there will be a place for you at the table, a spot for you at the Supreme Court.”

To be sure, none of us is claiming that we could one day achieve a nomination to the Supreme Court, or that we are “generationally brilliant,” as Judge Barrett was described by her Notre Dame colleague and as her confirmation hearings have already shown. But make no mistake, Judge Barrett’s nomination (and, we trust, confirmation) marks a sea change for women — and for America.

For starters, abortion is no longer a “women’s rights” issue — not that it ever was. Insisting that women had to snuff out the life within them in order to be successful —and labeling those who didn’t believe that as “anti-woman” — was always a bill of goods.

Unlike Ranking Member Feinstein (D-CA), who called abortion a woman’s “fundamental right” and seemed to refer to pregnancy as “a problem that all women see one way or another in their life,” we consider our ability to bear life a fundamental privilege and view pregnancy as a miracle reserved for women.

As a mother of seven and a devout Catholic, Judge Barrett has a personal life that indicates she not only agrees with us in theory – but in practice as well.

While women of our generation have been told that we must choose between having a family and succeeding professionally – and that to choose family is the less important, less rewarding decision – in Judge Barrett we see a woman who has done both and emulates the dignity, joy, and paramount importance of bearing the title “mom.”

The future of religious freedom in America looks bright with a Judge Barrett confirmation. She stands for the many women – and men – of deep faith in our country, who wonder if there is still a place for them in public life.

As Senator Josh Hawley reminded us, we live in a free country where “there are no religious tests for office.” Your faith – our faith – give us guiding principles for our lives and be an asset – not a hinderance – to our ability to assume fulfilling, consequential roles.

Cultural and political changes, and even decisions from the Supreme Court, have led many Americans to believe that the words “wall of separation between church and state” exist in the Constitution (they don’t). And many believe that faith should be something only expressed inside the four walls of your home and church. Judge Barrett’s confirmation would signal hope to Americans of deep faith that they do not need to hide.

The future of the Constitution and the proper roles of our branches of government look bright with a Judge Barrett confirmation. Many of the serious threats America faces today to life, family, religious freedom and more found their genesis in bad court decisions where judges or justices attempted to legislate from the bench. Judge’s Barrett’s confirmation is a beacon of hope that the tide is turning back to the proper role of the judiciary — to apply the law equally to all, and to interpret (not create) law as it was intended to mean when written.

America’s future looks bright indeed. Even the Left finds it difficult to criticize the expertise and qualifications of Judge Barrett. Liberal media outlets praised her for not using a single note to answer question after question during her hearings, as she cited court rulings, prior confirmation hearings and more. It gives America reason to hope that we can still be respectful and united in affirming a person’s hard work, intelligence, and qualifications, regardless of our ideological or religious agreement.

For the future of America, for us, and for our daughters, the Senate should confirm Judge Barrett.

Please urge your Senators to vote to confirm Judge Barrett to the United States Supreme Court! It takes just one minute at our Action Center.

For the Kingdom,

Autumn Leva, Amanda Banks, Meridian Baldacci & Sonja Swiatkiewicz


I want to share with you another story of a baby boy who was saved because his mother found out that the chemical abortion she started could be reversed. This story is told by the doctor who helped her. It is something abortion clinics do not want the public to know, but there are over 1,000 healthy babies across the nation who are a testament that abortion reversal works.

Please help us spread these stories about mothers who now have precious little ones. Only by knowing the truth and telling others can we save more children!


Juanita had been nauseous to the verge of vomiting, and she suspected she was pregnant. And yet she wondered: should I tell my husband? They already had three children under the age of 7, and she was concerned about how another would put even more strain on their family. After all, her husband was already working extra hours to make ends meet. Her fears were confirmed by the appearance of an extra blue line on the pregnancy test. Juanita had seen a billboard from Planned Parenthood that offered assistance with unplanned pregnancies. She decided to schedule a visit. At the facility, an ultrasound confirmed that she was six-weeks pregnant.

The abortion assistant explained the procedure for a chemical abortion. She was to take a single abortion pill (RU-486 or mifepristone) and follow it the next day with four other tablets (misoprostol).The clinic staff told Juanita that the side effects of misoprostol were limited to mild cramping and bleeding. She was skeptical about how the side effects were minimized, but felt like she had to end her pregnancy. She swallowed the first pill quickly. She placed the envelope with the other four pills in her purse, which she would take the next day. A change of heart gripped Juanita almost immediately, so she told her husband as soon as she got home. Her husband had seemed excited that she was pregnant and was disappointed to learn she had gone to Planned Parenthood. Juanita felt awful. She desperately wished she could somehow turn back the clock. She called Planned Parenthood about reversing the effects of the pill she had taken. They told her there was nothing they could do. Her mood changed from regret to anguish. “Lord help me”, Juanita prayed silently. There must be a way.

She Googled “abortion reversal” and found Abortion Pill Rescue ( The website offered her the assistance she was told wasn’t possible, along with a toll-free, 24-hour phone number. Juanita called, and within 20 minutes my cell phone vibrated my pocket. Kelly, one of hundreds of volunteer nurses in the Abortion Pill Reversal Network, quickly conveyed the key details of Juanita’s story, her phone number and when she’d taken the first abortion pill.

I phoned Juanita and told her that I was one of the network’s physicians. I confirmed the facts of her situation, reviewed her medical history, and asked additional questions. Then I explained the reversal process, arranged for her to obtain the medication she needed at her pharmacy, and set a time to meet with her at my office. I saw Juanita and her husband a few days later. While she had experienced some light spotting and cramping, a bedside ultrasound confirmed her baby’s heartbeat as well as fetal movement. She decided to continue prenatal care with me in my practice and she successfully delivered a healthy baby boy.

If you are an expectant mother and have taken the first chemical abortion dose, you can go to the national abortion pill reversal website or call 877-558-0333 to get immediate help on potentially reversing your chemical abortion!

Over 1,000 babies have already been saved through chemical abortion reversal in the U.S.

For Life,

Mark Jorritsma
President and Executive Director


Dear Friends—

I have some great news! Our pro-life candidates are performing extremely well in their races and with your help, we can take them over the top!

This year, we made it easy for voters to know who our pro-life candidates are with the release of our Election 2020 Pro-Life Candidate Slate. This nonpartisan resource covers races for the U.S. Senate, the U.S. House, the New Mexico Senate, and the New Mexico House. And with absentee and early voting now underway, we need your help to get it in the hands of more voters!

We know that an overwhelming majority of New Mexicans oppose dangerous third-trimester abortions up to the moment of birth and infanticide, but they may not know where the candidates stand on these issues. Therefore, I am asking you to do one thing on behalf of the pro-life movement this week.

Please forward this email to 10 family members, friends, or co-workers, and encourage them to support the life-affirming candidates on this slate.

With less than three weeks until election day, we must finish strong. If everyone receiving this email forwards it to 10 people, we will literally reach tens of thousands of voters – many of whom may still be undecided in these key Congressional and Legislative races.

So please take 2 minutes and forward this email today. 

 On to victory!

Vince Torres
President & Executive Director


Paid for by Family Policy Alliance of New Mexico

ICYMI: Earlier this week, Governor Kemp sent out an email regarding our work here in Georgia as together we stand against the onslaught of Leftist attacks from California and New York on the sanctity of life and family values right here in the Peach State.

Family Policy Alliance of Georgia is proud to stand with Governor Kemp and hope that you will join with us in this important work!

Keep reading to see the Governor’s message.

From: Brian Kemp
Date: Mon, Oct 5, 2020
Subject: Standing up for our values


In recent weeks, President Trump appointed Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court. By all accounts and appearances, this could be a gamechanger – for life, for freedom, for our Constitution, and for returning the Supreme Court back to what the founders intended.

But, as you know, the radical left will fight back tooth and nail – cheating, if they have to – in order to defeat our president, oppose his nominee, and remake our great nation into something utterly unrecognizable. Every day it’s a new lie about the president. Over this confirmation, it’ll be repeated attacks on Judge Barrett’s faith. To their supporters, they’re pledging to pack the courts and end the electoral college if they gain power. All so they can impose a radical agenda that undermines values and attacks the nuclear family.

That’s why I’m so thankful for my friends at Family Policy Alliance of Georgia – an organization that stood with me early on in my campaign, stands against the radical Left and status quo, was instrumental in the Heartbeat Bill, and is hard at work electing pro-life, pro-Trump, pro-family conservatives around our state.

As we enter the homestretch of this election, will you join this great organization by donating $50, $100, $250, or more today to help elect candidates that share our values?

This organization has been one of my closest allies – standing with me against those who want the “values” issues to remain on the sidelines. They’ve also been staunch allies of my pick for Senate, Kelly Loeffler, who, like me, has been in the fight since Day One.

Kelly is leading for the right to life, standing up against the radical left’s agenda, speaking out for faith and for free speech, and becoming the main target for the mainstream media. Family Policy Alliance of Georgia has stood with her every step of the way.

With this Supreme Court pick and with our Heartbeat Bill, the life issue will be front and center this election. Bring it on! We won’t back down, and we won’t shy away. The facts are on our side, and I believe the people of our state are increasingly seeing the need to be on the right side of history – the side of LIFE!

Yet, the attacks from our opponents will be vicious, and they’ll be well-funded. Our allies need air support from organizations like Family Policy Alliance of Georgia – which has the political savvy, the firm faith and convictions, and the tireless efforts needed to get the job done.

Join the movement to elect pro-life, pro-family, pro-faith leaders from the top of the ballot all the way down. The White House is on the line. Our two Senate seats are on the line. Congress is on the line. And, every seat in our Georgia General Assembly is on the ballot. Family Policy Alliance of Georgia is in this fight to win it, so I’m asking you, TODAY, to join them with a generous donation to make a difference this election.

This election is so critical. I count Family Policy Alliance of Georgia as trusted partners in this fight, and I hope you’ll join me in standing with them – because this election is too important for us not to leave it all of the field.

For Our Values,

Brian Kemp


P.S.Georgia is a state that values life, and we also understand the centrality of the family. These core, conservative beliefs that we share are under constant attack. Cole Muzio and the team at Family Policy Alliance of Georgia understand the political realities at stake, and they’re committed to building a winning coalition under the Gold Dome. Will you support these efforts today with a $50, $100, $250, or greater donation today?


By, Vince Torres, President & Executive Director

The most important pro-life votes you will cast this year are for…

Your New Mexico State Senator and State Representative — these are the most important pro-life votes you will cast this year, and this is why.

Following the passing of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, President Donald Trump nominated federal Judge Amy Coney Barrett as his nominee for the U.S. Supreme Court. With hearings on the nomination scheduled for next week, it is expected that Judge Barrett will receive a confirmation vote in the Senate before election day on November 3rd.

For the pro-life movement, this nomination and pending confirmation represents perhaps the most significant moment in our history since the infamous Roe v. Wade decision in 1973. Legal scholars have previously suggested that the addition of one more pro-life Justice may finally pave the way for the Court to overturn Roe, and many believe Judge Barrett is that Justice.

What does this have to do with your State Senator and State Representative?

If Roe is overturned by the U.S. Supreme Court, and absent the enactment of any federal legislation, the authority to regulate or end abortion will most likely revert to the states — meaning the future of abortion in New Mexico would sit largely with our State Legislature and Governor. This scenario is particularly thought-provoking in our state given the existence of a 1969 abortion law still on the books. The law, which among other things limits abortions to cases of rape and incest, and to protect the life of the mother, is currently dormant in part because of Roe. If Roe is overturned, however, the law may become enforceable.

It was this scenario which prompted Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham and Democratic leaders in the State Legislature to try and repeal the law during the 2019 Legislative Session. Ultimately, their efforts stalled when eight Senate Democrats joined Republicans to defeat the measure. This setback did not, however, deter the abortion industry and many Democratic leaders. They immediately targeted and defeated five of the eight pro-life Senate Democrats in the June 2020 primary, and Governor Lujan Grisham publicly stated, “The second we have the votes in the Senate, that antiquated, absolutely outrageous law is gone.”

A Worst-Case Scenario

Unless we elect pro-life majorities in the New Mexico State Senate and House of Representatives this November, Democratic leaders in the Legislature and the Governor will repeal the existing abortion law. And if that law is repealed, an overturning of Roe will mean nothing for New Mexico. Abortion will in fact remain legal and largely unregulated, as it is now. A repeal will also remove existing conscience protections which could lead to the firing of medical personnel who refuse to perform abortions on the basis of moral or religious beliefs. This section of the law is currently in effect and serves as a necessary protection to uphold the First Amendment rights of doctors and medical staff.

A Better-Case Scenario

But imagine this scenario: we elect pro-life majorities in the New Mexico State Senate and House of Representatives, and immediately work to update and improve the existing law. Under new pro-life leadership, we transition from defense to offense and begin the process of reversing the culture of death in our state.

When it comes to life, the stakes have never been higher, and this is why the most important pro-life votes you will cast this year are for your State Senator and State Representative. And while you are at it, go ahead and support all our pro-life candidates up and down the ballot.

This year, we have made it easy for you to know who our pro-life candidates are with the recent release of our Election 2020 Pro-Life Candidate Slate. Please print, forward, and share this information far and wide.

The future of the pro-life movement is up to us, and this November, we can use our vote to protect babies in the womb throughout New Mexico and our nation.

Together, let’s vote like lives depend on it — because they do!

On January 5, Governor Murphy signed a Senate Joint Resolution designating each October as “Pregnancy and Infant Loss Remembrance Month” in New Jersey.

October is now here. The first remembrance month in our state for infants lost as babies in the womb is officially underway. The New Jersey Resolution states the purpose of the month is to “honor all those who have survived a pregnancy loss or lost a child, recognize the grief suffered by families who experience such loss, help comfort and encourage the healing of families in their time of need, and give those who have endured such a traumatic event hope that in the future, the number of women who suffer pregnancy and infant loss can be reduced and the majority of infants can be born healthy, safe, and free from harm”.

I could not agree more.

But one person seems to disagree – Governor Murphy.

He used the weight of executive influence to kick off this solemn remembrance month by announcing the Reproductive Freedom Act on October 2. This would codify abortion without any restrictions into law.

…So much for infants being born healthy, safe, and free from harm!

Please visit InsiderNJ to read our response to the Governor’s hypocritical stand on Infant Loss and Abortion.

Currently, there are no restrictions on abortion in New Jersey. We are the most unsafe state in America for babies in the womb. The ratio of abortion centers compared to prolife pregnancy centers is the worst in the nation. The Reproductive Freedom Act will rob future legislators and governors from legislating abortion regulations if Roe v. Wade is ever overturned. The current pro-abortion lawmakers want to end this debate in New Jersey once and for all. Abortion at any time, for any reason, without any restrictions – without end.

The abortion industry advocates in our state are united in their demands. Thrive NJ is a coalition of groups working to enact extreme abortion laws that threaten every baby in the womb. Please earnestly pray for them. Also, pray for the coalition of pro-life groups in our state working together to protect life from conception to natural death.

May we never back down from our biblical convictions that every child has the right to live. We should not only mourn the babies lost in miscarriages, stillbirth or sudden infant death syndrome, but also those who suffered at the hands of an abortionist.

Be watchful and prayerful in the weeks and months ahead. We will need to mobilize, along with others, to stop this bill from being passed. Don’t let yourself feel defeated: we’ve been able to win before! The supermajority in Trenton could not pass recreational marijuana or mandate vaccines in 2020 because the voices opposing these bills were louder than those supporting them. We must now do the same against abortion.

Let’s make New Jersey better,

Shawn Hyland
Director of Advocacy

The last few weeks have been a whirlwind in the political world, especially when it comes to the subject of abortion. What has been going on?

Most recently, President Trump nominated Judge Amy Coney Barrett for a seat on the Supreme Court. Judge Barrett is a solid conservative, with a history of textual interpretation of the Constitution and decisions that are based on judicial interpretation, not the activist court track record we’ve been subjected to for decades. A mother of seven, she lives out her support for family values including life. Family Policy Alliance is thrilled that President Trump chose Judge Barrett as his nominee; it provides a great hope for preserving the foundational values of our country.

Another noteworthy event, perhaps somewhat overshadowed by the nomination news, was that President Trump issued an Executive Order requiring the Health and Human Services Department to ensure that federally funded facilities provide life-saving medical care for all infants born alive – meaning it would include those who survive abortions. This is a huge step in the right direction, as some states contemplate or have already passed laws effectively allowing infanticide, by removing protections for babies born alive after a botched abortion.

The third development on the abortion front is the election itself. Never have abortion lines been drawn so sharply between candidates. As we move towards November 3rd, this difference will be further highlighted in debates, the media, and through their political campaigning. To be quite honest, President Trump needs the pro-life movement to win in November, and he knows it. However, he has shown himself to be a man of his word when it comes to protecting unborn children, and we have his strong track record as clear evidence where he will go if reelected.

Those are just a few of the major developments on the abortion front in the past few weeks. There is a lot riding on the next steps on all these issues. So, what can you do?

First of all, VOTE! Only by exercising your most important duty as a citizen of this great country can you make a long-term difference in where we are headed. This applies not only to the presidential race, but also state races (more on that next week). This year you have the option to vote early, or vote by absentee ballot or in person as you have in past years. To get information on all these options, go to our Secretary of State’s website and decide what works best for you.

Secondly, make your voice heard in DC. Feel free to let our state Senators know how strongly you feel about the confirmation of Judge Amy Coney Barrett. You can contact Senators Hoeven and Cramer through our Action Center and emphasize how important this vote is to you and your family when it comes to preserving your family values.

Third, get involved at a local level. One great way to do this is participating in the 40 Days for Life event currently underway. Let people of North Dakota know that we will stand together outside the abortion clinic in Fargo and in other places in ND and pray for these mothers, their unborn children, and the staff of the abortion clinic to see God’s will for their lives. To participate in 40 Days for Life and sign up for a prayer slot, you can go here:  40 Days for Life. Simply type “North Dakota” in the search box, choose your location, and click to see the details and sign up.

Finally, pray. Pray that God’s will be done in all these processes. It is only through His grace and sovereignty that change will occur on the abortion issue in this country.

We at Family Policy Alliance of North Dakota® thank you for your engagement in the political process. Through all our efforts and God’s providence, we can put an end to the needless slaughter of these innocent children.

For life,

Mark Jorritsma
President and Executive Director

Tonight, we will watch the first debate between the two presidential candidates, President Donald Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden. The lines between the two candidates could not be any clearer—especially on life.

The Biden/Harris ticket is the most radical pro-abortion ticket in history—while President Trump and Vice President Pence have the strongest pro-life record of any presidential candidates in history.

So today, Family Policy Alliance is also launching a brand-new ad helping voters understand the difference between the candidates on how they view babies in the womb and their mothers.

Vote Like Their Lives Depend on It—Because They Do

Family Policy Alliance is releasing the ad nationally. But we’re focusing especially on reaching voters in presidential swing states who 1) are pro-life but not sure how they feel about President Trump, or 2) are pro-life but often fail to vote. Our prayer is that this powerful ad will inspire voters to #VoteForLife up and down the ticket this year.

The inspiration for the ad came from a surprising source, Michelle Obama, who is not pro-life. During the Democratic Convention, Michelle Obama passionately said to her viewers: “We have got to vote for Joe Biden like our lives depend on it.”

Except—she’s exactly wrong. Our lives likely don’t depend on who gets elected, but the lives of babies in the womb and their mothers truly do. The policies supported by candidates up and down the ticket will either work to save lives or destroy more of them. There is no middle option.

That’s why we have to vote like their lives depend on it.

We need your help to reach as many voters as possible with this video ad. Will you consider taking these action steps?

  1. Share the video on your social media channels and with friends and family. Your church can even share the video! Use #VoteForLife when you post the video.




Autumn Leva
Vice President, Strategy

P.S. Please take a moment to share Vote Like Their Lives Depend on It now!



Paid for by Family Policy Alliance. Not authorized by any candidate or candidate’s committee.