November is National Adoption Month, and as believers and Americans who care about families, we have the opportunity this month to help. Please take a moment to learn what’s going on and then lend your voice to help children awaiting adoption!

The answer probably seems obvious if we asked:  When it comes to policies on adoption, should kids or politics come first? With nearly 125,000 children in the United States awaiting adoption and the average adoption wait time for a child in foster care at 31 months, of course the answer is that children should come first.

But, sadly, for many years the policy of our federal government put politics over children. It all started when the Obama Administration issued a last-minute rule saying that even faith-based entities working with the government to help children find forever homes had to comply with the Administration’s sexual agenda. In other words, the Obama Administration said that faith-based entities had to agree with the Administration on LGBT issues (even though LGBT classifications aren’t part of federal law) or—in many cases—shut down their ministry.

Faith-based ministries often specialize in placing hard-to-place children in forever homes—older children, special-needs children, and more. So, sadly, already-vulnerable children are those who suffer most when politics gets in the way of good adoption policy.

Thankfully, the Trump Administration is now prioritizing adoption—and working to keep kids first. His Health and Human Services Department (HHS) just issued a proposed new rule that protects faith-based adoption ministries—ensuring they will not be forced to choose between their faith and their service to their community’s children. This means that more agencies will be able to help children find a home—which makes the most sense when it comes to adoption policy.

Thousands of you have already thanked President Trump for prioritizing children and adoption in this way! Thank you so much!

But, more help is needed. The next step to ensuring that President Trump’s proposed rule becomes official adoption policy is called a “public comment period.” This means that the HHS Department will collect comments from the general public about whether or not to finalize the rule. You can be sure that they will hear from activists and others who want to keep the Obama-era policy that puts politics over children.

So, please join us in submitting as many comments as possible from believers, churches, families, and those who simply care about putting children first in support of President Trump’s proposed new rule!

Leaving a comment is very simple. Just click here, complete the simple form (comment and name) and click “Continue”. On the following page, just confirm and submit.

To make it even easier, here are some talking points to use when you write them—even a short paragraph is a huge help!

Please submit your comments in support of the proposed rule before December starts so that we can all celebrate Adoption Month together!

For Keeping Kids First,

Autumn Leva, Esq.
Vice President for Strategy

“Speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves; ensure justice for those being crushed.” (Psalm 31:8)

Dear Friends,

Earlier this year, thousands of pro-life New Mexicans rallied together to defeat one of the most radical pro-abortion bills in the country—House Bill 51. Our victory sent shockwaves through the State Capitol and in the days that followed, my phone was flooded with calls from people all over the country asking, “How did you do that?” My response was always the same. We prayed, we spoke up, and we showed up.

 And friends—the time has come for us to do it again!

The fight for life in New Mexico is far from over and today, we begin a new effort to thwart the agenda of the radical abortion industry with the release of our 2020 “New Mexicans for Life” Pro-Life Petition. House Bill 51 will be back during the upcoming Legislative Session in January and we must again send a clear message to the Governor and the members of the Legislature—that we oppose abortion up-to-birth and infanticide, and any effort to repeal important conscience protections for our medical professionals.

Family Policy Alliance of New Mexico is proud to be partnering with Right to Life Committee of New Mexico and New Mexico Alliance for Life on this important project and we are depending on you to make it a success.

Will you help us today by doing 3 things?

  1. Please ADD YOUR NAME by clicking here. It only takes 30 seconds and in addition to your name being added to the petition, a message will immediately be sent to the Governor and your State Senator and Representative.
  2. Please SHARE THIS EMAIL by forwarding it to your family members, friends, and pastors.
  3. Please SHARE OUR PETITION LINK on Facebook, Twitter, and/or Instagram –

Thank you for making your voice heard and for speaking for those who cannot speak for themselves.

Standing together for life,

Vince Torres
Executive Director

This week, we celebrated the epic pro-life victories this year and planned for the future with the “Together for Life” event sponsored by Congressman Jody Hice.

There is much cause for praise because of what He has done for life this year – using our ministry, other allies, and strong leaders we helped elect. But, there is also much work to be done.

Our mission statement isn’t just for a Georgia where we pass pro-life laws. It’s not for a Georgia where we have less abortions than elsewhere. It’s for a Georgia where life – ALL life – is cherished and recognized for what it is: wonderfully made and cherished by the Creator.

We are just getting started and there are plenty of ways you can partner with us:

  1. Education
  1. Policy
  1. Elections

There is much work to be done, but we are honored to have you partnering with us. Together, we can forge a Georgia where life is truly cherished!

For Life,

Cole Muzio
President and Executive Director


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My wife had an interesting encounter in a coffee shop recently that reminded our family that not everyone thinks all lives are worth fighting for.

Here is her story:

Our daughter Stephanie and I like to go out for coffee. It makes for great mother-daughter time and we often go to a coffee shop nestled inside a bookstore.  That’s a win/win for us. However, sometimes things come up that you do not expect. This was one of those occasions.

One of these “coffee dates” found us hunting for a table, because it was particularly crowded that day. We found a table and shortly thereafter a young man dressed in all black approached the table and sat down next to us.  Oh well, I thought, I guess it can’t hurt to be sociable, and space is limited after all.  We struck up a pleasant conversation, but then things took a disturbing turn.

He told me how he currently worked as a store clerk, but that he wanted a different job.  He then went on to explain with enthusiasm that he had a college degree in death/dying and that he wanted to work in a retirement community to see death up close.  I could feel my skin crawl.  He even tried to tell me that Alzheimer’s patients have lucid moments in which they can request death and understand what they are doing.  I was upset and angry by then.  My mother-in-law, a beautiful Christian woman, had died of Alzheimer’s. From my experience, nothing could be further from the truth.

I figured at this point I had three options: simply leave, tell him in an emotional way how I really felt about what he wanted to do, or pray and try to calmly speak truth into the situation.  Thankfully I chose the latter.

I paused, prayed, and then spoke.  I told him of my experience and how I knew that in my mother-in-law’s situation, his theory did not hold water.  From our interactions with her, we could tell that even in her most lucid moments, there was no way she could comprehend such a choice.  I followed it up with saying that therefore I did not believe his hypothesis at all.

I went on to say that as a Christian I could not agree with what he wanted to do.  God gives life and we should choose life.  I then used a quote from The Lord of the Rings (something he might give more credibility than the Bible!) where Gandalf says, “Can you give life?…Then don’t be so quick to take it.”

The young man just stared at me, in a bit of shock.  I then excused us, and we left.  Stephanie and I went into the bookstore and found a quiet place to talk and pray over it.  Most of all we prayed for this young man’s soul and that God would thwart any attempts he made to fulfill his dream.  After all, all life should be cherished.

As my wife Ruth so vividly describes, our culture has rapidly devalued human life and has in many ways become a culture of death. Abortion, infanticide, physician assisted suicide, and the list goes on. But we at Family Policy Alliance of North Dakota® join you in recognizing God’s gift of life as well as the hope of eternal life in Christ Jesus.

Do not be discouraged my friends. We will fight beside you to help transform our culture into one that honors God, protects religious freedom, ensures families thrive, and cherishes life from conception to natural death. Thank you for joining us in praying for our country and state, responding when we ask for your active participation, and financially supporting our fight for life and other values you hold dear. You are a point of light in what can often seem like a very dark society, but you are not alone.

Again Jesus spoke to them, saying, “I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will not walk in darkness, but will have the light of life.” John 8:12


Mark Jorritsma
President and Executive Director


Every day of the year, Family Policy Alliance works to promote biblical citizenship—engaging with our form of government and leaders from a biblical perspective.  Today – Election Day – is perhaps the most important day of the year to this end.  We count it a privilege to live in a free country with democratic elections where all people can make their voices heard at the ballot box.

Won’t you be part of biblical citizenship today by voting and praying for those who will be elected?

On Friday, President Trump’s Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) issued a new proposed rule to allow faith-based adoption and foster care agencies to receive federal grants without compromising their religious beliefs.

The new rule will roll back harmful regulations from the Obama Administration that forced faith-based providers to choose between helping vulnerable children and birthmoms, or following their faith.

In 2016, just days before President Obama left office, HHS added “sexual orientation” as a protected class to a rule governing adoption agencies.  Therefore, adoption and foster care providers could not continue to place children in need with married mothers and fathers only based on their biblical beliefs about marriage and sexuality.  Their choice was to give up their beliefs in order to serve or else stop serving children and birthmothers altogether. And many did close their doors because they couldn’t violate their faith.

While the Obama rule sought to punish faith-based agencies into compliance with a radical political agenda, the real victims were children waiting for their forever home and birthmoms whose choices were limited.

With more than 440,000 children in foster care in the U.S., and at least 100,000 waiting for adoption, this misguided rule demanded attention.

The Trump Administration responded.

The new rule will allow adoption and foster care agencies to once again provide much-needed child placement services while maintaining their religious beliefs.  Rather than force them to comply with politically motivated “sexual orientation” rules, providers will only be required to comply with nondiscrimination laws passed by Congress and signed into law, as well as applicable Supreme Court decisions.

According to a White House press release, “The proposed rule represents the Trump Administration’s strong commitment to the rule of law―the Constitution, federal statutes, and Supreme Court decisions. These require that the federal government not infringe on religious freedom in its operation of HHS grant programs and address the impact of regulatory actions on small entities.”

This announcement represents one of several steps taken by the Trump Administration to protect religious freedom in America and restore common-sense in federal agencies.  The Administration has also taken action to protect medical workers who have conscious objection to abortion and assisted suicide, and it has ensured that faith-based businesses can opt out of insurance plans that include contraceptives and abortion-inducing drugs.

We are delighted that the Department of Health and Human Services has issued this new rule to protect religious freedom and advance the work of faith-based adoption and foster care agencies.  President Trump and his administration deserve our thanks.

If you are encouraged by this announcement, won’t you take a moment to personally thank President Trump for his leadership to protect religious freedom in our country? We have made it easy to send to send him a message in our Action Center – it only take a few seconds.

Thank you for standing with us to promote and defend pro-family public policy.  And thanks in advance for unleashing biblical citizenship today by voting!


Autumn Leva, Esq.
Vice President of Strategy

“If we don’t have a proper fundamental moral background, we will finally end up with a totalitarian government, which does not believe in rights for anyone except the state.”
President Harry Truman
Attorney General’s Conference, 1950

This Tuesday, Nov 5, the contentious LGBT curriculum, the legalization of recreational marijuana, the assault against parental rights, the safety and dignity of preborn life, and the violation of religious liberty will be at stake. This off-year election will either prevent or hasten the moral collapse of our state. The New Jersey Assembly, serving two-year terms, is up for grabs once again.

In the current legislative session, our state Assembly:

The candidates who win on Nov 5 will commence a new two-year legislative session in January 2020. These elected officials will make decisions that have extraordinary consequences on families and people of faith. The results of voting will start the trajectory towards a state where God is honored, religious freedom flourishes, families thrive and life is cherished; or the dreaded opposite – the unhindered promulgation of anti-family values in education, the reckless and destructive impact of neighborhoods saturated with pot-shops, and the calloused insistence to violate human rights by allowing late term abortions in NJ that are banned in 96% of nations.

If you believe in the dignity of human life, the rights of parents to raise their children according to their beliefs, and the beauty of the traditional family, then November 5th is your greatest moment of advocacy. Historically, voter turnout is low in years when neither the President nor Governor is on the ballot. Therefore, your vote carries significant weight!

Do not approach elections with despair or hopelessness despite your district. Even if your preferred candidate does not win, a closer than expected outcome sends a clear message to incumbent leftist politicians.  I urge you not to allow radical ideologies to set the agenda in Trenton in 2020. Turn out and vote on November 5 for pro-life, pro-family candidates.

Shawn Hyland
Director of Advocacy
Family Policy Alliance of new Jersey

Len Deo
Director of Alliances Northeast Region, Family Policy Alliance
Founder & Past President, New Jersey Family Policy Council

Abortion Reversal is Real! Hundreds of healthy babies have been saved, even though their mothers took the first chemical abortion pill. There are countless stories of mothers regretting a chemical abortion as soon as they took the first pill, but the great news is that there is hope for these mothers. Here is another of those stories Planned Parenthood and abortion clinics do not want told.

Rebekah and Zechariah

Pregnant at age 17, Rebekah took the first abortion pill, but immediately regretted it, and began searching the internet for reversal options while still in the Planned Parenthood parking lot. “I’ve never felt more desperate and hurt than I did after taking that pill,” she said. “There was no other feeling, no worse of a situation I could have been in right then and there, thinking I’d made the biggest mistake of my life.”

In desperation, Rebekah went online and eventually found (1-877-558-0333). She called and was put in contact with a local doctor who prescribed the commonly-used and safe drug progesterone to help reverse the effects of the first abortion pill.

However, the story does not end there. When the abortion clinic found out in a follow-up call that she had reversed her abortion, the clinic staff were “furious” and tried to get her to complete the abortion by taking the second pill. Trying to use scare tactics, they told her she wouldn’t be successful in saving her baby and that her baby would be deformed if it survived.

The good news is that she didn’t believe their lies. Zechariah (meaning “The Lord has remembered”) was born a happy, healthy son to Rebekah. He is now beautiful five-year-old boy and more living evidence that chemical abortion reversal works. It’s hard to argue with success.

If you are an expectant mother and have taken the first chemical abortion dose, you can go to the national abortion pill reversal website or call 877-558-0333 to get immediate help on potentially reversing your chemical abortion!

Over 500 babies have already been saved through chemical abortion reversal in the U.S.

For life,

Mark Jorritsma
President and Executive Director

There are two good reasons why Kentucky has the biggest governor’s race in the nation next week: Contrast and Competitiveness.

Contrast: Bevin and Beshear Are Opposites on Key Issues

Competitiveness: In This Tight Race, Every Vote Will Be Crucial

Polls show this race to be dead even. Like other races we’ve reported on in the past, it’s very possible that this race could be decided by just a single vote per precinct.

What can you do?

Thanks for making your voice heard and voting your values!

The Family Policy Alliance Team


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On November 6th, we will celebrate the 1-year anniversary of Brian Kemp’s defeat of Stacey Abrams (yes, Stacey, YOU LOST!!!). Without a doubt, this victory is one already considered a pivotal point in the history of our state – launching an Administration I believe will be long remembered as one that truly unleashed Georgia’s potential!

That’s why we’re celebrating this week and encouraging you to join in with a congratulatory thank you message to Governor Kemp. Please click here to submit a personalized note of congratulations and/or appreciation for the work he has already done for you and your family.

In Year 1, Brian Kemp and his team – including our outstanding Lt. Governor Geoff Duncan – have set a bold course to put you and your family first. This agenda includes:

I trust Brian Kemp. I trust him to keep his word, to always put Georgians first, to do the right thing, and to be faithful to the Lord and to his family. He’s a leader we can be proud of, and the results tell a powerful story. Click here to congratulate him with a personalized message on the 1-year anniversary of his victory and share your appreciation for the work he’s doing!

This is just the beginning. In the years to come, I am confident we will see more bold action to protect our constitutional freedoms, reform adoption and foster care, and empower families in education. We are resolved to supporting him in this pro-family agenda.


Cole Muzio

P.S. Click here to write a note to Governor Kemp. And, consider pitching in to help us in our quest to elect more pro-family leaders who will support the Kemp Agenda with a generous contribution today.


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By Vince Torres

As the states and nation prepare for the 2020 Election, national abortion groups are ramping up their election efforts, and New Mexico is in their crosshairs. Following the historic defeat of radical abortion legislation during the 2019 Legislative Session, these groups have made it clear that electing pro-abortion majorities in the New Mexico Senate and House is a top priority. At the same time, they are also working to support pro-abortion candidates in our federal races in hopes of keeping New Mexico’s Congressional delegation 100% pro-abortion.

Who are these groups?

Meet Planned Parenthood. Planned Parenthood is the largest single provider of abortion in the country. According to their annual report, they conducted almost 333,000 abortions during the 2018 fiscal year. Earlier this month, Planned Parenthood announced its plans to spend $45 million for the 2020 election. The organization’s local political arm, Planned Parenthood Votes New Mexico, will likely announce its endorsements next year and they will invest heavily in those races.

Meet NARAL. NARAL Pro-Choice America is the oldest pro-abortion advocacy group in the country. Founded in 1969, NARAL’s lobbying efforts include strong advocacy for unrestricted, elective abortion up to the moment of birth. Meanwhile, the group strongly opposes common-sense policies supported by most Americans, including legislation to protect babies who survive botched abortions. In September, Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham spoke at NARAL’s 50th Anniversary Dinner. During her remarks, the Governor said she was “ashamed” and “disgusted” that pro-life Democrats had joined together with Republicans to defeat the radical abortion bill, House Bill 51. NARAL endorsed the Governor in 2018 and they have already engaged in the 2020 Election with formal endorsements of Democratic Congresswoman Xochitl Torres Small (2nd Congressional District) and Teresa Leger Fernandez (Democratic candidate for the 3rd Congressional District).

 Meet Emily’s List. Emily’s List is a national pro-abortion organization with a self-proclaimed mission to elect pro-abortion women to office. Like NARAL, Emily’s List has already engaged in the 2020 Election by endorsing Congresswoman Xochitl Torres Small, candidate Teresa Leger Fernandez, and 11 incumbent New Mexico State Senators and Representatives—Senators Antoinette Sedillo-Lopez (D-Albuquerque) and Elizabeth “Liz” Stefanics (D-Cerrillos); and Representatives Karen Bash (D-Albuquerque), Christine Chandler (D-Los Alamos), Joanne Ferrary (D-Las Cruces), Natalie Figueroa (D-Albuquerque), Joy Garratt (D-Albuquerque), Dayan Hochman-Vigil (D-Albuquerque), Andrea Romero (D-Santa Fe), Melanie Stansbury (D-Albuquerque), Elizabeth “Liz” Thomson (D-Albuquerque).

Why are we sharing this information? Because as you research the candidates running for office, it is often difficult to find out where they stand on the issue of “life.” Few candidates actually advertise their support for abortion up to the moment of birth, or their opposition to parents being notified when their minor child tries to obtain an abortion. Most candidates do, however, share their endorsements and we want you to know that an endorsement from Planned Parenthood, NARAL, or Emily’s List means one thing—the candidate is radically pro-abortion.

In the coming months, Family Policy Alliance of New Mexico® and our local allies will be working hard to keep you informed on the “life” issue and where the candidates stand on abortion. We cannot allow these radical, national abortion groups to hijack our state, and without our engagement, that is exactly what will happen.

Together, let’s PRAY for life.

Together, let’s SPEAK UP for life.

Together, let’s ACT for life.

And come 2020, together, let’s VOTE for life.


Paid for by Family Policy Alliance of New Mexico