The abortion activists are at it again at the Roundhouse! But together, we’ve defeated them before – and your help is needed again!

Here’s what they’re up to this time. Their new abortion-up-to-birth bill (SB 10) would remove state conscience protections for doctors and health care providers. That means a doctor or medical institution would not be protected under state law if they respectfully decline to perform abortions. Doctors could be fired and hospitals closed for following their conscience.

SB 10 would also remove protections for women. Currently, New Mexico law requires that an abortion is only performed upon a consenting woman. If New Mexico abortion law is repealed, women would no longer be legally protected, and abortionists wouldn’t have to ensure a patient was receiving a voluntary procedure. If New Mexico lawmakers really cared about women’s health, they would ensure women receiving abortions were entitled to the same standards of care as any other health procedure. Consent is non-negotiable.

SB 10 would also further endanger women by removing all legal definitions and boundaries as to what constitutes an “illegal abortion.” If New Mexico abortion statutes are repealed, it would no longer be clear whether an individual performing an abortion without a license is a criminal act.

Lawmakers must first pass laws protecting women and doctors before repealing an entire section of the code. Women and doctors deserve better!

Here’s what you can do: Send a message to your state senator. It’s simple and quick, and our Action Center will find your state senator based on your address.

And, of course, please pray, as the abortion activists are aggressively pushing this bill. Pro-life senators are specifically asking for 15 minutes of prayer starting 2 p.m. on Monday.

Thank you for taking action and spreading the word!

The Family Policy Alliance of New Mexico Team



Despite everything going on across the nation, things are moving quickly in Topeka. The House voted Value Them Both out of committee this morning & is preparing to take it up TOMORROW!

It’s time to start contacting your representatives. They need to hear from you today!!!

It’s easy on our action center.

Many of these legislators came here because of Value Them Both. Help us get it over the final line in the legislature!

For life,

Brittany Jone, Esq.
Director of Advocacy

Legislative Session

The first thing you need to know is that roughly 750 bills have been filed this legislative session, as of the writing of this email. Based on past sessions, that means we still expect at least 250 more bills until we have the total set of bills that will be under consideration! Nevertheless, let me quickly fill you in on some key bills that are already in committees and will be under consideration shortly.

Bill Number Subject FPA-ND Position


Link to Bill
SB2176 Reimburse parents for COVID home instruction costs For


HB1298 Fairness in Women’s Sports (girls should only need to compete against biological girls) For


HB1281 Tax credit for public and private instruction For


HB1369 Education Empowerment Program (similar to Education Savings Accounts) For


SB1415 Allowing Assisted Suicide Opposed

While this is certainly not a comprehensive list of pro-family bills we are engaging on, they represent some important ones that you should be aware of. As you can see, many of the key bills Family Policy Alliance of North Dakota is watching and supporting are in the education arena, and there are more education bills still to come!

In addition to these bills, there will be bills related to taxation of church property, sexual orientation, protection for religious organizations to practice their faith during emergency declarations, and more.

March for Life

The second thing you should be aware of besides current bills, is that the University of Mary is hosting a March for Life event at the State Capitol on January 29, with Family Policy Alliance of North Dakota being a partnering organization for this event. There will be a rally with a program at the Capitol steps from 12:30 pm-1:00 pm. The short program will be followed by the centerpiece of the rally: a moment of silence in recognition of the 62 million lives lost to abortion. You can also participate online, since it will be streamed on Real Presence Radio (app available at the link below).

You can find out more about this event at: We hope to see you there!

For Life,

Mark Jorritsma
President & Executive Director

Xavier Becerra, pictured with Hillary Clinton, is President Biden’s pick to head HHS. Known for his vendetta against pro-lifers, he’s been nominated to lead the agency that most deals with the issue of abortion. Ask your senators to oppose his nomination.


As the Biden era began yesterday, I was reminded of an old football maxim: “The quarterback gets too much credit and too much blame.” He’s the focal point, yes, but the outcome is determined by the whole team.

There’s a related maxim in politics – one that was drilled into my head as a 20-something working in D.C.: “Personnel is policy.” Who we elect is critical, but who that leader puts in positions of power makes an enormous difference in the outcome.

So as we heard President Biden give a speech that focused on unity – a welcome theme after all the anger and turmoil – the natural reaction was to wonder how long that refrain will last. A big hint came in the afternoon with his one-sided executive orders.

But the best clues as to how this new administration will play out are his picks for the Cabinet. And when it comes to the issues of life and religious freedom, all eyes first go to Health and Human Services (HHS).

HHS is a sprawling bureaucracy that now has the largest budget of any federal agency, and its jurisdiction covers many of the issues that Family Policy Alliance is most engaged in. During the Trump Administration, it was led by an extraordinary number of outstanding leaders who were committed to life, religious liberty and the centrality of the family.

But it appears that Joe Biden intends for HHS to do an abrupt U-turn, based on his choice of California Attorney General Xavier Becerra to lead it.

Before he was AG of California, Becerra served in the U.S. House for 24 years. His record was staunchly pro-abortion, earning him a 100 percent rating from Planned Parenthood. He opposed all protections for the preborn, even up to the moment of birth. Even the liberal Vanity Fair magazine described him as a “strident supporter” of abortion rights.

Likewise, in his more than two decades in Congress, he got 100 percent marks from the leading LGBT lobbying group and from the anti-religious freedom ACLU.

Four years ago, he was chosen by Gov. Jerry Brown to succeed Kamala Harris as California Attorney General. In that powerful post, his extreme ideology ran rampant.

Becerra is the one responsible for rabidly prosecuting David Daleiden, whose undercover videos exposed Planned Parenthood’s alleged profiteering from harvesting and trafficking the organs of preborn children.

And he sued the Little Sisters of the Poor to force them to pay for services that directly violate their religious convictions. Now, he is litigating to remove their religious exemption in the state of California.

This nominee has no medical background. His passion and his experience are in the area of imposing his progressive social agenda, and he has been handpicked for the very agency that touches these issues the most.

We need more unity in America, to be sure. But nominations like this will not, and must not, bring unity.

If you agree that Xavier Becerra is the wrong choice to lead HHS, please make your voice heard to your two U.S. senators, who will soon consider his confirmation. It only takes a minute on our Action Center.

Then please do one more thing: spread the word. Every American who cares about protecting life and religious freedom needs to know and needs to speak up.

John Paulton
Mobilization Manager

You sent your legislators to Topeka with a mandate to pass Value Them Both. They are listening!

The bill was introduced last Tuesday and the hearings in both the Senate and the House were held this past Friday. And today, the Senate Judiciary committee, chaired by Senator Kellie Warren, passed Value Them Both by a voice vote. It will likely be heard by the full Senate very soon.

Many legislators have told me how much they have been hearing from you! It is time to let the entire Senate know that you are counting on them to vote YES on Value Them Both. It’s easy on our action center.

It’s a simple vote. They simply need to give you the opportunity to vote on this vital amendment to stop unlimited abortion in Kansas.

Contact your Senator today! Your voice really does make a difference.

We will continue to keep you updated as things move forward, but we need your help to get us over the finish line!

So we can value them both,

Brittany Jones
Director of Advocacy


One of the Trump administration’s top priorities was defunding abortion providers. Although the president redirected federal family planning money away from Planned Parenthood and other abortion providers, he was unable to exclude the abortion industry from receiving federal funds entirely, in part because of inadequate support in Congress.

With an incoming Biden administration, it is time to turn our focus on this issue to local politics. We need you to tell your state lawmakers that abortion providers should never receive Idaho taxpayer dollars.

We don’t want our state or local government sending our hard-earned money to abortion providers—and we certainly don’t want abortionists providing services in our public schools and universities. Please sign our petition today to make your voice heard!

Standing with you for life,

Blaine Conzatti
Director of Advocacy


SUPPORT LIFE WITH “CHOOSE LIFE” LICENSE PLATES. Want to support the work of the pregnancy resource centers in our state?  A new specialty license plate, called the “Choose Life” plate, became available this month at Idaho DMVs.

Proceeds from the sale of the license plate will be distributed to pro-life pregnancy clinics providing compassionate care and practical assistance to women facing unplanned pregnancies.

Your display of these license plates on your vehicle would spread a loving, positive pro-life message of hope and help provide pregnant women with medical, financial, and spiritual support. You can purchase your “Choose Life” specialty license plate at your local DMV or online at


PRAY WITH US. This week marked the start of the 2021 Idaho Legislative Session. Just as in the past, Family Policy Alliance of Idaho will be at the Capitol this year, making your voice heard by advocating for the values we hold dear.

Will you join us in prayer?

Heavenly Father, we pray for our country and our state, following your direction to pray for our civil leaders and all those in authority (1 Tim. 2:2).

We pray that our legislators will faithfully discharge their oaths of office, upholding our constitution and protecting the liberty you have given us. Help them to defend the sanctity of life and preserve our freedom to live, work, and raise our children according to your Word.

Extend your saving arm to those legislators who don’t yet know you. Send revival to our state and to our nation, good and gracious God. May saving knowledge of you spread throughout this land, bringing glory to your awesome name (Habakkuk 2:14).

In the name of your Son, our Lord and Savior, amen.


GREAT NEWS FOR RELIGIOUS LIBERTY! A prosecuting attorney has dropped charges against Gabriel Rench, a deacon at Christ Church in Moscow, Idaho, who was arrested and jailed last September.

Rench had attended a church “psalm sing” event when he failed to comply with social distancing and mask mandates that are part of the city public health emergency order. Family Policy Alliance of Idaho covered the incident at the time, as did national commentators like Laura Ingraham and Glenn Beck.

The case against Rench was dropped this week because the emergency order included an exemption for constitutionally protected activities, including free speech, free assembly, and religious activity.

Rench and Christ Church deserve our thanks for standing up to the unconstitutional emergency order in his city and winning. The outcome of this case provides some good news for Idahoans concerned about defending our constitutional rights!

Blaine Conzatti
Director, Advocacy

This past Tuesday, Governor Murphy gave his State of the State address. Once again, he referenced his strong commitment to passing the most unsafe and radical abortion bill ever proposed in our state – or possibly anywhere.

“After years of willful neglect, we are funding women’s health care and family-planning services [Planned Parenthood] — and, no matter what happens in Washington, we are working to protect a woman’s full reproductive rights as a matter of state law [New Jersey License to Kill Act].”
Governor Phil Murphy, State of the State address, Jan 12, 2021, brackets added for clarity.

The New Jersey License to Kill Act (so-called Reproductive Freedom Act) rejects the pro-life beliefs of voters, to instead satisfy and subsidize the Big Abortion Industry. Did you know that this bill would codify into law that certified midwives and nurses can perform suction and surgical abortions? Why? Because the Big Abortion Industry can pay them less money than a licensed physician.  Planned Parenthood and politicians are jeopardizing women’s health by putting profits above people. It’s shameful, unethical, and it must stop!

Yet, Murphy’s administration is so committed to this agenda that he won’t wait for the law to be passed to implement these dangerous ideas! He has instructed the Board of Medical Examiners to change the rules regarding abortion care to allow non-physicians to perform abortions. This bureaucratic department is currently taking comments from the public regarding this rule change.

In response, I am excited to share with you that we have a webpage dedicated to opposing this abortion up-to-birth bill! You can go to to learn more about this dangerous bill – including its sponsors and how you can contact them. Also on the webpage, you’ll find news stories, videos, and a resource you can share with others.

Additionally, billboards featuring the website are being erected near the offices of key senate sponsors across the state, including one (pictured above) at the entrance to Trenton, only 2 miles from the statehouse.

Wondering how you can speak up? Here are two ways to help:

  1. Text or email to your friends today!
  2. Join us in speaking up like lives depend on it! Please join us for:

The New Jersey Rally for Life
(led by New Jersey Right to Life)

Friday, Jan 22 at 11 AM
Statehouse Annex, 145 West State Street, Trenton, NJ

Join thousands of New Jerseyeans speaking up for babies in the womb.
Click here for detailed information.

New Jersey Walk for Life led by Rev. Clenard Childress of will immediately follow the Rally for Life.

I hope to see you Friday, Jan 22 in Trenton!

Shawn Hyland
Director of Advocacy


As Americans we love our freedom. Historically speaking, if you asked someone on the street what Americans value most, I’m sure you would hear some version of freedom, liberty or the ability to do as we please. Since our founding these freedoms have allowed unprecedented growth and achievements in this country that could not have been imagined by its founders.

But what happens when we have unrestrained, absolute freedom, when there are no constraints on what we want or when we want it? Lord of the Flies comes to my mind.

In the beginning God created the Garden of Eden, and in it he gave Adam and Eve everything they could want or need, a true paradise. Genesis 2:16 God said, “You are free to eat from any tree in the garden; but you must not eat from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, for when you eat from it you will certainly die.” We know the end of the story, Adam and Eve betrayed the freedom God gave them and introduced sin into the world.

God could have easily prevented Adam and Eve from getting close to the tree, but instead he allowed them to restrain themselves and they failed, disaster followed.

This session in our Kansas Legislature we will be addressing the Value Them Both Amendment. This Amendment is in response to the Kansas Supreme Court’s unprecedented ruling which somehow found unrestricted abortions up until the moment of birth in our Kansas Constitution. In 2017 even with safeguards in place to restrict abortions, Kansans aborted 6,830 babies. If this is self-restraint, I would hate to see the results of absolute freedom to abort a child at whatever developmental stage one wants.

Our American founders understood that self-restraint (morality) was needed in order for our Republic to survive. John Adams said, “It is religion and morality alone which can establish the principles upon which freedom can securely stand.” In other words, if you remove God from the equation, we will need laws to protect ourselves from ourselves.

As our culture continues to drift, we must safeguard existing laws that help women and babies, absolute freedom in this case would be disastrous.

This Value them Both Amendment will have its first hearing in the House & Senate on Friday morning. Please click here contact the members of the committee who will be hearing the bill and ask them to support its passage.

For life,

Jeff Bennett
Executive Director

Thank you for registering for last night’s online event to oppose the so-called Reproductive Freedom Act hosted by Senator Mike Testa and the Legislative District 1 team.

If you missed the live webinar or would like to view it again and share it with others, please click here.

For a Pro-Life New Jersey,

Shawn Hyland
Director of Advocacy