This week, the Kentucky General Assembly passed the Born Alive Infant Protection Act, S.B. 9. And now it goes to Governor Beshear’s desk.

Infants born alive from an abortion deserve the most basic medical treatment. This bill simply requires that any child who survives a botched abortion be given proper, life-saving medical care. It also gives the Attorney General the power to enforce Kentucky’s abortion law. As shocking as it sounds, this care is not required by law, nor does it necessarily happen.

Though rare, babies do survive late-term abortions, and while most states do not report these cases, seven states do. In three of those states—Minnesota, Arizona, and Florida—at least 40 babies were born alive after botched abortions since 2016. Sadly, when a child does miraculously survive a botched abortion, there is often no effort to care for them or give them medical attention. Presumed to be “unwanted,” these babies are either left on the abortion room table to die from neglect; placed in closets until they bleed or starve to death; or killed by other means. Remember Kermit Gosnell?

This important legislation has advanced due to the work of our friends at The Family Foundation who fought diligently over the past few months to get this legislation on the governor’s desk. Now they are asking you to sign their petition to Governor Beshear in support of infants born-alive.

Governor Beshear needs to hear from you!

This is not a question about abortion, but a question of whether we will recognize the humanity of an infant who even the most ardent abortion advocates will normally recognize is alive. The Born Alive Bill affirms the human dignity of each of us.

Please contact the Governor today and let him know that you support, S.B. 9, a life saving law!

For life,
The Family Policy Alliance Team

I want to highlight another two children who were saved because their mothers found out that the chemical abortions they started could be reversed. It’s something abortion clinics do not want the public to know, but there are hundreds of healthy babies across the nation who are a testament that abortion reversal works.

Please help us spread these stories about mothers who now have precious little ones. Only by knowing the truth and telling others can we save more children!


After researching the abortion pill, Cachet was convinced that taking it was the right decision. However, on her way home after taking the first pill, she was overcome with grief while in a Walmart bathroom, and went home to research reversal options. “Not following through with the abortion pill has been a tremendous blessing. My little girl is the joy of my life and I truly don’t know what I would do without her. I am so thankful God placed people in my path who were able to make sure my little angel had a chance at life.”


Though she convinced herself that the abortion would get rid of her problems, Rebecca soon realized that her abortion would have eternal consequences. As a result, she found a doctor who helped her get a reversal. “Every ultrasound, consultation and blood draw came out perfectly. My son grew and grew strongly. He was delivered at 8lbs 1 oz with an APGAR score of 8 and 9 (good!). He was gorgeous. He takes my breath away every day.”

If you are an expectant mother and have taken the first chemical abortion dose, you can go to the national abortion pill reversal website or call 877-558-0333 to get immediate help on potentially reversing your chemical abortion!

Over 900 babies have already been saved through chemical abortion reversal in the U.S.

For life,

Mark Jorritsma
President and Executive Director

Dear Friends—

As we do our best to set politics aside and navigate this national pandemic together, I was reminded this week that politics are never truly set aside.

Consider the actions of Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham this past weekend…

On Saturday evening, Governor Lujan Grisham suddenly and unexpectedly revised her Public Health Order by removing the exception for churches and other houses of worship. While the faith community has been voluntarily complying with the Governor’s ban on mass gatherings, the exception had allowed churches to maintain the essential working staff needed to stream services, conduct socially distanced ministries like drive-thru prayer lines, and provide critical resources to people in need. This all changed less than 17 or so hours before most churches were scheduled to commence their Easter experiences, leading to confusion and in some cases, the cancelation of ministry plans. House Minority Whip, State Representative Rod Montoya, quickly released a public statement calling the Governor’s actions “egregious,” and Legacy Church in Albuquerque filed a request for an injunction in federal court. A ruling in the case is still pending.

Also consider the actions of Attorney General Hector Balderas earlier this month…

While other states were suspending elective abortions to conserve PPE for COVID-19-related medical care, Attorney General Balderas was busy pressuring the federal government to waive standard regulations on abortion pills so that women can terminate their pregnancies at home. In a letter signed by 21 State Attorneys General, Balderas also requested expanded abortion access through telehealth. New Mexico is already a participating state for TelAbortion, a website that offers online abortion evaluations and abortion pills by mail.

Now consider the message communicated by our State leaders through these actions …

According to Governor Lujan Grisham and Attorney General Balderas, abortions are so essential that abortion clinics must remain open and we should even waive standard drug regulations to increase abortion access. At the same time, churches are non-essential and must remain closed. Abortion clinics can have long lines of people—many coming from out of state. But five local church members cannot gather in their church building to package and prepare food boxes for families in need.

I have been extremely supportive of Governor Lujan Grisham and her efforts to fight the COVID-19 pandemic, and I will continue to urge all New Mexicans to practice social distancing and avoid mass gatherings. However, the Governor’s recent decision to single out churches while continuing to protect the abortion industry had to be addressed.

Governor Lujan Grisham repeatedly says we are in this together and we must do all we can to save lives.

I agree with you, Governor, so please do us a favor. Treat the church like you are treating all other essential services and help us save even more lives by closing the abortion clinics in New Mexico.


Vince Torres
President and Executive Direector


Wow! The 2020 Idaho Legislative Session has officially concluded—and what a successful session it was!

The laws passed this year should provide families with hope for the future of Idaho. Family Policy Alliance of Idaho has been on the front lines—equipping legislators and mobilizing voters—to make sure Idaho will continue to be a place where God is honored, religious freedom flourishes, families thrive, and life is cherished.

Here are the victories we achieved this year:

1. Simon’s Law (HB578): Signed by Gov. Little

Until now, Idaho doctors were legally allowed to withdraw life-sustaining care from a child without consulting the parents. Simon’s Law closes this loophole, making sure parents are notified and have the right to transfer medical care of their child to another provider.

Please read Simon and Tabitha’s stories to see why Simon’s Law is necessary—or watch our press conference HERE.

Sponsors: Rep. John Vander Woude (R-Nampa) and Sen. Lori Den Hartog (R-Meridian)

2. Fairness in Women’s Sports Act (HB500): Signed by Governor Little

This first-in-the-nation law will help save girls’ sports and preserve athletic opportunities for our daughters. As more biological men start competing in women’s sports, female athletes are being displaced and losing out on the victories they’ve worked hard to achieve. The Fairness in Women’s Sports Act limits participation in girls’ high school and college sports to biological girls, making clear that women’s sports are for women only.

Read my article explaining more about this groundbreaking law at The Resurgent.

Sponsors: Rep. Barbara Ehardt (R-Idaho Falls) and Sen. Mary Souza (R-Coeur d’Alene)

3. Idaho Vital Statistics Act (HB509): Signed by Governor Little

The Idaho Vital Statistics Act restores factual accuracy to state records by preventing people from changing the “sex” marker on their birth certificates.

Without accurate birth certificates, law enforcement officials have a harder time identifying suspects and victims, and public health officials can’t compile accurate statistics. Furthermore, just imagine the mess that occurs in the criminal justice system and in women’s domestic violence shelters when it becomes impossible to quickly and conclusively determine a person’s biological sex.

Sponsors: Rep. Julianne Young (R-Blackfoot) and Senator Steve Vick (R-Dalton Gardens)

4. “Choose Life” License Plate (SB1249): Signed by Governor Little

This law creates a new “Choose Life” specialty license plate that will be available at Idaho DMVs starting January 2021. Proceeds from the sale of these license plates will be distributed to pro-life pregnancy resource centers offering compassionate care and support to women facing unexpected pregnancies.

Sponsors: Sen. Regina Bayer (R-Meridian) and Rep. Brent Crane (R-Nampa)

5. Abortifacient Mandate (SB1275): Defeated in Senate

Sometimes victory is found not only the good bills you pass, but in the bad bills that you defeat. This legislation, which was written and supported by Planned Parenthood, would have required that insurance companies cover a six-month supply of contraception—including abortifacients like “Plan B” and “Ella.” These abortifacient drugs end a pregnancy after conception by preventing a fertilized egg from implanting and receiving the nutrition it needs to survive.

Sponsor: Sen. Cherie Buckner-Webb (D-Boise)

I am so grateful for YOUR support that enabled these successes. You have been a shining example of what we at Family Policy Alliance call “biblical citizenship.” Hundreds of you sent emails and made phone calls to your legislators and the governor, and many more prayed for our efforts and supported us financially. We couldn’t have done it without YOU!

Would you consider a gift to Family Policy Alliance of Idaho? It takes financial resources to achieve these wins. Whether it’s a $25 or $150 gift, we would love to partner with you to keep pushing for pro-family policies in our beloved state. With your help, we know Idaho’s best days are ahead of us.

Standing boldly for Idaho families,

Blaine Conzatti
Director of Advocacy

Last week our hearts were broken as we found that our Governor vetoed Senate File 97, the Born Alive bill that would have provided more legal protection for babies born alive after a failed abortion attempt.

While reading through the reasons for the veto, I could see that the Governor had missed the central message of the bill.

The Born Alive legislation addressed a simple truth that born alive babies have the same right to medical care as any other infant born alive. 76% of Americans agree that a born alive baby should be protected in this way.

Sadly, the last 47 years since Roe vs. Wade have marked the deadliest era in human history for healthy infants in the womb. When the debate over abortion was first starting out, the American public was told horrific stories about the lengths to which some would go to have an abortion and that it was necessary to make abortions “safe, legal, and rare”. While many pro-abortion activists claimed they wanted abortions to be “safe, legal, and rare” they worked behind the scenes to fight for the right to abort children all the way up to birth and even, infamously, to partial-birth of the child.

Today, the abortion industry has gone to great lengths to hide potentially hundreds of babies who have been left to die after failed abortion attempts, with no regard to that child’s comfort and certainly without medical care. This is called infanticide.

Senate File 97 would have ensured that a born alive infant would be given medically appropriate care and not be abandoned at the moment of birth by adults in the room.

Opponents of the bill tried to paint the picture that this bill would create a scenario where a physician would have to endlessly resuscitate the life of a desperately sick child, who is wanted by the parents, in an inhumane manner. Nothing could have been further from the truth.

Senate File 97 wasn’t about forcing the survival of a child in excruciating pain endlessly. It was about preventing the “do nothing” approach reported by physicians, nurses and/or healthcare facilities across the nation when an unwanted child is “accidentally” born alive after a failed abortion. It is the unwanted child, completely defenseless, who has not a single advocate in the room to protect their life. Senate File 97 would have stood as a silent but strong guardian over this infant requiring that medical professionals carry out their ethical and medical duty to provide medical care (if appropriate) or genuine comfort care for this newborn. The physician would still have the ability to choose “what appropriate and reasonable steps” should be taken but it also made sure that the next step can’t be to do nothing.

Family Policy Alliance of Wyoming’s mission is and will always be to defend the lives of the most vulnerable among us. We will continue to advance citizenship where Life is honored, Religious Freedom Flourishes, Families thrive, and God is honored.

Thank you to every State Legislator and the numerous people from across Wyoming who worked tirelessly on this legislation. This veto has only showed us even more the need for us to stand alongside and partner with elected officials that also choose to defend the lives of the most vulnerable. Thank you for standing with us!

For life,

Nathan Winters
Executive Director

Some of our followers have asked whether Family Policy Alliance is still open and operating during the COVID-19 crisis. The answer is absolutely yes, and I’d love to share with you the reasons why.

1. The vision still matters.

Our vision at Family Policy Alliance is to see a nation where God is honored, religious freedom flourishes, families thrive and life is cherished. We don’t need that less in light of COVID-19—we need it more.

It is our daily prayer that God would be honored in all that we do, in our nation, and certainly in the work of His people during a time of crisis.

COVID-19 and the amazing response of the faith community is a perfect of example of why we fight for religious freedom for all. It is because of this freedom that so many ministries throughout our country are serving families and communities in need right now. Religious freedom founded America and is what keeps it strong today.

Families are working and schooling at home, and in many cases, finances are strained. More than ever, families need policies that support them and leaders who advocate for them.

And more than ever we need to cherish life. While Planned Parenthood and the abortion industry exploit a crisis, and while discussions about “rationing medical care” raise concerns about how the lives of the elderly and those with disabilities will be treated, we must be a nation known for how it cherishes life.

2. The work serving families & advancing the vision continues.

Right now, we’re actively working in states, calling on elected leaders to stop abortion facilities from operating (and using medical equipment) while nearly everything else remains shut down.

We’ve been busy getting wins for the family in Idaho, where the Governor signed three major pro-family bills this week! Thanks to your action and support, Idaho women can play sports without competition from biological men, Idaho parents will be informed – and have the chance to act – if a hospital wishes to remove life-sustaining support from their child, and Idaho birth certificates and vital records will accurately reflect a person’s sex.

And we’ve been calling on Congress and the Trump Administration to do everything it can to protect the lives of preborn babies in all its efforts to combat the coronavirus. For example, when Nancy Pelosi’s COVID-19 plan included a billion-dollar funding stream that did NOT include longstanding protections for taxpayers so they don’t have to fund abortions, we asked all of you to contact Congress. And you did! We now have a bipartisan COVID-19 relief package with strong prolife protections, and Congress knows it must retain those protections for future legislation.

And, after the coronavirus crisis is over, America will face a monumental election this fall. Our passion and calling in the election are to ensure that families know which candidates in the race are most pro-family and will best represent their values at the state and national levels.

Because so many state legislatures adjourned early this year as a result of COVID-19, that means many pro-life, pro-family pieces of legislation weren’t able to move forward. That means, in many states, double the work needs to be done in state capitols next year! We’re already preparing for that.

3. Our team is always “remote.”

We are grateful that our team has been largely working remotely long before COVID-19. Family Policy Alliance’s headquarters is in Colorado Springs, but our team works from states scattered across the country. So, we are used to connecting on video meetings and setting up “offices” wherever the need is!

The picture at the top of this email is of our regular Friday-morning prayer call with some of our team. Coworkers called in from Arizona, Colorado, Idaho, Indiana, Kansas, New Jersey, New Mexico, Virginia, Washington DC, and Wyoming.

And that brings me to my final point. We’d like to pray for you. As our team gathers on Monday and Friday mornings for prayer-by-video, we’d be honored to pray for you and your family. We know that these are challenging times. One friend of our ministry shared he was forced to lay off thousands of employees. Our team members and their families are learning to work and conduct school from home.

As we gather together to lift up the needs of our nation and our own team, we would be honored to bring your prayer requests before our Heavenly Father as well.

Simply click here to share your prayer request.

For the family,

Autumn Leva
Vice President for Strategy

This afternoon, I was grateful to join Vice President Pence on an important update call, along with other conservative, pro-life, and faith leaders.

The most encouraging thing I heard on that call was that the Vice President and President care about you. They care about saving lives, especially the most vulnerable, from the womb to natural end of life—and everyone in between. They care about how COVID-19 is impacting families and their livelihoods. They care about ensuring that families can get the food and supplies they need. They care about protecting our healthcare workers on the front lines. And, they care about the impact COVID-19 is having on churches, pastors, and the entire faith community.

I am deeply grateful we have a Vice President who, being a man of faith himself, considers it important enough to reach out specifically to pro-family, pro-life, faith-based leaders and communities during a time of national crisis—even as he leads the Coronavirus Task Force.

It is during a time of crisis that character and leadership is tested. COVID-19 could have pushed the President and Vice President away from their strong pro-life positions and efforts to protect religious freedom. Instead, COVID-19 has proven their commitment to protecting life and ensuring that their responses to the crisis don’t leave out the faith community in America.

I’d like to share with you the update from Vice President Pence, along with some ways we can all help.


Vice President Pence somberly shared that the latest modeling from experts showing potential loss of life in America in the hundreds of thousands over the next few weeks was the reason the President extended the Slow the Spread guidelines through April. Vice President Pence emphasized that the collective goal of every American for the next 30 days must be to prevent loss of life, protect the most vulnerable among us, and preserve the capacity of the healthcare system.

He shared that they have been especially encouraged by the response of American businesses stepping up to provide critical medical supplies, communities of faith meeting needs and easing burdens, and those ensuring that we continue to have the food supply we need such as truck drivers, grocery store workers, farmers and distributers.

He reported that now over 100,000 are being tested for COVID-19 every single day, over 26 million masks and thousands more ventilators have now been distributed, and medical supplies are arriving through a series of flights coordinated by FEMA.

The Vice President’s staff also shared that they are very aware of the concerns of Americans that while non-essential medical care and even entire industries are shut down, abortion providers continue to push forward. They share those concerns and continue to monitor and work on the situation.

They also hope to expand the relief offered in the COVID-19 package to help churches and other non-profits, underscoring the commitment to not exclude the faith community from the conversations surrounding COVID-19.

Though Vice President Pence recognized that April will be challenging for us as Americans, he also said that the virus is expected to peak mid-April and that by Memorial weekend our country can be in a very different place if we all do our part.

He said: “There is light at the end of the tunnel, but it will take all of us to meet this moment.



I was encouraged by the Vice President’s deep care for families, for protecting life, and for people of faith. I was encouraged that the outreach of the faith community has meant so much to him and President Trump at this time.

After the call, I renewed my commitment to pray for the Vice President, President, and other leaders who need the Lord’s wisdom and guidance at this time.

The call with the Vice President also reminded me of one of my favorite Bible verses, John 1:5:

The Light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it.

There’s certainly a lot of darkness in the world today, but there’s never enough darkness to overshadow the true Light of Jesus Christ. And certainly, God’s people are already shining the light of Christ if even the Vice President and President have noticed from the White House! Let’s see what we can do to make it even brighter during this time.

Shining the Light with you,

Autumn Leva
Vice President for Strategy

Dear Friends—

In the midst of these challenging times, I am proud to bring you some good news in the form of another pro-life victory in our state.

Recently, the Cimarron Village Council passed a pro-life resolution affirming the sanctity of human life from conception to natural death. The resolution was introduced by Council Member Matthew Gonzales and it was unanimously passed by the four Democrats and lone Republican on the Council.

The Council resolution states in part:

“[W]e, the members of the Cimarron Village Council, declare that innocent human life, including fetal life, must always be protected and that Society must protect those who cannot protect themselves.”

The Village of Cimarron now joins at least five other New Mexico local governments that have passed pro-life resolutions around the state. This list includes the Lea County Commission, the Eddy County Commission, the Hidalgo County Commission, the Roswell City Council, and the Kirtland Town Council.

While New Mexico is infamously regarded as the “late-term abortion capital of the country,” these local governments are trying to reverse the culture of death in our state by promoting a culture of life. We applaud them, and we ask the question:

Which local government will be next?

As previously reported, County Commissioner James Martinez has proposed a pro-life resolution in Rio Arriba County, but it has not yet been voted on. If your county, city, town, or village is not on this list, please consider contacting your local County Commissioner or Council Member this week and ask them to introduce a similar resolution.

Together, let’s send a message to the abortion industry—that New Mexico is a pro-life state!

Standing with you for life,

Vince Torres
President & Executive Director


To read the Village of Cimarron’s pro-life resolution in its entirety, please click here.


This week a successful entrepreneur with an incredible personal story and a likeable persona announced his intentions to devote his company’s resources to aiding in the current crisis facing our nation…

And, he was hated for it.

The talking heads and the liberal media vilified this patriotic American, Mike Lindell (aka “the My Pillow guy”), because he dared to use his platform to talk about his faith, to thank the Lord for President Trump, and to call for spiritual renewal. Quickly, he became the target of the never-ending supply of venom from the Left.

We see it all the time, though, right?

President Trump himself was quite popular with the media while he was a playboy, entertainer, and mogul. Then, he became a pro-life, pro-freedom candidate and leader. And, now they hate him – despite his stellar leadership of our nation to new heights and then through this horrible crisis.

Governor Kemp was never liked by the media or the political Left, but he became their ultimate villain when he promised to sign Heartbeat legislation and then dared to actually follow through. Now – even as his leadership of our state through this virus has been transparent, freedom-preserving, and life-saving – he is hated and attacked at every turn by those who oppose our values.

Senator Loeffler was a universally acclaimed business executive… until she became the pro-life, pro-freedom Kemp appointed US Senator. Now that she’s the leader they’ve long-feared – a wildly successful businesswoman willing to fight for life and be a bold champion for our values – they are pulling out all the stops to see her defeated.

We see it time and again. Those – even those doing great things from a secular perspective – become hated for standing for Christ.

So, how should we view this?

First, we shouldn’t be surprised. Matthew 10:22 promises that we will be hated for Christ’s sake, knowing that persecution comes from being different than the world. Second, we should live with love, knowing that our persecution isn’t being directed because of something inherent about us – instead it comes because of He who is being shown through us. And third, we should be comforted to know that going out-of-our-way to avoid the hatred will only result in denying what makes us worth hating: Christ.

If even a man providing aid during a time of crisis is hated because he wears his love for Jesus on his sleeve, we should feel emboldened to let our light shine. If you live out your faith, there is nothing you can do to make the world not hate you. So, embrace that fact. Live in love, kindness, and compassion, but let your light shine in the knowledge that the promised persecution is a sign of your faithfulness.

As we enter this election season, we are looking for candidates willing to be hated for the right reasons – willing to be hated for His name’s sake.

Please keep our leaders in your prayers. President Trump, Governor Kemp, and Senators Perdue and Loeffler are leading us incredibly well despite the venom being thrown their way. Please keep our organization in your prayers as our strong position continues to bring forth hostility from those opposed to our values. And, please keep great Americans like Mike Lindell in your prayers as these leaders form the backbone of our society while also bringing glory to Him.

Willing to be hated,

Cole Muzio
President and Executive Director

With the closing of abortion facilities across the country because of COVID-19, Kansas abortion clinics are seeing an increase in out of state traffic. Even as Governor Kelly has issued a statewide stay-at-home order and many are discouraging interstate travel, the abortion clinics around our state have refused to shut down and Governor Kelly has said that the abortion industry is exempt from her order.

Now, the Trust Women clinic in Wichita is advertising its services as a destination abortion clinic.

It is unacceptable that abortions are being allowed to happen in our state as other freedoms are being restricted. Why does the abortion industry get a pass here?

Many governors across the country have already required all medical facilities to cease nonessential operations in order to preserve medical resources and to slow the spread of the virus. And several governors have ensured that this applies to the abortion industry.

Yet, in our state the abortion industry is alive and business is booming.

This must be stopped – let the Governor and other government leaders know that allowing abortions to continue in our state during this time is completely unacceptable. It is important that we preserve scarce medical resources for those whose lives are on the line during this crisis. It only takes a moment to send a quick note from our action center.

For life,

Brittany Jones, Esq
Director of Advocacy