Today is the 50th Anniversary of Title IX, a federal law enacted in 1972 to ensure women and girls are given opportunities to achieve their dreams through education, sports and scholarships.

Prior to 1972, there were virtually no college scholarships available for women to play sports. Women were fortunate if they even had a sports team at their schools. They often had no locker rooms, low-quality uniforms, old training equipment, no travel stipends, absurd practice schedules, and no championship opportunities. It’s no surprise that only 1 in every 27 girls played sports.

Today, 2 in 5 girls play sports! Over 100,000 women play college sports and about 3 million play high school sports. These opportunities are in large part due to Title IX.

Now, 50 years later, women and girls are fighting for equal access to athletic opportunities again, just as they were when Joe Biden first ran for Senate..

Girls across the nation have been forced to give up their places on winner’s podiums to males who identify as females.

This is why Family Policy Alliance launched #SaveGirlsSports two years ago, and we’ve been partnering with our alliance of state family policy councils and other national allies to ensure that girls’ sports remain just for girls ever since.

Thankfully, 18 states have now passed Save Girls’ Sports laws to ensure girls can compete on a level playing field- without the threat of losing their opportunities to a male competitor.

But there is still more work to do. Any day now, the Biden Administration plans to issue a rule to redefine “sex” in Title IX to allow males to compete with females in school sports – and allow males access to girls’ showers, locker rooms, and bathrooms in public schools. We are ready to rally opposition to this woke rule, and we will need your help as soon as the Administration releases it.

Today, we’ll be outside of the White House at the with our friends and female athletes from across America. We’re joining together to call on this Administration to reverse its course and save girls’ sports! You can watch the event’s Live Stream here. And be sure to share it with a friend!

For the future of American girls,

Nicole Hudgens
Government Affairs

This month, amid multiple national crises, President Biden’s official Twitter account pushes the LGBT agenda with this banner.


Yesterday, the President took aim directly at you and at Family Policy Alliance.

He took aim at everyone who has been part of the movement to protect children from sexualized content in their classrooms, a gender theory agenda that threatens their bodies, and dangerous political efforts to keep parents in the dark about their own children.

He literally called us all “bullies” and directed many of the administrative agencies to implement his LGBT agenda through a sweeping executive order. You read that right. The sitting President name-called and alienated himself from over half the country—to drive forward an agenda that is out-of-step with most Americans.

The executive order amounts to a federal takeover of decisions that belong to parents, local schools and healthcare professionals. Sadly, one of the biggest aspects of his mandate is to push gender transition on children. That’s a direct attack on Family Policy Alliance’s Help Not Harm campaign and states moving to protect children from such dangerous transgender interventions.

The President’s plan for a young girl facing gender dysphoria is a one-way street—she should undergo unnecessary, life-altering, and permanent medical procedures designed to make her more “masculine” and leave her sterile before she even thinks about whether she might start a family. This is not health care.

President Biden has demonstrated how out of touch he is with millions of Americans. He directly attacked Florida’s popularly supported parental rights law that was led by our friends at Florida Family Policy Council. And he can’t ignore the growing effort to Save Girls’ Sports. In 2020, our movement birthed the first state’s save girls’ sports law. Last year, nine states adopted a version of these laws. This year, that number has doubled to 18.

The President drew clear battle lines with his Order, and we proudly stand with you on the side of the states leading the movement to protect women and children, save girls’ sports, and ensure parents know what’s happening in their child’s classroom.

Yet he has also identified himself as an actual threat to democracy with this federal takeover, and the resources needed to push back against his woke agenda and its sweeping consequences just increased by several times what they have been.

We are eager to keep the momentum going in pushing back against the President’s woke agenda, but yesterday he made the fight that much more complicated and difficult. He showed that he’s willing to put the full weight of the presidency behind gender transition and sexualization of children.

We urgently need your help to fight back.

If you are already a ministry partner with us, would you please consider an additional gift  to help meet this need? If you haven’t yet partnered with us, would you please consider a monthly contribution to fuel the fight? Or, a special one-time gift to immediately help fight back against the President’s executive order would help greatly.

The President is out-of-touch with most Americans on these issues, will directly harm children, and demonstrates his eagerness to “parent” your children in your place. Mr. President, they aren’t your children.

Help us push back now. We can’t wait.


Autumn Leva,
Senior Vice President, Strategy

In the past week, you’ve likely seen “Pride month” displays from companies, in public spaces, and online. It’s a month where so many are celebrating an identity founded in sexual sin and struggle, often seeing this identity as “just who I am.”

But in the midst of it all, God is at work.

Today, we’re honored to share a moving conversation with two guests who have seen firsthand the power and grace of God to heal and bring them out of the LGBT movement.


They Left the LGBT Movement
A Conversation with Ken Williams and Kathy Grace Duncan

Tuesday, June 7

2 pm ET / 1 pm CT / 12 pm MT / 11 am PT

Join us on Facebook or YouTube

Ken Williams is the co-founder of the CHANGED Movement, which in its own words, “highlights the beautiful and compelling stories of men and women whose journeys with Jesus drew them out of LGBTQ.” This is Ken’s own story. It began, as he describes it, “when my battle against homosexuality grew into intentions of suicide.” Today, join us to hear his story of redemption!
  Kathy Grace Duncan leads the Women and Transgender ministries at Portland Fellowship. As Kathy Grace tells her story, “I hated being a woman. I hated everything about it. I was very detached from my emotions. Even as a kid, it felt like I just existed. … My hatred for being a woman made me desperate, so I decided I wanted to live as a man. And I did, for 11 years.” Today, hear Kathy Grace share how the Lord worked in her heart and life!


Whether you or a loved one struggles with your sexual identity, you’re hoping to understand what’s happening for those who do, or you just want to hear testimonies of God’s grace, today’s conversation is a must-watch. You’ll leave encouraged and inspired. Don’t miss it!

See you soon on Facebook and YouTube!

Meridian Baldacci
Director of Strategy


P.S. Be sure to pass this invitation along to a friend who should attend, too! You can forward this invite or tag them on Facebook!




Along with our friends at Louisiana Family Forum, we urge you to contact Governor Edwards and encourage him to save girls’ sports in Louisiana today!

SB 44 by Sen. Mizell, the Fairness in Women’s Sports Act, was sent to the Governor on May 25th. By our calculations, he has until June 4 to act, or it will become law without his signature.

Women have fought long and hard for equal access to athletic opportunities and shouldn’t be sidelined by biological males. Allowing men to compete in women’s sports threatens ALL women. If we don’t protect the playing field now, eventually all that will remain is male sports.

Our friends at Louisiana Family Forum are encouraging the Governor to sign SB 44 and finally settle this controversy.

Louisiana residents can call the Governor’s office to ask him to sign SB 44 into law at 225-342-7015.

You can also email the Governor by filling out the form below!


Nicoe Hudgens
Government Affairs

As Senator Cynthia Lummis took the main stage to address the graduating class of the University of Wyoming this year, she came with practical and heart-felt advice for each student. Mrs. Lummis spoke with the clarity and authority of a lady who understood her times and cared enough for Wyoming students to give sensible advice to live by.

As she opened, she spoke directly to future moms and dads and called them to “teach children to work hard.” Mrs. Lummis has undoubtedly considered the world through the love and concern of a grandmother. In true statesmanlike fashion, she addressed the present generation of Wyoming graduates and called on them to meet the challenge of raising the next generation with diligence.

After addressing the importance of families, Mrs. Lummis achieved a new level of statesmanship as she warned of the challenges facing today’s graduates. Lummis stated, “There are those in government who believe not that the Creator endowed us with inalienable rights …but that government created those rights, and that government should redefine those rights—including our rights to freedom of speech, religion, property, assembly, and to keep and bear arms.”

Then, while bravely standing on a modern American college campus, Senator Lummis chose to speak truth. She chose to illustrate the attack on the truth by saying, “Even fundamental scientific truths, such as the existence of two sexes, male and female, are subject to challenge these days.” No such statement of self-evident truth is allowed to go unchallenged by the modern purveyors of radical gender ideology, and she received some boos and catcalls. But Mrs. Lummis continued to the end of her speech and stayed strong.

Over the following days, radical leftists savaged her in the press. One editorialist tried to make fun of her by stating that she “should get out more.” He then appealed to the great arbiters of truth at Google as he condescendingly said, “Hey Cynthia, in the information age, it’s not that hard. Ask Google, ‘How many genders are there?’”

In trying to make his point, the author blames the whole modern construct of “woke” sexuality on the existence of intersex individuals. This argument should be addressed. Mayo clinic explains “Ambiguous genitalia is a rare condition in which an infant’s external genitals don’t appear to be clearly male or female.”

How rare? The Intersex Society of North America states, “If you ask experts at medical centers how often a child is born so noticeably atypical in terms of genitalia that a specialist in sex differentiation is called in, the number comes out to about 1 in 1500 to 1 in 2000 births.” This rare condition should never be blamed for the radical theories taught in “Gender Studies” departments of the modern American campus.

There is a great takeaway from the entire exchange: Statesmen are willing to stand for truth regardless of the personal consequence. The act of blaming the totality of the sexual revolution on a rare condition found in infancy should be stood up to in our society, and Senator Lummis demonstrated for us all what true statesmanship looks like.

For truth,

Nathan Winters
Executive Director

Indiana became the seventeenth state to protect girls’ sports today. The Indiana House and Senate voted 67-28 and 32-15 respectively to override Gov. Eric Holcomb’s veto of HB 1041—the commonsense bill to reserve girls’ sports for females. Now one-third of all states have laws on the books to ensure fairness in female athletics.

As our friends at Indiana Family Institute can tell you, this legislation took on more than one surprising twist on its way to becoming law. The removal of collegiate athletes from the bill was supposed to guarantee its success, but after the House and the Senate voted overwhelmingly to pass it, Gov. Holcomb astonished many by vetoing the bill while claiming efforts to preserve women’s sports was “a worthy cause for sure.”

At a time when biological men are increasingly taking the place of women in female competitions, on female podiums, and for female scholarships, it’s bewildering that a Republican governor from a conservative Midwest state would veto legislation that is widely supported and passed by two-thirds margin in both Indiana chambers. While governors in three other states have done the same this year, two legislatures (Utah and Kentucky) overrode those vetoes just as the Indiana General Assembly did today.

Led by bill sponsors Rep. Michelle Davis and Sen. Stacey Donato, Indiana legislators acted courageously to defend truth and fairness through the passage and veto override of Save Girls’ Sports legislation. We applaud them as we look forward to additional states doing likewise, and one day, preserving girls’ sports in every state.


Amanda Banks

Dear Friends,

Along with our allies at Indiana Family Institute, we have a request for your urgent action.

The vote to override Gov. Holcomb’s veto of HB 1041, a bill to protect girls’ sports in Indiana, is scheduled for Tuesday, May 24. The bill protects K-12 female athletes from having to compete against biological male athletes.

The legislation that Gov. Holcomb vetoed does not prevent any children from participating in sports. Rather, it ensures that only girls compete on girls-only teams, and only boys compete on boys-only teams. Co-ed teams still exist!

Why is this bill so important?

Fill out the form below to send a message to your Indiana State Representative and Senator and urge them to override the governor’s veto and SAVE GIRLS’ SPORTS.

It’s not enough to say we want fairness in sports – we have to act. Every Indiana State Representative and Senator must know that their constituents are committed to saving girls’ sports in Indiana.

Indiana legislators only have a few weeks to get this done. It only takes a minute to encourage them to protect girls’ sports using the form below.

To stay up-to-date on this and other Indiana issues, go to Indiana Family Institute (linked) and sign up for email updates.

Thank you for taking action to save girls’ sports in Indiana!


Joseph Kohm

Joseph Kohm signature

Joseph Kohm III
Director, Public Policy

Fill out the form below to send a message today!


President Biden released a budget plan that refers to mothers as “birthing people.”

The President’s Supreme Court pick, Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson claimed she couldn’t define “woman” because she’s “not a biologist” during her official confirmation hearings to become a justice on our nation’s highest Court.

Nancy Pelosi, in her authority as Speaker of the House, continues to push woke legislation that erases women as a distinct category of people in language and law—and opens up women’s sports, prisons, locker rooms, and more to men.

It seems that the woke political ruling class needs help defining what a “woman” is.

Thankfully, yesterday, in a bicameral effort, Rep. Debbie Lesko (R—AZ) and the House Republican Study Committee led by Rep. Jim Banks (R-IN) introduced the Women’s Bill of Rights Resolution, H.Res 1136. Senator Cindy-Hyde Smith introduced the Senate version of the resolution, S.Res 644. The resolution simply defines “woman” as a biological female and reinforces the need to maintain differences between females and males in federal law.

Setting aside for a moment how stunning it is that we have to define what a woman is for extreme political elites, this Resolution is an important step forward in restoring the dignity of women, mothers, daughters, female athletes, and more in our nation.


President Biden, Speaker Pelosi, and their allies are leading us all toward an America we don’t recognize. And certainly not an America I want my two young daughters to grow up in—where their own country doesn’t even know how to define “woman.”

I don’t trust today’s political leaders to protect and empower my daughters. If “woman” means nothing, then sports and educational opportunities for women mean nothing, protections against sexual and other violence for women mean nothing, and women’s achievements mean nothing.

I will not stand by while a woke political agenda threatens to erase my daughters from their own country and laws intended to protect them. Will you join me?

Urge your Members of Congress to support the Women’s Bill of Rights now!

For my daughters and their generation,

Autumn Leva
Senior VP of Strategy


Save Girls SportsP.S. Speaker Nancy Pelosi refuses to allow Rep. Greg Steube’s (R—FL) “Protection of Women and Girls in Sports Act” to come to the House floor for a vote. The bill would ensure that girls’ sports are reserved only for girls.  Rep. Jim Banks and the Republican Study Committee released a “discharge petition” that would allow the bill to be voted on—without the need to get Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s permission. The discharge petition is another important effort in the fight to maintain protections for women and girls in the law. If you haven’t urged your Representative to sign onto the discharge petition, please send your message instantly today through our action center! You are making a difference: Already, 183 representatives have signed on, and only 218 are needed to bring the bill to the floor for a vote!

Help the woke political ruling class know how to define
what a “woman” is by filling out the form below!

Next month, the Biden Administration plans to make an announcement that could force schools to let males become women’s sports champions. Here’s how it will happen: the Biden Administration plans to propose a rule that will turn Title IX into the Equality Act for public schools. Specifically, the U.S. Department of Education wants to redefine “sex” in Title IX to include “sexual orientation and gender identity.” This rule will likely apply to every public school, college, and university.

Title IX is a law that was intended to ensure females have equal access to educational opportunities with males, and it helped make girls’ and women’s sports the robust environments they are today. But the Biden Administration wants to redefine federal law to erase these opportunities for women and girls.

This proposed rule will likely:

What can you do? Get ready to push back against this rule. The Department of Education is required to allow the public to comment on the proposed rule. Your voice can make a difference!


First, watch this video with Roger Severino, Vice President of Domestic Policy at the Heritage Foundation, as he explains more about what the upcoming Title IX rule will do and how the comment process works. We were honored to sit down with Roger recently to talk about what this all means for you – plus, what’s happening behind the scenes.


Biden’s Attack on Girls Sports (and what you can do about it)

A Conversation with Roger Severino

1 pm ET / 12 pm CT / 11 am MT / 10 am PT

Join on Facebook or YouTube

(Seeing this late? You can still join at the links above!)

Second, watch for an upcoming email from Family Policy Alliance that will let you know when the proposed rule has been published. We will include a link for to submit your comment directly to the Federal Register.

Third, share this information with your friends! The more voices speaking out on this important issue, the more we will make a difference!

Stay tuned for more updates!

For women and girls,

Nicole Hudgens
Government Affairs

A pike was placed in a large tank. At feeding times, minnows, its favorite food, were poured into the water and the pike would gobble them up in a burst of energy. Next, a clear glass cylinder was placed in the center of the tank and the minnows were placed within. The pike, unaware that an invisible barrier now separated him from his prey darted for the first minnow only to slam into the glass. Stunned, he backed away and tried again. Same result! The process went on for a few hours and finally in defeat, the pike settled to the bottom of the tank. The glass cylinder was then extracted, freeing the minnows. They swam right by the nose of the pike, but conditioning had convinced him that the minnows were inaccessible. Eventually he wasted away and died.

The lesson of the pike could be applied to the forced acceptance of transgender propaganda. We are told that we must affirm a lie that we can choose our gender rather than accept the biological evidence. Parents are being conditioned in cult-like fashion, to accept a new norm despite how destructive it is. Adolescent bodies are being irreversibly damaged by puberty blockers, cross-sex hormones, top and bottom surgeries. Little to nothing is being done to help them, despite studies by reputable medical organizations showing more than 80% of gender confused adolescents eventually move on to adulthood and accept their biological gender without drugs and surgery.

The seriousness of the issue begs the question, “what causes gender dysphoria?” and how is it treated? Last year in Washington, D.C., at the Family Policy Alliance conference, Dr. Roger Hiatt a Pediatric Child Psychiatrist for Youth & Families in Little Rock, Arkansas, addressed this issue. In dealing with transgender adolescents, he stated that almost all the transgender clients he has worked with were sexually abused and would greatly benefit from counseling and therapy. Considering rampant internet porn and the obvious over-sexualization of our children in our culture, especially our schools, this should be no surprise.

It may seem as if “resistance is futile” and we “will eventually be assimilated” to borrow a line from Star Trek but, “resistance is NOT futile” and our children don’t have to be assimilated. Shockingly, across the nation, some legislators have tried to pass legislation banning any professional form of therapy to help minors under 18 deal with gender confusion (dysphoria) or unwanted sexual feelings toward individuals of the same sex. The title “Conversion Therapy Ban” was cleverly used to make it appear to be a religious issue, but it has become obvious this has nothing to do with religion but everything to do with political ideology.

A similar ban in Florida was repealed by a 2-1 decision in the 11th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals, which sided with two therapists who said the laws in the city of Boca Raton and Palm Beach County violated their free speech rights.

Here in Wyoming, we must work to never let the left’s glass cylinder into our state. Would you join me in praying and giving as we stand for truth in a broken world?


Nathan Winters
Executive Director