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We know the truth that God created us male and female. But our children and our culture are inundated with messages that say it’s possible to change sex – that you may have been born in the wrong body. And it’s a real struggle that some youth face. The supposed solution? Puberty blockers, cross-sex hormones, and surgery. These interventions can leave children sterile and facing scars of both body and heart.

But as this narrative continues to run its course throughout our culture – and permeate our children’s schools and phones – it’s important to understand this topic and be able to speak to it with winsomeness. Whether this issue directly affects your family, or you simply want to be able to understand and discuss this, now is the time.

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Andrè Van Mol, MD
  Andrè Van Mol, MD is a board-certified family physician in private practice. He serves on the boards of Bethel Church of Redding, CA, and Moral Revolution and is the co-chair of the American College of Pediatrician’s Committee on Adolescent Sexuality. He speaks and writes on bioethics and Christian apologetics and teaches a course on bioethics for the Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry.

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Meridian Baldacci
Policy and Communications Strategist





Don’t miss this! Yesterday, The Daily Caller released a news EXCLUSIVE about Family Policy Alliance’s “Help Not Harm” campaign. We are grateful to the Daily Caller, and to the article’s author Mary Margaret Olohan, for this important and timely piece. Read the intro below and click here to read the whole article – it’s worth your time!

The battle to “Save Women’s Sports” resulted in a slew of legislation banning biological males from girls’ sports, conversations on the national stage about gender, sex, individual dignity, and much more. Now the advocacy groups behind this push are assembling to battle the next burgeoning culture war issue — transgender sex change surgeries and procedures for minors.”

Progressive activists, media, lawmakers, and even some medical professionals call such procedures “gender affirming medical care” and protest that denying an individual this “care” is cruel, regardless of age. Republican Arkansas Gov. Asa Hutchinson vetoed the state’s SAFE Act in April, arguing that the legislation was a “vast government overreach” and that it shouldn’t jump into every ethical issue.

But advocacy groups like the Family Policy Alliance (FPA) insist these procedures irrevocably hurt children. And backed by a network of about 40 independent, state-based family policy councils, FPA aims to multiply the number of states across the nation that legally protect children from gender transition.

Read the full article here! And, if you haven’t yet, be sure to visit our Help Not Harm webpage to get the facts, speak out to lawmakers, and spread the word about this critical issue.

Sincerely,Meridian Baldacci

Meridian Baldacci
Policy and Communications Strategist

Children shouldn’t be sterilized.

They shouldn’t be mutilated.

And they shouldn’t be left to deal with the regret that follows.

Yet right here in America, that’s what’s happening to children who are struggling to accept their God-given bodies. Instead of real, compassionate help, they’re met with hormones and a scalpel.

Our children are in danger. At an age when they can’t even buy cough syrup over the counter, they’re being pushed to stop puberty, take cross-sex hormones, and even prepare to amputate healthy body parts. This shouldn’t be happening.

That’s why today we are pleased to announce the launch of an important new initiative: Help Not Harm.

Help Not Harm is our answer to the gender war on our children. We have a vision of a country where children are offered real help, not the harm of experimental hormones and surgery. A nation where wounds are healed, not created. A place where children have room to embrace the person God made them to be – not pushed to change their entire body.

But to get there, it will take all of us.

Help Not Harm gives you the tools you need to get involved. When you visit the Help Not Harm page, you’ll find opportunities to:

The first victories have already been won.

This year, thanks to the hard work of our friends, Arkansas became the first state in the nation to legally protect children from dangerous transgender interventions. The lead House bill sponsor of that law, state Representative Robin Lundstrum, is an alumna of Family Policy Foundation’s Statesmen Academy. She had this to say about Help Not Harm:

“We should never grow weary of protecting children. I’m proud of Arkansas legislators who were not afraid to stand up to the political mob and put kids first. Now, it’s time for other states to do the same. I’m so thankful for the partnership of Family Policy Alliance in this effort and I fully endorse the Help Not Harm campaign. We must work together to pass legislation like the SAFE Act across the country so that children in every state are protected from chemical and surgical castration.” – Arkansas State Representative Robin Lundstrum, Lead House Sponsor of the Arkansas SAFE Act

“Transition” is dangerous and it can have irreversible consequences. It’s time to stop subjecting our children to it. Will you be part of the solution?

Click here to sign our petition NOW, then help spread the word by forwarding this email and posting on social media using hashtag #HelpNotHarm.

Time is of the essence: our kids are in danger. Will you join the fight to protect them?
Meridian Baldacci
Meridian Baldacci
Meridian Baldacci
Policy and Communications Strategist


P.S. This is only the beginning! Mark your calendar for September 14 at 1 PM ET/12 PM CT/11 AM MT/10 AM PT for “The Truth About Transition.” We’ll be LIVE with a medical expert to answer your critical questions about transition and more. Sign up here! 

This week, the Senate released the 2,702-page Infrastructure Package. This enormous piece of legislation, which should be focused on critical roads and infrastructure, contains Equality Act language that conflicts with reality, reason and family values.

The current infrastructure bill will cost American families a trillion dollars. The current infrastructure bill is also tied to another bill with a major socialist agenda led by Sen. Bernie Sanders that includes universal pre-K.

But that’s not all. The current infrastructure bill also includes Equality Act language, specifically the terms “sexual orientation” and “gender identity” (SOGI).

The Equality Act terms “sexual orientation/gender identity” have been used numerous times to punish individuals, students, parents, churches and businesses because of their religious beliefs and conscience rights on marriage and biological sex. These terms have also been used in policy to infringe on women’s privacy and parental rights.

The current infrastructure bill defines the terms “gender identity” as being “actual or perceived.” This means any man can claim an identity as a woman at any time, for any length of time.

However, the bill also uses the term “women” at least 37 different times.

Congress must acknowledge the biological reality that only two sexes exist, or else they will erase the actual definition of woman and allow anyone to be a self-proclaimed woman.

Tell your senators to vote NO on the current infrastructure language.

Visit our Action Center here and tell your senators that Congress must be clear and consistent regarding the biological reality that only two sexes exist– male and female. This statement of fact is not simply for appeasement of a political faction; it is a reality that will impact the health and safety of Americans.


For Family,

Nicole Hudgens
Government Affairs


Take Action

A pike was placed in a large tank. At feeding times, minnows, its favorite food, were poured into the water and the pike would gobble them up in a burst of energy. Next, a clear glass cylinder was placed in the center of the tank and the minnows were placed within. The pike, unaware that an invisible barrier now separated him from his prey darted for the first minnow only to slam into the glass. Stunned, he backed away and tried again. Same result! The process went on for a few hours and finally in defeat, the pike settled to the bottom of the tank. The glass cylinder was then extracted, freeing the minnows. They swam right by the nose of the pike, but conditioning had convinced him that the minnows were inaccessible. Eventually he wasted away and died.

The lesson of the pike could be applied to the forced acceptance of transgender propaganda. We are told that we must affirm a lie that we can choose our gender rather than accept the biological evidence. Parents are being conditioned in cult-like fashion, to accept a new norm despite how destructive it is. Adolescent bodies are being irreversibly damaged by puberty blockers, cross-sex hormones, top and bottom surgeries. Little to nothing is being done to help them, despite studies by reputable medical organizations showing more than 80% of gender confused adolescents eventually move on to adulthood and accept their biological gender without drugs and surgery.

The seriousness of the issue begs the question, ‘what causes gender dysphoria?’ and how is it treated Dr. Michelle Cretella, Executive Director of the American College of Pediatricians here in Rhode Island has long advocated for counseling therapy to help minors. While in Washington D.C. recently for a Family Policy Alliance conference, Dr. Roger Hiatt a Pediatric Child Psychiatrist for Youth & Families in Little Rock, Arkansas, addressed this issue. In dealing with transgender adolescents, he stated that almost all the transgender clients he has worked with were sexually abused and would greatly benefit from counseling and therapy. Considering rampant internet porn and the obvious over-sexualization of our children in our culture, especially our schools, this should be no surprise.

It may seem as if ‘resistance is futile’ and we ‘will eventually be assimilated’ to borrow a line from Star Trek but, ‘resistance is NOT futile’ and our children don’t have to be assimilated. Shockingly, in Rhode Island, professional counseling and therapy is unavailable and deemed illegal by the passage in 2017 of H5277A, the ‘Counseling Therapy Ban.’

Liberal RI legislators that year took aim and banned any professional form of therapy to help minors under 18 deal with gender confusion (dysphoria) or unwanted sexual feelings toward individuals of the same sex. The title ‘Conversion Therapy Ban’ was cleverly used to make it appear to be a religious issue, but it has become obvious this has nothing to do with religion but everything to do with political ideology.

A similar ban in Florida was repealed by  a 2-1 decision in the 11th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals which sided with two therapists who said the laws in the city of Boca Raton and Palm Beach County violated their free speech rights.

We need to repeal the ban here and next year’s elections will determine whether this abuse of Rhode Island children continues or stops. There are moral legislators on both sides of the aisle that want to remove the glass cylinder that keeps children from therapy they so desperately need and with your support Family Policy Alliance stands ready to help in Rhode Island. Two years ago, we drafted the first legislation to prohibit sex-change surgeries and hormones for minors and since then, it has been passed in Arkansas and Tennessee.

Would you join me in praying and giving so we find a way to remove the glass cylinder that keeps minors from getting the help they need. It seems that it would take a miracle for that to happen in our state, but we have a miracle working God who says, “Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you. For everyone who asks receives; he who seeks finds; and to him who knocks, the door will be opened.” Matthew 7:7-8 (NIV)

For God, Faith & Family,

Dave Aucoin
Chairman, Board of Directors – Rhode Island


I never pass up a chance to quote the Princess Bride. Never has this phrase been more applicable than in the case of the Wichita City Council’s discussion of a sexual orientation and gender identity nondiscrimination ordinance.

On Tuesday July 13th, the Council voted 5-2 to delay discussing the ordinance for 90 days. This will give everyone in the community time to research the implications of this expansive ordinance. It is very important given that it wasn’t even clear which version of the ordinance the City Council was voting on, and several of the council members did not seem to understand the extensive impact of the public accommodation section of the ordinance.

Mayor Brandon Whipple has claimed that no one opposing the ordinance brought real problems with the actual wording of the ordinance. This is an absolute reinterpretation of events. In fact, there were several legitimate concerns expressed. The most repeated one, was how incredibly narrow the religious exemptions are. These exemptions would require a court to examine the inner workings of a church and dictate its behavior; things that courts generally refuse to do but that Mayor Brandon Whipple seems more than happy to do.

Further, as it is written, the ordinance does absolutely nothing to protect a business owner from allegations of discrimination. No matter how kind and reasonable he might be. Under this ordinance, allegations of discrimination could result in large fines, years of litigation, or ‘re-education’ by the City of Wichita.

Throughout the consideration of this ordinance, the mayor has portrayed his motives as pure while at the same time, turning this debate in to a personal matter first by attacking fellow councilmembers for opting to slow down the process on this proposal. Second, by claiming that Family Policy Alliance of Kansas only opposes the ordinance because we are we are using it as a fundraising opportunity. Yet, he has done these things while also using the issue for political gamesmanship, political gain and political fundraising (for his own campaign).

The majority of you reading this email don’t live in Wichita so you may feel like this doesn’t affect you. But it does. Activists have already pushed this through city councils in many of Kansas’ larger cities over the objections of the citizens who live there. They are pushing for similar language at the state level as well. So, if you haven’t seen it in your community – you likely will.

It is very important that we understand what this redefinition and reorientation of our nondiscrimination laws mean for everyday Kansans. If you want to read more, you can reference several articles we wrote several years ago. We can’t allow activist to redefine the terms or be asleep when they try.

It’s time to step up Kansans!

Brittany Jones, Esq.
Director of Advocacy

The bill to #SaveGirlsSports in Texas will be heard in the special session on Monday, and your voice is needed!

Our friends at Texas Values have been leading the way admirably on this issue for months and we hope you can join in to help them on this important special legislative session issue.

State Sen. Charles Perry filed SB 2 to prohibit biological men from competing in biological women’s sports. SB 2 covers both high school and college athletics. Women should not be spectators in their own sports. Texas must act this special session to preserve equal opportunities for women in sports!

The Save Women’s Sports bill, SB 2, will be heard in the Senate Committee on Health and Human Services at 10:00 AM on Monday, July 12th, in the Senate Chamber at the Texas Capitol Building in Austin.

Here’s how you can help

  1. Please consider coming to testify at the Texas Capitol on Monday! Our colleagues at Texas Values will provide you all the support that you need, including talking points and step-by-step instructions.Please immediately contact if you are interested in getting talking points or are able to attend the hearing to testify.
  2. Even if you can’t make it to the Texas Capitol on Monday, please submit a comment by email to the Health and Human Services Committee at Be sure to specify what bill you are supporting (SB 2).
  3. Also, please take a few moments to email your state legislators and ask them to support SB 2, the Save Women’s Sports bill.

Thank you for making your voice heard!

The Family Policy Alliance Team

As you may know the Wichita City Council voted 4-3 on Tuesday (July 6th) to allow a sexual orientation & gender identity nondiscriminatiom ordinance to move forward. These type ordinances have been used systemically across the nation as a sword against people of faith.

With the very narrow religious exemptions in the ordinance, people of faith will still be investigated & subjected to heavy fines simply for living out their faith no matter how kind or compassionate they may be.

Now the City Council is trying to slip the second vote through on the consent calendar without time for public comment.

We asked you yesterday to reach out to the Council to ask them to allow the public to continue to respectfully comment on this ordinance that will affect all of us.

Today, we have learned that they are denying any further public comment on this matter except for five people whom they have chosen to speak at the meeting next week.

We need you to call the Council to politely and respectfully let them know that this is unacceptable and that they must listen to voters in Wichita.

Here are their numbers:

Mayor Brandon Whipple– (316) 290-9447

District 1: Brandon Johnson – (316) 207-5843

District 2: Becky Tuttle – (316) 651-6099

District 3: Jared Cerullo – (316) 249-2941

District 4: Jeff Blubaugh – (316) 640-0656

District 5: Bryan Frye – (316) 258-3623

District 6: Cindy Claycomb – (316) 444-0087

As a reminder, we will meet for prayer again before the City Council meeting at 730 am, July 13th at City Hall.

Please let your pastor & your friends know about what is happening in Wichita. (Also visit us on FaceBook to share our posts on this issue with your friends.)


Jeff Bennett
Executive Director


As you may know the Wichita City Council voted 4-3 on Tuesday to allow a sexual orientation & gender identity nondiscriminatiom ordinance to move forward. These type ordinances have been used systemically across the nation as a sword against people of faith.

With the very narrow religious exemptions in the ordinance, people of faith will still be investigated & subjected to heavy fines simply for living out their faith no matter how kind or compassionate they may be.

Now the City Council is trying to slip the second vote through on the consent calendar without time for public comment.

Please reach out today & ask that they allow the public to continue to respectfully comment on this ordinance that will affect all of us. It only takes a moment in our Action Center.

Once again I strongly encourage to engage with Christian love & humility. Please remember that we are called to speak truthfully in love.

We will meet for prayer again before the meeting at 7:30 am, July 13th at City Hall. Please let your pastor & your friends know about what is happening in Wichita.


Jeff Bennett
Executive Director

Girls’ sports are at risk in Louisiana. For weeks, Louisiana’s student athletes and concerned citizens have anxiously anticipated the decision of Governor John Bel Edwards on the Fairness in Women’s Sports Act, sponsored by Senator Beth Mizell.

SB 156, the Fairness in Women’s Sports Act, passed the Senate by a vote of 29-6 and the House by a vote of 78-17.

Sadly, Gov. Edwards chose D.C. politics over Louisiana values and vetoed the bill.

But there is hope!

The Louisiana Constitution provides for the legislature to consider a governor’s veto and to decide whether to override. Once a legislative session has concluded, a veto override session is automatically scheduled. However, a majority of lawmakers in either house, polled by a mail-in ballot, can elect to cancel the override session. This essentially means that twenty senators and fifty-three representatives must agree to hold the session.

Family Policy Alliance joins our friends at Louisiana Family Forum in respectfully urging legislators to exercise their constitutional right and responsibility to review the Governor’s veto. There is a short window of opportunity to do this, so time is of the essence!

What can you do to help?

Go to our Action Center to tell Louisiana legislators why they should override the Governor’s veto on SB 156. Louisiana women and female athletes deserve a fair playing field and legal protections in competitive sports!

Thank you for doing your part to protect girls’ sports in Louisiana!

Nicole Hudgens
Government Affairs