June 8, 2021

New Jersey Pro-Life Organizations Rally Against “Reproductive Freedom Act” at Noon on June 9th at Trenton’s War Memorial Building

TRENTON, NJ (June 8) – A coalition of New Jersey pro-life organizations, physicians, clergy and activists has scheduled a protest against the pending “Reproductive Freedom Act” legislation for Wednesday, June 9.  The event will run from noon to 2 p.m. at the Trenton War Memorial Building. Organizers are inviting everyone to attend.  It will be the first major event of the 2021 race for New Jersey Governor. Phil Murphy has called on the legislature to pass the bill before June 30.

Yet a scant 15% of people surveyed want abortion permitted at any time during pregnancy, according to a 2021 Marist poll.  Only seven countries in the world, including North Korea, China, and Vietnam, allow abortion after 20 weeks of an unborn baby’s development. Yet the “Reproductive Freedom Act” (RFA) asserts a right to abortion without any restriction related to gestation — meaning that a baby, ready to be delivered, could instead be aborted at that moment. Fewer than one in five people support spending our tax dollars on abortions, the Marist poll found.

The RFA would block parental notification, allow non-physicians to perform dangerous abortions, and force medical workers to provide abortion services, even if doing so violated their personal religious or conscience objections.

“The so-called Reproductive Freedom Act is a feature of Governor Murphy’s ‘move New Jersey forward’ reelection campaign. Our state already ranks #2 among 50 states and Washington D.C. for the percentage of pregnancies that dreadfully end in abortion. It seems our Governor will not be satisfied until we shamefully hold the title as the #1 abortion state in America.” Shawn Hyland, Executive Director Family Policy Alliance of New Jersey

“Evidence is mounting that New Jersey intends to become the Garden State for the harvesting of fetal tissue,” said Dr. Kathleen Ruddy, a retired surgeon. “In fact, this appears to be the driving force, the motive, and the objective of Governor Murphy’s abortion bill.”

The ‘Reproductive Freedom Act’ (A-4848 / S-3030) would use public taxpayer funds to pay for abortion services to anyone, coming from any state.  “It would subsidize human trafficking by paying for the abortions of their slaves and potentially subjecting them to forced sterilization,” according to Rev. Greg Quinlan of The Center For Garden State Families.

Experts note that the Black community is disproportionately the target of abortions, and that abortion accounts for 61 percent of Black deaths in America.  “So this is black genocide,” said Rev. Clenard Childress of Montclair.

“S3030/A4848 is perversely laser-focused on barbarically destroying the lives of infants, both before and after they are born. We ask all New Jerseyans to contact their legislators and demand that they reject this disgraceful, inhumane infanticide bill,” said Marie Tasy, Executive Director of New Jersey Right to Life.

For media inquiries or to schedule an interview with Shawn Hyland, contact Robert Noland, (719) 308-2822,


Family Policy Alliance works to advance biblical citizenship and promote good public policy that protects religious freedom, families, and life.

One hundred babies per day are now saved each day in Texas because of the state’s new heartbeat law. This law allows residents to hold accountable abortionists who abort babies with a heartbeat. Governor Murphy and anti-life legislators in New Jersey are furious that babies are given safe haven in Texas. His response was swift and literally deadly: he urged state lawmakers to pass the NJ License to Kill Act (so-called Reproductive Freedom Act).

In a recent editorial about the Texas baby protection bill, Governor Murphy and Senator Loretta Weinberg called for the passage of their extreme bill to protect “reproductive justice”, “reproductive healthcare”, “reproductive freedom”, and the most ironic description of all, “lifesaving health care.

Yet, in all their empty rhetoric and the usage of poll-tested, politically approved phrases, they never mention the word ABORTION in support of their bill. They briefly use the word a single time in reference to a Mississippi law, but it is never used to justify the passage of the so-called Reproductive Freedom Act.

This is not surprising because many statewide media articles have covered Governor Murphy’s insistence to pass his treasured birthday abortion bill (a child could be aborted the same day they could have been born). In all of his press statements, responses, and campaign updates, he never uses the word ABORTION when he speaks about his radical abortion bill. Here are some examples:

Even his new campaign TV ad released this week, Governor Murphy talks about protecting “our right to choose” – but does not mention ABORTION.

Why is he so ashamed of the word – abortion? According to Oxford English dictionary, an abortion is the deliberate termination of a human pregnancy. The last thing most New Jersey voters want is more developing human lives being intentionally ended in the womb.

The good news is you and I, along with pro-life coalition partners across the state, are in the majority opinion on this proposed legislation.

The bad news is, unless these same voters who disapprove of this bill actually vote their consciences in November, preborn human babies might forever be unprotected in our state.

Please look for our 2021 Endorsements and Recommendations for this upcoming election in next week’s email and be ready to share it with others. Act like lives depend on it, because they do.

Protecting your family,

Shawn Hyland
Executive Director




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As students return to the classroom this week, the battle for the minds of the emerging generation is escalating. Parents have amplified their voices at local school board hearings and through grassroots advocacy efforts. Yet there has been little change or consideration of their views.

We know parents are the primary educators of their children. Though they may choose to entrust their child to a government school, parents are ultimately responsible for overseeing their children’s education. So, what can parents do to counteract the influence government schools are having on their children?

First, understand these controversial lessons are only supporting the larger cultural narrative that children are being swept up into. Social media influencers on Tik Tok and Instagram have more influence over your child than a teacher. We regularly encourage parents to request lesson plans and review curriculum. However, if you take these actions, but never check what phone apps your child spends hours engaged in, you might have overlooked the most dangerous tool being used against your family.

Second, talk to your children about sex and gender. Ask questions and listen to their answers. Use our Gender Resource Guide as a conversation starter. Prepare yourself with biblical answers presented intellectually and compassionately. Our friends at Focus on the Family have many Sex Education resources. Don’t just have this conversation once. It must be an ongoing dialogue as your beliefs will be intentionally undermined at school multiple times throughout K-12 primary education.

Third, spend time with your family. Yes, it’s that simple. Experts agree that a child’s development is influenced predominantly by their family because it is the primary social group they belong to. Family movie nights and taco Tuesdays are beneficial to building familial bonds that are not easily broken. Most importantly, bring them to church each week and have them participate in youth ministry or a small group Bible study.

These suggestions might sound basic, but the reality is most of us need to improve in all three areas. I pray you stay encouraged and optimistic that you can make a difference in your child or grandchild’s life.

Protecting your family,

Shawn Hyland
Executive Director

School choice has been a major priority for Family Policy Alliance of New Jersey. We know that parents have the strongest incentives to do what’s best for their kids.

That is why we are so excited to announce Leo Terrell as this year’s speaker for our annual Guardian of the Family Fundraising Gala – A Better Future: Parental rights in school choice and the problems in public education.

Leo Terrell is a Fox News contributor, providing commentary and analysis across all platforms including FOX News Channel (FNC) and FOX Business Network (FBN). He joined the network in January 2021.

In addition to his role with the network, Mr. Terrell hosts the Cumulus Media podcast, Leo Terrell: America’s Fair Minded Civil Rights Attorney. Prior to beginning his career in law, Mr. Terrell taught high school history, geography and economics. He is a strong advocate for parents making decisions in education, not unions or state legislatures. He graduated from California State University, Dominguez Hills with a Bachelor of Arts in political science before obtaining a Masters of Education from Pepperdine University in Malibu, California. He holds a Juris Doctor from the University of California, Los Angeles School of Law and is the author of Your Rights in the Workplace – What Your Boss Won’t Tell You.

Date: Wednesday, Nov 10, 2021

Location: The Venetian, Garfield, NJ

Time: 5:45 – 9:30 PM

Click Here for Tickets

Protecting your family,

Sawn Hyland
Executive Director

February 18, 2021



Murphy Urged to Override Sexuality Lessons as Veto Deadline Looms

Parents, clergy, and legislators want Governor Murphy to protect kindergarten children from transgender identity lessons


TRENTON, N.J. (February 19, 2021) – Family Policy Alliance of New Jersey – a pro-family ministry – is urging Governor Murphy to veto Assembly bill 4454 before the 45-day deadline on Thursday, February 25. The bill was passed by the Assembly on January 11 and fell almost entirely along party lines with every Republican voting against the bill and every democrat voting in favor of the bill – except Assemblyman Jamel Holley (D-Union), voting against the bill.

Governor Murphy’s office has been inundated with over 16,000 emails in the past month as people across New Jersey urge him to veto it. This outcry was made possible by organic petitions started by faith communities and the action alert center of Family Policy Alliance of New Jersey.

Assembly bill 4454 requires school districts to include instruction on diversity and inclusion as part of implementation of New Jersey Student Learning Standards. Originally the bill only required sexual orientation and gender identity lessons starting in the ninth grade where it was limited to Health class. The Senate Education Committee amended the bill on December 7, 2020 to include school aged children as young as kindergarten.

Shawn Hyland, Executive Director of Family Policy Alliance of New Jersey, offered the following statement:

“This bill would require transgender and sexual orientation lessons be taught to children who are so young they are just learning to tie their shoes. This will only complicate and confuse their understanding of human sexuality. We strongly urge Governor Murphy to respect the rights of parents and let kids be kids. Discussions regarding various sexual attractions and subjective gender identities have no place in the kindergarten classroom.”

Legislators are also opposing the bill as they have heard the concerns of their constituents.

“The government does not have the right to impose a certain way of life or belief system onto our children, especially kindergarteners. These topics are being forced upon students to affirm and adopt these lifestyles, regardless of their individual religious beliefs. This is a very sensitive issue which should be addressed by parents and not schools, which is why we will continue to vote ‘no’ against this bill.”– Senator Jim Holzapfel and Assemblymen Greg McGuckin and John Catalano, District 10, Brick, NJ

“Over the past several months, our Delegation has been contacted by a number of constituents who are deeply and justifiably concerned about the harmful impact this legislation will have on children, families and schools.  Teaching children, beginning in kindergarten, about sexual orientation as part of their school curriculum is irresponsible, inappropriate and misguided. This should be a responsibility of parents, not educators, as provisions of this legislation have no place in our schools.” – Senator Chris Connors, Assemblywomen DiAnne Gove, and Assemblyman Brian Rumpf, District 9, Forked River, NJ

“Government should never be a substitute for parents.  Allowing four- and five-year-old’s to be taught things parents historically have protected their children from is wrong.  The same government that caused commuters to have a six-to-eight-hour commute for a six-inch snow storm is now dictating what our children should or should not be exposed to in their early years.” – Senator Joe Pennacchio, District 27, Montville, NJ

“It is outrageous to foist concepts on school children as young as kindergarten that even many adults struggle to understand. Schools are supposed to be places of academics and scholarly pursuits which prepare students for college and eventually a place in the work world. Teachers are becoming overwhelmed with non-academic requirements, leaving less and less time for traditional learning.  This bill once again would allow the state to usurp the duties of the parents. It is imperative that this bill be vetoed and return the duties of teaching morals where it belongs, with parents and clergy.” – Assemblyman Gerry Scharfenberger, District 13, Middletown

Parents and members of the clergy also offered statements on the bill:

“As a lifelong resident of NJ and a mother of five, I’m in shock of the overreach of legislators and what they are mandating on the most vulnerable – our children all under the guise of tolerance. I’m pleading with Governor Murphy to please veto Bill A4454! Teaching kindergarteners every form of sex and gender identities is child abuse! It’s sexualizing our babies and taking away my rights as a parent. I’ve had three children go through NJ public school system and two more young children rapidly approaching, however, if this is passed, I will be forced to find alternative education or even leave the state of NJ.” – Kelly Johnson, parent, Cape May, NJ

“The current legislation will unconstitutionally impact parent’s religious liberty rights. Given that I am a Muslim parent the Tourah, Injeel (Gospel) and Holy Quran teach the importance of worship to Allah’s creation. Women are honored within the Holy Quran and this legislation would disrespect Al Islam, growing children and parents’ constitutional rights. Violation of religious freedom is something parents across New Jersey’s Interfaith community must organize around to protect. – Che’ J.T. Colter, co-founder We The Parents – Newark. NJ

“As a Latino Pastor and Hispanic leader, I feel that the sexualization of children at the age of 5 and 6 is totally inappropriate.  Not only is this inappropriate but it’s very offense to our Latino culture, which is very conservative, sensitive and protective of our children.  We ask that you please veto this inappropriate bill.” – Pastor Edward Ramirez, Harvest Outreach Ministries, Paterson, NJ

“Please veto the bill (A4454) that sits on your desk that mandates sexual orientation and gender identity diversity lessons starting in kindergarten! As a parent, a grandparent, a pastor, and an African-American, I am appalled that this bill has made it as far as your desk! I am totally opposed to the bill on faith, family, cultural, and educational grounds.  From the perspective of my faith and culture, the topic of sexual orientation and gender identity is one for parents to handle with their children, not educators.  I feel that the introduction of such topics is totally inappropriate for 5–6-year-old kindergarteners, and highly disrespectful of parental rights and freedom of religious expression.” – Pastor Kedrick Brown, Middletown, NJ

“As an orthodox priest of the Coptic Orthodox Church and scientist by training, I am extremely astonished by the lack of scientific understanding of child development, complete disregard to culture sensitivity and religious freedom in forcing an unprecedented curriculum on children who can’t discern at age 5 what eat and what to watch.   We are the only State that is forcing these curriculums to such a level.  The State of NJ is known for its diversity; thus, we must get everyone involved in the education of their children.  We need to accommodate all people, allowing family values and structure be taught by parents.  We urge Governor Murphy to veto this bill”. – Father Mina Dimitri, Saint Mary Coptic Orthodox Church, East Brunswick, NJ

Family Policy Alliance of New Jersey hopes Governor Murphy will respect the fundamental religious beliefs of millions of New Jersey citizens by vetoing A4454.

Media Contact:

Robert Noland, (719) 308-2822,



Family Policy Alliance advances biblical citizenship and promotes public policy that protects religious freedom, families, and life.

Garden State Equality (GSE) is the statewide advocacy organization that developed a pilot program schools can use to fulfill the LGBT curriculum law. This specific “contribution” law is separate from the new sex ed learning standards, and the recently approved sexual orientation and transgender diversity lessons in kindergarten. This was a requirement for middle and high school classes to share about the “contributions” of those who identify as LGBT. We repeatedly warned parents that the pilot program material far exceeded fact-based historical contributions. However, all of GSE’s downloadable lessons were limited to 6-12th grade.

Until now.

GSE has developed same-sex diversity lessons for 2nd grade. Click here to view their lesson that teaches 7-year-old children that there are no fixed gender characteristics, nothing is morally wrong with same sex relationships, and that they need to reflect on their new thinking regarding family structures. 7-Year-Olds…?

This is completely unconstitutional.  Parents have the right to teach their own moral framework to their children. When the state government imposes a morality that contradicts the values that are taught in the home, it violates the long-established constitutional rights of parents. Please understand, if your ethnic culture or world religion teaches the importance of fathers and mothers, the government schools will tell your young children your family is morally wrong for holding such a view.

It would be a different case if schools taught older students that same sex relationships and marriages exist – but that is not what is happening in our schools. Instead, they impose an ideology with the written intended goal for students to revise and rethink their moral and religious beliefs regarding sex and gender.

For a practical example, it would be allowable to teach Jewish students that pork roll and cheese sandwiches exist. It is unavoidable to see the many roadside signs across our state that promotes them. However, schools cannot teach Jewish students that it is morally good that people eat pork combined with cheese. That is a total violation of their deeply held beliefs about kosher meal requirements.

In the end, diversity and inclusion are banal words repeatedly used with no true meaning or purpose. If students remain faithful to adhere to the practices and teachings of their religion, they will be stigmatized and unaccepted by their peers.

We should teach students to be tolerant of other beliefs, respectful of our differences, and to be kind to their classmates. You must not compel them to adopt new sexual beliefs in contradiction to the deeply held religious beliefs of their families. New Jersey schools must do better.

Protecting your family,

Shawn Hyland
Executive Director

The images will not be forgotten. The fall of Afghanistan to Taliban Islamic Extremists is devastating to watch. I am sure this grief is equally shared among all faiths and cultures. Women and children will once again suffer unspeakable oppression. Our Christian brothers and sisters’ lives are at risk.

The collapse of the secular government was inevitable, but the chaos was not. What foreign policy analysts failed to predict was how quickly the Afghan military would give up the fight. They overestimated the will and preparedness of the armed forces and were therefore unprepared without a contingency plan to get Americans and our allies safely out of the country.

Some members of the Afghan military might have thought, “If we are not going to win, then why try?” If you cherish freedom, such a pessimistic surrender is unthinkable.

But do you cherish it?

I am concerned today that many people in New Jersey feel the government is going to do what they want. Families think, “They will eventually, either incrementally or abruptly, take away our religious and parental rights – so why try? Why protest? Why send letters? Why vote?”

It is true that Governor Murphy’s administration is actively working against the rights of parents and people of faith.

  1. In January 2020, they removed the religious exemption that protected churches from paying for abortion inducing drugs in their insurance plans.
  2. In February 2021, they passed a law that prohibited police from informing parents if their child was caught using marijuana. *This has now been changed due to public outcry.
  3. In July 2021, they passed a law that removed the parental consent requirement to distribute health surveys about sex and sexuality to students.

In addition, they have tried to remove the religious exemption from mandatory vaccinations and codify into law forever, a ban on parental notification for a minor seeking an abortion. These bills have not been passed, but the lame duck session this November will most likely see them arise as possible priorities for the current administration.

Are you willing to fight to maintain your religious and parental rights? Or will you become discouraged and walk away? Our struggle is not equivalent to the atrocities experienced by the Afghan people. There is no comparison, but our response when we see our constitutional freedoms at risk might be similar. We give up too easily! I want to encourage you to stay committed. Family Policy Alliance of New Jersey, along with our coalition partners across the state, is ready to protect your religious and parental rights.

Praying for you and the people of Afghanistan.

Shawn Hyland
Executive Director

October 2, 2020

BREAKING: Gov. Murphy Takes Hypocritical Stand On Infant Loss and Abortion

After making October “Pregnancy and Infant Loss Remembrance Month,” Murphy announces support for pro-abortion bill – in October

TRENTON, New Jersey – Today, Governor Murphy made clear his support for the Reproductive Freedom Act. In response, Shawn Hyland, Director of Advocacy at Family Policy Alliance of New Jersey issued the following statement:

“Just this past January, Governor Murphy declared October to be “Pregnancy and Infant Loss Remembrance Month.” At the beginning of the solemn month, it is the epitome of hypocrisy to today announce his support for a radical abortion proposal. We expect that if this plan is like similar proposals (now laws) in New York and Illinois, it would allow the taking of life up to the moment of birth for any reason in New Jersey.

“It is indisputable that Governor Murphy and so many others in Trenton are beholden to the senseless taking of life through abortion and the industry built around it. From increasing Planned Parenthood funding to $20 million per year when New Jersey could least afford it, to refusing to enforce important health and safety standards in standing-room-only abortion clinics during the Coronavirus pandemic, his stance is clear – abortion anywhere, anytime regardless of cost, safety of the mother, or the lives of babies in the womb.

“During a month when countless New Jersey parents mourn the tragic loss of unborn children and infants, it is sobering that efforts to advance the publicly funded and virtually limitless killing of children would be the singular focus of the Murphy administration.

“We call on Governor Murphy and the pro-abortion contingent in the NJ legislature to stop promoting policies that legally advance genocide in the Garden State.”

Media Contact:

Robert Noland, (719) 308-2822,


Family Policy Alliance of New Jersey works to advance biblical citizenship and promote good public policy that protects religious freedom, families, and life.


Parents are demanding the State of New Jersey stop interfering with their authority and influence in their child’s life. Public school mandates are dictated ad nauseum by the current Legislative or Executive branch of state government.

Masks mandated.
Transgenderism mandated.
Sexual ideology mandated.

Parents have frequently protested, sent letters to legislators, and put pressure on local school boards. These “momma bear” acts are making a difference. The NJGOP is becoming more outspoken in their messaging that they ‘support parents over politics’. Without question, pollsters and consultants realize parents want their kids back.

Here are some ideas what people of faith can do on behalf of their children:

  1. Parents, consider homeschooling. New Jersey is one of the least restrictive states in the nation when it comes to home school regulations. For more information about homeschooling, please visit our friends at the Home School Legal Defense Association.
  2. Pastors, consider launching a home school co-op at your church. Teachers, would you consider tutoring students in your church for free? This can help assist parents who feel the public school system is no longer inclusive to their family and sense that it may be medically harmful to their children. Many churches have the facilities and professionals to offer parents an option that works for them. This real felt need of working-class families can be met by the Church.
  3. Volunteer your time to help pro-family candidates win elections this year. From school board races to legislative seats, a change in leadership is often decided by the grassroots getting out the vote. Only 37% of registered voters participated in the last gubernatorial election back in 2017.
    In the previous legislative election in 2019, some districts only had 28% turnout! Take, for example, Legislative District 2 (parts of Atlantic County). There, current State Assembly incumbents mandated transgender lessons in kindergarten. They then voted to remove the religious exemption for vaccinations, and extended Governor Murphy’s emergency powers until January 2022. To get elected, these Assembly members received only 23,211 votes out of 154,644 registered voters! Tragically, even though 72% of registered voters did not choose them, they have been casting votes for years that undermined parental authority because they won with 28% of overall possible votes. This should not be.

Please continue to mobilize and respectfully express your views. In the final analysis, we are responsible before God for our child’s education, and we can make a difference who governs our families.

Protecting your family,

Shawn Hyland
Executive Director

Two weeks ago, I had the opportunity to join Christian leaders from across the country in Washington, D.C. at the Statesman Academy™, a project of Family Policy Foundation. We heard from US House of Representatives Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA), US Senator James Lankford (R-OK), Congressman Jim Banks (R-IN), as well as 14 other members of Congress as they shared their hearts and experiences with men and women who serve in elective office.

Often stated at this gathering is our definition of a statesman, “A statesman stands for what is right, regardless of the personal consequences.” Family Policy Foundation of New Jersey has had the privilege of sending future leaders from our state to the Statesmen Academy in prior years.  They learned to stand for a bedrock set of principles that will not be compromised for personal or political gain. Robert Arace, Statesman Academy alumni, is currently running for mayor in Manchester, NJ.

That same week in D.C., nearly forty independent policy councils came together simultaneously for our own conference. We had in-depth panels and group discussions regarding policy initiatives and different strategies in blue and red states, how to build meaningful Christ-centered relationships with elected officials, and how to engage young conservatives on the importance of the family unit.

I left greatly encouraged and hopeful for what God is going to do in New Jersey. We are not alone in restraining the absurd and dangerous policies that are being debated in state capitals throughout this nation. This national alliance of organizations is stronger than ever before. Together, we are building an America where God is honored, religious freedom flourishes, families thrive and life is cherished.

Would you consider a gift to Family Policy Foundation of New Jersey to assist us as we equip likeminded believers to engage their culture?

Protecting your family,

Shawn Hyland
Executive Director