After ringing in a New Year, each January we focus on the life issues, as this is the month when the infamous Roe v. Wade decision was handed down by the U.S. Supreme Court in 1973, leading to the termination nationally of more than 62 million babies in the womb.

Also, every two years we deal with what is infamously called “The Lame Duck Legislative Session.”  This year’s version began after the General Election on Nov. 2 and ran through Jan. 11. This is a time when some of the most egregious bills that the radical left wants to see passed into law get moved, and this year was no different.

The Reproductive Freedom Act was redrafted and pushed forward, ignoring all policies and procedures for bill hearings, the most important being that a bill should be posted and available for review five days before the scheduled hearing. With the liberals in control, those protocols went out the window. The bills were actually being delivered to the legislators as the committees held the hearing.

This new version (S49/A6260) had all the egregious points of the initial bills and would legalize abortion up to the point of birth. In the Assembly, it passed by a vote of 46-22, with four not voting and eight abstaining. In the Senate, the vote was 23-15, with two not voting. So as most New Jerseyans were dealing with the pandemic and the Omicron variant, the legislature took the opportunity to “get things done.”

Thank you to so many of you all over the state who responded to our call to action and made your voices heard to legislators on this outrageous bill. It’s important that we do so, even when it’s an uphill fight. We have the self-evident truth of life on our side, and we must continue to proclaim it. Someday, we WILL WIN the fight to protect life, and the mystery will be how our politicians of today could have been so hard-hearted and blind to the truth.

To that end, here are two more ways that you can actively stand for life:

In this context, it’s also fitting that we commemorate the life of an American Hero on Monday. Dr. Martin Luther King literally gave his life in the quest to uphold true equality. His quest for people of color to be treated equally was, on Dr. King’s part, a mission worth dying for. Let’s remember his sacrifice and critical contribution to upholding the life and dignity of all.

Yours for the Family,

Len Deo

Dear Friend,

Your help is needed immediately to stop the License to Kill Act. Formerly known as the so-called Reproductive Freedom Act, now renamed S49/A6260, this legislation “Codifies constitutional right to freedom of reproductive choice.”

This is the most radical abortion bill ever proposed in this state.

Under this legislation:

We have held protests and rallies throughout the state over this past year! Now, pro-abortion organizations are working behind the scenes and rushing these bills through in the last minutes of this Legislative Session.

We must make our voices heard!!

We need you to immediately contact your two Assembly Representatives and NJ State Senate and urge them to vote against the replacement bill for the Reproductive Freedom Act in the NJ Senate S49/A6260. (Codifies constitutional right to freedom of reproductive choice.)

It only takes a moment to send a message to them in our Action Center.

You may want to contact your state legislator’s office by phone as well. We will also email it to you once you have taken action in our Action Center.

Let’s act like lives depend on it – because they do!

Len Deo



This year we have been talking about a number of egregious pieces of legislation, the most infamous being the Reproductive Freedom Act (RFA). This bill would codify into law abortion at any time up to the birth of the baby. There are other things in the bill like allowing unliscensed “technicians” to perform abortions.

Because of you and your generous support, we have been able to place billboards (see above and below) near the offices of legislators who were prime sponsors of the egregious RFA. We were able to produce resources to assist parents in their quest to protect their children from the force of evil masquerading in their public schools.

Advocates of abortion-on-demand are persuading the masses with their message. It is unsettlingly similar to the serpent’s tactics in the Garden of Eden, convincing people that we should be equal to God. The balance of life in the womb should NOT be a matter of choice! This is not the way of GOD.

In addition, we have been fighting the LGBTQ agenda in New Jersey schools by assisting parents in their quest to stand up for their sons and daughters. Transgender activists have helped changed the curriculum leading to woke indoctrination, which impacts not just school kids but also girls’ sports. Often, the “male” competitive edge robs girls of athletic scholarships.

I’m not willing to tell my children and grandchildren that their families, and this great country in which we live, are not worth fighting for. I want to truly tell them I stood up and fought for them.

I know you’re the kind of person that feels the same way. I believe you agree with me that this is a time for resistance! That’s why I’m so glad to partner with you as we stand together, step forward, and fight for New Jersey’s families in 2022.

Because of your support in 2021, we were able to accomplish many things. We…

I know how difficult the past two years have been with the Pandemic. I know how many families have been impacted, some very severely. We have endured and seen this time of testing through. I want you to know that I am so appreciative of your standing behind us, even through these difficult days.

We are so close to reaching our year end goal which will enable us to start this fight strong in 2022. We are so close to reaching our year end need. Please help us so we can stand strong for you and your family and continue to be there for parents who want to make a difference. Together we can make it happen.

Thank you for fighting for a better tomorrow!
Len Deo

June 8, 2021

New Jersey Pro-Life Organizations Rally Against “Reproductive Freedom Act” at Noon on June 9th at Trenton’s War Memorial Building

TRENTON, NJ (June 8) – A coalition of New Jersey pro-life organizations, physicians, clergy and activists has scheduled a protest against the pending “Reproductive Freedom Act” legislation for Wednesday, June 9.  The event will run from noon to 2 p.m. at the Trenton War Memorial Building. Organizers are inviting everyone to attend.  It will be the first major event of the 2021 race for New Jersey Governor. Phil Murphy has called on the legislature to pass the bill before June 30.

Yet a scant 15% of people surveyed want abortion permitted at any time during pregnancy, according to a 2021 Marist poll.  Only seven countries in the world, including North Korea, China, and Vietnam, allow abortion after 20 weeks of an unborn baby’s development. Yet the “Reproductive Freedom Act” (RFA) asserts a right to abortion without any restriction related to gestation — meaning that a baby, ready to be delivered, could instead be aborted at that moment. Fewer than one in five people support spending our tax dollars on abortions, the Marist poll found.

The RFA would block parental notification, allow non-physicians to perform dangerous abortions, and force medical workers to provide abortion services, even if doing so violated their personal religious or conscience objections.

“The so-called Reproductive Freedom Act is a feature of Governor Murphy’s ‘move New Jersey forward’ reelection campaign. Our state already ranks #2 among 50 states and Washington D.C. for the percentage of pregnancies that dreadfully end in abortion. It seems our Governor will not be satisfied until we shamefully hold the title as the #1 abortion state in America.” Shawn Hyland, Executive Director Family Policy Alliance of New Jersey

“Evidence is mounting that New Jersey intends to become the Garden State for the harvesting of fetal tissue,” said Dr. Kathleen Ruddy, a retired surgeon. “In fact, this appears to be the driving force, the motive, and the objective of Governor Murphy’s abortion bill.”

The ‘Reproductive Freedom Act’ (A-4848 / S-3030) would use public taxpayer funds to pay for abortion services to anyone, coming from any state.  “It would subsidize human trafficking by paying for the abortions of their slaves and potentially subjecting them to forced sterilization,” according to Rev. Greg Quinlan of The Center For Garden State Families.

Experts note that the Black community is disproportionately the target of abortions, and that abortion accounts for 61 percent of Black deaths in America.  “So this is black genocide,” said Rev. Clenard Childress of Montclair.

“S3030/A4848 is perversely laser-focused on barbarically destroying the lives of infants, both before and after they are born. We ask all New Jerseyans to contact their legislators and demand that they reject this disgraceful, inhumane infanticide bill,” said Marie Tasy, Executive Director of New Jersey Right to Life.

For media inquiries or to schedule an interview with Shawn Hyland, contact Robert Noland, (719) 308-2822,


Family Policy Alliance works to advance biblical citizenship and promote good public policy that protects religious freedom, families, and life.

Dickens’ A Christmas Carol is a treasured Christmas narrative with two major themes running throughout: redemption and injustice. Those themes continue to characterize the need in our world even in the years that have passed since 1843 when Dickens wrote his much-loved story.

Government can address many of the injustices in our world, but because of our flawed human nature, the bigger government gets, the more flawed it becomes. Sir John Dalberg-Acton was a politician, historian, and a contemporary of Dickens. He is best known for his remark that, “Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely …” This demonstrates that justice alone is not enough; we also need redemption and a change of heart.

Thankfully, that change of heart is possible through Christ, and in Him we are given a new and righteous heart. While filled with the Spirit, the Prophet Isaiah was given a glimpse of a “Christmas Future,” where our redemption would be complete and all injustice on earth would cease. God gave him a glimpse of a world-wide government whose leader would not be corrupted by power and glory. Isaiah names and describes all the governmental offices and titles that Jesus will hold in his “Eternal Kingdom.”

“For unto us a Child is born, Unto us a Son is given; And the government will be upon His shoulder. And His name will be called Wonderful, Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace. Of the increase of His government and peace There will be no end, Upon the throne of David and over His kingdom, To order it and establish it with judgment and justice From that time forward, even forever. The zeal of the Lord of hosts will perform this.” – Isaiah 9:6-7

Each Christmas, we celebrate that wonderful future by faith as we remember the birth of Jesus Christ.

Dickens’ story ends with a change of heart for Ebenezer Scrooge and his promise that, “I will honor Christmas in my heart, and try to keep it all the year.” When we have made Christ our Savior and Lord, that same heart change takes place in us.  There is a coming day when the “Spirit of Christmas” will permeate our government as well. But until that day comes, Family Policy Alliance of New Jersey will work at making our state a place where God is honored, and biblical principles are cherished.

On behalf of our team, I want to wish all of you a very Merry Christmas! We are honored that you have partnered with us, and we look forward to greater growth and effectiveness in the coming New Year 2022.

There is still time to help us reach our goal this month, and your gift is matched dollar for dollar up to $25,000. If you would like to support us at this year-end, please click the donate button below. Thank you so very much!

Merry Christmas,

Len Deo

Last week, the U.S. Supreme Court heard the Dobbs vs. Jackson Women’s Health Organization case, a critical case that represents the best chance at overturning Roe v. Wade that the pro-life movement has ever seen. The seven Supreme Court justices who decided Roe v. Wade had no idea the decision would cost 62 million American lives and counting. They didn’t know what we know from ultrasounds. And they certainly didn’t know about the incredible pro-life movement that would rise up. But now they do.

After 49 horrific years, Roe’s reign of terror may soon end—either with this Dobbs case or another future case. But that doesn’t mean abortion will end right away. Instead, the battle for life could quickly shift to the states. Many legal experts believe that the Justices will not completely ban abortion in America. Rather, they will return the issue to every state.

Each state would be responsible for regulating abortion. Each state would decide the destiny of their unborn children.

Our mission? Plan for a pro-life America and a pro-life New Jersey.

Family Policy Alliance put together information on New Jersey’s current laws on abortion limits, safety and health of women, and the protection of fundamental rights here.

Sadly, post-Roe in New Jersey means abortion will still be legal in most circumstances, which means your pro-life vote matters even more. Our lawmakers are even more responsible for the lives protected or the lives lost in New Jersey, without Roe to blame. And, we have more work to do than ever supporting babies and their mothers in embracing the sanctity of life.

AfterRoe.Com has helpful information about what we’re doing to fight for life in a post-Roe world in our state and across the country.

After Roe US Map

Sign the AfterRoe pledge
to start the post-Roe pro-life movement NOW.

Lame Duck session is here. This time of the year makes us nervous because the outgoing New Jersey House and Senate members have little to no accountability because they are finished in the New Year. And for the members re-elected, they know that people are too busy to keep an eye on them during the Christmas Season.

We here at the Family Policy Alliance of New Jersey stand vigilant. We are watching what bills New Jersey lawmakers intend to debate and vote on, including the Reproductive Freedom Act. This bill enshrines into New Jersey law such egregious pro-abortion policies, making abortion legal up to and even after the birth of the baby.

This is why we must stay alert and keep fighting to protect babies in New Jersey!

God bless you,

Len Deo

Today marks “Giving Tuesday!”

We had many generous friends of Family Policy Alliance of New Jersey join us for our annual “Guardians of the Family Gala” earlier this month on November 10th.

The evening started out by an amazing Star-Spangled Banner performance from Rachel Christenson, a young upcoming performer who blessed us with her wonderful talents.

We heard from Family Policy Alliance President & CEO of FPA Craig DeRoche as he described the relationship between the state-based Family Policy Councils (like our organization) and the national organization, which brings synergy to the movement.

Leo Terrell 2.0 was our guest of honor and keynote speaker who energized the crowd and talked about his transformation from a left leaning activist (1.0) to an advocate for things on the right (2.0).

Receiving the Legislative Award was Assemblyman Robert Auth, a longtime advocate for family values and the life issue. He has been there for us when we needed him to advocate for good legislation and oppose bad legislation at our state capitol.

We awarded Bishop David Anba Bishoy the “Receiving the Family, Faith & Freedom Award” for leading the charge in New Jersey to fight for family values. The Coptic Christian community in NJ engaged their congregations and were responsible for over 35,000 letters being sent to Governor Murphy and legislators to support a bill that protects the rights of parents to opt their children out of lessons and materials that violate their fundamental religious beliefs regarding sex, sexuality, and gender identity, or receive a voucher to attend a school that will respect their family’s beliefs and culture.

I shared about the many issues facing our organization, including the Reproductive Freedom Act which enshrines into law abortion up to the moment of birth. This allows for non-medical personnel to perform abortions and other egregious issues relating to abortion on demand in New Jersey. This is an assault in our schools and the LGBTQ+ activities threaten our children, indoctrinating them as young as kindergarten.

I also shared the opening for a new executive director since, Shawn Hyland, former executive director, has left to run for Congress in 2022.

The evening closed out with a Free Will Offering that topped the evening’s goal and triggering a matching gift, thanks to generous partners like you.

If you were not in attendance, would you consider supporting the activities of FPA and FPF of NJ by clicking the donate button below?

On #GivingTuesday, I’m thankful for your generosity, prayers, and support. We couldn’t do this work without you.

With thanks,

Len Deo


So often in the public square, we are reminded by the oh-so-wise gatekeepers of American culture that our history is a secular one and our nation was founded on the principles of the secular European Enlightenment.

Nowhere is the religious devotion of the earliest Americans more evident than in the search for religious freedom that first brought the pilgrims to our shores. The Pilgrims fled first from England to Holland seeking escape from an Anglican regime that allowed no dissent, then from Holland to America when they found that the worldliness of Amsterdam was luring their children away from the fold.

But the Pilgrims’ courageous quest for religious liberty was nearly doomed at the outset because of the hard winter they encountered at Plymouth, which killed 46 of their original 102 members (not all of whom were English separatists, we should note). The entire migration would likely have died out after that first winter if it were not for the help of a man named Tisquantum, or Squanto.

Squanto’s life up to this point had been marked by violent disruption and tragedy. He had grown up as a member of the Patuxet tribe in what is now New England, but was kidnapped as a young man by an Englishman named Thomas Hunt, who tried to sell him into slavery in Malaga, Spain, in 1614, but some local friars intervened. It was they who instructed Squanto in the Christian faith. He convinced them to let him try to return home. He got as far as London, where he fell in with a shipbuilder and learned English, but it took him two attempts at joining exploratory expeditions before he returned to his homeland in 1619.

What he found when he arrived was empty land. His people were nowhere to be found. They had, in fact, been wiped out by diseases brought over from Europe, to which their immune systems had no resistance. Squanto was the last living representative of his tribe, only alive because of his cruel kidnapping. He took up residence with the Wampanoag, a neighboring tribe whose chief, Massasoit, eventually became friendly with the Pilgrims.

When the Wampanoag sent Squanto to investigate the newcomers, he knew their language. He moved to live with them after their grueling winter and taught them how to farm maize in the hard, rocky soil of New England. When the Mayflower immigrants invited the natives for a feast of Thanksgiving, they could truly be thankful for the remarkable providence that sent Squanto ahead to be their deliverer in a land they did not know.

The contemporary holiday of Thanksgiving did not descend in a direct line from that first Pilgrim feast in celebration of the harvest. But days of thanksgiving were observed at various times throughout American history as different presidents sought to commemorate significant events with appropriate thanks to nature’s God. Thanksgiving was instituted by President Abraham Lincoln in the midst of the Civil War. Lincoln invited the country to observe the day with him out of gratitude to “the Most High God, who, while dealing with us in anger for our sins, has nevertheless remembered mercy.” Read the full text of Lincoln’s beautiful Proclamation of Thanksgiving here.

As for Squanto, we do not know whether he felt the sense of poetic justice that we now attach to his story. As he was dying “he begged the Governor [William Bradford] to pray for him, that he might go to the Englishman’s God in heaven.”

God prepared the way for Squanto and for the Pilgrims, and he will do the same for each of us until our life’s end. God bless you and your families as you celebrate this holiday of grace, and may He give grace to our nation. From our family to yours, Happy Thanksgiving!

Yours for the family,

Len Deo

February 18, 2021



Murphy Urged to Override Sexuality Lessons as Veto Deadline Looms

Parents, clergy, and legislators want Governor Murphy to protect kindergarten children from transgender identity lessons


TRENTON, N.J. (February 19, 2021) – Family Policy Alliance of New Jersey – a pro-family ministry – is urging Governor Murphy to veto Assembly bill 4454 before the 45-day deadline on Thursday, February 25. The bill was passed by the Assembly on January 11 and fell almost entirely along party lines with every Republican voting against the bill and every democrat voting in favor of the bill – except Assemblyman Jamel Holley (D-Union), voting against the bill.

Governor Murphy’s office has been inundated with over 16,000 emails in the past month as people across New Jersey urge him to veto it. This outcry was made possible by organic petitions started by faith communities and the action alert center of Family Policy Alliance of New Jersey.

Assembly bill 4454 requires school districts to include instruction on diversity and inclusion as part of implementation of New Jersey Student Learning Standards. Originally the bill only required sexual orientation and gender identity lessons starting in the ninth grade where it was limited to Health class. The Senate Education Committee amended the bill on December 7, 2020 to include school aged children as young as kindergarten.

Shawn Hyland, Executive Director of Family Policy Alliance of New Jersey, offered the following statement:

“This bill would require transgender and sexual orientation lessons be taught to children who are so young they are just learning to tie their shoes. This will only complicate and confuse their understanding of human sexuality. We strongly urge Governor Murphy to respect the rights of parents and let kids be kids. Discussions regarding various sexual attractions and subjective gender identities have no place in the kindergarten classroom.”

Legislators are also opposing the bill as they have heard the concerns of their constituents.

“The government does not have the right to impose a certain way of life or belief system onto our children, especially kindergarteners. These topics are being forced upon students to affirm and adopt these lifestyles, regardless of their individual religious beliefs. This is a very sensitive issue which should be addressed by parents and not schools, which is why we will continue to vote ‘no’ against this bill.”– Senator Jim Holzapfel and Assemblymen Greg McGuckin and John Catalano, District 10, Brick, NJ

“Over the past several months, our Delegation has been contacted by a number of constituents who are deeply and justifiably concerned about the harmful impact this legislation will have on children, families and schools.  Teaching children, beginning in kindergarten, about sexual orientation as part of their school curriculum is irresponsible, inappropriate and misguided. This should be a responsibility of parents, not educators, as provisions of this legislation have no place in our schools.” – Senator Chris Connors, Assemblywomen DiAnne Gove, and Assemblyman Brian Rumpf, District 9, Forked River, NJ

“Government should never be a substitute for parents.  Allowing four- and five-year-old’s to be taught things parents historically have protected their children from is wrong.  The same government that caused commuters to have a six-to-eight-hour commute for a six-inch snow storm is now dictating what our children should or should not be exposed to in their early years.” – Senator Joe Pennacchio, District 27, Montville, NJ

“It is outrageous to foist concepts on school children as young as kindergarten that even many adults struggle to understand. Schools are supposed to be places of academics and scholarly pursuits which prepare students for college and eventually a place in the work world. Teachers are becoming overwhelmed with non-academic requirements, leaving less and less time for traditional learning.  This bill once again would allow the state to usurp the duties of the parents. It is imperative that this bill be vetoed and return the duties of teaching morals where it belongs, with parents and clergy.” – Assemblyman Gerry Scharfenberger, District 13, Middletown

Parents and members of the clergy also offered statements on the bill:

“As a lifelong resident of NJ and a mother of five, I’m in shock of the overreach of legislators and what they are mandating on the most vulnerable – our children all under the guise of tolerance. I’m pleading with Governor Murphy to please veto Bill A4454! Teaching kindergarteners every form of sex and gender identities is child abuse! It’s sexualizing our babies and taking away my rights as a parent. I’ve had three children go through NJ public school system and two more young children rapidly approaching, however, if this is passed, I will be forced to find alternative education or even leave the state of NJ.” – Kelly Johnson, parent, Cape May, NJ

“The current legislation will unconstitutionally impact parent’s religious liberty rights. Given that I am a Muslim parent the Tourah, Injeel (Gospel) and Holy Quran teach the importance of worship to Allah’s creation. Women are honored within the Holy Quran and this legislation would disrespect Al Islam, growing children and parents’ constitutional rights. Violation of religious freedom is something parents across New Jersey’s Interfaith community must organize around to protect. – Che’ J.T. Colter, co-founder We The Parents – Newark. NJ

“As a Latino Pastor and Hispanic leader, I feel that the sexualization of children at the age of 5 and 6 is totally inappropriate.  Not only is this inappropriate but it’s very offense to our Latino culture, which is very conservative, sensitive and protective of our children.  We ask that you please veto this inappropriate bill.” – Pastor Edward Ramirez, Harvest Outreach Ministries, Paterson, NJ

“Please veto the bill (A4454) that sits on your desk that mandates sexual orientation and gender identity diversity lessons starting in kindergarten! As a parent, a grandparent, a pastor, and an African-American, I am appalled that this bill has made it as far as your desk! I am totally opposed to the bill on faith, family, cultural, and educational grounds.  From the perspective of my faith and culture, the topic of sexual orientation and gender identity is one for parents to handle with their children, not educators.  I feel that the introduction of such topics is totally inappropriate for 5–6-year-old kindergarteners, and highly disrespectful of parental rights and freedom of religious expression.” – Pastor Kedrick Brown, Middletown, NJ

“As an orthodox priest of the Coptic Orthodox Church and scientist by training, I am extremely astonished by the lack of scientific understanding of child development, complete disregard to culture sensitivity and religious freedom in forcing an unprecedented curriculum on children who can’t discern at age 5 what eat and what to watch.   We are the only State that is forcing these curriculums to such a level.  The State of NJ is known for its diversity; thus, we must get everyone involved in the education of their children.  We need to accommodate all people, allowing family values and structure be taught by parents.  We urge Governor Murphy to veto this bill”. – Father Mina Dimitri, Saint Mary Coptic Orthodox Church, East Brunswick, NJ

Family Policy Alliance of New Jersey hopes Governor Murphy will respect the fundamental religious beliefs of millions of New Jersey citizens by vetoing A4454.

Media Contact:

Robert Noland, (719) 308-2822,



Family Policy Alliance advances biblical citizenship and promotes public policy that protects religious freedom, families, and life.

Happy Veterans Day

We are profoundly grateful to our service men and women who have fought to defend our freedoms and liberties.

Ronald Reagan once said:

“Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. We didn’t pass it to our children in the bloodstream. It must be fought for, protected, and handed on for them to do the same, or one day we will spend our sunset years telling our children and our children’s children what it was once like in the United States where men were free.”

These words ring just as true today as the day Reagan echoed them.

Thank you to all our New Jersey veterans who have “fought for, protected,” and preserved our freedoms – some even suffering from multiple wounds, loss of limbs, and mental health challenges.

My father-in-law, Carmine Cavallo, was once of the greatest generation. He was a quiet man, who probably suffered from PTSD. He saw several of his combat buddies lose their lives in defense of our freedoms against the Nazi regime. Carm, as we lovingly called him, fought in the Battle of the Bulge and was one of the first group of soldiers to enter a concentration camp, witnessing those horrors. Carmine passed away 10 years ago. He is missed, but we remember his brave sacrifices in that horrific war.

To all who put their life on the line – we appreciate you! Thank you for your service to our great country.

An Election Recap

A huge congratulations to all the pro-life, pro-family candidates who fought hard in their elections and won. We had some good wins here in the Garden State. Phil Murphy is claiming to have eked out a narrow win on November 2nd, but Jack Ciattarelli has called for every legal vote to be counted, and as of writing this, he has not conceded the race.

Jack surprised the pundits by such a close race. Our voter registration shows that Democrats outnumber Republicans by a margin of over 1 million votes (2.6 million to 1.5 million). You can sure surmise that a good number of Democrats voted for Jack Ciattarelli. As of Friday, November 5th, 62,333 votes separated the candidates, with Murphy leading Ciattarelli by 1,280,443 to 1,218,110.

The best and biggest news out of the New Jersey Senate is that our current Senate President lost to a truck driver – yes, a truck driver. It was like an epic David verses Goliath battle…and David prevailed once again.

A few more updates:

Thank you for involvement, your active engagement, and partnership with us!

Yours for the family,

Len Deo
Founder – New Jersey Family Foundation