Family Policy Alliance of Kansas names new executive director.

Meet Steve Brunk, the new executive director of Family Policy Alliance of Kansas.

If you could sit down with him, he’d tell you he has always had a heart for Kansas’s families. As a real estate broker, it was helping families select just the right home. As a state legislator in Topeka, it was advancing the cause of families in an, at times, hostile legislative environment. Now, as executive director of Family Policy Alliance of Kansas, Steve is focusing full-time on promoting pro-family policy, training local candidates as statesmen and building effective coalitions on behalf of Sunflower State families.

Ask Steve why he left the legislature to take on this new role and he says, “I saw firsthand as a legislator the impact a strong state family policy alliance could have in shaping policy and unleashing biblical citizens to support that policy. This is how things truly get done! When the opportunity arose to lead this state organization, I knew this was God’s next calling on my life.”

For Steve – and all his state director peers – leadership began with a passion for understanding God’s truth for citizenship, putting that understanding into action and then allowing God to direct his steps – first, in his own community, then at the state legislature and finally, leading Family Policy Alliance of Kansas.

If you are called to help strengthen one of nearly 40 state family policy allies or would like us to help launch one in your state, please contact us at mail@citizenlink.com. It just takes that first step.

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