Family Policy Alliance of Georgia Statement on Heartbeat Legislation

Atlanta–Today, Representative Ed Setzler (R, District 35) and Senator Bruce Thompson (R, District 14) introduced Georgia’s version of a “heartbeat bill,” legislation that protects preborn children from abortions once a heartbeat is detected. Georgia is the tenth state to introduce heartbeat legislation this session.

A statement from Cole Muzio, President of Family Policy Alliance of Georgia:

“Today’s introduction of heartbeat bills in the House and Senate is the first step toward Georgia becoming a national leader in protecting life. We enthusiastically support these bills and are grateful for Governor Kemp’s promise to value life and put these innocent Georgians first. Following the horrifying legislation and rhetoric in New York and Virginia, it’s all the more imperative for our state to stand for these children and with science, asserting that we will no longer allow for the beating hearts of the unborn to be stopped.”

For questions or to schedule an interview with Cole Muzio, please contact 330-510-0553 or  Media@FamilyPolicyAlliance.com



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