June 7, 2023

Human Rights Campaign Names FPA as Cause for “State of Emergency”

Laws that protect over 82,000 children from transgender procedures send HRC into a panic

The Human Rights Campaign (HRC), one of the leading LGBTQ+ activist organizations, has declared a “national state of emergency” and blamed pro-family group Family Policy Alliance as part of the cause.

The reason for their alarm: Laws that protect children from the harmful effects of transgender ideology, including laws that protect children from irreversible transgender medical procedures.

A report signed by HRC President Kelley Robinson reads, “These laws are fueled by an anti-LGBTQ+ Republican establishment – and coordinated, well-funded extremist groups like the Alliance Defending Freedom, Heritage Foundation and the Family Policy Alliance – insistent on trying to control our families and lives.”

The report blames Family Policy Alliance, in part, for the surge of pro-family laws spreading around the country.

Autumn Leva, Senior Vice President of Strategy for Family Policy Alliance, responded: “You can tell the quality of your work, in part, by who opposes you. Human Rights Campaign actively supports irreversible procedures that leave children permanently hurt. They believe that women should be forced to compete with biological men. And they believe that if you feel you were born in the wrong body, you should be pumped full of unnatural hormones and have your healthy body parts surgically removed in a dangerous effort to make your body comply. If Family Policy Alliance poses any threat to those dangerous ideas, then we’re proud to be on their list.”

Among the laws that are most concerning to HRC are laws based on Family Policy Alliance’s Help Not Harm model, which protects children from sex-change surgeries and experimental hormones aimed at “transition.” The model, a version of which was first drafted by Family Policy Alliance in 2017, holds healthcare professionals accountable by providing child victims an opportunity to sue for damages.

According to Leva, “82,300 children struggling to embrace their biological sex are now safe from HRC’s ideology – that would force those children down a one-way road to gender transition procedures – because a version of our Help Not Harm legislation is law in their states. The real national emergency is the more than 217,000 vulnerable children in states without Help Not Harm. In those states, HRC would gladly encourage them to pursue experimental hormones to stop their natural progression through puberty and sterilizing cross-sex hormones to permanently alter their bodies—followed by putting them under the knife for irreversible double mastectomies—all before they’re old enough to vote.”

Meanwhile, the largest category of bills mentioned is Save Girls’ Sports laws.

Save Girls’ Sports laws ensure that girls’ and women’s competitive school sports are reserved for biologically female athletes. Family Policy Alliance first began work on this issue in 2016, and worked with state ally Idaho Family Policy Center to pass the first Save Girls’ Sports law in the nation. Today, 22 states have adopted some version of the law.

“When male athletes are allowed to compete in female sports, they can and do take away championships, scholarships, and other athletic opportunities reserved for female athletes,” said Meridian Baldacci, Spokesperson for Family Policy Alliance. “No girl should ever be forced to take second place to a male in her own sport, and Save Girls’ Sports laws ensure that protection.”

Those interested can learn more about Family Policy Alliance’s work at www.FamilyPolicyAlliance.com.

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