April 6, 2023

Kansas Legislature Overrides Governor to Make #SaveGirlsSports Law

Kansas is the nineteenth state with a law reserving school sports competitions
for females,and the third this year to override their governor on the issue


This week, the Kansas legislature overrode the Governor’s veto of their state’s bill to Save Girls’ Sports, making Kansas the nineteenth state to ensure that female school sports competitions are reserved for females.

Meridian Baldacci, Spokesperson for Family Policy Alliance, said:

“Today, the Kansas legislature has demonstrated what is becoming increasingly clear: Americans support fair sports for female athletes, and they’ll do what it takes to ensure a level playing field.

Kansas is part of a larger story: that of Americans across the country saying, ‘Enough is enough. Even in the face of pressure, we will protect female athletes and ensure they have a level playing field.’

“We are grateful for the work of our friends and allies at Kansas Family Voice, whose tireless work and leadership made this important step possible, and we commend the Kansas legislature for their courageous willingness to stand with female athletes across the state. In particular, we thank Senator Renee Erickson and Representative Barb Wasinger – both alumna of Family Policy Foundation’s Statesmen Academy – for their leadership in sponsoring this bill in their respective chambers.”

Brittany Jones, Director of Policy and Engagement for Kansas Family Voice, said:

“We are so grateful that the legislature sided with Kansas women! Gov. Kelly knows her veto was out of step with Kansas voters, which is why she had to lie about her position on the campaign trail. Those who oppose the bill have tried to misconstrue the simple bill and even disrespected the legislative body and people of faith throughout this process.

The legislature courageously listened to the voice of the people and stood up for women, It was long past time we got this done. Despite our opposition’s bully tactics, we will never stop fighting for women’s opportunities in Kansas.”

In protecting female athletes, Kansas joins Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, Florida, Idaho, Indiana, Iowa, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, Montana, Oklahoma, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, and West Virginia.


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Robert Noland, (719) 308-2822, Media@FamilyPolicyAlliance.com

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