May 4, 2018

Oklahoma, Kansas Become 8th and 9th States to Protect Faith-Based Adoption Agencies

Colorado Springs– Late last night, the Kansas Legislature passed the Adoption Protection Act, making Kansas the ninth state to protect the right of faith-based adoption agencies to continue their good work. Kansas followed Oklahoma, which also passed a similar measure yesterday.

Eric Teetsel, President and Executive Director of Family Policy Alliance of Kansas, Family Policy Alliance’s ally in the state, was heavily involved in advocating for the bill. He thanked fellow Kansans for pushing lawmakers to pass the bill: “This would not have been possible without the thousands of Kansans all over the state who joined us in calling on elected leaders in Kansas to not just talk about the importance of religious freedom–but to actually do something to protect faith-based adoption and foster care providers who selflessly serve Kansas children.”

Unlike states like Massachusetts and Illinois that have actively pushed out faith-based adoption providers–thereby providing less opportunities for children–Kansas joined the growing trend to protect faith-based agencies and the children they serve. Eric is proud of his state’s efforts: “While other states shut down faith-based providers by establishing a radical, left-wing sexual litmus test, Kansas has made clear: everyone is welcome here.”

Family Policy Alliance, a public policy partner of Focus on the Family, serves an alliance of over 40 state-based family policy councils, including Kansas and Oklahoma. Paul Weber, President & CEO of Family Policy Alliance, shared how the alliance of Christian men and women across the country can make victories for religious freedom possible: “Family Policy Alliance is honored to serve our Kansas ally and our broader alliance of over 40 states, including Oklahoma. These victories show that when we work together—and local Christians engage—we can push back against the national radical agenda that tries to silence people of faith and undermine the family.”

Paul Weber and Eric Teetsel are available for comment by contacting Media@familypolicyalliance.com, or 719-221-0913.


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