This past weekend, I enjoyed time with my wife shopping in the small businesses around the Jersey Shore. OK. She enjoyed it more. I just came along for damage control of our monthly budget! I happened to come across a brand of clothing that marketed a message in a variety of shirts: “Only NJ Understands NJ.” I honestly cannot refute the message. Our state is #3 in property taxes, #3 in income taxes, #1 in estate taxes; the tolls on major highways were just raised and the gas tax was increased. Our state budget exploded by $6 billion in just three years! Public schools have been handed over to left wing post-modern curriculum and our abortion laws continue to reflect China and North Korea – instead of the more life-affirming stance of 80% of the states in America!

In the upcoming fiscal budget, Governor Murphy and the Legislature agreed to give New Jersey families making under $150,000 per year with at least one child a one-time $500 tax rebate, just in time for next year’s reelection campaign. After that, the rebate will no longer exist, but the stronghold of abortion-on-demand and oversexualized public school priorities will be firmly entrenched in our political system. We must win back New Jersey in 2021! In the upcoming weeks, I will share with you our special virtual fundraiser that will help us accomplish that mission.

In the meantime, please be aware of the following:

New Jersey 2021 Fiscal Budget Passed: The upside-down budget that optimistically predicts $4.5 billion in debt will be passed by the Legislature and most likely signed by the Governor on Friday. This is a reckless disregard for our children who must carry this unsustainable financial burden in years ahead. Planned Parenthood once again received their promised grant of $15.7 million to fund abortions in mostly minority neighborhoods for the next nine months. This appalling use of state funds has become a routine business transaction between Governor Murphy and the abortion lobby in our state. The original proposed budget sought to slash $25 million from community colleges while unapologetically underwriting the global abortion giant of Planned Parenthood.

Ballots Received in New Jersey Homes: The vote by mail election is underway in the Garden State. Ballots have already been mailed this week to some precincts. Not surprising, 35,000 mail in ballots were rejected for 18 different reasons in New Jersey’s July 7 primary. Yet the Governor continues to move full speed ahead in hijacking the election process for his own preferred outcome. I have personal friends who moved out of New Jersey earlier this year and registered to vote in their new state of residence. However, they received two official New Jersey general election ballots this week at TWO previous New Jersey addresses – including one from seventeen years ago! Clearly, the voter rolls are outdated and unverified. If the process is broken from the start, can the results in close congressional districts throughout our state be trusted? Please make sure you are registered to vote! I highly recommend you visit our Elections page to find candidates that represent your convictions regarding abortion restrictions and religious freedom protections for people of faith.

Making New Jersey better,

Shawn Hyland
Director of Advocacy

After an inspiring Convention week where there was more national affirmation for life, faith, and school choice than ever before, we see even more incredible opportunities this election cycle.

But, it’s all on the line – every pro-family win our nation has seen under President Trump and our state has seen under Governor Kemp – and our organization has taken a leadership position in defending our sacred freedoms and values.

We are $15,880 short of our goal to reach by September 30th, and, if you can help us fight to elect the candidates who have and will fight for us, we humbly ask that you consider a generous donation today to help us WIN BIG on November 3rd.

Because this election matters,

Cole Muzio
President and Executive Director

Driving down the street recently, I noticed a sign in a front yard making a moral argument. It said, “IN THIS HOUSE, WE BELIEVE BLACK LIVES MATTER, WOMEN’S RIGHTS ARE HUMAN RIGHTS, NO HUMAN IS ILLEGAL, SCIENCE IS REAL, LOVE IS LOVE.” I have seen other versions of this sign which also include something like “KINDNESS IS EVERYTHING.”

Of course, while every one of those statements are true on their face, what does it mean to the person who purchased the sign? For instance, everyone I meet believes “Science is real” but what does it mean in the mind of the sign’s author? If “Women’s rights” mean death for a pre-born baby, someone’s “human rights” are being violated. If “Kindness is everything” means abolishing the basic human right of a free mind in the name of political correctness, what kind of “kindness” is this?

These are questions beside the point I want to make here, though. What really intrigues me about every one of those statements is that they are an appeal to the moral code understood to be built into every human mind. That moral code is understood to be the “Moral Norm;” a sense of truth held in common with all humanity.

Our Founding Fathers were strong believers that such a code undergirds a free society. John Adams said it this way, We have no government armed with power capable of contending with human passions unbridled by morality and religion. Avarice, ambition, revenge, or gallantry, would break the strongest cords of our Constitution as a whale goes through a net. Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.”

We, as Americans, know that self-government can only be sustained by those who govern themselves. The basis of our freedom is not found in our economy; it is found in our morality.

That is why every candidate that fights to receive your endorsement tries to root themselves in a moral argument. The challenge for the thoughtful voter today is to pierce through the fog of politics and look at the truth claims made by the speaker.

Truth matters. Beware the candidate for office who claims that budgets are more important than what they derisively call “social issues.” Often the impression is given that being a mere manager of government is a far more important quality than understanding the philosophy of good government. Every candidate for political office should be a student of the morals that undergird Liberty. If they have their moral philosophy right, their economic philosophy almost always tends toward Liberty.

At Family Policy Alliance of Wyoming, we support the kind of statesmen who will affirm the statement of Benjamin Franklin, “…the longer I live, the more convincing proofs I see of this truth — that God governs in the affairs of men.”

We need statesmen who will say, “In this house, we will serve the Lord!”


Nathan Winters
Executive Director

Politics is nothing more than the art and science of winning an election. Akin to contact sports as football and hockey, it can at times become personal and painful as passionate players are striving for dominance and success in their position and for their team. There is a strategy to win and rules and regulations the teams must abide by or be disqualified. Politicians are on the offense when they accuse their opponents, but then quickly pivot to defense to explain their record.

The Democrats and Republicans held their conventions over the past two weeks. The mainstream media has attempted to frame the narrative in their follow up TV interviews by asking pundits and politicians their views regarding the polls, postal service, and pandemic – but not policy. We must not forget that governing, legislating, and implementing public policy is the endgame of politics in a constitutional democratic republic. Presidents and governors are much easier to remove from office than repealing or replacing the laws that were enacted under their administrations– especially those instituted by activist judicial appointees. Even more troubling is the historical reality that individual rights once lost are nearly impossible to get back.

What is the responsibility of Christians in politics and policy making?

Drawing from the truth of sacred scripture, we are to pray for our leaders (1 Timothy 2:1-2), submit to the civil lawunless it violates biblical commands (Romans 13:1-2) and pursue good public policy that will benefit the city, state, and nation where we live (Jeremiah 29:7).

Unlike Christians suffering in China, North Korea, and under other tyrannical forms of government, we have the privilege to choose the individuals that make the laws that govern our families. Elections matter because public policy matters.

Family Policy Alliance of New Jersey® will be endorsing and recommending candidates this election cycle based upon their views and voting record concerning the sanctity of human life and religious liberty. Please check our Elections page for regular updates on the congressional and state legislative candidates that reflect your values.

Serving you,

Shawn Hyland
Director of Advocacy

This week, we’ve heard a lot about what a “nice” and “decent” guy Joe Biden is. It may be true that he’d be a friendly guest at dinner – provided you were willing to make it an early one.

Yet, there is nothing “nice” or “decent” about his platform. He wants to erase gender, redefine biology, and deny the right to life. His platform would impose the most radical agenda our nation has ever seen – a big government, anti-opportunity, anti-faith agenda.

And, when you vote in November, this agenda isn’t simply a legislative and executive one. It will redefine the Supreme Court.

At the end of the next presidential term – Trump’s second or Biden’s one and only – Neil Gorsuch will be 57, Brett Kavanaugh 59, Elena Kagan 64, John Roberts 69, and Sonia Sotomayor will be 70. With the average age of the previous 6 Supreme Court departures being 81 years old, it’s likely that their replacements would be left to the next president – at the very earliest.

But, by the time the next presidential term ends in January of 2025, Samuel Alito (who was rumored to be considering retirement just months ago) will be 74, Clarence Thomas 76, Stephen Breyer 86, and Ruth Bader Ginsburg would be 91.

If Joe Biden wins, he will almost certainly appoint replacements for Stephen Breyer and Ruth Bader Ginsburg – securing the Court’s left flank for years to come. And, it’s possible (though perhaps unlikely) he would have the chance to appoint replacements for Thomas or Alito, which would represent a profoundly leftward shift for an already runaway Court. Only David Souter, in recent years, would have exited the Court sooner than both of these justices, and he did so with a president of a similar ideology. Still, especially given the Alito rumors earlier this year, we can’t rule it out.

If Donald Trump wins, both Breyer and Ginsburg would still be unlikely to remain on the Court through the entirety of the second term. Among recent departures, only John Paul Stephens would have been on the Court at an older age than Breyer, and his age (90) would be a year younger than Ginsburg’s in Jan. 2025. And, Thomas and Alito – neither of whom seem to be inclined toward remaining on the Court for as long as they physically can – would be likely departures for a president who would appoint a replacement with a similar jurisprudence.

In short, a Biden win would at least cement the status quo of the Court – one that is already far too leftist. A Trump win could likely unleash the most conservative Court in the modern era, and, by the end of the second term, he could have made a total of 6 Supreme Court appointments.

My friends, Joe Biden could be the nicest guy on the planet. I don’t know him, but good for him if so. But, no amount of niceness is worth the next term of Supreme Court appointments.

Losing this election would have devastating effects. Winning could be the most significant event to happen to SCOTUS in our nation’s history.

Let’s win,

Cole Muzio
President and Executive Director

If Joe Biden intended to distance himself from the extreme Left with his VP pick yesterday, he failed.

Sen. Kamala Harris, whom Biden tapped as his running mate, holds positions that are among the most radical in the U.S. Senate, especially on social issues.

To get a sense of where she’s coming from ideologically, just take a look at her positions on three key social issues: abortion, LGBT issues and religious freedom.

Harris on Abortion: Supports It Up to Birth – and Beyond

For starters, Harris toes the line of Planned Parenthood on every abortion issue:

But Harris goes even further. She has a plan to pre-emptively stop states from passing new pro-life legislation. Under her plan, states and localities that “have a pattern of violating Roe v. Wade” would have to seek pre-clearance from the Department of Justice before a law dealing with abortion could go into effect. Specifically, the Department of Justice would have to certify that “it comports with Roe v. Wade.”

Harris on LGBT Agenda: Zealous Advocate for Full Playbook

Harris first gained notoriety on LGBT issues when, as Attorney General of California, she refused to defend Prop 8, the constitutional amendment protecting marriage that was passed by the voters of California. Later, as AG, she personally performed same-sex weddings.

As a presidential candidate, she zealously advocated for the entire LGBT playbook, plus some of her own additions. These included:

Harris on Religious Freedom: Limit It

Sen. Harris seems to only have one approach with regard to religious freedom – limiting it. In fact, she introduced a bill to do exactly that. Her so-called “Do No Harm Act” would forbid First Amendment religious freedom protections if the religious views were deemed to be discriminatory against people who identify as LGBT. In other words, in Kamala Harris’ world, the LGBT worldview trumps religious freedom every time.

As a senator, Harris also stirred up controversy when she attacked a Catholic whom President Trump had nominated for a federal judgeship. She called him an “extremist” simply because he is a member of the Knights of Columbus, a Catholic fraternal organization.

Most importantly, the selection of Kamala Harris says a lot about Joe Biden – what he stands for and the kind of people he would appoint to fill thousands of federal leadership positions. His pick underscores the monumental stakes in this election.


John Paulton
Mobilization Manager

This week, a princess was born in our state. My daughter, Audrey Noel Muzio was born 7 lbs. 6 ounces on August 3rd, and she is cherished by her father – as she has been since the moment I found out about her existence last Christmas.

Before the dawn of time, the Lord planned for Audrey, He knew everything about her, and He saw fit to place her in my family. In the womb, He knit her together – designing her to accomplish His purpose. What a blessing and privilege it is to be the father of this image bearer!

When I look at Audrey, I am overwhelmed with joy. She possesses her mother’s beauty, and I already see elements of my bride’s personality as well as aspects her 3 brothers. Though just days old, she is both a combination of many things that already make my family special and a unique person who brings something new that we never knew we were missing.

I love Audrey, and I cannot wait to cherish every moment with her. What’s certain for Audrey is that she will be loved very much – by me and her mother, by Peyton, Cade, and Jarrett, by many others who already care for her, and, most importantly, by her Heavenly Father.

But, and here’s where I’m going to be a shameless father, the world Audrey will grow up in is far from certain.

Audrey was blessed to be born in the United States of America – and in the greatest state of the 50 – and in a time (pre-COVID) of unprecedented economic advancement. Yet, unlike any other election in American history, this November features an entire slate of candidates committed to undermining the core of what has made “being born in America” a privilege unique to the history of the world. Frankly, they hate what has made our nation great, and they hate the free conditions that have allowed for innovation and prosperity.

What’s worse is that, unlike any other election in American history, this November features an entire slate of candidates that are recklessly anti-science. They take the utterly illogical position that Audrey was not a person until she took her first breath days ago. And, they have the baseless belief that gender is a personal decision rather than a biological determination.

Unlike any election in American history, everything is on the line. American prosperity. The right to worship. Religious exercise in all aspects of life. The right to life. Reclaiming a runaway Court. The trajectory of nearly everything that will determine the future of the nation Audrey will grow up in will be determined in this election – with Georgia being foremost in deciding that outcome.

By no means is Donald Trump – or any candidate you’ll vote for in November, for that matter – perfect. But, there has never been a clearer set of contrasts between the America envisioned by the Right and the Left, and what happens in this election will set the course for my daughters’ early years.

For Audrey and for all in her generation, I’m humbly asking you to stand with us. Winning is critical, and, honestly, it’s personal. Can I count on you to support our voter outreach efforts with a generous donation of $25, $100, $500, or more today?

As a selfish father, I pray that the America Audrey will know will not be one where innocent life is snuffed out, gender is reinvented, church doors are barred shut, and all are vilified for their views – no matter how lovingly expressed – if they run counter to the left-wing mob.

In addition to Audrey, roughly 10,000 children took their first breath in American on August 3rd. To preserve the foundation of our nation and to forge a better country for them where God is honored, religious freedom flourishes, families thrive, and life is cherished – I humbly ask that you consider a donation today so that we can win big in November.

In closing, I want to say thank you to all who have prayed for and encouraged me and my wife throughout this pregnancy. Your friendship means more than you know.

A Proud and Hopeful Dad,

Cole Muzio
President and Executive Director

By Vince Torres, President & Executive Director

Last week, the Democratic National Committee (DNC) released a rough draft of their 2020 Democratic Party Platform, and if you are a pro-life New Mexican like me, this platform is “rough” indeed. Each year, the platform highlights the Democratic Party’s priorities and political agenda for the nation, and this year, the DNC was not coy about their support for radical policies that will expand abortion, overturn pro-life legislation, and ultimately continue the slaughter of millions of American babies – over 60 million since 1973.

Consider these problematic statements:

“We will repeal the Hyde Amendment…”
(2020 Democratic Party Platform, pg. 29, lines 43-44)

Though most Americans oppose taxpayer-funded abortions, the DNC platform states an intent to repeal the federal Hyde Amendment. The Hyde Amendment, which passed in 1976, prevents federal funding, including Medicaid, from being used for abortions except in cases of rape or incest, or when the mother’s life is at risk. According to a recent poll, 60 percent of Americans “oppose using tax dollars to pay for a woman’s abortion,” including 43 percent of Democrats and 56 percent of Independents.

“We will restore federal funding for Planned Parenthood…”
(2020 Democratic Party Platform, pg. 29, lines 39-40)

In years past, Planned Parenthood, which performs over 300,000 abortions every year, utilized a regulatory loophole to access $50-$60 million annually in federal funds designated for pre-conceptive family planning services. Under the Trump Administration’s “Protect Life Rule,” the loophole was removed, forcing Planned Parenthood to withdrawal from the Title X family planning program. According to the DNC platform, these federal dollars would be restored to Planned Parenthood, allowing the abortion industry giant to again use taxpayer dollars to promote, perform, and refer women for abortions as a method of “family planning.”

“We will…protect and codify Roe v. Wade.”
 (2020 Democratic Party Platform, pg. 29, lines 43-44)

The future Roe v. Wade has never been more in question than it is today, and the DNC recognizes that one more U.S. Supreme Court appointment may very well lead to the overturning of the Court’s erroneous 1973 decision. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that the DNC wants to both “protect” Roe (with pro-abortion judges) and “codify” Roe (with pro-abortion legislation) to secure elective, taxpayer funded abortion up to the moment of birth for decades to come.

“We will fight to enact the Equality Act…”
(2020 Democratic Party Platform, pg. 38, line31) 

Among the DNC’s top legislative priorities is the pro-abortion Equality Act. In addition to stripping conscience protections for medical professionals who object to performing abortions, this dangerous federal proposal could essentially gut every piece of pro-life legislation ever passed by establishing a federal “right” to taxpayer funded abortion on demand. In 2019, the Democratic-controlled House passed a version of the Equality Act with every single Democrat – including New Mexico Representatives Ben Ray Lujan, Deb Haaland, and Xochitl Torres Small – voting in favor of the bill. The legislation has since stalled in the Republican-led Senate.

“Democrats oppose and will fight to overturn federal and state laws…”
(2020 Democratic Party Platform, pg. 29, lines 42-43)

 With states continuing to pass and enact more pro-life legislation than ever, the DNC platform boldly asserts that Democrats will overturn pro-life laws at the state and federal levels. Imagine if the federal “Partial-Birth Abortion Ban Act” was repealed, allowing for the intact dilation and extraction of an unborn child. Imagine of all pro-life state laws across the country – including late-term abortion bans, parental notification requirements for minors seeking abortions, and born-alive infant protection legislation – were suddenly wiped off the books.

Pro-Life Democrats Push Back

In response to the DNC’s radical, pro-abortion platform, some pro-life Democrats are now pushing back. Kristen Day, Executive Director of Democrats for Life of America, publicly chided the DNC for its “discrimination” and intolerance towards those who “support a whole life ethic.”

Meanwhile, a group of more than 100 “left-leaning, pro-life” clergy members penned a letter calling on the DNC “to recognize the inviolable human dignity of the child, before and after birth…. to reject a litmus test on pro-life people of faith seeking office in the Democratic Party…. [and] to end the explicit support in your platform for abortion extremism, such as taxpayer-funded abortion in America and overseas.”


At Family Policy Alliance of New Mexico, we are proud to have the support of Democrats, Republicans, Libertarians, Independents, and others in our effort to fight for the unborn children of New Mexico and our nation. Like the aforementioned clergy letter states, we believe “we have an obligation to speak truth to power in the face of injustice and inequality” and “to play a particular role in moving the conscience of the American people to end unjust discrimination against certain classes of people, as in previous civil rights movements.”

To that end, we invite you to join us – by speaking up, by taking action, and by voting for pro-life candidates this November. We will soon know whether or not the DNC amends their pro-abortion platform, but ultimately, it is up to the individual candidates to state their positions and many already have.

In New Mexico, for example, Planned Parenthood has already released most of its pro-abortion endorsements for President (Joe Biden); the U.S. Senate (Ben Ray Lujan); the U.S. House (Deb Haaland, Xochitl Torres Small, and Teresa Legar Fernandez); and the New Mexico Legislature.

Meanwhile, Family Policy Alliance of New Mexico® released its New Mexico Legislative Pro-Life Scorecard, which documents the pro-life or pro-abortion position for every incumbent New Mexico State Senator and State Representative.

Please take some time to review these resources and stay tuned for more voter education tools in the coming weeks and months. Together, let’s #VoteProLife this November and ensure that the DNC’s “rough” draft on abortion does not become our “rough” reality in New Mexico.


We are less than two weeks away from the Kansas Primary Election.

You can vote in person or by mail by advance ballot from now until August 3rd.

If you don’t get a chance to vote before then, don’t forget to vote on August 4th!

If you need to know where to vote, visit the Secretary of State’s website to find your polling place.

If you need information on candidates, you can visit the Family Policy Alliance of Kansas election page.

Our friends at iVoterGuide have published a helpful resource that gathers information about candidates across Kansas. While I may not always agree with their rating of a particular candidate, they have included very relevant information for each candidate that I hope is helpful for you as you make your decision.

There are races in this primary election that will determine the direction of our state and our nation for many years to come. My prayer is that on the other side of this election we will have moved more towards a Kansas where life is cherished, religious freedom flourishes, God is honored, and families thrive!

Vote by August 4th!

For Kansas,

Brittany Jones, Esq.
Director of Advocacy

I’m sure you’ve heard the phrase “every vote counts”. The obvious thought behind this is that without individual votes mounting up in a particular direction, the will of the people will not be accurately represented. This applies to election of candidates in primaries and general elections, state-wide ballot initiatives, local district measures, etc. However, I’m here to tell you that sometimes your vote to advance family values may not count.

Let’s talk about electing candidates for office. When you have deeply held pro-life and pro-family values, you seek to elect candidates that hold similar beliefs. However, all is not always what it seems.

In any election, candidates typically run under a particular party’s banner and you assume that they adhere to that party’s platform. Thus, you believe you are in effect voting for the party’s platform. However, there is sometimes a disconnect between a candidate carrying the party banner, versus how closely they adhere to the platform.

I’m happy to say that most legislators in North Dakota do represent their party’s platform, but not all do. If you don’t know this and vote for them, this is sometimes when your votes may not count to advance family values.

So, how can you know this? That’s where Family Policy Alliance of North Dakota® comes in. We can offer help on a number of fronts. First, we are always available by email or phone to give you our thoughts on candidates. We get to know them during legislative sessions and can often tell you which ones support your values. Recognize that we will have the most information on state-wide and legislative district candidates, as opposed to more local races.

Second, we endorse key candidates. Family Policy Alliance of North Dakota does significant vetting and background research on a candidate’s pro-life and pro-family values when we endorse them. We only endorse candidates that we are confident represent your values on these issues.

Finally, we provide voting records for incumbents. Voting records are the fastest ways to observe whether an elected official “puts their money where their mouth is”. We produce a scorecard for every legislator in the state, based on key pro-life and pro-family votes from the most recent legislative session. We will be producing a scorecard later this summer from the 2019 legislative session, so that you can use it in the upcoming election. Even if you are not electing state legislators in your district in November, take a look at the scorecard and see if your senator and representatives are truly representing your values in Bismarck.

Family Policy Alliance of North Dakota is here to fill the gap. While voting for every candidate with an “R” or “D” behind their name is one way to elect officials, we are here to help provide you with more insights into the actual stances of the candidates on family values.

We are here for you, but all this background research takes time and resources. If you value this type of information, please consider donating to our organization. You can make a gift by going to this link and donating online, or simply use a donation card and envelope you may have received in the mail. Either way, your donation to Family Policy Alliance of North Dakota is always used to do this and similar type of work right here in our state. Please consider helping us make sure your vote to advance family values always counts!


Mark Jorritsma
President and Executive Director