Roe v. Wade could soon be overturned. When that happens – and yes, we’re saying when, not if – will your state still allow abortions?

The answer varies widely from state to state. In a few states, abortion will be mostly or completely banned. In some states, abortion will sadly remain widely available. And in many states, the status of abortion regulation will be somewhere in between those two – banned or heavily regulated in some cases, allowed in others.

How does your state measure up? Click here to find out.

In every state, it will be more critical than ever to not only end abortion but promote a culture of life throughout your community.

After Roe, we must work harder than ever to protect the unborn, support their families, and foster communities that truly cherish life. But that won’t happen overnight. It will take dedicated citizens in every state advocating for the changes that need to happen in their area.

Your state has unique opportunities – and will face unique threats. And when you click on the image below, you’ll be able to learn about policy opportunities and what’s happening in your state. Plus, in most states, there is a Family Policy Council standing for life – discover if there is one in your state and learn how you can partner with them!

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After Roe, Big Abortion will push harder than ever to promote abortion in your state. They’ll do that because they know that life is winning nationally, and we have the upper hand. Will you play a part on the winning team?

Sincerely,Joseph Kohm
Joseph Kohm
Joseph Kohm
Public Policy Director


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Last month, the U.S. Supreme Court heard the Dobbs vs. Jackson Women’s Health Organization case, a critical case that represents the best chance at overturning Roe v. Wade that the pro-life movement has ever seen. The seven Supreme Court justices who decided Roe v. Wade had no idea the decision would cost 62 million American lives and counting. They didn’t know what we know from ultrasounds. And they certainly didn’t know about the incredible pro-life movement that would rise up. But now they do.

After 49 horrific years, Roe’s reign of terror may soon end—either with this Dobbs case or another future case. But that doesn’t mean abortion will end right away. Instead, the battle for life could quickly shift to the states. Most legal experts believe that the justices will not completely ban abortion in America. Rather, they could return the issue to every state.

Each state would be responsible for regulating abortion. Each state would decide the destiny of its unborn children.

Our mission? Plan for a pro-life America and a pro-life Wyoming.

Family Policy Alliance put together information on Wyoming’s current laws on abortion limits, the safety and health of women, and the protection of fundamental rights here.

Sadly, post-Roe in Wyoming means abortion will still be legal in some circumstances, which means your pro-life vote matters even more. We have more work to do than ever to support babies and their mothers in embracing the sanctity of life. has helpful information about what we’re doing to fight for life in a post-Roe world in our state and across the country.

Sign the AfterRoe pledge to start the post-Roe pro-life movement NOW.

Thanks for standing for life!

Nathan Winters
Executive Director

In just thirteen days, pro-lifers from around the country will gather in Washington, D.C. for the annual March for Life.

Each year since the Supreme Court’s Roe v. Wade decision, this event has drawn attendees from all walks of life. In fact, it’s the world’s largest peaceful human rights protest.

But this year, there is a special weight and significance. Why? Because Roe’s time may soon be up.

In December, the U.S. Supreme Court heard a case challenging Roe v. Wade, putting a world After Roe clearly on the horizon.

The day before that hearing, we sat down with Jeanne Mancini, President of the March for Life, to learn more about the annual March and why it’s especially significant this year.

You can watch that video here:

This year, our team will be at the March for Life, marching together for a day when not only is Roe overturned, but life is truly cherished across our nation. Will you join us?

You can learn more about the March for Life here.

Plan to join us at the March? Family Policy Alliance will have After Roe signs available for you to march with! Sign up here to get in touch with us on the day of the march. We would love to meet you and give you a free sign for the march!  Also – stay tuned for an exciting announcement coming next week about branded After Roe merchandise!

Can’t make it to D.C.? You can still support the cause from your own state! Some states have their own marches throughout the year. In the meantime, watch for information about new pro-life merchandise you can sport around town and share with friends and family. Details to be revealed next week!

Whether you’re joining us in D.C. or supporting from afar, we hope that you will join us in prayer for an era After Roe – and ultimately, for the end of abortion and the embrace of life throughout our country.

Standing with you for life,

Meridian Baldacci
Director of Strategy

P.S. Want to learn what you can do right now? Visit for information about your state and ways you can engage across the pro-life movement!

It’s December 22. With Christmas just days away, we’re setting aside time to gather with family, rest, and reflect on the mystery of the incarnation, and we hope you can, too.

Twenty days ago, we launched our campaign to prepare for a world After Roe. It’s a world where babies are saved, and we’re celebrating that it could soon be reality.

As I considered this, something struck me: it is so special that this month, as we celebrate the baby who came to save us, Christians around the country have rallied to save babies.

Christ came down not as an adult or even a young child. He came as a baby. Weak, vulnerable, in need of constant care.

He came to be fully human, with all that means. All the baby teeth and growing pains, scrapes and sniffles – and yes, living even as a baby in the womb.

Of course, Christmas is about so much more than Christ coming as a baby. It is about the eternal God, the One worthy of all praise and honor, humbling Himself for our sake. Christmas is about Christ’s obedience to the Father and His love for us, as He took on flesh and dwelt among us, even becoming “sin on our behalf,” that through Him we might be saved.

But all of that began with Christ as an infant – so Christmas certainly is about nothing less than Christ coming as a baby.

And to me, that is an encouragement.

It’s because of Him that we can appreciate the value of the life He’s given us. In fact, it’s in Him that we live and move and have our being. And at Family Policy Alliance, it’s because of Him that we are called to do the work we do every day.

So this month, as we celebrate the birth of the baby who came to save us, we’re standing together to save babies. What work could be more fitting?

From all of us at Family Policy Alliance, Merry Christmas. May these coming days be filled with joy, peace, and renewal, as we celebrate the birth of our King.

Craig DeRoche
CEO & President


P.S. If you’d like to learn more about our work to protect babies, visit It would be an honor to link arms with you in this life-saving effort.



Dear Friends,

I just had to send a quick note to let you know that you once again proved that together, we really can make a difference. Even in a messed up DC!

Here’s what happened. A few weeks ago, Congress passed their “infrastructure” bill with their so-called “gender identity” language in it. If lies could fill potholes, we might have a use for them! 19 GOP senators voted with every democratic member to pass this bill.

The GOP was then allowing this crazy language in the NDAA (defense funding) bill, and even had language to require our daughters (I have three in this age range) to register for the draft. We asked you to contact senators to oppose both these measures. I personally flew out and talked with Senators Lee, Cruz, Hawley and Representatives like Rep. Steve Scalise. The bottom line — they heard the message and took these provisions out of the Defense Act!! Thank you, God! And thank you for your help. Many thousands of you called/emailed your representatives in DC and it shook them.

Second- you have heard we launched the “After Roe” campaign. Our idea is to have all the pro-life organizations come together in an alliance — to rise up and meet the challenges and opportunities that come with the potential reversal of Roe and with SCOTUS allowing the Texas Heartbeat bill to stand. So far, Concerned Women for America, Susan B. Anthony List, Americans United for Life, Students for Life and many others have joined. God has blessed Family Policy Alliance with hosting this alliance of so many amazing national and state organizations — to save as many lives as possible by combining our efforts.

We are humbled and honored – and preparing to serve the Lord well as we head into 2022. Just wanted to thank you! Your voice and your support made a huge difference in the past few weeks.

God bless you-

Craig DeRoche

PS- This is a thank you email, not a fundraising email, but many of you have been calling and emailing every day asking how you can help. The answer is, yes, we do need that help to make the most of the opportunity the Lord has put before us. If you want to contribute to our work to organize national and state orgs, educate our elected officials and inform Christian voters, you can help by clicking here. Thanks again!

Bustling energy. That’s what it felt like outside the Supreme Court last week while the Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization case was being debated inside the chamber. Last Wednesday, this case questioned the Mississippi law that bans abortions after 15 weeks of pregnancy.

Our FPA team members were joined by hundreds of other pro-lifers who feel the exact same way. We loved seeing pregnant mothers, their children, young women, fathers, and countless others being the voice for the voiceless

We were all there united in the fight for life!

Just the day before, The Federalist wrote an exclusive on our After Roe campaign. Meridian Baldacci, director of strategy for Family Policy Alliance, told The Federalist: “No matter what happens with Dobbs, we are confident of two things. Roe’s time is short, and pro-lifers across the country need to prepare for that coming reality now… But a reversal of Roe by the Supreme Court would not automatically outlaw abortion across the country, either.”

Craig DeRoche, CEO of
Family Policy
interviews Cathi Herrod,

President of Center for
Arizona Policy.

If Roe is overturned, most legal experts agree that states would decide if they are pro-life or pro-death.

At Family Policy Alliance, we are grateful to host an alliance of family policy councils in states around the country who are already on the ground fighting for life. Many of those allies were able to join us at the Supreme Court, and we streamed live interviews with our President Craig DeRoche about what would happen in those states if Roe were overturned. You can still watch those interviews here!

If the Supreme Court overturns Roe and returns the regulation of abortion back to all 50 states, what does my state look like in a post-Roe world? We have an interactive map with state-by-state information for you. Check out what your state would look like here!

Meridian Baldacci interviewed with MSNBC, doing an incredible job covering our After Roe campaign and discussing FPA’s mission. This network is not well known for its friendliness towards conservative voices, but they did interview with us. However, they never aired it. Based off of their news coverage last week, they were more interested in covering the abortion industry’s side than ours.

We were excited to see Fox News run a story covering our After Roe campaign and pro-life efforts of our allies across the movement. Read here: If Roe v. Wade is overturned, here’s what happens.

Our President Craig DeRoche said to Fox News: “Family Policy Alliance, together with family policy councils across the nation, stands ready to compete with the abortion industry — and win! — for every precious life.”While pro-lifers were waving signs like “Equality begins in the womb,” “Life is a Human Right,” and “Overturn Roe,” the abortion industry passed out these small abortion pill boxes. It was as if they were passing out candy. Inside was a QR code that leads to information falsely stating that these chemical abortion pills are “safe, effective.” The site goes on to say, “you can order pills to have on hand before you’re even pregnant,” and they’re “widely available for about $100.” Young children were walking around the Supreme Court holding onto these boxes, not knowing the serious harm these chemical abortion drugs bring to women across the country.

As aggressive as the pro-abortionists were, pro-lifers far outnumbered the abortionists at the Supreme Court last week. For example, Liberty University, a Christian college in Virginia, sent over 900 students and Concerned Women for America, a conservative pro-women organization, brought over 1,000 women. We were able to interview with people on both sides of this life debate, and it was encouraging to see such a courageous young generation standing for life.

Watch this video to hear directly from them HERE:

At the end of the day, here’s our After Roe vision: 50 pro-life states. We can’t do this without our allies and without you! It takes a village. Pictured here you’ll find President of the March for Life Jeanne Mancini and our very own FPA Vice President of Education Amanda Banks. Both of these women have fought tirelessly for life. Amanda is raising her own family while fighting for family values at FPA. She made the time to be a huge support for our team last week at the Supreme Court, and we are incredibly thankful for her.

Jeanne heads up the March for Life, which will take place Friday, January 21, 2022. Every year, thousands of young people show up and march across D.C. – standing for life! Find more information here about the March for Life if you would like to get involved.

After 49 horrific years, we are prepared for Roe’s reign of terror to end. Our FPA team members continue to show up in big ways like they did last week at the Supreme Court. We all share the same vision, the same mission, and the same strong desire to see a pro-life America.Thank you for what you’re doing in your corner of the country to promote life!

Learn more about AfterRoe here: www.AfterRoe.comCaroline Woods


Caroline Woods
Family Policy Alliance

P.S. We’d be remiss if we didn’t mention today’s win at the Supreme Court! The Court is allowing a groundbreaking Texas law to continuing saving lives. Learn more here.

Dear Friend,

December 1st was one for the history books. It was an incredible moment as the Mississippi Solicitor General argued before the U.S. Supreme Court that the precedent of the Court’s decision in Roe v. Wade should be overturned.

And it should be. Roe is the deadliest Court decision in recent memory where seven justices invented a “right to abortion” in the Constitution that simply doesn’t exist. And the cost has been tragic—62 million American babies who never breathed their first breath, untold and immeasurable damage to mothers and families.

Thankfully, the news from the Court was encouraging for the committed and unstoppable pro-life movement! After the oral arguments in the case, many legal scholars believe that Mississippi’s Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization case may actually overturn Roe—at least in part.

We stand on the brink of having more power to make America a pro-life nation than we’ve ever had since 1973.

But the question we get the most is:  If the Supreme Court overturns Roe, will my state be pro-life?

The answer:  Not necessarily.

To help pro-life Americans find answers to the questions they may have about their state in a post-Roe America, Family Policy Alliance launched a massive new pro-life campaign, AfterRoe.

AfterRoe includes a state-by-state breakdown where you can click on your own state, hear from your state’s pro-life leader in many cases, and learn exactly what your state’s abortion laws would look like if the high Court overturns Roe.

Making America a pro-life nation will take a strong movement of pro-life people, even after Roe, when the responsibility for the lives saved and lives lost will fall directly on each state. So even before Roe ends, the work of AfterRoe must start NOW.

Are you in?

  1. Find your state.
  2. Learn what needs to be done to make your state more pro-life and prepared for after Roe.
  3. Sign the AfterRoe pledge to start the post-Roe pro-life movement NOW.
  4. Connect with your local pro-life leaders and start preparing!

We are ready to compete with the abortion lobby for Every. Single. Precious. Life.—and WIN! But we need your help.

For life—made in His image,Autumn Stroup.jpg
autumn signature
Autumn Leva,
Senior Vice President, Strategy

P.S. Have you watched the AfterRoe movie trailer yet?



Dear Friends,

This week, I am thrilled to announce a new initiative towards our goal of seeing life cherished in New Mexico. It is an initiative that brings to mind Ezekiel’s vision in the valley of dry bones. Ezekiel’s vision was a promise that God would restore his people. You see, we are dry; void of life because of sin. But God brings life in one powerful breath and brings dry bones to life! New Mexico is currently a pile of dry bones when it comes to our current legislation regarding life. We need a revival. We need dry bones to come alive and I believe God is preparing a way for that very revival. It is possible, but we need you!

What’s coming?

As you know, Roe set the precedent for our country in its recognition of ‘abortion before viability’ as a constitutional right. Today, the Supreme Court will hear a case that could lead to the overturning of this precedent. If Roe is overturned, Roe’s viability standard no longer holds up. While this will be a great victory for our country in the stand for life, it unfortunately does not change anything for New Mexico.

In 2021, New Mexico repealed a pre-Roe trigger law that would have banned abortion in the state if Roe is overturned. This trigger law required that abortion could only take place if it was a justified medical termination and could only be performed by a licensed physician, using acceptable medical procedures in an accredited hospital. The repeal of this law stripped our state of all protections for the unborn. In fact, we have been called, by some, the late-term abortion capital of the nation. The 2021 repeal also stripped conscience protections from healthcare workers. We have no delay requirements, no parental consent for minors, no counseling requirements for a woman desiring abortion, and no standards of care. This means that we have a lot of work to do in order to gain ground in the fight for life.

We Must:

There is a long road ahead of us, but we are determined to stay the course. Now we have to fight like our lives depend on it because there is an unborn child’s life that does.

We need your help!

This organization is able to make a difference because of the generosity of people like you. We run solely on the donations of our ministry partners and this month I am asking for your help. We have set a goal of raising $25,000 to help our organization continue to be the active voice for the issues that matter most.

Are you with us? Will you support a revival that could be as life-changing as dry bones coming alive?

Standing Firm,




Jodi Hendricks
Executive Director

Dear Friend,

In just a couple hours, the Supreme Court will begin hearing oral arguments on a major pro-life case, Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization. The case, born out of Mississippi’s pro-life law banning late-term abortions after 15 weeks, represents a direct challenge to the deadliest Court decision in recent memory, Roe v. Wade. Many experts believe that the Court may overturn Roe, at least in part, returning the issue of abortion back to the states.

Feel the weight of the moment. The Justices in Roe had no way of knowing that the cost would be 62 million lives and counting. They had no concept of the ultrasound technology we have today. And they had no foresight into the unstoppable pro-life movement born out of the ashes of Roe.

But now they do.

And we stand on the brink of having more power to make our states pro-life in a way we’ve never had since 1973.

As we prepare to enter this new era, whether with the Dobbs case or an upcoming future one, we have to prepare for a world—for life—after Roe. That’s why TODAY, Family Policy Alliance is launching an unprecedented national campaign:  #AfterRoe

Are you ready for an America after Roe?

Even before Roe ends, the work of After Roe has already begun.

More than ever, we need you in the fight for life with us. We want to compete with the abortion lobby for every precious life—and win.

So, today, check out and be sure to sign the AfterRoe pledge to be part of making your state ready for a nation after Roe.

And, be sure to follow us LIVE online today starting at 8:45AM ET where we’ll be streaming LIVE from the Supreme Court—you’ll hear the oral arguments before the Court in the Dobbs case, the live launch of #AfterRoe from the Supreme Court, the pro-life rally happening at the Court, live interviews with state leaders about protecting life in key states, and more!


There is LIFE AfterRoe.

Craig DeRoche, CEO

P.S. Be sure to watch the #AfterRoe movie trailer and share with friends! Roe’s time is up, and we have to prepare for After Roe, when every state will be directly responsible for the lives saved—and the lives lost—within their borders.