I know I do… at least according to the so-called “mainstream” media.

I believe the Bible is the Word of God. I believe in biology – that beings with human DNA and beating hearts are in fact human beings and also that human beings with male or female DNA and parts are in fact the gender that science tells us they are. And, I look forward to voting for President Trump in November, and I’m eager to share that information.

Yet, the media wants to portray me – and others that share such “crazy” views – as “fringe.” And, they’re relentless.

Houston Rockets SG James Harden expressed support for the police – he got slammed.

New Orleans Saints QB Drew Brees expressed support for the flag – he was harassed as a racist.

A Michigan (a state won by Donald Trump in 2016, by the way) teacher expressed support for the President – he got fired.

Senator Kelly Loeffler posted a video in support of our efforts saying girls’  sports should be played by girls – calls began to remove her from owning a WNBA team.

Senator Loeffler spoke out again to declare that supporting the American flag was more unifying than standing with an openly Marxist organization – and those calls grew even louder.

These are just a few examples that continue to build on a “cancel culture” that is out of control. It’s disgusting, and it’s un-American.

But, do Christians hold some of the blame for feeding into this?

In modern history, the Church has increasingly bought into the liberal lie that politics and culture have no place in our churches. Christians have increasingly shied away from the public square. Others that would be eager to engage have found that there are few resources out there to help them become well-equipped Christian soldiers.

That has led to a progression where mainstream, conservative Judeo-Christian views are increasingly mocked and silenced.

As I look at the culture today, I’m willing to admit to you that Family Policy Alliance of Georgia® is not doing enough. Yes, we’ve made great strides in policy, in elections, and in making the truth known. But, there is so much more to do to awaken the Church, empower Christians to engage, and fundamentally change the culture of our state – not just fight session to session or election to election.

To this end, we’re building a plan to grow, add to our team, bring new programs to the state, and expand our vision. As we build toward 2021, our goal for this plan is to raise $43,840 between now and September 30th, the close of our fiscal year.

If you believe your views aren’t “crazy” and are eager to bring about a culture that no longer portrays them as such, please consider a generous online donation to our education efforts today.

We feel called to do more. Your support has fueled incredible growth for our ministry over the 3 years we’ve been in Georgia. Now, we’ve reached a critical stage as we seek to make our state and our culture stronger for generations to come.

For Georgia,

Cole Muzio
President and Executive Director