The shocking and shameful Jeffrey Epstein case has exploded across the screens of national media outlets, placing the heinous reality of child sex-trafficking back into the spotlight. Americans are outraged at what appears to be a closely guarded and organized ring of the rich and famous, both men and women, sexually exploiting our children.

There’s no doubt evil takes place all around us; permeating across all income levels, political lines, and ethnic groups. Sexual exploitation is a $99 billion industry. With that kind of profit, we know how high the stakes are for protecting our children from being exploited themselves.

We cannot and will not stand by and allow our children’s bodies to be commodified, their sexuality exploited, and their identities stolen. This is not a far-away problem only perpetrated by rapists in Manhattan penthouses or pimps in dingy motel rooms. Child sexual exploitation is a problem that is very close to our movement and one we at Family Policy Alliance® address on a near daily basis.

It is an essential and necessary part of Family Policy Alliance’s mission to promote and advance policy that will serve families by protecting their vulnerable and priceless members, their children. Certainly, it is the duty of all of society to keep evil at bay.

Here are some examples of how we fight on a daily basis, alongside our state family policy council allies, for the identity, innocence, and innate value of our children.

As the next legislative session approaches quickly, be assured Family Policy Alliance is building strategy, policies, and parent guide documents to address and expose the deceitful promises and false-identity agenda that is showing up in many areas that directly impact our children.

Parents are the gatekeepers of our children’s morality, education, identity, and ultimately their hearts. We are doing everything we can to keep it that way!

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For the children,

Stephanie Curry
Policy Manager

A movement that began in places like New York and San Francisco – an effort to highlight the “drag queen” lifestyle to young children in our public libraries – has made its way to Alpharetta, Georgia.

Yes, Alpharetta, a suburban, right-leaning community, is slated to host a “drag queen” known as Miss Terra Cotta Sugarbaker who will read to young children at the library built with taxpayer dollars.

This individual, Steven Igarashi-Ball, has used this and other events to politicize and gain sympathy for his lifestyle. As a movement, Drag Queen Story Hour has focused on undermining parents and family values while aiming to expose and indoctrinate young children into believing that men dressing in drag is normal and good.

Your action is needed. Please make your voice heard today!

There has been some confusion about this event, which currently does not appear on the library’s calendar. However, in news reports the library has confirmed the event is still on. We believe this confusion is born from an effort to keep this event quiet so that you, the concerned citizens, will be silent.

Unable to win on the strength of their ideas, the radical Left’s great hope is to indoctrinate our youth. We can’t let this happen! Imposing this agenda on young children is unhealthy and highly detrimental. Join us today by making your voice heard!

Because our children deserve better,

Cole Muzio
President and Executive Director

P.S. Please share this email or the Action Center link so that even more people can make their voice heard on behalf of our kids!

You may have read our recent report about the latest effort to normalize sexual brokenness and push it on our kids. It’s called Drag Queen Story Hour, and if it hasn’t come to your community – maybe even your library – keep an eye out for it.

But what actually happens at one of these surreal events? Family Policy Alliance recently went to one to find out.

This event was at a library, though the library – in response to heavy public criticism and media coverage – took great pains to say that it was not sponsoring the event. So who was the sponsor? A local gay nightclub that also includes a gay bathhouse – a business where men have sex with other men. Not exactly the kind of folks that one would expect a library to facilitate interaction with children, especially in the #MeToo age.

Notably, the library also allowed the event – titled Drag Queen Story Time in this location – to be scheduled shortly after the library’s “Story Time”, presumably to attract more kids.

What the kids got was in large part political parody, followed by recruitment to kids’ drag queen competitions and an opportunity for all of the kids to get personal photos with the drag queens.

The story was A Day in the Life of Marlon Bundo, a parody of a book about a rabbit by Mike Pence’s daughter. In this version, two male bunnies want to get married, and Vice President Mike Pence is the villain – a stink bug who tries to stop them.

After introducing various drag queens who hold various “titles” from drag queen competitions, the lead drag queen invited kids ages 10 or older to compete for drag queen titles of their own. “So,” he said, “if you have kids who think this is great, or if they want to explore into other things, there are outlets for that.” The drag queen then detailed the titles and opportunities.

Events similar to this are happening with increasing frequency around the country. What can you do?

Thank you for speaking up for our kids!

The Family Policy Alliance Team

It began in places like New York, Los Angeles, and even came to Atlanta last year. Now, “Drag Queen Story Hour” is a phenomenon that could show up at your community’s library very soon.

The events- which feature confused men outfitted in makeup, dresses, and using their “drag” name reading stories to children at public libraries- have generated controversy in Lafayette, LA and Mobile, AL. Closer to home, however, a “Drag Queen Story Hour” came to Columbus, GA this month and plans are in the works to make it a monthly occurrence. Drag Queen Story Hour and events like it have already happened or are planned in at least 40 states.

It’s time to act.

There is nothing innocent about these events. Beyond the shock of a child seeing an adult male dressed as an over-the-top female, the story-times have a very specific agenda. The mission of the program is to:

“capture the imagination and play of the gender fluidity of childhood and gives kids glamorous, positive and unabashedly queer role models. In spaces like this, kids are able to see people who defy rigid gender restrictions and imagine a world where people can present as they wish, where dress up is real.”

Books read to the children are “LGBT books” according to one of the “queens” and books that teach them what a “drag queen is from a kid’s perspective” and how they too can express themselves that way.

But, it doesn’t stop there.

Columbus Gay Pride Director Jeremy Hobbs was overt about a desire to undermine parents: “We’re not born with hate; we learn hate. And it all starts at home.”

Yes, beyond introducing and pushing an LGBT lifestyle to innocent children, this program plans to teach kids that any biblical values they may glean from the home is “hate.”

First, we will be providing more information in the coming weeks on this unacceptable program, and we will be ready to act. To help fund our efforts to inform and engage local communities with a call to action, consider a contribution to help in our efforts.

Second, the most effective local tool is the church. Make sure your pastor is aware of this program AND encourage him to preach on the important topic of gender and the assault it is facing from the radical Left.

Third, remember to discuss this upcoming election with your network. One choice running for governor, Stacey Abrams, has been transparent about her intent for the government to supplant parents, to use the state to fully embrace the LGBT agenda, and indoctrinate Georgia children.

Our culture is facing issues that- even just 5 years ago- seemed unimaginable. The only way to push back is for the church, the Body of Christ, to be awake, alert, and active. We look forward to partnering with you to that end.

Standing with you,

Cole Muzio
President and Executive Director

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The Pikes Peak Library District is using your tax dollars to host a local Drag Queen Story Time for El Paso County children. It happens on Saturday, Sept. 1.

Drag Queen Story Times are being pushed by national transgender activist organizations and by the American Library Association. For more information, see our recent story. Yet many libraries have been resistant – as they should – to hosting such programs for children. That’s why it’s especially concerning that the Pikes Peak Library District would host a program intended to push this agenda on kids in our community.

Family Policy Alliance and our close ally, Colorado Family Action, are asking concerned El Paso County citizens and taxpayers to speak up and help stop it.

Because the PPLD Trustees are appointed by a joint committee of the Board of El Paso County Commissioners and the Colorado Springs City Council, your message will go to all members of the Commission and the City Council.

Sending that message to all of these leaders can be done in just moments on our Action Center. Please speak up today – and please also let others in El Paso County know about it.

Thanks for making your voice heard!

The Family Policy Alliance Team