Dear Friends,

Since I sent the email below this message in mid-May, some very telling things have happened.

On May 17th Florida Governor Ron DeSantis signed a new law, making Florida the third state in the nation (joining Arkansas and North Dakota) to prevent businesses and governmental entities from exposing children to drag queen shows in any setting.

Most importantly, it will protect the innocence of children from encountering the overtly sexual nature of drag queen story hour in their local libraries.

It is a change that needed to happen and one we hope to see more of.

Unfortunately, a different outcome with an overt display of rabidly anti-Christian behavior will soon be playing out in Dodger Stadium. The Dodgers organization recently decided to honor a patently anti-religious group of drag queens, the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, who often dress in religious garb, particularly as nuns, and regularly mock Jesus and Mary along with the cross.

Initially, the Dodgers canceled their invitation to the “Sisters.” Then, caving to massive pressure from the Woke Left, they reinstated the Community Service Award for the “Sisters.”

The Woke crowd has made clear that they have an agenda, and they will stop at nothing to advance it—regardless of the effects on women and children, or even whether public sentiment is against them.  They will not stop.

But neither will we.

Just to remind you (again) what we are up against, see below what Hollywood and the drag queen movement were up to a month ago. Their intent is to oppose Family Policy Alliance’s work to protect children from the transgender movement, whether that is in the doctor’s office, at school, in the library or on the sports field.

Said another way: they do not want any laws to protect children if it conflicts with their political agenda in any way.

Read more below about our record of success and learn how you can be the sustaining force that protects our young people from the very real harms that arise from this ideology.

We need your help. Hollywood and drag queens helped raise over a half million dollars in four hours—all of which will go to fund groups who advance Woke culture and oppose FPA. To protect children and counter the Woke onslaught, we have to double down on our efforts.

Pressing onward,

Craig DeRoche
President & CEO



It was a star-studded group that recently came together in Hollywood, but it was not for a self-adulating award show or a tribute to a Hollywood legend.

“Drag Isn’t Dangerous” was a four-hour telethon hosted by notable Hollywood stars and drag queens seeking support from the Left to combat the work of Family Policy Alliance.

The title of the telethon itself underscores the truth of what is at stake here. And without saying it in so many words, the dialogue among the promoters and hosts also seems to affirm what we already know.

Family Policy Alliance, the network of 40 state family policy councils we host in our alliance, the lawmakers we’ve trained through our Foundation’s Statesmen Academy, families like yours and supporters of our ministry are making a huge difference by enacting pro-family legislation again and again and again…

Hollywood and the Left hate our work protecting families and this record of success – it is why they needed this telethon.

Unfortunately, “Drag Isn’t Dangerous” successfully raised over half a million dollars that will now flow directly to national groups who oppose our work every single day. This happened with help from the media, online promoters, producers and (in this case) the Hollywood bully pulpit – all things we do not have.

Let that sink in.

Hollywood just handed nearly $524,000 to multiple national groups whose daily missions are to stop our progress. They are all taking aim at the work of Family Policy Alliance and our record of success.

That is why we need your help.

Families like yours keep Family Policy Alliance going on our mission and we are asking that you stand with us by donating today.

Can you help us stand toe-to-toe with Hollywood and the leftists?

Your contribution today of $25, $50, $100, even $1000 or more will help us advance an agenda that protects children.

Just to keep up, we now need to raise $500,000 this month to counter this woke, Hollywood agenda…are you with us?


Craig DeRoche
President and CEO

PS: Did you know that we have some donors who have been giving a monthly gift to FPA for nearly 20 years? These faithful donors have seen the vision of FPA for decades and have chosen to partner with us for the long haul. Can you do the same? Click here to see how easy it is to set up a monthly donation. Any amount will help!