Many Americans today are confronted with the tension of cultural issues bleeding into our workplace.

Unfortunately, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) is putting teeth to these concerns by laying out a proposed enforcement guidance on so-called “harassment” in the workplace.

Tell the EEOC not to adopt this proposed guidance.

The EEOC just announced this month that two special provisions will be included when considering how businesses define harassment: pregnancy, including the decision to abort, and misgendering.

The Commission is taking its orders from the Biden Administration’s radical gender playbook and bullying businesses into adopting a definition of harassment in the workplace that includes calling someone by the wrong pronoun and allowing men to use women’s restrooms.

In the façade of so-called “equality” lies the truth that Americans are being forced to speak and think according to the script of radical gender and abortion advocates. Now, the EEOC wants to ensure businesses follow this mantra as dogma with little assurances for protecting people of faith.

Harassment should be taken seriously in the workplace. But, this proposal only distracts from these goals and puts women, minors in the workplace, and people of conviction and faith at risk.

Employees should not be forced to deny biological reality. No one should be forced to adhere to the pro-abortion-until-birth mantra of the left.

Tell Biden’s EEOC why policing pronouns is a bad idea.

Businesses should not be bullied into becoming the left-wing arm of the Biden Administration.

Thank you for speaking up,

Ruth Ward
Director, Government Affairs


By John Paulton, Mobilization Manager

In the last week, thousands of Americans have responded to Family Policy Alliance’s call to urge President Trump to submit a new nominee for the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.

Chai Feldblum

As you may recall from our earlier alert, the president nominated Chai Feldblum to another term on the EEOC. Feldblum, a law professor and LGBT activist who was originally nominated by President Obama, is best known for her extreme hostility to religious freedom.  Acknowledging the conflict between religious liberty and sexual liberty, Feldblum has said that “I’m having a hard time coming up with any case in which religious liberty should win.”

In response to that alert, nearly 10,000 emails have been sent to President Trump and Vice President Pence, urging that a new nominee be put forward.  If you made your voice heard, thank you!

President Trump, who generally has a good record in support of religious freedom, is using the Feldblum nomination as part of a deal to get two other EEOC nominees through Democrat roadblocks in the Senate.

However, senators who might otherwise recognize political difficulties and accept such a deal are speaking up about the problems of re-installing a champion of leftist causes like Feldblum.

“If Feldblum were a typical Democrat,” U.S. Sen. Mike Lee, R-Utah, wrote in The Daily Signal, “it might make sense to let her nomination proceed through the Senate along with her two Republican colleagues. But Feldblum is no typical Democrat. Her radical views on marriage and the appropriate use of government power place her far outside even the liberal mainstream.”

Feldblum’s current term at the EEOC doesn’t end until July 1, so there is still time to urge the president to submit a new nomination.  You can send a message to the White House in just seconds at our Action Center.

Thank you for making your voice heard for religious freedom!

The Family Policy Alliance Team