I talk to Kansans all the time who say they want to get involved and do something to help their community. One of the easiest, and quite frankly, most effective ways to get involved is by running for school board.

You might be asking what the school board does? Surprisingly a lot of authority gets delegated to local school boards. A lot of their power expanded during the COVID-19 pandemic. Many COVID protocols were set by the local school board.

Even a lot of the curriculum can be determined by the school board. Things like critical theory or comprehensive sex ed are often allowed into the classroom because of decisions made by the local school board.

Another issue that was highlighted this legislative session – fairness in women’s sports – is currently controlled by the local school.

If you are looking for the chance to impact our culture and to shape kid’s lives, will you consider running for school board in your area? The deadline to file to run with your county election officer is June 1st!


Brittany Jones, Esq.
Director of Advocacy

The top priorities of leadership in Congress can be indicated by low bill numbers. In fact, the lower the bill number, the higher priority. So, what is the #1 priority of Democrats in Congress? Taking partisan control of America’s elections.

The Senate’s top priority is S1, the so-called “For the People Act,” (better known as “The Corrupt Politicians Act”). The House recently passed their version of this bill, HR 1, and the Senate recently had a hearing on S1. That means that a vote on the Senate floor could be imminent. Please take a minute today to urge your senators to vote NO on S1!

After all the questioning of recent election results – Democrats in 2016 and Republicans in 2020 – the importance of election accuracy and integrity should be paramount to all Americans.  Unfortunately, Democrats are dramatically undermining that principle with S1.

So just how bad is this 800-page bill? Here are the Top Four Dangers of S1:

  1. S1 Bans State Voter ID Laws
    S1 bans state voter ID laws and allows individuals to vote without an ID. You may need an ID to board any plane, drive a car, purchase a cell phone, buy alcohol, and pick up MLB tickets. But under S1, individuals can vote without an ID to verify their identity.
  2. S1 Encourages Voter Fraud
    S1 prevents officials from verifying voter eligibility and imposes a criminal offense on officials who reject a voter registration application – even if the official believes the individual is ineligible to vote.
  3. S1 Promotes Double Voting
    S1 promotes the sending of absentee ballots without verification and prevents election officials from removing ineligible voters from voter rolls. This allows dangerous double voting scenarios.
  4. S1 Creates a Partisan Federal Elections Commission
    The Federal Election Commission (FEC) is currently composed of six commissioners, no more than three of whom may be affiliated with the same political party. S1 reduces the number to five members to create a partisan commission – assigning significant power to the FEC Chair, who is appointed by the President.

The Left is undermining the integrity of our elections – and the ability of each citizen to engage in the political process of their own government – with this legislation.

But you can help protect the foundations of our nation by stopping this dangerous legislation! Click here to urge your senators to stand for election integrity by OPPOSING S1!


Nicole Hudgens
Government Affairs

“Vanishing Vows” was the title of a recent article in Christianity Today that underscored the decline of marriage around the world.  “Family Life” articles always draw my attention because that it is where we live: we are all part of a family. For some, that has been a good experience and for others, not so good.  As a pastor I came to realize early on that healthy families make for a healthy church. Staying healthy as a family is a lot of work but the bottom line is that family health is key to so many aspects of life and culture as a nation.

The subtitle to the article was, “Can the Church save what is left of marriage?”  Yes, it can, but the Church must be free and unencumbered by government to do that.  Many of our Founding Fathers came to America, seeking religious freedom to raise their families according to their values, free of government control. But that has changed and without realizing it we often elect lawmakers who make ungodly laws that restrict parents and even persecute Christians for abiding by biblical values. So, your vote – and who you vote for – is very important!

America still chooses leaders democratically and you can do more than you think.  Make sure you and your fellow church members are registered to vote.  Our country has a crisis of low voter turnout and Christian voter turnout is no exception to this. It is estimated that over 25 million Christians did not vote in the 2016 election, and an estimated 15 million Christians are not even registered to vote.

While there is no verse in the Bible which states, “thou shall vote,” God’s Word does challenge us as followers of Christ to influence our communities for our own good and, more importantly, for the good of others (Jeremiah 29:7; Galatians 6:10). We can do that in part by voting – not principally as Democrats, Republicans, Libertarians, or Independents – but as Christians.

This November, we have the opportunity to elect leaders — from the White House in D.C., to the State House in Providence — who will determine our future on critical issues including protecting babies in the womb, preserving our First Amendment rights, strengthening the family, and extending care and compassion to those in need.

Here are the steps you need to take.

  1. Compare party platforms with an eye for Christian values. You can do this here.
  2. Look at the voting record of the individual candidate you are considering for your vote and see how they line up on the issues.

Lastly, and most importantly, PRAY that we can keep Wyoming a place where God is honored, religious freedom flourishes, families thrive and life is cherished.  This is the mission of Family Policy Alliance of Wyoming®, and the mission that you participate in through your generous gifts.


Nathan Winters
Executive Director

As we approach the end of 2018, it’s amazing to look back and see the victories—all of which you made possible through your prayers and support of Family Policy Alliance and our state allies. Thank you!

1. For Life!

National Victories

This past year, there have been huge steps forward in the pro-life movement on both the national and state fronts. President Trump listened to your voice and is standing up for the rights of the preborn. Whether or not you voted for this President, his stand for life is unparalleled in recent administrations.>/mark>

President Trump became the first sitting president to address the March for Life. Under his administration, the Department of Health and Human Services is working to finalize a new rule that prevents taxpayer’s dollars (through Title X family planning funds) from going to abortion providers. These Title X dollars are currently Planned Parenthood’s second-largest funding stream. He reinstated and expanded the “Mexico City Policy” that blocks $9 billion in foreign aid from being used for abortions. And with his first nominee to the Supreme Court, Justice Gorsuch, the Court dismantled an unconstitutional law passed by California that would have forced pro-life pregnancy centers to become advertisers for the abortion industry.

State Victories

Because of your support, states are continuing to creatively chip away at Roe v. Wade with new laws that protect women’s health, increase requirements on abortion providers to ensure they are taking care of women and recognize the humanity of preborn babies.

Idaho passed a law that requires health care professionals to report information about complications from abortions. Nebraska passed a law that provides birth certificates to families who have lost babies through a miscarriage. Eight states have passed laws that ban dismemberment abortions. Over 20 states ban abortion past a certain number of weeks based on the ability of the preborn baby to feel pain.

A recent initiative seeks to ban abortions based on a Down syndrome or disability diagnosis. Ohio and Louisiana passed this type of law, and several other states considered bills. This happened largely because people of faith like you have shared your stories about how people with disabilities have shaped lives for good.

“Whether a child is diagnosed with Down syndrome before or after birth, disability rights start at diagnosis. All human life should be valued and respected— especially in the womb. And the targeting of babies solely for the possible diagnosis of Down syndrome should not be permitted here in Pennsylvania,” said Michael Geer, president of Family Policy Alliance’s state ally, Pennsylvania Family Institute.

Idaho and Indiana passed bills that require information about abortion-pill reversals be available to women. Over a dozen states have cut taxpayer funding streams from Planned Parenthood.

There is still much to be done in protecting life in our country, but because of your voice—joined with the voices of other biblical citizens—leaders in our country are listening and taking action.

2. The Heart of Adoption

Most of us believe strongly in the right of Christians to live out our biblical citizenship by looking after orphans—children in need of loving parents. This is why thousands of biblical citizens like you urged state legislatures, through email and phone calls, to protect the constitutional rights of faith-based adoption agencies—so those agencies can do what they excel at: placing hard-to-place children in forever families.

Your efforts resulted in a spectacular victory in Kansas this past session. LGBT lobbyists poured money into Topeka, and the leading national LGBT advocacy organization even sent its president to convince legislators to vote against religious freedom for private, faith-based adoption agencies—even if that meant those agencies would have to shut their doors rather than violate their beliefs. Family Policy Alliance of Kansas rallied pro-family Kansans to speak up—resulting in not only a win for children who need homes, but also a win for religious freedom. Similar laws also passed in Oklahoma, Texas and South Dakota, again thanks to biblical citizenship!

3. Keeping the Gospel Free in California

California’s wildly controversial legislation, AB 2943, targeted religious beliefs in a truly unprecedented manner. It would have prohibited millions of people from purchasing services and resources that declare the power of Christ can overcome unwanted same-sex attraction and gender identity struggles. This bill was passed by the California Assembly and Senate, and was one formality away from being signed by the Governor. In an astonishing twist that no one anticipated, Assemblyman Evan Low pulled his own bill after tens of thousands of biblical citizens from California and across the nation reached out to him to share stories of hope and change.

Jonathan Keller, the executive director of our state ally California Family Council, which worked tirelessly to keep the Gospel free in California, declared, “We are inexpressibly grateful to Assemblyman Low for meeting personally with faith leaders over the last several months and sincerely listening to our concerns.” Praise God!

4. Protecting Male and Female

The Gender Identity issue continues to sweep across the nation in unprecedented ways. States have sought to give individuals special protections in the law based upon their “sexual orientation” and “gender identity” status. Schools have been opening their bathrooms and locker rooms to the opposite sex if a student claims they feel like the opposite sex. State administrative agencies have been caught attempting to expose our most vulnerable children to “gender transition” services. And therapists have been targeted for trying to help our children overcome unwanted same-sex attraction and gender identity struggles.

Yet, the voices of biblical citizens like you, speaking compassionate truth that our sex is innate and cannot change at will, have had a significant impact everywhere—from school officials all the way to the Trump Administration. Here are some of the ways your prayers, financial support and taking action have led to big victories:

We have made major strides this year and with your support, we will continue to stand firm in the biblical truth that God has created men and women in His image, male and female, and that our biological sex is no accident. 5. The Story You Helped Write in the 2018 Election

With your help – and with our theme verse on our lips (“The people who know their God shall stand firm and take action.” Daniel 11:32) – Family Policy Alliance stood firm and took strategic action on key races where voter data and on-the-ground reports indicated that we could have an impact.  You helped make possible more than a million communications with voters in those targeted races!

And the results were encouraging. On a night that brought lots of sobering news, Family Policy Alliance won nearly two-thirds of targeted races. Since most of those were state-level races that don’t get as much attention, let me share a few highlights of how your support for Family Policy Alliance paid dividends.

As you may know, our sister organization, Family Policy Foundation®, trains on-the-rise Christian legislators and candidates at the annual Statesmen Academy®. Some of those Statesmen alumni need help winning difficult elections, so we provided assistance in 17 key Statesmen races.

Thankfully, our supported Statesmen won 14 of those races. That’s an 82 percent win rate! Now, a total of 52 Statesmen, equipped Christian men and women, will be serving you in elected office starting in January 2019!

You also helped us engage in several U.S. Senate races – most notably in North Dakota, where Family Policy Alliance’s on-the-ground presence made our work especially strategic.

Family Policy Alliance of North Dakota® identified 35,000 pro-life North Dakotans who are inconsistent about getting to the polls, especially in non-presidential years. They reached those voters with live phone calls from volunteers, with mailers, and with targeted digital ads that featured a strong video exposing the radical pro-abortion record of the incumbent senator, Heidi Heitkamp.

The result was a resounding win for Kevin Cramer. Pro-lifers around the nation will benefit from having a new pro-life champion in the U.S. Senate!

As you can see, it’s been a big year for believers who care about restoring a nation where God is honored, religious freedom flourishes, families thrive, and life is cherished!

We look back on 2018 with hearts full of gratitude for all God has done—and for all He has done through you.

And His calling doesn’t stop with the end of the year! Next week, we plan to share with you what to expect as we ring in the new  year!

We can’t thank you enough for your prayers and support of Family Policy Alliance.

May God bless you and your family,

Paul Weber,
President & CEO

Election Day is finally here! That calls for a celebration in two ways.

First, no more ads! We all appreciate that.

But second and more importantly, we are among the few people in the annals of history who have had the privilege to elect our leaders. And as Christians, voting is both a stewardship responsibility and a ministry opportunity – a chance to serve our fellow man by electing leaders and enacting policies that will best advance the common good.

So if you haven’t already voted, please do so today – and remind other like-minded people to vote as well! With so many close races expected, that simple act could make the difference.

Then join Family Policy Alliance tonight on social media as we track key results, including the following:

12 Key Senate Races on Our Top Watch List

AZ : Martha McSally vs. Kyrsten Sinema
FL: Rick Scott vs. Bill Nelson
IN: Mike Braun vs. Joe Donnelly
MI: John James vs. Debbie Stabenow
MN: Karin Housley vs. Tina Smith
MO: Josh Hawley vs. Claire McCaskill
MT: Matt Rosendale vs. Jon Tester
ND: Kevin Cramer vs. Heidi Heitkamp
NV: Dean Heller vs. Jacky Rosen
TN: Marsha Blackburn vs. Phil Bredesen
TX: Ted Cruz vs. Beto O’Rourke
WV: Patrick Morrisey vs. Joe Manchin

12 Key Governor Races on Our Top Watch List

AK: Mike Dunleavy vs. Mark Begich
CO: Walker Stapleton vs. Jared Polis
FL: Ron DeSantis vs. Andrew Gillum
GA: Brian Kemp vs. Stacey Abrams
IA: Kim Reynolds vs. Fred Hubbell
KS: Kris Kobach vs. Laura Kelly
MI: Bill Schuette vs. Gretchen Whitmer
NM: Steve Pearce vs. Michelle Lujan Grisham
OH: Mike DeWine vs. Richard Cordray
OK: Kevin Stitt vs. Drew Edmondson
SD: Kristi Noem vs. Billie Sutton
WI: Scott Walker vs. Tony Evers

12 Key Ballot Measures on Our Top Watch List

AL: Allow Ten Commandments on Public Property (Amendment 1)
AL: Pro-Life Protections (Amendment 2)
AZ: School Choice (Proposition 305)
FL: Voter Control Over Gambling Expansion (Amendment 3)
ID:Gambling Expansion (Proposition 1)
MA: Gender Identity (Question 3)
MI: Recreational Marijuana (Proposal 1)
MO: Medical Marijuana (Amendment 2 + two others)
ND: Recreational Marijuana (Measure 3)
OR: No Tax Funding of Abortion (Measure 106)
UT: Medical Marijuana (Proposition 2)
WV: Pro-Life Protections (Amendment 1)

Of course, there are many other important races as well, including U.S. House races, state legislative races and more. We’ll plow through the results and pull out the nuggets that you may want to know. Join us on Facebook or Twitter this evening, and watch for updates on email tomorrow.

Thanks for standing strong and taking action!

The Family Policy Alliance Team

Dear Friends:

New Mexico made national headlines again this week following a District Court judge’s decision to release the Taos County compound suspects pending their trial.

Less than two weeks ago, the five suspects were arrested during a raid on a remote compound near the New Mexico-Colorado border. Eleven children, between the ages of one and fifteen, were found living in filthy conditions with very little food and water. Within days, media reports surfaced about two of the suspects’ ties to radical Islam and court documents revealed that the children were being trained to commit school shootings. Further, the body of one suspect’s 3-year-old son was found buried on the property, according to authorities.

Fast forward to this week, District Court Judge Sarah Backus, on Monday, denied a motion by the state to keep the five defendants in custody until their trial, claiming that prosecutors had failed to prove the defendants were a danger to the community.

Judge Backus’ decision quickly drew the ire of people across the state and nation. Given the evidence of child abuse and neglect, the reports of terrorist training, and the discovered remains of a deceased, kidnapped child, it is difficult to fathom the judge’s logic. Some leaders, including the Governor and a few legislators, have pointed the finger at the New Mexico Supreme Court which, according to many, has placed an unreasonably onerous burden on the state to secure pre-trial detention. Others, including officials from the Administrative Office of the Courts, have rushed to the judge’s defense. But the vast majority of people expressing opinions are extremely upset with this decision, and we can only hope that the suspects return for trial.

At Family Policy Alliance of New Mexico®, we often speak of the need to elect good legislators, governors, and other executive officials. Please add to that list, the need to elect good judges. Unlike federal judgeships that are lifetime appointments, our state Supreme Court justices, Court of Appeals judges, and District Court judges (like Judge Backus) are elected by the people and must then be retained every 6-8 years by garnering at least 57% of the vote. In 2020, Judge Backus is up for retention, and if I had to guess, the voters of the 8th Judicial District in Colfax, Taos, and Union Counties just may remember this decision when casting their vote.

Remember friends, from the White House, to the Roundhouse, to the Court House, elections have consequences and your vote is your voice! This November, please do not forget to speak up by voting for good candidates up and down the ballot.

Thank you for your continued prayers and support!


Vince Torres
President and Executive Director

The battle for freedom in America was officially launched 242 years ago tomorrow.  We rightfully celebrate the landmark in human history that the signing of the Declaration represents – and the practical freedoms that we still enjoy to this moment.

But the battle has never ended.

That’s evident from just a glance at the headlines of the last week.  Thankfully, we won some of those skirmishes, including these two:

In so doing, they even quoted the author of the Declaration, Thomas Jefferson, who said, “To compel a man to furnish contributions of money for the propagation of opinions which he disbelieves and abhors is sinful and tyrannical.”

Indeed, the battle that Jefferson launched 242 years ago lives on.

There are three lessons from those victories:

So tomorrow, let’s celebrate with vigor and joyfully thank God for the blessings of freedom that we enjoy in this nation!

But then let’s get back to the battle.  There’s so much to be done.

In the words of Ronald Reagan, “Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. We didn’t pass it to our children in the bloodstream. It must be fought for, protected, and handed on for them to do the same.”

Thank you for engaging on the front lines of that battle through your prayerful involvement and support of Family Policy Alliance.®

Standing with you for freedom,

John Paulton
Mobilization Manager


P.S.  If you would like to join in the 2018 election efforts to see godly men and women serving in public office—especially as we see the need for men and women elected to the U.S. Senate who will support placing the President’s conservative, prolife justice on the Supreme Court—please consider stewarding some of your resources to support our efforts to mobilize Christian, prolife voters in 2018!

Donate Now

Dear Friends:

“Why are Christians giving the President a pass?”

“Why do evangelicals excuse the Presidents questionable actions?”

“Why aren’t people of faith speaking out against the President’s moral flaws?”

If you watch the mainstream media or if you have recently participated in a political discussion about faith and politics, perhaps you have heard questions like this. In light of this matter, our Family Policy Alliance President and CEO, Paul Weber recently penned a great article titled, “Perfect Values & Imperfect Leaders,” and, this week, I would like to share some of the highlights with you.

In the article, Paul notes that the 2016 Presidential Election largely came down to this – “a morally flawed candidate [in Donald Trump] who made promises that largely aligned with our values” versus “a morally flawed candidate [in Hillary Clinton] who made promises that absolutely violated our values.” We all know the outcome – given these choices, the majority of evangelical Christians went with Trump.

Fast-forward to the present, and as a Christian ministry working in the public square, Family Policy Alliance now finds itself often “advocating for the pro-family policies we support, advanced by a leader whose behavior we do not.”

As Paul states: “…we cheer when President Trump promises to end tax payer funding for abortion (we’re still waiting Mr. President), nominates Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court and advocates for more like him, appoints Cabinet members that affirm Christian values, and implements fiscal policy that helps strengthen the family. But we groan in frustration with his tweets, his schoolyard bullying, and reject his deplorable behavior with and toward women.”

So, are Christians giving the President a pass? I don’t believe so. In fact, I believe most Christians lament and reject his immoral words and actions. At the same time, we should celebrate his accomplishments, particularly when they relate to issues of faith, family, life, and religious freedom.

But most important, we should be praying for our President. 1 Timothy 2:1-4 says, “I urge that supplications, prayers, intercessions, and thanksgivings be made for all people, for kings and all who are in high positions, that we may lead a peaceful and quiet life, godly and dignified in every way. This is good, and it is pleasing in the sight of God our Savior, who desires all people to be saved and to come to the knowledge of the truth.”

So, if President Trump is not on your prayer list, please add him and join me in praying for him this week, in accordance with this passage – that he would (1) lead a peaceful and quiet life, (2) be godly and dignified in every way, and (3) that he would come to the knowledge of the truth.

God bless you and have a wonderful week!


Vince Torres
President and Executive Director

To read Paul Weber’s article, “Perfect Values & Imperfect Leaders,” in its entirety, please click here.

As you are probably aware, our North Dakota legislature is not currently in session, unlike many others around the country.  Our state’s legislative session occurs every other year, with the last one concluding in 2017 and the next one beginning in January of 2019.  You trust us to represent your family values within the legislative process, which we certainly do, but I get asked regularly what Family Policy Alliance of North Dakota is doing now, between sessions. Let me summarize some of our most important ongoing work on your behalf.

Elections: We research candidates’ qualifications and support of family values on the state and Congressional levels. Based on this research, we endorse and provide guidance on which candidates best uphold your beliefs.

Policy: We strategize on bills and other policy options to advance your biblical values on these types of key issues, and many more.

Relationships: Between sessions is a great time for us to strengthen relationships with you, our ministry partners, and state legislators, as well as develop relationships with new ministry partners. We also spend significant time forging relationships with the business and church communities, determining how we can best work together to advance biblical family values.

Banquet: We spend considerable time undertaking banquet planning. Banquets help us financially support our organization, inform ministry partners about our past wins and plans for the future. Banquets are also an opportunity to inspire attendees to exercise their biblical citizenship.

Fundraising: We are completely funded by generous donations from you, our financial supporters, so time is spent raising operating funds to keep Family Policy Alliance of North Dakota financially stable and able to carry out its mission.

As this brief summary highlights, Family Policy Alliance of North Dakota is involved in many activities and represents you on a wide variety of family issues – something that gives us a unique and comprehensive perspective.  Further, we have the ability to learn from the knowledge and experience of over 40 other state organizations like ours.

I want to thank you for allowing us to represent you year-round in many ways.  We will continue to be your voice on the comprehensive set of issues that affects your deeply held family values!


Mark Jorritsma
President and Executive Director

P.S.  We are currently taking reservations for our Fargo Dessert Banquet to be held at the Hilton Garden Inn on April 10.  You should have received a mailed invitation by now, but you can also register online at FPA-ND Fargo Banquet RSVP.  We hope to see you there!


“Be watchful, stand firm in the faith”
1 Corinthians 16:13a

Not all that long ago, the idea of Virginia as a thoroughly Blue state would have been laughable. But, the Left was united in purpose, coordinated efforts strategically, and willing to spend the money necessary to win the state.

Now, the Left owns the state.

In 2020, Virginia will not be considered a swing state. The state has voted for a liberal candidate 3 straight times for president, and it has not voted “Red” in a statewide election since 2009.

With the Left having achieved their goals there, the question is: Where will they go next? The clear answer: Georgia.

Among the most alarming defeats in the recent Virginia election was the loss of Virginia’s most conservative legislator to an openly transgender person who outspent him 3:1.

Trust me, the Left will bring the same level of coordination and enthusiasm here to Georgia. They are doing so within the Republican Party – where 4 of 5 candidates in the recent 6th Senate District race disavowed religious freedom – and they are doing so within the Democrat Party. Just last cycle, they elected the first openly gay legislator, and they will be all-the-more active in fighting for radical candidates in 2018.

Do we have the same level of commitment on our side? Are we “watchful” enough? Or, will the Left find an apathetic Church waiting for them here in this traditionally conservative state?

We are devoted to countering the efforts of the radical Left here in Georgia, but, to be frank, we need your help. Currently, we are $18,930 shy of our goal for political fundraising before the end of the year.

Can we count on your support so that we can stand in the gap?

It’s more than money, effort and strategy – As Christians, we understand the political battles we see are mere manifestations of the spiritual warfare we don’t see. This week, we led a prayer service at the Capitol that featured members of every level of government, key leaders and concerned believers who participated in earnest prayer for our state. What a blessing! But, this cannot be a one-time thing. All of us must commit to regular prayer for our Georgia.

Family Policy Alliance in the news – Our support for Coach Small and his First Amendment rights earned some coverage in the local news. We will always be prepared to provide support for religious freedom.

What to pray for – Family Policy Alliance of Georgia is prayerfully considering making an endorsement for governor within the next two months and we are in the final stages of our evaluation process. Please pray for our wisdom and discernment.

In His Service,

Cole Muzio
President and Executive Director