Family Policy Alliance is honored to host of an alliance of about 40 state family policy councils, pictured at an FPA strategic summit this summer in D.C. Thanks to your support, this alliance is growing!

If there has ever been a year to demonstrate how important states are in the fight for our nation, it is 2021.

Our Founders emphasized the states for good reason, and we are seeing that play out all around us right now. While the federal government alternates between gridlock (on good days) and blatant attacks on our freedoms and values, the victories are coming from the states!

Much of this good news has come from the alliance of state Family Policy Councils that, with your support, Family Policy Alliance hosts.

And that alliance is growing! Today, we launch a new independent pro-family organization in North Dakota – the North Dakota Family Alliance. And that follows our three other new launches this summer – new independent groups in Georgia, Idaho and Kansas.

We’re working toward additional new launches in this coming year, and we really do need your continued (or new) support to keep this momentum in the states growing. Thank you for your prayers, your actions and your gifts that make this impactful work possible!

John Paulton

Vice President, State Alliances

Leaders from our 40 allied state family policy councils (FPCs) gathered for the 25th Family Policy Alliance FPC Conference held July 24-28 in Colorado Springs.

It ran concurrently with the Statesmen Academy, which is a project of our sister organization called Family Policy Foundation. More than 30 men and women, who are either in office or seeking to be in office, learned what it means to govern based on principle and to join a dynamic network of like-minded lawmakers.

Each group heard from Attorney General Alberto Gonzales, Sen. Tom Coburn, Rep. Joe Pitts, Rep. Daniel Webster, Matthew Spalding from Hillsdale College, and other experts who shared insights on everything from policy to technology to how to win. The theme for the week: “Ready to Win.”

Here are some photos to give you a window into these outstanding events.

The debate over gender confusion is everywhere right now. Protecting the privacy and safety of women and girls in the most vulnerable spaces – locker rooms, showers and restrooms – is on the national stage.

Family Policy Alliance is proud to work with the Family Policy Institute of Washington. FPIW has produced a series of videos unpacking opinions on the subject. The latest asks college students whether there is a difference between men and women. Their answers may surprise you.