The Good News from the States Keeps Growing!

October 1
Family Policy Alliance is honored to host of an alliance of about 40 state family policy councils, pictured at an FPA strategic summit this summer in D.C. Thanks to your support, this alliance is growing!

If there has ever been a year to demonstrate how important states are in the fight for our nation, it is 2021.

Our Founders emphasized the states for good reason, and we are seeing that play out all around us right now. While the federal government alternates between gridlock (on good days) and blatant attacks on our freedoms and values, the victories are coming from the states!

  • The states have led the way in pushing back on the LGBT agenda with laws to save girls’ sports and to protect kids from transgender surgeries and hormones. Mainstream media even credited these state efforts with putting the brakes on the Equality Act in D.C.
  • States are also leading the way in remarkable efforts to protect life! 2021 was a landmark year, with dozens upon dozens of new pro-life protections passed by states, highlighted by the Texas Heartbeat Law going into effect this fall.

Much of this good news has come from the alliance of state Family Policy Councils that, with your support, Family Policy Alliance hosts.

And that alliance is growing! Today, we launch a new independent pro-family organization in North Dakota – the North Dakota Family Alliance. And that follows our three other new launches this summer – new independent groups in Georgia, Idaho and Kansas.

We’re working toward additional new launches in this coming year, and we really do need your continued (or new) support to keep this momentum in the states growing. Thank you for your prayers, your actions and your gifts that make this impactful work possible!

John Paulton

Vice President, State Alliances