We went to California, and you won’t believe what happened!

April 19
Family Policy Alliance joined with California Family Council and Exodus Cry at the California Capitol on the day of the first committee hearing to protect kids from porn


You don’t have to be a political expert to know that California Gov. Gavin Newsom is no pro-family ally. And the California legislature is even further to the left.

But this week we were at the state capitol in Sacramento to testify and lobby for a bill to protect California kids from online pornography through age verification requirements.

Crazy? It might sound that way, especially in the state that’s the biggest producer of pornography.

But we didn’t think it was crazy for three reasons:

  1. Kids EVERYWHERE need protection from the onslaught of online pornography.
  2. Momentum is on our side! The Age Verification Coalition that we’re blessed to lead has now helped eight states pass this cutting-edge legislation in 2024!
  3. Our savvy allies at California Family Council saw an opportunity and urged us to join them and invest our time and resources in the Golden State.

So what happened? The first committee heard the bill this week. Joseph Kohm, an attorney and Family Policy Alliance’s Director of Public Policy, spent time meeting with legislators and was one of three expert witnesses in favor of the bill. The result: the committee PASSED the bill by a vote of 10 to 0!

FPA’s Joseph Kohm prepares to give expert testimony to California lawmakers.

The bill still has a long way to go to become law, but this stunning result is remarkable! California legislators finally acknowledging the threat pornography poses to kids is a victory that cannot be overstated.

Please know it is YOUR support that makes this success possible! You enabled Family Policy Alliance to organize, train and equip a coalition of allied organizations, legislators, and expert witnesses to get bills like this passed. And your support allows us to be on the ground in state capitols at the most critical times.

We’ll stand and fight ANYWHERE for our kids and our values. But we do need your help. Thanks for making it possible with your prayers and your support!


Craig DeRoche
President & CEO