Clone of URGENT: Protect California Children from Pornography

May 3, 2024

Dear Friends,

Along with our allies at California Family Council and Exodus Cry, we have an urgent request for your help.

This week, the California Assembly will likely consider Assembly Bill (A.B.) 3080 for a floor vote. A.B. 3080 would protect children from exposure to pornography by requiring any website publishing pornography to conduct industry standard age verification of its users, while maintaining user privacy.

Studies show that by the age of 17, 75% of children have been exposed to pornography. They also show that the average age children first view pornography is between 7 and 13 years old, and most of those exposures happen accidentally. Even more concerning, research proves that pornography is as harmful to your brain as a hard drug. Our children are being exposed to material that is harming them the way a hard drug would, and they’re stumbling upon it by accident. A.B. 3080 would put a stop to it while ensuring all user data remains protected.

Parents are the first guardians of their child’s innocence. Ensuring kids are protected from early exposure to pornography is a critical step to making sure parents are the ones providing their kids with age-appropriate sexual education when they know it is right.

We need you to contact YOUR Assembly Member urge them to vote “YES” on A.B. 3080. Send a message in our easy-to-use Action Center HERE. We also ask that you call your member’s office as well. Members and their staff are more receptive to personal phone calls from their constituents. Your member’s office phone number can be found HERE.Along with our allies at California Family Council, who have worked tirelessly to get this bill passed, we urge you to partner with us to protect kids from early exposure to pornography.Send a message to your Assembly Member NOW and urge them to protect California children!

For our kids,Joseph Kohm

Joseph Kohm, III
Director, Public Policy

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