FL PP Defund Graphic

Florida Gov. Rick Scott signed a law which dials back taxpayer funding to all abortion facilities in the state, including Planned Parenthood. That makes Florida the 12th state to do so.

HB 1411 moves funds going to Planned Parenthood to hundreds of low-cost, federally qualified community health clinics.

“This is a historic victory, and we are thrilled to have been an active part of this effort,” said John Stemberger with the Florida Family Policy Council. “The real heroes in this victory are Senator Kelli Stargel and Representative Colleen Burton, both of Lakeland. These women are to be commended for their courage and conviction, leading on this issue which voters have been concerned about for decades.”

The push to defund Planned Parenthood was highlighted by videos released by the Center for Medical Progress. It’s founder, David Daleiden, is now in federal court defending his right to uncover abuses in the abortion industry, specifically, Planned Parenthood.

Gov. Scott previously had been unwilling to take action – then the Legislature got involved.

“In spite of receiving tens of thousands of communications from Florida voters,” Stemberger said, “the governor refused to do so, mainly claiming that he could not take action due to federal law. Nonetheless, we are pleased that Gov. Scott did follow the Legislature’s lead and signed this important bill into law.”


Florida Governor urged to sign HB 1411 bill into law.

The Florida Legislature passed HB 1411, a bill that cuts state funding to abortion facilities, including Planned Parenthood.

If signed into law, the money that would have gone to Planned Parenthood now goes to hundreds of deserving low-cost community health clinics and women’s health centers.

“Republicans in the Florida Legislature are to be commended,” said John Stemberger, president of the Florida Family Policy Council, “for showing leadership and for doing the right thing by passing this historic piece of legislation.”

The bill now goes to Gov. Rick Scott for his signature. If signed, Florida would join Texas, Utah, Kansas, New Hampshire, Alabama, Arkansas and Louisiana in defunding Planned Parenthood.

“On behalf of thousands of Floridians who object to their taxes going to fund Planned Parenthood,” Stemberger said, “I continue to urge Gov. Scott to sign this good bill into law.”