It’s a dark day in Colorado.

This afternoon, Governor Jared Polis signed into law a radical abortion bill (HB22-1279). This law strips away all restrictions and regulations on abortion in the state. Plus, it prohibits any local restrictions on abortion from being enacted at any time in the future!

Some examples of what has now been outlawed in Colorado:

This bill is nothing short of a tragedy.

But the truth is, it’s just a taste of where the pro-abortion lobby is headed as they fearfully await a decision in the Supreme Court case that challenged Roe v. Wade.

Whether in that case or another future case, the abortion lobby knows that Roe’s time is running short. And they know that if Roe is overturned, it will be up to each state to decide the fate of its unborn children.

Their response? Push harder than ever for abortion and make it more difficult for states to pass or maintain pro-life protections.

In many cases – like Colorado – the abortion lobby has started its efforts ahead of time.

In others, you can expect a strong anti-life push as soon as the Supreme Court makes any kind of pro-life decision. What kinds of things could happen? Here’s a sampling:

The bottom line is this: when Roe v. Wade is overturned – and even before it is – abortion activists will fight like never before to keep abortion in your state.

That’s why it’s critical that every one of us is engaged to stand for life like never before around the country. For you, that may include:

Don’t know where to start? Click the image below to find out where your state is at on abortion and get plugged in!

Abortion activists will do everything they can to keep abortion in our country. Let’s do all we can to protect every life instead.


Meridian Baldacci
Director of Strategy

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The radical sex ed bill, HB 1032, is now the law in Colorado. Last Friday, Governor Polis signed the contentious legislation that bans religious, moral, and ethical perspectives on sex and gender from being taught in the classroom and prohibits teachers from stressing abstinence as a healthy sexual choice.

Governor Polis (who is an openly gay LGBT-activist) also signed three other controversial pieces of legislation many of you opposed including:

The Battle is Not Over!

Though these laws are an affront to our rights, the battle for healthy families and robust religious freedoms is not over in Colorado. In fact, the real work begins now! There is still a lot we can do to protect our children, our parental rights, and our families! You must know that most Coloradans do not agree with or support the extreme legislation that our legislature is passing or what the Governor is signing into law. We are seeing what happens when both branches of our legislature and the governorship are controlled by one party with a sweeping radical agenda to force their ideology onto others.

Tens of thousands of you voiced your concern and even outrage to your legislators, objecting to these bills through letters, phone calls, and testifying. We can and must take that momentum and energy from fighting these bad bills and direct all our efforts towards the 2020 election and restoring pro-family values in Colorado.

We must stay alert, vigilant, and well-informed. We must work together to ensure that as Coloradans we are electing representatives who will actually advance legislation that represents our values in office.

Parents and families joined together to make their voices heard in a big way this year—tens of thousands of you! So we know that together, by God’s grace, we can make a difference in Colorado. This is why we are committed to you and working hard to see pro-family changes throughout our state in the next year!

Our Commitment to You!

We are committed to supporting legislators and candidates in Colorado who will uphold your traditional family values and religious liberties.

We are committed to ensuring you have up-to-date information on not only the issues that matter to you but also on legislators currently in office who may claim they’re conservative but do not vote for conservative and pro-family values.

We are committed to supporting candidates who will not tolerate or accept the chipping away of our rights but will stand firm for biblical principles and not be swayed.

We can make a difference in Colorado and we hope you’ll join us! The 2020 elections in Colorado can turn this state around and be momentous for families that wish to live in a state where God is honored, religious freedom flourishes, families thrive, and life is cherished.

Will you invest today in our efforts to ensure better leadership in our state, to keep Colorado families informed about important policies and elections that affect them, and to help families like yours take action in the Centennial state with your gift?

The Family Policy Alliance Team



On Friday, the Colorado Legislature finished the 2019 session, but not before passing three more bills that undermine the family. The bills are on their way to Gov. Polis, so we are asking to you to speak up to him right away!

Here are the three bills:

As you may be aware, Gov. Polis has a history of radical, LGBT activism. However, regardless of what he is likely to do with these bills, it’s critical that he hears from thousands of Coloradans who oppose them. Without strong opposition from Coloradans, he will likely feel that he has a license to push even harder next year.

Here’s what you can do:

  1. Send him an email on these three bills with just a click at our Action Center.
  2. Call his office at (303) 866-2471 and politely ask him to veto House Bills 1032, 1120 and 1192.
  3. Please pass the word and rally other Colorado folks to do the same!

Thank you for speaking up and standing strong!

The Family Policy Alliance Team

On Tuesday, Colorado took a giant step to the Left. The voters of our state chose as their leader someone who is not only the first openly gay man to be elected governor in any state, but he can accurately be described as the first gay activist to be elected governor.

Jared Polis was one of the three LGBT-inspired mega-donors who joined with Tim Gill more than a decade ago – pouring multiplied millions into transforming Colorado politics and policies.

Now, he’s governor. And after his party took control of the state Senate on Tuesday, he has his friends and allies in charge of both houses of the legislature. If you’re familiar with the Polis progressive agenda, that’s a scary reality for our state:

So what are we to do now?

Finally, here’s a little perspective that may be an encouragement. Remember when Barrack Obama was first elected in 2008? It didn’t take long for Americans to wake up and realize the damage that his radical agenda was having on our country. Just two years later, Obama’s party lost 65 seats in the U.S. House.

Positive change can happen quickly.  To that end, let’s pray, stand firm and engage for action!

Jack Phillips isn’t running for any election this year, but he sure has a lot riding on the outcome of one of the most closely watched races in this 2018 midterm election.

You know Jack as the family man and bakery owner from Colorado who was punished by the Colorado Civil Rights Commission for declining to create custom cakes that would violate his sincere Christian faith.

Jack Phillips

Thankfully, just this June, the U.S. Supreme Court decisively ruled that the Colorado Civil Rights Commission had violated Jack’s rights—with even liberal justices on the Court ruling in Jack’s favor in the Masterpiece Cakeshop decision. This hasn’t stopped the Commission from going after Jack again—this time for declining to create a cake celebrating a person’s “gender transition.”

Learn more about Jack.

While Jack is back in court defending his faith, Colorado voters have a decision to make that will impact Jack, other people of faith in Colorado, and ultimately the entire country. The decision in the Colorado Governor’s race is one of the key races in the country this November.

Jared Polis

One of the candidates running for Colorado Governor is Jared Polis, an LGBT activist and liberal congressman who supports the Commission’s actions in targeting Jack for his faith. In fact, Polis has made supporting the Commission one of his key election platforms. And worse yet, as governor, Polis would have the power to appoint even more radical members to the Commission.

This means that things could get even worse for Jack and other people of faith in Colorado. 

The problem is—most voters in Colorado don’t know that Polis supports how the Commission targeted Jack, or that other states have already looked at the Colorado Commission as an example in how to target their own people of faith!

We need your help today!

We are working to reach as many voters as possible with this video, revealing how Polis will make things worse for Jack and other people of faith.

Will you stand with Jack and help spread the word? Every $20 reaches 500 key voters in Colorado!

Standing with Jack,

Paul Weber,
President & CEO

P.S. Jared Polis is ahead in the polls right now…but only by 7 points! This means that people of faith in Colorado can make the difference in this election! Please give to make sure as many voters as possible in Colorado know to Stand With Jack this election!


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Jared Polis, the Boulder congressman who is running for Governor of Colorado, has some explaining to do.

Polis is best known as the gay-identified mega-millionaire who joined with Tim Gill to swerve Colorado politics to the Left over a decade ago. But he’s also become well known for his aggressive push to turn Colorado health care over to the government through a socialized, single-payer plan.

While he cloaks that plan in terms of compassion, the real story of socialized medicine around the world is one of rationed care and cold-hearted government control.

Perhaps nothing captures that reality better than the story of Baby Oliver. He’s the British boy who was given up on by Britain’s single-payer system – until concern about a public-relations nightmare forced them to allow American doctors to save his life.

Please send a quick message to Jared Polis today, urging him to renounce his plan for a socialized, single-payer health care system in Colorado. We’ve pre-drafted a message, so it only takes seconds on our Action Center.

He needs to hear from an overwhelming number of Coloradans who will not stand idly by while our health care is taken over by the government.

Thanks for making your voice heard!

The Family Policy Alliance Team – in partnership with our allies at Colorado Family Action