This week, the U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA) announced it will not enforce a longstanding policy during the COVID-19 pandemic that requires abortion-inducing drugs to be dispensed during an in-person doctor’s visit. In-person appointments are critical to minimize serious health risks to women both before and after an abortion. But, the Biden Administration chose to appease the powerful abortion lobby instead of protecting women.

This announcement is very likely the pre-cursor to a permanent removal of this important safety regulation and others which will put countless women at risk of health complications, including death.

Chemical abortion is big—and risky—business, especially for Planned Parenthood, where chemical abortion makes up 56% of all abortions performed. This is not by accident. Abortion activists have been quietly building a new business model to target young women through their phones and the internet. When safety regulations are loosened – as the FDA has just done – women suffer. Abortion-inducing drugs are four times more dangerous than surgical abortion, and can cause severe infection, heavy bleeding, loss of fertility and even death.

The change in policy at the FDA is just the latest example of the Biden Administration’s anti-woman agenda, which also includes a push to allow men to take women’s places in athletic competitions and to give them access to private women’s spaces like locker rooms, bathrooms and shelters. Fortunately, the states are pushing back on the Administration’s radical social agenda and are making great strides to protect women.

Family Policy Alliance is part of a national coalition of pro-life, pro-woman organizations that has been working across the nation this year to regulate the chemical abortion industry state by state. We realized last year that the federal FDA safety regulations for chemical abortion drugs were at great risk of repeal if a pro-abortion president were elected.  It’s clear that each state must pass protocols to regulate the dispensing and reporting of abortion-inducing pills if women are to be protected long-term.

Already, six states (Arizona, Arkansas, Indiana, Montana, Oklahoma, and Texas) have acted on our coalition’s model legislation to codify the FDA’s longstanding safety regulations, prevent mail-order abortions, and mandate reporting of chemical abortions.  Half of them – Arkansas, Indiana, and Montana – are awaiting their governor’s signature, and several more states are expected to introduce the legislation soon.

As the Biden Administration runs full steam ahead with an anti-woman and anti-life agenda, FPA and our allies will continue to advocate for the rights and safety of women and children in every state. Your support – both prayerfully and financially – enables us to keep fighting for the family. For that, we are most grateful.


Amanda Banks
Director, External Relations



HHS Assistant Secretary Nominee Rachel Levine

Despite promises of “unity” in January, President Biden’s parade of nominees to serve in important cabinet positions demonstrates allegiance to a radical, one-sided agenda.

Just last week, on an almost entirely partisan vote, the Senate confirmed Biden’s pick for Secretary of Health and Human Services, Xavier Becerra. Mr. Becerra now leads HHS with no relevant medical experience. Instead, he comes to this important post with a resume reflecting a political career dedicated to extreme positions on abortion and opposing religious freedom – even for nuns and crisis pregnancy centers – throughout his time as a U.S. Representative and attorney general in California.

TODAY, the U.S. Senate will determine whether to confirm Biden’s pick for Xavier Becerra’s Assistant Secretary of Health, Dr. Rachel Levine.

Here’s where Big Tech Censorship comes in. In January, Twitter locked out Focus on the Family’s The Daily Citizen from their own Twitter account for correctly identifying Dr. Levine as a biological male who now identifies as a woman. Twitter claimed that stating this fact was “hateful conduct.” Big Tech must have decided to control any narrative around Dr. Levine because the censoring of Focus on the Family was not an isolated incident.

UPDATE: Despite appeals to Twitter, Focus on the Family is still locked out of their account.

Your support made it possible for Family Policy Alliance to jump into action. We launched a campaign on Twitter, challenging the tech giant – #AreWeNext to get banned simply for stating biological fact? Members of Congress and nearly 50 state and national organizations joined in the #AreWeNext campaign to defend our friends at Focus on the Family, including penning a letter to Twitter.

In fact, so many of you responded, that we’re only 4,000 away from 50,000 individual Americans signing our petition to Twitter that we’d like to deliver very soon!

If you have not yet signed our petition to Twitter to stop their censorship and free Focus on the Family’s account, please add your name here!


Since Focus on the Family was censored by Twitter for correctly identifying Dr. Rachel Levine’s biological sex, Dr. Levine has been through nomination hearings in the U.S. Senate. His answers to certain questions again revealed adherence to a radical political agenda – unfitting and deeply concerning for a national health policy leader.

Dr. Levine has openly advocated that even young children should be able to take experimental hormones to “transition” to the opposite sex—and that parents shouldn’t intervene. When Senator Rand Paul (KY) asked Dr. Levine whether children are indeed capable of making such life-altering decisions like “changing their sex,” Dr. Levine refused to answer the question.

In nearly every other area of law and life, minors are considered incapable of making adult decisions because their brains are not yet fully developed. This is why children can’t enter into contracts, why they are not typically treated as adults in criminal proceedings, and why parents have to sign permission forms for them to take a Tylenol at school.

A person considered for a top position in leading our nation’s health policy should be able to recognize that children are in need of protection, especially when it comes to their health. A person who believes that a 14-year-old has the mental capacity to assess the long-term consequences of a double-mastectomy on a healthy body is not fit for a top position in the Department of Health.

Tell your Senators to VOTE NO TODAY on Dr. Rachel Levine today!

Sending a message to your senators only takes one minute through our Action Center. Please tell them to vote no!

Thank you for taking action!

Autumn Leva
Vice President for Strategy


P.S. Twitter should not be censoring truth, and Dr. Levine’s radical agenda for children has no place in America’s health policy. We have to draw a firm line when it comes to truth, and when it comes to protecting our children. Please join us today:

Tell your Senators to vote NO on Rachel Levine.

Sign the Petition to Twitter: STOP Censoring!

The Biden Administration is on a mission to erase women.

Today is International Women’s Day, but on a day that he should be celebrating women, President Biden signed two sweeping Executive Orders that undermine women across America.

How can we stop this agenda before it’s too late? Read on or click here to take action now.

The LGBT Czars

Last year, during the Presidential debates, we wrote to you about Kamala Harris’s policy dreams, including establishing a White House LGBT czar. Dubbed the “Chief Advocate for LGBTQ+ Affairs”, this individual would work with agencies throughout the federal government to advance the LGBT agenda.

Today, Vice President Harris got her wish – or some version of it. Biden’s first order establishes a “Gender Policy Council”.

The New York Times has called it “the most powerful body of its kind to date.” And the Council’s co-chair described it as “not just a council,” but “a plan to take a government-wide approach to gender equity and equality.”

Leading officials and cabinet members from across the Administration will be required to participate. In education, health care, housing, and even foreign policy, the Biden Administration will use taxpayer dollars to advance the transgender agenda and “reproductive…rights” (read: abortion).

According to the new Council’s co-chair, “We are very inclusive in our definition of gender.” That’s code for “men can be women, too.”

On International Women’s Day, the President has created a Council that ERASES women.

But that’s not the only Executive Order erasing women. The second order redefines “sex” in Title IX.

Title IX is the federal law that bans sex discrimination in educational environments. It played a critical role in allowing women to finally get their own chance at sports, among other things.

But today, President Biden redefined sex in Title IX to include sexual orientation and gender identity. This change will affect schools across the nation. Practically, it means that if a male declares that he feels he is a female, he will likely be allowed to…

In other words, on a day meant to honor women, President Biden signed two executive orders that ERASE women, even handing women’s opportunities to biological men.


These changes remind us eerily of the federal Equality Act, which would introduce many of these same changes – and more – across the nation. But there are key differences between the Equality Act and the President’s Executive Orders. First, while an Executive Order can be easily undone by a new Presidential administration, a law passed by Congress cannot be. Second, Presidents, unlike Congress, aren’t supposed to develop new laws. Biden’s executive orders are his attempt to get around Congress’s lawmaking process.

President Biden has been a strong proponent of the Equality Act, promising to sign it in his first 100 days in office. His release of these policies now could reflect his awareness that the American people are strongly pushing back against the Equality Act in the U.S. Senate – and that executive orders far outside the bounds of his authority may be his best attempt at advancing a radical political agenda.

We’re encouraged by that – but we’re also reminded that we must stop the Equality Act. Biden’s Executive Orders, bad as they are, will likely be challenged in court and can be easily undone by a new president. If made law, the Equality Act could not be so easily undone.

The U.S. Senate could vote on the Equality Act any day, and we MUST make it crystal clear that Americans are opposed to it.

So please, take action today. Use our Action Center to send a message to both of your U.S. Senators. Then, spread the word to friends.

Let’s make sure that these unconstitutional Executive Orders aren’t set in stone through the so-called “Equality Act.”

Meridian Baldacci
Policy and Communications Strategist


P.S. Please contact your Senators now. It only takes a minute in our Action Center.

UPDATE: This morning, the Senate Finance Committee – on a tie vote – approved the nomination of Xavier Becerra to President Biden’s Cabinet – sending his nomination to the full Senate for a vote that could happen early next week.

When it comes to issues related to life and religious freedom, there is no more important Cabinet position than the Secretary of Health and Human Services. Unfortunately, Xavier Becerra, Biden’s nominee for this critical position, continues to turn heads in all the wrong ways.

We told you last month about Becerra’s stunning hostility to pro-life policies and groups – including suing Catholic nuns to impose pro-abortion policies.

But the jaw-dropping positions from Becerra just keep on coming. As our friends at California Family Council have revealed, Becerra holds that freedom of religion does not apply to churches and other religious organizations!

In his confirmation hearing for California Attorney General on January 10, 2017, he was asked about a California bill that would have forced religious universities to change their moral behavior codes and housing policies.

Becerra responded that there is no First Amendment protection for religious institutions, which would include not only religious schools but also churches:

“On religious protections, the protection for religion is for the individual. I think it is important to distinguish between protections that you are affording to the individual to exercise his or her religion freely, versus protections you are giving to some institution or entity who is essentially bootstrapping the First Amendment protections on behalf of somebody else.”

This extreme view regarding religious freedom is yet another reason that his nomination should be defeated in the U.S. Senate!

TAKE ACTION: If you agree that Xavier Becerra is the wrong choice to lead HHS, please make your voice heard to your two U.S. senators, who could vote on his nomination in just days! It only takes a minute on our Action Center.

Then please do one more thing: Spread the word. Every American who cares about protecting life and religious freedom needs to know and needs to speak up.

For Life and Religious Freedom,

John Paulton
Mobilization Manager


Take Action

So far, President Biden has been everything we thought he’d be. He’s cranked out unconstitutional executive orders, weakened our position internationally, doubled down on big government, and consistently revealed that he is beholden to the fringe.

This is what we expected from Joe Biden. What we don’t yet know, however, is how much he will be able to achieve. Is Biden a weak and liberal White House occupant who – while doing much harm to our country – will mostly be confined to toothless executive orders? Or, with a House and Senate under his Party’s control, can he achieve lasting damage? Here are some national notes:

Senator Joe Manchin flexed his muscle a bit last week by opposing the confirmation of Neera Tanden for director of the Office of Management and Budget. Manchin (D-WV) is one of the most consequential people in Washington – given his occasional conservative leanings and red state representation. In a 50-50 Senate, any Manchin defection means a Republican would need to join Democrats in order to pass any bill or confirm any nominee. This definitely drops the chances of a Tanden confirmation – one of Biden’s more bizarre cabinet picks – but, more importantly, it gives some hope that Manchin, who also opposes Biden’s massive minimum wage hike, will defect on more consequential matters.

Another ideologically driven Biden pick, Xavier Becerra for Health and Human Secretary, is shaping up to be one of the biggest cabinet battles. Becerra, a former Congressman and California Attorney General, does not have a background in medicine or health. Instead, he has a long history of advancing radical pro-abortion policies – including opposing the end of horrifying partial birth abortion practices – and attacking pro-life and religious institutions. He’s had a long legal battle with Little Sisters of the Poor, trying to force them to include abortion-inducing drugs in their health plans. In an op-ed, Senator Josh Hawley wrote: “No one who has shown such disregard for religious liberty and conscience should wield such influence over Americans’ daily lives.” We agree, and that’s why we are part of a coalition aimed at opposing his confirmation.

The Equality Act is back, and it’s as bad as you hear it is. It was reintroduced in the House last week, and we expect it to be fast-tracked to a vote in short order. The effects of passage could be severe including threatening:

Hiring practices of churches and religious schools and institutions

We are proud to be part of the coalition to oppose this evil legislation and have signed on to the Promise to America’s Children.

We cannot forget about H.R. 1 – the Left’s attempt to take control of the elections process. This maniacal bill represents a national takeover of elections and campaign finance in a way engineered to benefit their electoral chances. Currently, the House plans to take up this legislation after COVID relief in March. Here is a great report from the Heritage Foundation on the challenges with this bill.

Amazon takes a “stand” AGAINST science. The site recently removed Ryan Anderson’s book “When Harry Became Sally: Responding to the Transgender Moment” without warning or reason. This is sad and disappointing. While some rushed to urge government intervention to force Amazon to once again list Andersons book, I’d urge caution against such a wayward philosophy. A government that can force Amazon to sell this good book can also force a church with a Christian bookstore to sell a book that advocates for wickedness. Instead, we’d urge people, not government, to act. If you’re interested in this book, it can still be purchased here.

While the coming weeks will determine how deep Biden’s effectiveness will go, there is always hope. There is hope that his priorities will be defeated. There is hope because a judiciary – remade by President Trump and the Republican Senate Majority over 4 years – is far more likely to step in and reverse liberal overstepping than ever before. There is hope because states, still controlled by center-right governors and legislatures, can stand in the gap. And, there is hope because we serve a God who both has acted and intervened on behalf of our nation in the past and who has already claimed victory for His Kingdom in the future.

As we fight at the Georgia Capitol, we will continue to engage with our allies nationally and keep you informed as well.

For His Glory,

Cole Muzio
President and Executive Director

“Do you want the good news or the bad news first?” I usually say “the bad news” when this question is asked of me. So, we’ll start there today – but remember, the good news follows!

The Biden Administration has enacted a jaw-dropping 39 executive orders since assuming office less than two weeks ago. Unfortunately, many of these orders are contrary to our most deeply held values, including the sanctity of human life—showing how out-of-step President Biden and his Administration are with how Americans view babies in the womb and their mothers.

Most notably, President Biden signed an executive order to rescind the Mexico City Policy and the Promoting Life in Global Health Policy, both of which prevented taxpayer dollars from funding international groups that provide or advocate for abortion.

Biden has also said he intends to reinstate Title X family planning dollars to abortion providers and scrap the decades-old Hyde Amendment which bars taxpayer dollars from funding domestic abortions. (This is especially disappointing after Biden supported the Hyde Amendment for his entire career, only reversing course in 2019 while campaigning for president.)

He has nominated a well-known pro-abortion advocate – who many say lacks administrative and health credentials – to head the Department of Health and Human Services.

And perhaps most concerning of all, on the 48th anniversary of Roe v. Wade last Friday, President Biden stated his unequivocal commitment to codifying the so-called right to abortion in federal law.

As concerning as this declaration is (and his other pro-abortion actions are), President Biden’s statement ties to the good news of the current pro-life landscape – and that is, most notably – the states. With the Biden Administration moving quickly to promote pro-abortion policies, state legislatures appear energized to pass laws to protect preborn babies and their mothers. Here are just a few examples:

After significant pro-life gains in the Kansas elections last November, both chambers passed a constitutional amendment in January to affirm there is no right to abortion and the legislature can regulate the abortion industry. This is vitally important in Kansas where the state Supreme Court is poised to force unlimited abortion statewide. Now, the “Value Them Both” amendment will go before the people in Kansas as a ballot initiative in 2022.

The Kentucky legislature sent seven pro-life bills to Democrat Governor Andy Beshear this month. He vetoed six of them, but allowed one – a bill to protect infants born alive during abortions – to become law. This pro-life victory was a very welcome surprise to Kentuckians and all pro-life advocates.

In South Carolina, the Senate passed – and the House is expected to soon follow suit – a “heartbeat bill” to prohibit abortion after a fetal heartbeat is detected, at about six weeks gestation. If and when the bill becomes law, South Carolina will become the eleventh state with this pro-life protection.

Family Policy Alliance® is proud to be part of a national coalition to promote model state legislation to codify FDA safety regulations on the chemical abortion industry. Unfortunately, these important safeguards are now at risk of repeal by the Biden Administration. With chemical abortions on the rise – now comprising more than 40% of all U.S. abortions – and abortion-inducing drugs being four times more dangerous to women than surgical abortions, it is vital that states act quickly. Currently, four states – Arizona, Montana, Oklahoma and Texas – have introduced our coalition’s model legislation to help protect women and save innocent lives.

There are dozens of other pro-life bills moving in state legislatures around the country, as well as in the U.S. Congress.

At the federal level, bills include the Born Alive Infant Protection Act authored by Sen. Ben Sasse (R-Neb.) to protect babies born alive during abortions, the Pain Capable Unborn Child Act introduced by Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) to ban abortions after 20 weeks, the Second Chance at Life Act introduced by Rep. Doug Lamborn (R-Colo.) to require abortion businesses provide information on the risks of – and reversibility of – chemical abortions, and the SAVE Moms and Babies Act authored by Rep. Bob Latta (R-Ohio) to safeguard FDA regulations on chemical abortion and prohibit dispensing abortion-inducing drugs remotely.

Pro-life members of Congress are also going on the defensive. Statesmen Academy alumnus Rep. Jim Banks (R-Ind.) sent a letter signed by 200 representatives to House leadership last week pledging “to vote against any government funding bill that eliminates or weakens the Hyde Amendment or other current-law, pro-life appropriations provisions.” Even as Democrat leadership in Congress and the White House intend to reverse Hyde, this letter could have real consequences as a majority vote in Congress requires just 218 votes.

The members’ pledge also aligns with the current public opinion in America. The Knights of Columbus released a report last week that shows 58% of Americans oppose taxpayer funding of domestic abortions and even more (77%) are against paying for international abortions. At the same time, Students for Life of America published findings that more than 7 out of 10 Millennials and Gen Z support limits on abortion and nearly half support banning abortion after a fetal heartbeat is detected.

As action in state legislatures, bills introduced by pro-life members of Congress, and public opinion bear out, the pro-life movement in America is alive and well! There is reason for encouragement even as we acknowledge the pro-abortion forces now at work in our nation. As we journey with you through the political and cultural realities of our time, Family Policy Alliance will keep you informed and equipped to make a difference in the fight for life, decency, faith, and truth. Stay tuned to our email updates and engage with us on Facebook and Twitter as we advocate for our shared values and seek to honor God in public policy and discourse.

For Life,

Autumn Leva
Vice President for Strategy


Things are moving quickly right now, both in Boise and in Washington, D.C. Here’s a quick update on news you should know:

Biden’s Anti-Family Agenda Steams Ahead

The new presidential administration has wasted no time in enacting its radical, anti-family policies.

Within hours of his inauguration, President Biden signed one of the most revolutionary executive orders in decades. The directive calls on federal agencies to review and revise current rules pertaining to sexual orientation and gender identity.

The executive order is heavily focused on schools, paving the way for the federal government to allow biological males to use girls’ bathrooms and locker rooms and compete in girls’ school sports.

President Biden also signed an executive order today that repeals the Mexico City Policy, allowing American tax dollars to flow to organizations that perform abortions in other countries.

More States Consider Legislation to #SaveGirlsSports

Last year, Idaho became the first state in the nation to pass the Fairness in Women’s Sports Act, the groundbreaking law that protects a fair playing field for girls in school sports. Similar bills have now been filed in nearly a dozen other state legislatures, including Montana, where their bill is advancing quickly.

This pro-women legislation preserves the promise and spirit of Title IX for future generations of girls who desire to prove themselves on the field. We’re excited to see other states follow in the footsteps of Idaho!

Idaho Bills Protect Child Entrepreneurs and School Sports

The 2021 Idaho Legislative Session has entered its third week – and things are as busy as always! Here are two bills you should know about:

  1. Brent Crane (R-Nampa) and Barbara Ehardt (R-Idaho Falls) have introduced legislation to lift attendance limits placed on gatherings, including school sports and other school events. “What has happened to these children in the midst of this pandemic in my opinion is unconscionable,” Rep. Crane said.
  2. The Lemonade Stand Freedom Act (HB21), sponsored by Rep. Ron Nate (R-Rexburg), would prevent the state and local governments from shutting down small, youth-run businesses like lemonade stands because of permit, license, and tax requirements. A state tax commission officer threatened to shut down a pumpkin stand operated without a permit by two young Lewiston siblings in 2010.

As always, I am grateful for your partnership as we work together to build an Idaho where God is honored, religious freedom flourishes, families thrive, and life is cherished.

Blaine Conzatti
Executive Director


We’ve all heard the classic folktale about the Emperor with no clothes. False “weavers” sold the unfortunate Emperor invisible “clothes,” and everyone around him only  told him everything he wanted to hear, too afraid to speak the truth. It got so bad that the Emperor ultimately led an important procession before the crowds wearing nothing but his underwear, thinking he was wearing elaborate and fine clothing because everyone told him he was. What’s worse—he was too afraid to admit even to himself that he wasn’t wearing the fine clothing, desperate for their approval and admiration.

I’m sad to say that at only seven days in office, President Biden is already acting like an emperor, and he thinks he’s wearing fine clothing.

On his first day in office, President Biden issued an executive order directing his Administration to implement the transgender political agenda far and wide as a hat tip to the activists who supported his bid for office. This executive order is setting up a tsunami of policy changes that absolutely will affect every American family. With a stroke of his pen, he declared that the word “boy” can mean the word “girl.” Everyone, even those on the far left, knows that this can never be a physical reality, but President Biden’s words will make everyone pretend that it is.

Tell your governor and state legislators that President Biden’s transgender executive order must not stand!

He will attempt to force every public school to let boys play on girls’ athletic teams. He will insist that men (who say they are women) be housed at shelters specifically for women—even though those women have often been victims of sexual assault or domestic violence. He will attempt to force this ideology into every aspect of public-school curriculum—pre-kindergarten on up to high school. He plans to force doctors to perform physical interventions on children’s healthy bodies to make them better “identify” with the opposite sex—often rendering these children sterile and experimentally interrupting their natural onset of puberty, regardless of whether the doctor thinks this is in the child’s best interest. And on and on.

The truth of sex as male and female, as God uniquely designed us, is rightly so integrally woven throughout our law that the impact President Biden’s edict will have is not even comprehensible.

And yet the masses pretend right along with President Biden, no one daring to say otherwise. And his advisers and political activists on the Left call in “experts” to support their gender theory—telling him they’re giving him elaborate garments to wear.

But reality is worse than the folktale. In the story, only the Emperor is harmed as he embarrassingly wanders around in his underwear. In this case, Biden’s massive policy change will most directly harm women and children. What’s the point in shattering glass ceilings if men are really the ones holding the hammer? And how do we explain this to children whose lives and bodies have been irreparably harmed in order to further a lie?

And to top it all off, Joe Biden isn’t even an Emperor! Here in America, we aren’t supposed to have kings, thrones or edicts. Yet he’s walking around like the folktale emperor, attempting to make massive policy changes with his pen.

Here in America, we have three separate branches of government (Legislative, Judiciary and Executive) meant to serve as checks against one another. And, we have dual systems of government, the federal government and each state’s government, operating as sovereigns and serving as checks on one another. Policy changes are supposed to come from the branch most closely connected to the people, the Legislative branch—not the Executive branch, which holds the presidency.

In fact, the Legislative branch has been debating the kind of policy change President Biden wrote up out of thin air—a bill called the “Equality Act,” that would make a person’s LGBT status a protected class of the highest kind in law. This would give a person identifying as LGBT the same level of special protection in law that we give based on the classifications of race, national origin, and religion. This is an extremely dangerous policy, and Congress has rejected its passage every time.

President Biden and his advisers know all this—and how much work it actually takes to pass a law—so he attempted to make this sweeping change himself by writing it up as an executive order. He’s operating like an emperor, far outside the bounds of his executive branch authority.

So when we have a makeshift emperor wandering around, with no one daring to tell him he’s been sold fake clothes, and perhaps much of the country too busy to notice while they fight with each other, what are we as believers to do? Because we must do something!

What you can do to engage our government, in a manner worthy of the Gospel.

The beautiful thing about the folktale is that a little child is the one who finally speaks the truth and tells the emperor he’s not wearing any clothing. I love this because of the biblical connection—God’s Word tells us to be as little children. May we all have the childlike faith, boldness and love to engage in our system of government.

Individual families and the states themselves can push back against the direction the Biden Administration is moving—serving as a check on the government. For example, Biden’s executive order looks to force schools to permit boys in girls’ sports. But last year Family Policy Alliance helped Idaho pass a law specifically reserving girls’ sports for girls—and seven more states are already following Idaho’s lead this year, moving “save girls’ sports” legislation through the process. This sends a powerful message to Washington, D.C.

Especially when it comes to our children, we have to draw a hard line in our states, and the time is now. Join us in sending a message to your state legislators and governor: President Biden’s transgender agenda is outside his authority and harmful to children, and must be stopped.

Send your message now– it only takes one minute through our Action Center, which sends a message automatically to your state policymakers.

What you can do spiritually

Even when we disagree with our leaders, we are called to pray for them. So, we will continue to lift up President Biden and his advisers in prayer before the throne of Heaven. He has been deeply deceived on this issue and needs our prayers.

Please consider joining our prayer initiative, where we are praying and seeking to restore God as first in this country—Under God, One Nation. You can reserve a time where you will commit to lifting up our country and its leaders to our True King.

I don’t know about you, but I’d rather be the child telling the Emperor he’s been sold fake clothing than the Emperor’s advisors who feed him lies to protect themselves and seek their own interest.

For truth—and in love,

Autumn Leva
Vice President for Strategy

Xavier Becerra, pictured with Hillary Clinton, is President Biden’s pick to head HHS. Known for his vendetta against pro-lifers, he’s been nominated to lead the agency that most deals with the issue of abortion. Ask your senators to oppose his nomination.


As the Biden era began yesterday, I was reminded of an old football maxim: “The quarterback gets too much credit and too much blame.” He’s the focal point, yes, but the outcome is determined by the whole team.

There’s a related maxim in politics – one that was drilled into my head as a 20-something working in D.C.: “Personnel is policy.” Who we elect is critical, but who that leader puts in positions of power makes an enormous difference in the outcome.

So as we heard President Biden give a speech that focused on unity – a welcome theme after all the anger and turmoil – the natural reaction was to wonder how long that refrain will last. A big hint came in the afternoon with his one-sided executive orders.

But the best clues as to how this new administration will play out are his picks for the Cabinet. And when it comes to the issues of life and religious freedom, all eyes first go to Health and Human Services (HHS).

HHS is a sprawling bureaucracy that now has the largest budget of any federal agency, and its jurisdiction covers many of the issues that Family Policy Alliance is most engaged in. During the Trump Administration, it was led by an extraordinary number of outstanding leaders who were committed to life, religious liberty and the centrality of the family.

But it appears that Joe Biden intends for HHS to do an abrupt U-turn, based on his choice of California Attorney General Xavier Becerra to lead it.

Before he was AG of California, Becerra served in the U.S. House for 24 years. His record was staunchly pro-abortion, earning him a 100 percent rating from Planned Parenthood. He opposed all protections for the preborn, even up to the moment of birth. Even the liberal Vanity Fair magazine described him as a “strident supporter” of abortion rights.

Likewise, in his more than two decades in Congress, he got 100 percent marks from the leading LGBT lobbying group and from the anti-religious freedom ACLU.

Four years ago, he was chosen by Gov. Jerry Brown to succeed Kamala Harris as California Attorney General. In that powerful post, his extreme ideology ran rampant.

Becerra is the one responsible for rabidly prosecuting David Daleiden, whose undercover videos exposed Planned Parenthood’s alleged profiteering from harvesting and trafficking the organs of preborn children.

And he sued the Little Sisters of the Poor to force them to pay for services that directly violate their religious convictions. Now, he is litigating to remove their religious exemption in the state of California.

This nominee has no medical background. His passion and his experience are in the area of imposing his progressive social agenda, and he has been handpicked for the very agency that touches these issues the most.

We need more unity in America, to be sure. But nominations like this will not, and must not, bring unity.

If you agree that Xavier Becerra is the wrong choice to lead HHS, please make your voice heard to your two U.S. senators, who will soon consider his confirmation. It only takes a minute on our Action Center.

Then please do one more thing: spread the word. Every American who cares about protecting life and religious freedom needs to know and needs to speak up.

John Paulton
Mobilization Manager

Today is inauguration day. Believe me, it does not escape my notice that many are celebrating, and even gleeful, today. Still others are mourning, perhaps even depressed.

I am neither of those things. But I have resolved to strive to be three things, and I would like to invite all believers to join me in those today.

I am resolved to be hopeful—not because of who sits in the White House, but because of Who sits on the throne of Heaven. All governing authorities on Earth are subject to our God as the governing Authority. If I place my hope in any political leader of any party, I will always be disappointed. If I place my hope in Christ alone, I will never be disappointed.

What’s more, His light usually shines brightest in the darkest places.

I am resolved to be faithful. I think often about the book of Daniel because Family Policy Alliance’s theme verse comes from the book of Daniel: “The people who know their God will stand firm and take action,” (Daniel 11:32b). Daniel is a beautiful example of a faithful servant of God who obeyed every command of his governing authority, the king – except one command. In other words, he rendered unto Caesar everything that was Caesar’s. But when Caesar tried to take what was God’s (Daniel’s worship), Daniel had no choice except to disobey Caesar in order to obey God. And God blessed him and cared for him.

Today, this means that I must be obedient to our governing authorities unless they forbid me from freely worshiping the Lord and living out my faith. But, even as I am obedient, I will also stand firm and take action—speaking truth into our culture and engaging with our form of representative government, both for the sake of my neighbor and also because my faithfulness compels me.

Faithfulness compelled us to speak light into President Trump’s administration, and we will do no less in President Biden’s.

At the end of the day, I’d rather be found faithful in the lion’s den than to be found faithless and purposeless even while I am safe from the hungry lions.

I am resolved to be prayerful. God’s Word commands us to pray for those who have governing authority over us—on this His Word is clear. So today, I will pray for President Biden and his incoming administration—for God’s wisdom for them, for their salvation, and for their families. I will pray God would work in and through them for His purposes and His glory.

I will also pray for President Trump, First Lady Melania, and their family as they make this transition out of the White House, thanking God for all his work protecting the lives of babies in the womb and their mothers, and for religious freedom.

And, I will pray for a peaceful transition of power between presidents, as we have had for so many years as a nation.

We know our Pledge of Allegiance says “…one nation under God,” but we’d like to refocus that. It’s time to emphasize the Under God part. We are only a nation because of God. We engage in our form of government because of God, and we’re all subject to God first in how we engage and behave in our nation and form of government.

If you are also resolved to be these three things, I hope you will join us in praying for our country today and by signing up for our Under God, One Nation prayer initiative and rallying cry for the family of believers in our country today.


Under God, One Nation.

Craig DeRoche
President and CEO