As COVID has once again brought school home for many students, some parents may be surprised at the content their children are learning. It may be overly sexualized or otherwise objectionable, it may present radical viewpoints as fact, or it might be used by a teacher to belittle a child’s values.

Most parents will agree that’s not right – but they may not know what the next steps are to remedy the situation. Or they may not know these concerning situations are arising in the first place.

That’s why Family Policy Alliance and Focus on the Family created our Back to School—for Parents guide. Parents – not schools – are best at parenting, and they should be equipped to address situations their children may face at school. Our FREE guide gives parents the information they need to understand what may be happening at their child’s school and how to address it.

We’re honored that many leading voices have commended this new resource . Here’s what they’ve said so far:

American College of Pediatricians

“Given how pervasive socialist ideologies and online technology have become in our culture and public institutions, it has never been harder for parents to know our rights, and to properly educate and protect our children. As a pediatrician and mother of four adolescents, I can authoritatively say that Back to School—for Parents by Family Policy Alliance and Focus on the Family is the most important book a parent will ever read. Download one for yourself, and for each of your family members and friends who cherish their kids!”

Michelle Cretella, MD, Executive Director
American College of Pediatricians

American Principles Project

“Left-wing activists have completely infiltrated our schools and are doing everything they can to indoctrinate our kids into their dangerous ideology. We have to stop them. Kudos to the Family Policy Alliance and Focus on the Family for developing this wonderful educational guide to help parents protect their children.”

Terry Schilling, Executive Director
American Principles Project

Christian Medical & Dental Associations
(Endorsement of the guide’s school health rooms, clinics and counseling offices section)

“There is far more going on in school clinics today than most parents recognize. The ‘Know Your Rights in School Health Clinic and Nurses Office’ section of Family Policy Alliance’s Back to School-for Parents will give parents the important wake-up call and preparation they need as their children enter into the pre-adolescent and adolescent years.”

Jeffrey Barrows, DO, MA, (Ethics)
Senior VP Bioethics and Public Policy
Christian Medical & Dental Associations

Concerned Women for America

“Concerned Women for America stands with Family Policy Alliance and Focus on the Family on the front lines of these challenging cultural issues.  It is critical that parents be equipped with the information they need to understand and confront the gender ideology being promoted through our schools.  CWA commends Back to School—for Parents as an invaluable resource to educate and engage families and policymakers in your community.

Doreen Denny, Vice President of Government Relations
Concerned Women for America LAC

Gateways to Better Education

“Today, more than ever, Christian parents with children in public schools need to be involved. This handbook is a valuable, and much-needed, resource for every parent! It gives practical advice on how to advocate for children regarding a variety of crucial issues.”

Eric Buehrer, President
Gateways to Better Education

Save Women’s Sports
(Endorsement of the guide’s sports section)

“The issue of males competing in female sports is serious threat to women. We need to protect the rights, privacy, and safety of the future generations of females. If we continue to allow males to compete as females, female sports will cease to exist. We applaud Family Policy Alliance’s and Focus on the Family’s efforts to Save Women’s Sports.”

Beth Stelzer, Founder
Save Women’s Sports

We are so thankful to these leaders for sharing their endorsements of this guide. Download your FREE copy today and be sure to share with friends!

Parents, as you head into this Christmas week, giving your children the gift of being prepared to handle situations that arise in their public school setting is a wonderful one! And so is sharing this Guide with a fellow parent you know could use this information.

Back to School—for Parents  is Family Policy Alliance’s gift to all parents and grandparents this 2020!

Autumn Leva
Vice President for Strategy












Dear Friends,

Over the years at Family Policy Alliance, we’ve had the privilege of being entrusted with some of your (parents & grandparents) deepest concerns about your children. You’ve given us the privilege of praying for your children and of helping you decide how to best handle issues that have arisen affecting your children.

Through the course of this partnership with you, some of the saddest situations you’ve shared with us are what your children have been exposed to at school. And we’ve had the heavy responsibility to warn you about what is happening in schools across the nation.

Remember Planned Parenthood’s radical sex education curriculum that they’re pedaling in public schools or now through your children’s phones? We partnered with a diverse coalition to expose the transgender policies being sprung on children in schools, providing parents with a comprehensive guide to understanding and addressing concerns. We’ve helped rally parents to oppose a radical new LGBT curriculum requirement And lately, we’ve been fighting to save girls’ sports from becoming targets in the latest round of political attacks. And so much more.

Now we’re excited to invite you to attend a virtual eventThe Protecting Children in Education Summit

The virtual summit is a one-day-only event on August 12th, from 10:00AM – 12:00PM Eastern Time. The event is FREE, but you do need to register online!

Family Policy Alliance® is joining with our friends at The Heritage Foundation, Alliance Defending Freedom, California Family Council, Family Research Council, Family Watch International, and Massachusetts Family Institute to provide this first-ever event for parents and grandparents.

The first session will alert parents to state and federal—and even international—efforts to sexualize children using school curriculum. The second session will expose the curriculum itself and how it fails to meet legal standards.

This is sure to be an eye-opening event! And, you can watch and learn online from home or work.


We hope you’ll join us virtually!

For children,

Autumn Leva
Vice President, Strategy

Symbols are loud. Silent, but not unheard. For example, LGBT agenda flags celebrating sexual pride flying over a business or local town hall, communicate that Biblical beliefs are unwelcomed and unaccepted inside those doors. Post-modern sexuality has taken that battle hill in this eternal war for truth.

The confederate flag in similar fashion is a symbol of cultural southern pride to some, and a message to others of being unwelcomed and unaccepted. If the Mason-Dixon line were to have been extended directly due east, it would run near Penns Grove, NJ on the Western part of our state and Barnegat, NJ on the East. Despite racial tensions in south Jersey in the early 20th century and in Newark in the 1960’s, we now live in the most diverse state in the union. I am Jersey Proud!

Today, America is at odds not over symbols but over statues. It is a struggle over history. American Exceptionalism or American Fatalism? Who will win the war for the soul of our nation? If Garden State Equality lessons are used, middle school students may not know if they are a boy or a girl after sitting through Health class, but they know America is an evil oppressive nation after sitting through History class.  

NJ is not absent from the conflict. Woodrow Wilson’s name is being removed from Monmouth University’s marquee building, and in Trenton, Governor Murphy has now abandoned the desk of President Wilson in his office.

Let’s remember history, President Woodrow Wilson (D) is the father of progressivism – holding fast to a globalist, elitist, racist view of the world. Margret Sanger, the founder of Planned Parenthood was his contemporary and held identical racist ideologies. She founded the largest most powerful abortion provider in the world to systematically target people of color. Will the radical left demand the dismantling of Planned Parenthood? In NJ, our legislature awards them with 20 million dollars per year! Woodrow Wilson most assuredly would be proud.

Presidents and founding fathers who built our nation on the foundation of religion and morality will forever be tainted for their possession of slaves. Should their relative experience of a global widespread historic wrong that predated their existence, sweep away their contributions to the concepts of individualism and religious liberty? If yes, does this same standard of collective condemnation apply to modern progressive Presidents who support the destruction of tens of millions of human lives in the womb through abortion?

I am proud to be an American. Some surveys rank NJ as the least patriotic state in America, but this is not the NJ I know. This independence weekend be intentional about your patriotism. Vote in the primaries by July 7, display an American flag, serve in your church, love your neighbor, pray for your leaders.

Enjoy this Independence Weekend!

Shawn Hyland
Director of Advocacy

In 1938 a British play entitled “Gaslight” premiered at the Richmond Theatre in London. The story was set in the 1880s when streetlamps and gaslights were cutting edge technology in the fog shrouded streets and dim parlors of London.

In the story, Jack Manningham uses deceptive tactics to convince his wife Bella that she is losing her mind. Jack covertly turns down the gas-lamps occasionally and mutters to himself as he searches for jewels in an empty apartment just above the one in which he and his wife have made their home.

When Bella questions Jack about the voices she hears from the empty upstairs apartment and why the lights dim at the strangest times, he insists that everything is okay and questions whether her grasp on reality is slipping.

The play became an international sensation. It crossed the Atlantic in 1941 and became a tremendous hit on Broadway under the name “Angel Street.” The show ran continuously through the war years and even found success on the silver screen in both Britain and America.

Though it closed in 1944, it achieved immortality by coining a term that found its way into the lexicon where it is used to describe a specific kind of psychological manipulation where a victim becomes convinced that what they clearly see is wrong and possibly even the result of their own misperception; That the lies of the victimizer are right because they must be seeing things more clearly.

Last week, California Attorney General Xavier Becerra declared that state-sponsored travel to the state of Idaho would be banned because Idaho voted to save the promise of Title IX and reserve girls’ sports for girls. The legislation that preserves this promise does not restrict anyone from playing sports, it just makes sure that biological girls will compete on a level playing field as they strive to earn sports scholarships for the dream of higher education.

The California Attorney General used a method that has become all-too common in our society today. In the Cheyenne paper just last month, two articles were reprinted from the Los Angeles Times praising what they term “queer” ideology and implying that a scientific view of human sexuality was demeaning. Wyoming and American citizens are bombarded by movies, articles, concerts, and rallies proposing that science and objective reality are wrong and that anyone who would believe such a thing is morally wrong as well.

I raise this concern because Christians and conservatives can sometimes grow dispirited under such a horrifying onslaught. Time and again, this year, I have heard Christians share the sadness in their hearts. Whether it is the Superbowl halftime show, the marches that go on in celebration of the extremes of the sexual revolution, or the challenge of being called a bigot when it is genuine love that truly defines our character, some Christians start to wonder if reality is worth fighting for.

At Family Policy Alliance of Wyoming®, we are committed to encouraging you in the struggle for truth. We challenge you to put on your spiritual armor every day and be strong in the Lord and the power of His might.

God’s pure light shines through the dimming lamps. Keep your eyes on Him!


Nathan Winters
Executive Director

The sex and gender debate has never been hotter in the USA.

In the last three months:

Then today, a majority of the U.S. Supreme Court started playing a dangerous game. Sadly, Americans have come to expect judges who step outside their authority to act as lawmakers instead of law-interpreters. What the Court did today was worse—the justices acted as lawmakers, while spilling ink to justify to Americans that they were not.

In today’s opinion, the Court claimed that a longstanding federal law prohibiting discrimination on the basis of sex in the workplace should encompass “transgender and gay identity” inside the meaning of “sex”—even though nearly everyone agrees that Congress never intended that when the law was first passed. Instead of requiring the LGBT lobby to push Congress to change the law, the Court granted them a vigilante-style shortcut.

This startling action caused Justice Samuel Alito to remark, “[a] more brazen abuse of [the Court’s] authority to interpret statutes is hard to recall.” (brackets for clarity)

This is a pivotal cultural moment – one that will decide where we go next, and one we cannot afford to lose.

LGBT activists will celebrate their win today. But, tomorrow the real work of crafting strong policy and clarity within our laws must increase like never before. The Court made clear today that their ruling only applies in the context of for-profit employment situations. That means Family Policy Alliance needs your help like never before to protect the definition of sex in other contexts, such as the law we are defending in Idaho clarifying that girls’ sports teams are only for girls. Erasing men and women from our laws would have disastrous consequences that no legal expert today could even begin to imagine. We must craft critical new policies to advance good laws, laws the courts would have a difficult time playing games with.

President Trump’s Administration is hard at work to clarify that “sex” in federal law simply means “male and female,” showing how out of sync the Court is with the reality of the law and policy. But the work can’t end there.

This must be a critical moment of action for us all. As you know, we’ve been hard at work fighting to Save Girls’ Sports in Idaho and other states. Males should not be able to steal opportunities reserved for females – including athletic opportunities. On this issue, “sex discrimination” absolutely plays a role (under a federal law similar to Title VII, Title IX) – and we must fight to ensure the true meaning of “sex” is maintained. If a ruling like today’s were imposed on Title IX, males would be allowed to take opportunities reserved for females – eradicating women’s opportunities across the nation.

We can’t let that happen. At this critical cultural moment, it’s important for leaders to know that the public believes biological sex matters, and that “sex discrimination” should not have multiple meanings. What happened today seems to be at least in part the result of cultural pressure – so it’s important that the public send a strong message for the future that biological sex matters.

If we can win that battle – where there is remarkable consensus, despite the Left’s loud claims – we can begin to win the  “sex” and “gender” battle at large.

That’s one reason we’re launching our #SaveGirlsSports Week next week – and we’re asking you to participate. From June 21-27, we’re asking everyone to post on social media using the hashtag #SaveGirlsSports. We also must send a strong message to our lawmakers now—biological sex matters in athletics, and girls’ sports must be protected!

Please join the #SaveGirlsSports campaign now. The Supreme Court’s dangerous game must stop today.


Brittany Jones
Policy manager

Meridian Baldacci
Policy and Communications Strategist

There is an explicit assault on your children and grandchildren. The assault is an experiment in social engineering, and not surprisingly, it’s by those opposed to life and family values. They have figured out that if they can shape young minds to their radical agenda, then advancing their agendas becomes much easier when these children grow up. They are looking at the long term, and I am sorry to say, it works.

In this vein, two articles struck me last week. One concerned how Planned Parenthood is making a movie targeted at teens called “Never Rarely Sometimes Always” that talks about how a young unwed pregnant teen gets an abortion behind her parents’ back. I’m sure in their version of the story, everything turns out great. I’m sure there is no regret, guilt, complications, etc, that are often experienced with abortions. This film is rated PG-13.

The other article that caught my attention was targeted at even younger-age children. Not unlike the “Arthur” television serious that ran a pro-LGBTQ episode, which I talked about some time ago, Disney (not surprisingly) is creating a short Pixar film called “Out”. It features a man named Greg who is living with his boyfriend, Manuel. Greg must decide how to “come out” and tell his parents he is gay. This film is in cartoon format and rated PG.

These movies and similar efforts that target our children and grandchildren are about one thing: desensitization. Once our children are desensitized that abortion and an LGBTQ agenda that infringes on religious freedoms of others are “just the way it is’, it will be part of the new normal.

I don’t want that new normal, but rather, the old normal. I want to ensure that the old normal set by our founding fathers is preserved; one where life is cherished and religious liberties are protected. The old normal, where family values that have built this country are honored. One where God and the biblical principles that are the foundation of our country are the guiding light for our society, and not social constructs and the culture of death that has crept into our society.

If you are committed to protecting your children and grandchildren from this encroaching culture, we’d appreciate your financial support. Simply click here and you can donate a tax deductible gift to help us continue our work.

Family Policy Alliance of North Dakota® is entirely funded by your generous donations. Thank you for your sacrificial giving, and please stay healthy and safe through these difficult times our country is facing.


Mark Jorritsma
President and Executive Director

Joe Biden’s recent tweet that “transgender equality is the civil rights issue of our time” caused quite a stir. Even self-identified liberals seem taken aback and angry at Biden’s comparison–as they should be. There are far more differences between the transgender movement and the Civil Rights Movement of the 1960s than there are similarities. The transgender movement has resulted in silencing and oppressing the vast majority of Americans, bringing them harm and violating their rights.

Sadly, our children are harmed the most by the transgender agenda. These harms explain why we’re barely into 2020 and we’re seeing substantial policy efforts across the states to protect children.

Protecting Girls in Sports

One prevalent effort by state lawmakers is introducing legislation seeking to protect girls in sports by prohibiting transgender-identifying boys from playing on girls’ sports teams in schools. Many of us don’t have to read a study to know boys have a distinct biological advantage over girls once they reach puberty.  In fact, “claims to the contrary are simply a denial of science.” When it comes to the integrity of school sports, as our children are competing for spots on varsity, championship titles, scholarships, and college slots, girls are harmed the most by boys who play on their teams.

This is why over ten states, so far this session, including Arizona, Mississippi, Missouri and South Carolina, have introduced legislation allowing only biological girls to play on girls’ sports teams and, often, vice versa. These laws are necessary to protect fair competition on our children’s teams and their opportunities for success.

Protecting Children from Hormones and Surgeries

Legislators are also standing up to protect transgender-identifying children from serious medical harm, introducing legislation that would prohibit doctors from prescribing hormones or performing surgeries for transgender-identifying children. These hormones and surgeries result in profound physical deformities, often rendering the children sterile the rest of their lives.

These bills have been introduced in states like South Dakota, Iowa, Illinois, Kentucky, Colorado and Idaho. Idaho’s unique legislation equates surgeries on transgender-identifying youth to those surgeries referred to as female genital mutilation (FGM). In FGM, families—often due to religious beliefs—require their daughters to undergo genital-mutilating surgeries that result in lifelong harm.  FGM is already banned in many states throughout America because Americans believe there is no acceptable reason to mutilate the genitals of a child because of a faith belief. This should be the case for all children, no matter what the child believes about their own body.

Other legislation is being introduced to also protect parents, teachers, and even doctors from the harms of the transgender ideology. Not surprisingly, the liberal media has labeled these efforts a conservative conspiracy to “attack trans youth.” Outlets such as Vice, The New Republic, EIN News and others have reached out to us and written articles to question Family Policy Alliance® about our involvement in these “coordinated attacks.”

Of course, Family Policy Alliance remains committed to protecting children who are in need of true help dealing with gender dysphoria—not drugs and surgeries that will have lifelong consequences—and we are proud to stand with legislators who are advancing policy solutions to protect all children from harm.

If you believe in the work Family Policy Alliance is doing across the nation and want to support us please consider donating. Thank you in advance for your prayers and financial partnership!

Standing for the family of believers,

Stephanie Curry, Esq.
Public Policy Manager

Public school lessons should be neutral in their presentation of religious beliefs, worldview, and political ideology. Unfortunately, Governor Murphy has handed over New Jersey public school lessons to a political lobbying group which has developed controversial and radical materials for our public-school classrooms. These lessons have little to do with fact-based learning but are oriented towards radical social activism against our democracy. It is political propaganda disguised as “inclusiveness.”

In response to the parental outrage of the LGBT-mandate, our national legal team partnered with state legislators to introduce “The Protecting Parental Involvement in Curriculum Act” which would expand the current state opt-out law to allowing families to not just opt-out of health, family life and sex education classes but also allows parents to opt-out of content that conflicts with their families sincerely-held beliefs—content like an outrageous LGBT-curriculum.

Since becoming aware of our petition with over 10,000 names of parents who want lawmakers to pass the Parental Involvement Act, Department of Education officials have told conservative legislators that the LGBT-curriculum is so comprehensive an opt-out would be unmanageable. As a result, Assemblyman Bob Auth introduced legislation that would allow parents to receive a voucher for their child to attend a private school if the public school refuses to accommodate a parent’s request to opt their child out of the LGBT-curriculum.

We strongly support school choice and voucher programs, but also recognize this isn’t an option for every family. Many families love their public schools or are unable to enroll their child in private school. Parents have the constitutional right to protect their children from a radical socialized agenda in public schools, not just private schools. Parents have the right to hold their public-school districts accountable to teaching fact-based curriculums, not Marxist indoctrination!

Marxist Indoctrination? Yes! Garden State Equality, author of the current LGBT-curriculum, hasn’t been shy about their real agenda to use their public-school curriculum program to train students to “dismantle and confront” the “patriarchy, hyper-masculinity [and] homophobia”.

In fact, we’ve had a chance to review portions of the curriculum and are already alarmed by lessons that require students to “rethink” and “revise” their “misconceptions” on gender, sex, and sexuality, encouraging students to share their “new thinking” on these concepts with the class after the end of a lesson. These types of lesson objectives are rooted in cultural Marxism and have the primary goal of attacking the cultural and moral underpinnings of Western Civilization – the church and family. They have no place in our public-school classrooms!

If you believe in what we’re doing and believe parents must have a way to protect their children from this harmful agenda, please donate today and help us to continue to stand strong for Garden State families. We promise we’ll continue to fight for your family values in New Jersey.

Working for a better NJ,

Shawn Hyland
Director of Advocacy

Len Deo
Director of Alliances, Family Policy Alliance
Founder & Past President, New Jersey Family Policy Council

Here at Family Policy Alliance® we receive news on life and family issues from around the country. Many of you on our email list get glimpses into some of these issues, but we certainly can’t fit everything into an email or two. For that reason, let me recap some of the headlines you won’t see highlighted in the media. All the following news stories were published recently over a two-week period.

If that was the whole story it would be pretty depressing. Thankfully, there is good news as well. Here is a sampling of uplifting stories, some of them due directly to the work of Family Policy Alliance affiliates in other states.

That balances things out a bit, but the situation can certainly be worrisome. That’s where we come in.

Here in Wyoming, we know the importance of guard dogs for our livestock. Family Policy Alliance is like a guard dog. A guard dog has two primary functions: alert you to danger and protect you from it. That’s what we do on issues such as life, religious freedom, family values, education, and many more. We do the work of combing through articles like those above, finding the more significant ones and alerting you.

Then in our second guard dog role, we stand strong for our shared values on these issues (and more) here at home and on Capitol Hill.

The work of Family Policy Alliance in Wyoming is to serve as the guard dog on these and other important issues right here. That all takes resources and we need your help in launching Family Policy Alliance of Wyoming. I know that by working together we can make a better Wyoming for future generations where God is honored, religious freedom flourishes, families thrive and life is cherished.

Today, your gift will help us continue the work of building the framework for our organization – won’t you join with us today?


Nathan Winters
Director of Advocacy – Wyoming


The 2020 legislative session is off to a roaring start. The first substantial task for the legislature involves reauthorizing every administrative rule that expired at the end of the last legislative session when the legislature failed to agree on a reauthorization process for all existing rules.

This process is now ending. This week, legislators will begin shifting their attention from reviewing administrative rules to introducing and debating legislation. Here are three legislative bills we have our eyes on:

  1. Simon’s Law

One of the top priorities of Family Policy Alliance of Idaho® this year is to secure passage of Simon’s Law. Named after Simon Crosier, a baby boy born in 2010 with Trisomy 18, this legislation would ensure the right of parents to be involved in the medical decision-making process for their children.

Click here to learn more about Simon and efforts in Idaho and the U.S. Congress to protect every parent’s ultimate decision-making authority over their child’s medical care.

  1. Fairness in Sports Act

Sponsored by Rep. Barbara Ehardt (R-Idaho Falls), the Fairness in Sports Act would save girls sports. Rep. Ehardt knows sports—she spent 15 years as a NCAA Division I women’s basketball coach.

Currently, Idaho boys can play in girls’ sports after undergoing hormone treatment for one year. But the size, strength, bone structure, lung volume, and heart supply of most males far outpace the most elite female athletes, even after receiving hormone therapy. For this reason, the Fairness in Sports Act would bar biological boys from competing in girls high school sports.

Allowing boys to participate in girls’ sports deprives our girls of opportunities for victories, scholarships, and slots on teams. Biological boys are already beginning to win girls athletic championships in many states—making it even more important that girls sports are protected here in Idaho.

  1. Add the Words

Senator Maryanne Jordan (D-Boise) has yet again introduced “Add the Words.” This legislation would obliterate religious freedom by adding “sexual orientation” and “gender identity” as protected classes under the Idaho Human Rights Act.

This is the sixth year in a row that this legislation has been introduced in the legislature. Even though every Democratic representative and senator is signing on as a cosponsor, we don’t anticipate this effort to go anywhere this year.

We are also keeping an eye on any “compromises” that may attempt to split the middle when it comes to constitutionally protected religious liberty and so-called LGBT “rights.”

We will keep you updated on these and other bills as the current legislative session shifts into high gear! In the meantime, please join us in prayer for our legislators.

Standing for you and your family,

Blaine Conzatti
Director of Advocacy