Dear Friends:

The 2020 Legislative Session is officially over and I am proud to report that we had another successful year!

  1. We defeated attempts to introduce anti-life legislation.

After the historic defeat of HB51 last year, Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham quickly stated her intent to bring the radical abortion bill back during the 2020 Session. The bill was not on the original agenda, but after information surfaced that the Governor was desperately lobbying legislators behind the scenes, we quickly mobilized the pro-life community to push back. Thanks to our quick engagement and the unwillingness of pro-life Democrats in the Senate to change their vote, no anti-life legislation was introduced—including attempts to codify abortion up to the moment of birth and legalize assisted suicide.

  1. We helped pass protections for pregnant women in the workforce.

As part of our pro-life platform, Family Policy Alliance of New Mexico® joined Right to Life of New Mexico and Project Defending Life in supporting HB25 to protect pregnant women in the workforce. The legislation prohibits pregnancy-related discrimination from employers and requires them to provide “reasonable accommodations” during an employee’s pregnancy. HB25 unanimously passed the House (65-0) and Senate (41-0) and is now awaiting the Governor’s signature.

  1. We defeated attempts to legalize recreational marijuana.

Against all odds, recreational marijuana legislation was again defeated this year. Together with law enforcement; the business community; our national ally, SAM; and local church leaders, Family Policy Alliance of New Mexico played a critical role in bringing public awareness to the dangers of recreational pot and its impact on public health and safety. Although the legislation was one of the Governor’s top priorities, it failed to gain momentum and drew bipartisan objections from legislators in the Senate and House.

Thank you!

On behalf of Family Policy Alliance of New Mexico, I want to thank every one of you for your faithful support of our efforts. Thank you for your prayers—because without the good Lord’s blessing, we would not be able to achieve the level of success we have. Thank you for your engagement—because without your participation, we would not have the credibility we have. And thank you for your financial support, because without your generosity, we would not exist.

Today, we celebrate our successes.

Tomorrow, we get back to work, because as we all know, there is still much work to do!

 Our vision is a New Mexico where religious freedom flourishes, families thrive, and life is cherished. Together, let’s continue our efforts to turn that vision into reality.

Standing for and with the family of believers,

Vince Torres
Executive Director

Dear Friends:

The sun is beginning to set on the 2020 Legislative Session which concludes Thursday at noon. While we continue to keep a close eye on things, here is a brief recap of some things that took place last week—the good, the bad, and the ugly.

The GOOD – Recreational pot stalls, Pregnant worker protection advances

After weeks of public debate and objections from concerned New Mexicans, efforts to legalize recreational marijuana stalled in the Senate Judiciary Committee last week. Although the tabled bill, SB115, can be revived, the time is quickly running out and most people agree that the bill is now dead for the remainder of this Legislative Session. On the day of the hearing, the bill’s sponsors introduced a troubling committee substitute bill which would have, among other things, granted licensing authority to labor unions and allowed convicted drug dealers to qualify for licenses. Ultimately, two Democrats joined the four Republicans on the committee to table the bill. Special thanks to all of you who responded to our Action Alerts by sending messages and making phone calls!

In the meantime, HB25—a pregnant worker accommodation bill—is just one step away from heading to the Governor’s desk. This legislation protects pregnant women from being terminated solely because of their pregnancy and requires employers to provide “reasonable accommodations” for them during the pregnancy. HB25 passed the House 65-0 and is now awaiting a full vote in the Senate.

The BAD – Governor maintains radical abortion talk

In spite of experiencing the biggest setback of her administration just 11 months ago—the defeat of HB51–Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham continues to make it clear that codifying abortion up-to-birth remains one of her top priorities. As reported by the Albuquerque Journal, the Governor recently spoke at a Planned Parenthood event and stated, “The second we have the votes in the Senate, that antiquated, absolutely outrageous law is gone.” The Governor’s remark demonstrates the growing division and tension between progressive and traditional Democrats in Santa Fe. Whether the Governor gets her wish will depend on the outcome of the 2020 Election.

The UGLY – Planned Parenthood planning to expand in New Mexico

While other states are passing pro-life legislation at a record pace, New Mexico remains a primary target of the abortion industry. NM Political Report has reported that Planned Parenthood considers New Mexico to be a key state for abortion access moving forward and they are already raising money to build a new abortion clinic in Albuquerque. According to the CEO of Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains, New Mexico and Colorado serve as “a little island” where women can travel to obtain late-term abortions. Should other states continue to enact pro-life laws, expect New Mexico’s reputation as an abortion tourism destination to grow.

The Final Countdown

The Legislative Session concludes Thursday at noon and we will be at the Capitol until the final gavel drops. That said, if you appreciate the work we are doing and if you would like to see it continue, would you consider sending us a gift today? Click here to send your gift now and help us continue to fight for a New Mexico where religious freedom flourishes, families thrive, and life is cherished!

Thank you for your prayers and support.

The Family Policy Alliance of New Mexico Team


Dear Friends:

With just over a week left in the 2020 Legislative Session, the State Capitol is bustling with activity—some of it good; some of it bad; and some of it just plain ugly.

The GOOD – Protecting pregnant mothers and babies

It is not every day that pro-life and pro-abortion groups come together to support a bill, but that is exactly what happened with HB25, a pregnant worker accommodation bill, sponsored by Representative Gail Chasey (D-Bernalillo). This legislation protects pregnant women from being terminated solely because of their pregnancy and requires employers to provide “reasonable accommodations” for them. HB25 received overwhelming support from lawmakers and business organizations and passed the House 65-0. The bill now heads to the Senate for consideration.

Another bill that should have garnered bipartisan support from Legislators and the Governor is HB190, introduced by Representative Joseph Sanchez (D-Colfax, Mora, Rio Arriba, & San Miguel). This legislation seeks to update the “Safe Haven for Infants Act” which allows for the installation of safety devices for the surrender of newborn children. Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham has not yet added this item to the Session agenda.

The BAD – Recreational pot: the Soros connection and conflicts of interest  

Last week, our Executive Director, Vince Torres, sent a letter to Governor Lujan Grisham and the Chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, Senator Joseph Cervantes (D-Dona Ana). In the letter, he questioned the legitimacy of the Governor’s Working Group on Marijuana Legalization, noting that the Group’s work was apparently funded by a private group with ties to George Soros and the Drug Policy Alliance. The controversy does not end there, however. As reported by the Santa Fe New Mexican, Speaker of the House Brian Egolf (D-Santa Fe), an attorney by trade, has represented the state’s largest medicinal marijuana company—a company that has publicly stated its desire to expand into the recreational use market. Add to this the near $120,000 the Governor’s campaign received from the marijuana industry and it is clear—the public health and safety of New Mexico is being sacrificed in order to benefit a handful of pot investors.

The UGLY – Governor still working to pass abortion up-to-birth bill

Over the weekend, we were notified by credible sources that Governor Lujan Grisham is still trying to pressure pro-life Democrats in the Senate to support legislation to codify abortion up-to-birth, for any reason, in state law. As a result, we are encouraging all pro-life New Mexicans to contact the Governor and their legislators as soon as possible to voice their opposition to this unfortunate maneuver.

Will you do 3 things?

  1. If you have not already responded to our Action Alert urging the Senate Judiciary Committee to oppose recreational marijuana, please do so today by clicking here. SB115 will likely be heard in the Committee on Wednesday, at 2:30PM, in Room 321.
  2. If you have not already done so, please click here to quickly send a message to the Governor and your Legislators expressing your opposition to radical abortion legislation.
  3. Please call the Governor’s Office at (505) 476-2200 and tell them, “No more pro-abortion legislation.”

On to the Final Week

The Legislative Session concludes next Thursday at noon. That may seem like a small amount of time but— trust us—a lot can happen in the final days as pressures mount! Therefore, we will continue to keep you informed on what is happening and opportunities for you to engage and speak up.

Thank you for your prayers and support.

The Family Policy Alliance of New Mexico Team


Dear Friends:

We need your help now!

Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham is desperately working behind the scenes to try and ram a radical abortion up-to-birth bill through the Legislature before the Session concludes in 10 days. As you may recall, we defeated the radical abortion bill—HB51—last year, and if the Governor has her way, it may be back this week!

Remember, this legislation:

Last year, thousands of New Mexicans like you helped us send a clear and powerful message to the Governor and our legislators—that we oppose abortion up-to-birth, infanticide, and efforts to force medical professionals to perform abortions against their conscience. It is clear that we have much more work to do and that the Governor and our Legislators need to hear from us again!

Please help us tell the Governor, your State Senator, and your State Representative today: “No more pro-abortion legislation!”

As always, we have made it simple for you to communicate this message. Simply click here and you can send the Governor and your Legislators a message in 30 seconds!

After you have sent the message through our Action Center, please call the Governor’s Office at (505) 476-2200 and let them know, “As a New Mexico voter, I do not support pro-abortion legislation.”

Thank you for standing for life!

The Family Policy Alliance of New Mexico Team

This week, the Senate Judiciary Committee will likely consider SB115 which would legalize recreational marijuana in New Mexico, and your quick help is needed to urge the following committee members to vote “NO.”

Senator Joseph Cervantes
(505) 986-4861

Senator Daniel Ivey-Soto
(505) 986-4270

Senator William H. Payne
(505) 986-4703

Senator Gregory A. Baca
(505) 986-4877

Senator Ron Griggs
(505) 986-4391

Senator Linda M. Lopez
(505) 986-4737

Senator Richard C. Martinez
(505) 986-4487

Senator Mark Moores
(505) 986-4856

Senator Bill B. O’Neill
(505) 986-4260

Senator Mimi Stewart
(505) 986-4726

Senator Peter Wirth
(505) 986-4727

According to a recent poll, more than 63% of New Mexico voters do not support this proposal, given the facts that medicinal marijuana is already legal and that we have decriminalized possession for small amounts of marijuana.

 Pro-pot legislators and lobbyists have accused law enforcement, business community leaders, and us of using “scare tactics” in our opposition to this bill. Apparently, facts scare them—and for good reason!

Consider these facts:

Please contact the Senate Judiciary Committee members TODAY and urge them to vote “NO” on SB115. We have made it simple for you to communicate this request. Simply click here and you can send these Senators a message in 30 seconds!

After you have sent the message through our Action Center, please call the Senators at the numbers provided above and leave the same message.

Thank you for making your voice heard!


The Family Policy Alliance of New Mexico Team

Dear Friends:

Last week, the Legislative Session continued with multiple committee hearing and events. Much is happening—some good, some bad, and some ugly.

 The GOOD – Pro Life Legislation Introduced

Although Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham has not yet placed abortion legislation on the Session agenda, Representative Rod Montoya (R-San Juan) has introduced pro-life legislation aimed at ending late-term abortion up-to-birth, banning infanticide, and requiring parental notification when a minor obtains an abortion. House Bills 208, 209, and 210 cannot be considered without a message from the Governor. Therefore, we encourage you to call the Governor’s Office today and ask her to, “Please put House Bills 208, 209, and 210 on the Session agenda.” Although you may feel this is a waste of time, we assure you—it is not. Last year, we made our voices heard by the thousands, and the Governor must continue to hear from us. Please call the Governor’s Office at (505) 476-2200 today!

The BAD – Recreational Weed Advances & Speaker Ends Clergy-Led Prayer

On Tuesday, our Executive Director, Vince Torres, partnered with law enforcement, business community leaders, the Archdiocese of Santa Fe, and our national ally SAM (Smart Approaches to Marijuana) at a press conference to express shared and serious concerns about the negative impacts of recreational marijuana. The group then offered testimony in the Senate Public Affairs Committee in opposition to SB115 which would legalize recreational pot in New Mexico. The committee subsequently advanced SB115 on a 4-3 party-line vote with all Republicans voting in opposition to the bill. SB115 now heads to the Senate Judiciary Committee where it faces an uncertain outcome. Please stay tuned for an Action Alert asking you to contact the Judiciary Committee members!

Last week, Speaker of the House Brian Egolf (D-Santa Fe) ended the longstanding tradition of having local clergy deliver the daily invocation. For more than a century in New Mexico, local priests, pastors, and other faith leaders have been invited to the Senate and House Chambers to begin each daily session in prayer. In the House, however, this will no longer be the case. Instead, members of the House will now deliver the daily invocation. Representative Gregg Schmedes (R-Bernalillo, Sandoval, & Santa Fe) noted: “Leaders of all faiths should be welcome in the Roundhouse to offer prayer. By closing our doors to priests, pastors, and faith leaders, House leadership is sending the wrong message to the faith community.”

The UGLY – Two House Democrats Table Sex Offender Bill

On Tuesday of last week, another disturbing maneuver took place, as Democrats in a House Committee voted to table a bipartisan bill (HB43) aimed at closing a dangerous loophole in our Sex Offender Registry laws. Representative Andrea Romero (D-Santa Fe) and Representative Angelica Rubio (D-Dona Ana) refused to advance HB43 even after hearing compelling testimony regarding the loophole that allowed convicted sex offender, Jeffrey Epstein, to avoid registration in New Mexico because he was convicted in another state.

On to Week 3

The Legislative Session continues this week and, as always, we will be working hard to keep you updated on important legislation impacting life, families, and religious freedom. Please stay tuned for Action Alerts and other opportunities for you to engage in the process and make your voice heard.

Thank you for your continued prayers and support!

The Family Policy Alliance of New Mexico Team

Therefore, since we are surrounded by so great a cloud of witnesses, let us also lay aside every weight, and sin which clings so closely, and let us run with endurance the race that is set before us.” -Hebrews 12:1

Dear Friends:

I want to thank all of you who responded to last week’s email with words of support and encouragement as we reflected on our “Top 3 Accomplishments of 2019.”

This week, I want to take a brief moment to let you know where we are headed and what you can expect from us as we begin 2020.

 Our Top 3 Goals for 2020

#1—We will continue to be a Christian voice for you in Santa Fe during the 2020 Legislative Session!

In addition to providing policy support to our legislators, Family Policy Alliance of New Mexico®will work diligently to advance a legislative agenda that defends human life, strengthens families, and protects our First Amendment rights. We will be tracking legislation and we will keep you informed about specific bills we need to support or oppose. Further, we will be providing opportunities for you to engage directly with your elected officials, so please keep an eye out for our “Action Alerts.”

#2—We will work hard to elect pro-life, pro-family, and pro-religious freedom candidates during the 2020 Election!

Immediately following the 2018 Election, the far-left revealed their agenda for New Mexico. That agenda included codifying abortion up to the moment of birth; legalizing assisted suicide; legalizing recreational marijuana; and other efforts to infringe upon our Constitutional rights. One thing is clear—if we want change, we must elect change, and this year, we have that opportunity. As such, Family Policy Alliance of New Mexico will be tracking races, researching candidates, and scoring incumbent votes. In select races, we will also actively engage through official endorsements and/or voter guides, so voters can make informed decisions before heading to the polls.

 #3—We will continue to grow our network of pastors and churches throughout the state.

Politics runs downstream from the culture, and the Church is responsible for helping shape our culture. Therefore, we want to continue to serve pastors and churches by being a dependable, honest resource to help keep them informed on current events and public policy issues impacting religious freedom, families, and life.

 We have come a long way, but we still have much work to do. And together, with the good Lord’s blessing, I believe we will accomplish these things and so many more.

God bless you! Let’s get to work!

Vince Torres
President and Executive Director

I will remember the deeds of the Lord; yes, I will remember your wonders of old.” -Psalm 77:11

Dear Friends:

On behalf of Family Policy Alliance of New Mexico®, I want to wish you a Happy New Year and extend my heartfelt thanks to all of you who supported us with your prayers and financial gifts in 2019. From the very beginning, I have said this and I will continue to say it—we could not do this without you!

As we begin 2020, I want to take a moment to reflect on what we have already done and what we plan to do. This week, let’s look back at what we accomplished together in 2019!

 Our Top 3 Accomplishments of 2019

#1—We defeated radical, anti-life legislation during the 2019 Legislative Session!

Without a doubt, the 2019 Legislative Session was a historic time for our organization and the pro-life community in New Mexico. Not only did we defeat a dangerous assisted suicide bill, but we also sent shockwaves through the Capitol when we defeated the radical abortion-up-to-birth bill, HB51. Through our mobilization efforts—in partnership with New Mexico Right to Life and New Mexico Alliance for Life—thousands of phone calls and emails were sent to Legislators and the Governor, and pro-life citizens showed up in the thousands to stand for life. Perhaps most encouraging to me, pastors across the state spoke up on the issue and encouraged their church members to do the same.

#2—We sent two more New Mexican leaders to the Statesmen Academy!

During the summer of 2019, we, along with our sister organization – Family Policy Foundation®, were honored host the 2019 Statesmen Academy℠—a weeklong conference in Atlanta for on-the-rise Christian legislators and aspiring leaders. Representing New Mexico were Michael Hendricks and Pastor Brian Alarid. Statesmen Academy classes were taught by experienced Christian leaders including retired U.S. Senator Tom Coburn of Oklahoma; professor and author, Dr. Wayne Grudem; and Dr. Matt Spalding of Hillsdale College. The class also heard from Governor Brian Kemp who had recently signed Georgia’s “Heartbeat Bill.”

#3—We met our fundraising target for 2019!

In just our second year in operation, you helped us meet our bold fundraising goal for 2019. Raising the funds needed to sustain our operation is always a challenge, but thanks to ministry partners like you, we surpassed our prior year’s giving and began the new fiscal year on a high note.

Friends—this is what we have already done. And the good news is, we have exciting plans for 2020!

Next week, we will look at our Top 3 Goals for 2020. Until then, God bless you and best wishes for a joyful and prosperous new year!


Vince Torres
President and Executive Director

P.S. As you plan your charitable giving for 2020, please keep us in mind and consider setting up a recurring monthly gift to support our efforts. 2020 will be full of opportunities and threats when it comes to the issues and values we care about. Together, however, and with the good Lord’s blessing, this will be a year in which we continue to move the ball forward for a New Mexico where God is honored, religious freedom flourishes, families thrive, and life is cherished. Thank you!

Dear Friends:

Every week, social media users use the hashtags #ThrowbackThursday or #TBT to share some of their favorite memories. This week, I took some time to reflect on some of the best memories I have had since launching Family Policy Alliance of New Mexico®. Fortunately for me and my memory, I did not have to think that far back for an all-time favorite!

#ThrowbackThursday this week takes us back just 3 months to March 14, 2019—the night when 8 Democrats joined 16 Republicans in the New Mexico Senate to defeat the radical abortion bill, HB 51. This was the night when the pro-life community of New Mexico went up against the abortion industry giant…and won!

Three months later, I am still reflecting on what we learned from that historic night.

We learned that the good Lord still answers our prayers.

 We learned that people of faith can be a powerful force in New Mexico politics.

 And we learned the importance of having pro-life men and women serving in our State Legislature.

 Come January 2020, we need history to repeat itself. The Governor has already made public her intentions to bring back this legislation in order to maintain the status quo in New Mexico—which is abortion up-to-birth, for any reason.

 My question is, are you ready to do this all over again?

 We are! The 2020 Legislative Session may be seven months away, but our preparation begins now.

Our vision is a New Mexico where life is cherished. Together, let’s make it happen.

Standing for Life,

Vince Torres
President and Executive Director


P.S. If you want to help us train and support pro-life, Christian legislators and candidates, please consider making a tax-deductible donation to our Family Policy Foundation® Statesmen Academy today! Because of the unique and powerful nature of this program, generous supporters have stepped forward with a matching grant to DOUBLE your support. This doubled investment will yield results for YEARS to come, so please consider partnering with us today!

Dear Friends:

I am going to get right to the point today—this email is about money.

I am excited to report that our ministry has had a strong fiscal year and we are growing. The good Lord has truly blessed our efforts, and together, we are making a difference in New Mexico.

Our work, however, is far from done.

Come 2020, we will once again be facing far-left, progressive efforts to hijack our state and our values. We already know they will spend large amounts of money promoting an agenda that will harm families and destroy human life. Remember abortion up-to-birth, House Bill 51? Well, it is coming back during the 2020 Legislative Session beginning in January.

Friends—this is why we need to close our fiscal year strong by raising $12,090.84 before September 30th. Can you help us reach this goal with a generous gift today?

Please note, this is not a crisis email by which if you do not respond today, the lights get shut down. Instead, this is an opportunity to meet the bold fundraising target we originally set for this year and begin our next fiscal year in a good position to defend life and freedom in our state!

Your support today will help us continue to lead this charge. Right now, we are holding the line; but with your continued prayers and financial support, we can begin to gain ground and move our values forward for a New Mexico where religious freedom flourishes, families thrive, and life is cherished.

I hope we can count on you. Please click here to donate today!

In His Service,

Vince Torres
President and Executive Director