Another one bites the dust…

February 18

Dear Friends,

Another legislative session in New Mexico is in the books, and you have made a difference! Today we celebrate many victories and thank our many legislators who stood for conservative values in the fight for New Mexico. We experienced victories that many thought were near impossible in the current legislature!

Just to highlight a few of the bills you helped defeat:

  • SB8, which would have undermined the New Mexico election process: Died 
  • SB67, a bill that would have expanded school-based clinics with a severe lack of transparency, potentially allowing funds to be used for abortions, gender transition and other detrimental services to our youth: Died 
  • SB152, an extension of the Human Rights Act that included language classifying sexual orientation “whether actual or perceived.” It also opened the door for anyone, at any time, to “self-identify” as something other than their biological person and use that as a pretext to sue employers or the government – leading to loss of contracts from organizations for reasons not related to the agency’s actual ability to fulfill the requirements of the contract: Died

While working to stop many detrimental bills, we also experienced an exciting win for life:

  • SB158, honors life by prohibiting discrimination against those with physical or mental disabilities who need transplant services, ensuring equal access to the care that is needed: Passed

Your participation with our Action Center was a success as legislators were flooded with conservative voices on these matters. Thank you for partnering with us in the fight for a God-honoring Land of Enchantment! As we continue to work together in this fight, I believe we will truly see the “enchantment” of this land return to a God-honoring, life-cherishing oasis.

Looking ahead…

During this 2022 session, I was honored to work with many of our conservative legislators – and I was greatly encouraged by the strength, persistence and courage they displayed. They fought on the front lines for our state and made great strides in protecting our elections, youth, and human rights. As we look ahead to the coming election, we must consider who else possesses the strength, persistence and courage necessary to fight for conservative values in New Mexico.

Please continue to partner with us in prayer and support as we endeavor to:

  • Educate and activate conservative New Mexicans
  • Support strong candidates
  • Stand against the darkness that would threaten our vision of a God-honoring Land of Enchantment

New Mexico’s balance of power has been tilted for far too long. Will you stand with us to see a balance returned and a revival awakened?

Standing with you,

Jodi Hendricks
Executive Director