Ask Congress to Stand with Israel

October 17


We are living in an intense time in human history.

The images out of the brutal attack on Israelis have forever been etched in the minds of all Americans who have been watching.

Many of you joined our prayer call with Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, author Joel C. Rosenburg and Pastor Greg Laurie a week ago as we unpacked ways to pray for Israel and for “the peace of Jerusalem.”

Now, we must speak up and encourage our federal elected officials to continue to stand with Israel.

Please take a moment to send a quick email to your members of Congress, asking them not to give up in their defense of Israel and its right to exist.

It is astonishing today that some, like college students at liberal universities, are shouting support not for the innocent but for the terrorists who perpetrated these evil acts. This runs contrary to our basic human principles of protecting the innocent.

Ask Congress to shout louder in support of Israel and continue to fight terrorists like Hamas.