Under God, One Nation – Prayer Update

October 16

In late 2020, we launched Under God, One Nation to engage Christians in prayer regarding timely issues that were affecting our nation. That prayer initiative has continued over the years since then.

Submitted below for your prayer time (and also for sharing with your church or Sunday School) is our current list of prayer topics.


  • Pray for strength, healing and protection from further attack for Israelis and for Jewish people here in the States.
  • Pray for healing for grieving families – that they would experience the love and hope found in Jesus Christ.
  • Pray for Christian believers who are serving and living in Israel – that they would provide the encouragement of Jesus on the ground.
  • Pray for strong leaders at home and abroad to understand the threats Israel is facing and how we can help – pray especially for unity in support for the Jewish people.
  • Pray for moral clarity among government leaders and the media, that they would not blame Hamas’s terrorist attacks on Israel.

In case you missed it: last week we hosted a prayer and update call on Israel with author Joel C. Rosenberg, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, and Pastor Greg Laurie. You can still watch that here!

US House of Representatives Speaker Race

  • Pray for the members of Congress to make wise and informed decisions about who will lead the House of Representatives.
  • Pray for godly men and women to be attentive to the Holy Spirit in the leaders they select.
  • Pray that the next Speaker will have the vision and courage to uphold godly values.


  • Pray that pro-life policies and laws will prevail in efforts to end abortion across the nation.
  • Pray for people standing up for life in states where leaders are seeking to expand access to abortion.
  • Pray for those who are being persecuted on account of their pro-life work.

Transgender Issues

  • Pray for continued progress in protecting children from transgender medical procedures across the nation – and praise God that our movement has already made significant progress.
  • Pray for bold leaders to tell the truth about transgenderism and its shameless targeting of children.
  • Pray for children who are being captivated by this dangerous and harmful movement, that they would be protected and that those who have gone through irreversible procedures would find hope and healing.


  • Finally, pray that our leaders at all levels of government would stand strong for biblical principles as pressure mounts for them to compromise.

To learn more about the things that Family Policy Alliance has been praying about over these past few years, please visit Under God, One Nation. There, you can sign up to get these prayer alerts more frequently and also join our prayer initiative by signing up to pray for our nation at a designated time of day.