Dear Friends—

Today, Family Policy Alliance of New Mexico is pleased to release its 2020 New Mexico Legislative Pro-Life Scorecard!

As one of our state’s leading pro-life organizations, we are helping spearhead the effort to promote a culture of life and push back against the radical agenda of the abortion industry. Our hard work paid off in 2019 with the historic defeat of House Bill 51. This legislation was an attempt by pro-abortion Legislators and the Governor to codify elective abortion up to the moment of birth in state law. However, after House Bill 51 passed the House, eight pro-life Democrats joined all Republicans in the Senate to defeat the bill—an action which represented one of the most meaningful victories for the pro-life movement in New Mexico history.

Thanks to the vote on House Bill 51, we now have almost every State Senator and State Representative on record regarding their position on abortion. As for those Legislators who did not vote and those who were appointed after the 2019 Legislative Session, we used prior votes, public statements, and Planned Parenthood endorsements to determine their pro-life/pro-abortion position.

The result is that we are able to share with you today positions for every single State Senator and State Representative in New Mexico!

As pro-life New Mexicans, we must all know where our local Legislators stand on the critical issue of life and we encourage you to help us distribute this information far and wide. Here are some ways you can help!

  1. Please forward this email to as many friends and family members as possible.
  2. Please share the Scorecard on Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, etc.). Link to Scorecard:
  3. Please print and distribute as many copies of the Scorecard as you would like.
  4. Please forward this email to your pastor(s).
  5. Pastors—please consider sharing the Scorecard with your people.

Thank you in advance for assisting us in our efforts to promote a state where life is cherished, and special thanks to our pro-life Legislators for speaking up and standing for the preborn children of New Mexico!

Standing Together for Life,

Vince Torres
President & Executive Director

2020 New Mexico Legislative Pro-Life Scorecard

If you do not know who your State Senator or State Representative is, CLICK HERE; enter your zip code and click “GO”; then click on the “New Mexico” tab.

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Dear Friends,

Last week, the KS House passed a resolution condemning New York’s horrific abortion law, 85-35. However, what should have been a simple victory, especially in a state like Kansas, came after three hours of debate and the introduction of eight completely unrelated amendments.

Your support made all the difference though in ensuring that key legislators stood their ground to protect life. Now we need your support again. This week, the House will be voting to pass a bill, H.B. 2274, that will ensure that women are given important information before an abortion. We expect similar efforts to distract from the purpose of the bill on the House floor, so it is vital that you let your Representatives know that they must stand firm on this bill.

House bill 2274 actually helps women who are considering abortion understand all the information related to their abortion. Abortion advocates want to claim abortion is just a medical procedure. We know that there is so much more involved; however, even in other medical procedures, doctors are required to give patients all sorts of information to ensure that they know the harms and alternatives of the procedure. Yet, when it comes to abortions, abortion advocates don’t want women to know what is going to happen to them or the alternatives. They will do all that they can to ensure that women aren’t given access to the important information they need in order to make a fully informed decision.

That is where you come in. We need your help to remind legislators to stand strong to protect both women and their unborn babies. Please, let your House members know that you support a woman’s right to know that she may be able to reverse her chemical abortion.

You can send your Representative a message easily through our Action Center.

Thank you for standing with us,

Brittany Jones, Esq.
Director of Advocacy

It’s a big week on the pro-life front in Kansas. The Pro-life Resolution passed out of the House State and Federal Affairs Committee this morning and now will be heard on the House floor tomorrow morning, and we need your help.

The Kansas Senate became the first legislative body in the country to publicly condemn New York’s extreme Reproductive Health Act. Twenty-seven senators took a stand last month to say that New York’s law does not reflect our values.

Now the Kansas House has the opportunity to affirm this same resolution.

This legislation is being carried on the House floor by Statesmen Academy℠ Alum, Renee Erickson. We are thankful for her courage and leadership in support of life.

Will you take a minute to ask the House to affirm that Kansas is a prolife state by voting yes on this resolution and condemning laws that expose the most vulnerable? It only takes a few seconds to send your message in our Action Center.


Brittany Jones
Director of Advocacy