I received an email recently from a mother who was understandably upset about the book her 9-year-old daughter had checked out of their public school library. The book seemed innocent enough, but after perusing it a bit, it was apparent that it served up the politically correct LGBTQ+ agenda to elementary school children. To quote one example in the book, a character states:

“I grew up in another time. A time when people were not tolerant of others. My parents were devoutly religious, and in my youth, I adopted many of their more unseemly attitudes toward certain groups…That being gay was sinful. That it was wrong.”

This is just one instance of books in our local school libraries that have this agenda. So, how do you as a parent deal with this? How do you talk to your child about these issues? Like a sex education talk with your child, kids will hear about this subject from someone. We want to ensure they hear about it from you first!

One way we at Family Policy Alliance of North Dakota® are trying to help is through a new publication we call A Parent Resource Guide. This particular guide will help you respond to the transgender issue by providing in depth information on the dangerous nature of the agenda, what your parental and family rights are, and how you can protect your child in public schools. Family Policy Alliance partnered with a unique group of organizations from very diverse political views, but who shared one common concern – the negative consequences of treating bodily sex as irrelevant.

A Parent Resource Guide: Responding to the Transgender Issue will:


We are very excited to provide this resource to you, our ministry partners. However, we can only stem the LGBTQ+ tide with your help. Your tax-deductible gift will help underwrite the work Family Policy Alliance of North Dakota does to assist you in protecting our children and to provide key information to parents on how to address issues such as this. [link to donation page]

Thank you for your ongoing support and thank you for your commitment to your child’s education and well-being. How the next generation views the LGBTQ+ issue depends on us. Let’s use every resource we have as parents to present this issue from a biblical basis and a perspective consistent with our beliefs and values!


Mark Jorritsma
President and Executive Director


By Brittany Jones, Esq., policy manager for Family Policy Alliance®

Who is giving educators, school officials, legislators, and parents advice on teaching kids about sex these days? The answer:  college students at some of America’s most liberal universities.

This is actually happening in states like California. Students barely out of high school at the University of California, Santa Barbara are making suggestions to our school administrators and parents about how to teach children as young as toddlers about sex. Even more terrifying—they are suggesting that parents and teachers allow students to engage in activities that would be considered abuse in any other context.

In fact, the Sociology Department’s website, run by college students, encourages parents to let children engage in “sex play.” The website encourages parents to react positively when kids engage in this “perfectly normal” form of play. The students on the website equate a child’s natural curiosity about everything with sexual curiosity. They even say, “[S]ex play in children [is] not cause for panic; many children engage in these behaviors.”

They even go so far as to encourage parents to allow children to touch other children’s genitals as long as it is consensual for both parties. This is clearly allowing child abuse and even grooming children to abused by adults.   The recommendations are horrifying because parents are discouraged from teaching their children healthy and appropriate boundaries that protect children from abuse.

To make matters worse, parents are encouraged to be ok with their children watching pornography and to “just talk to their kids about it” because they believe children will  see it anyway. Yet, we know pornography leads to multiple harmful health, relational, and psychological effects later in life.

These are the experts and ideas that are advising our teachers and our decisionmakers.

The philosophies espoused by these college students at the University of California have become the underlying principles guiding California sex ed. Parents in California have been so horrified over what is happening in their schools they have begun to pull their children out of school!

Sadly, these ideas aren’t isolated to California. Even states like Idaho with laws that only permit basic anatomy & physiology to be taught in the classroom are facing sex ed curriculum changes that clearly go outside the bounds of their law. Often, state Departments of Education are swayed by the liberal sexual agenda put forward by public university “experts,” and they too will recommend disturbing curriculum changes for schools in even conservative states.

What can you do about this? It is vital that parents be involved in their children’s school so they can be aware of what is being taught in the classroom. In fact, most states require that parents be given access upon request to the sex ed curriculum. And, believers can work together to promote good public policy that protects parents’ rights and ultimately protects children from harm.

Ultimately, we believe that God has given parents the responsibility to guide their children’s education—especially about how God designed our sexuality. Family Policy Alliance works to advance policies that protect parents’ rights to guide their children’s upbringing and education—and to support lawmakers who will do the same. With your partnership as parents and grandparents, we can restore our states to a nation where God is honored, religious freedom flourishes, families thrive, and life is cherished.

by Stuart Shepard

It was just a rather sizable, but otherwise plain-looking, plaque on the wall of the Spiller Elementary lunchroom.

It’s been at the Wytheville, Virginia, school for so long, no one remembers who put it there.

Here’s what it says – or rather – said:

Our Father:
We thank thee for this food.
Bless it to the nourishment
of our bodies and our lives
to Thy service. Amen.

That humble prayer is now in storage.

What’s that?

You say even you think there might be a problem with such a bold Christian expression in a public school? Especially the “Thy service” part? Because the courts have ruled this or that or something else?

Okay. That’s essentially the argument made by the Wisconsin-based Freedom From Religion Foundation, which sent one of its threatening, copy-and-paste letters to school officials after hearing from (this is a quote) “a local member of the district.”

Umm, yeah, okay. We’ll go with that.

They said, “the display existed purely for the sake of proselytizing” and that “students should not have to view materials promoting a Christian message.”

Now, I could point out that for most of our Nation’s existence, prayer and study of the Bible was a regular part of the public-school curriculum.

Or how the famous Virginian, George Washington, proclaimed “… it is the duty of all Nations to acknowledge the providence of Almighty God, to obey his will, to be grateful for his benefits, and humbly to implore his protection and favor.”

(Seems like such a Christian message from a president would be a bigger deal than a plaque on the wall.)

Or how another famous Virginian and author of the First Amendment, Thomas Jefferson, did some audacious proselytizing when he signed a Thanksgiving Proclamation that praised the “glorious light of the Gospel” and explained how “through the merits of our gracious Redeemer, we may become the heirs of his eternal glory.”

(Yikes! Time for “a local member of the district” to call Wisconsin!)

I could do all that. But, instead, in these challenging times in 2017, here’s what I suggest:

Remind the young people in your life that they have a right to pray every day in the school lunchroom.

That they have a right to pray before school with their friends, and after school with their classmates, and quietly before the Algebra test.

That if their school allows non-curricular clubs, they can start a group to pray together and study the Bible.

That they can, if it fits the assignment, write about prayer and their faith in their school work and share it with their classmates.

And share the words of our Founders with them. And teach them a proper understanding of the First Amendment. And the importance of prayer.

Because, a prayer on a student’s lips is far more valuable than a prayer on a plaque on a wall.


Thanks to Gateways to Better Education for alerting us to this story.

Family Policy Alliance is proud to work alongside our ally, Pennsylvania Family Council.

by Dan Bartkowiak

I hope you join me and everyone in the pro-life community in celebrating great news out of Reading, Pennsylvania. Not only are teens better off this school year but Planned Parenthood is really mad.

Let me explain:

Planned Parenthood made a push this summer to gain direct access to thousands of high school students in Reading – and to have you pay for it. But, after this proposal was brought to our attention from residents, we were able to rally together with other groups such as Students for Life of America, Berks Republican Women and Pro-Life Berks to show the school board that this was not the right choice for Reading.

I’m happy to tell you that the Reading School Board, in a 5-4 decision, voted against the proposal and to keep Planned Parenthood OUT of Reading High School.

Looking back, here are a few highlights:

1) Shocking statements from newspaper editor.

Ahead of the meeting, I received an email in response to a media advisory about this upcoming board vote, which included the following:

 “At Planned Parenthood women can get free mammograms… very little abortions are performed.”

You can watch a short clip highlighting my response which points out:

Shocking Statements by Newspaper Editor about Planned Parenthood

You have to listen to these statements sent to us from a Pennsylvania newspaper editor. This video was recorded just before the victorious vote by the Reading School Board to NOT have Planned Parenthood staff an office in Reading High School.To help inform and educate others about the activities of Planned Parenthood: 1) Our Resource page: pafamily.org/resources (***Make sure to download our report "Extreme: Planned Parenthood in Pennsylvania")2) Search our blog for a variety of stories on Planned Parenthood: pafamily.org/blog

Posted by Pennsylvania Family Council on Thursday, August 24, 2017

2) Diversity of the residents speaking out against this proposal.

People from both sides of this issue gathered at the door of the administration building where the vote was to take place. The school board meets in a small room and an overflow crowd spread out into the hallway.

What was striking is the first four residents to speak out; were all against the proposal: a mom who works for a teen organization in Reading, a high-school teenager, a former pregnancy center employee and a pastor.

Many of their comments were helpful, from the teenager pointing out how Planned Parenthood Keystone in Allentown failed three straight inspections – including the gruesome practice of disposing aborted babies down the sink – as well as the pastor pointing out the big business of abortion for Planned Parenthood and that the school should “stick to the business of education.”

3) Overwhelming majority against the proposal.

When it was time for the board members to discuss the proposal, several concerns were mentioned. One board member stated he counted all the emails he had received on this issue, totaling 585. He said the overwhelming majority were against the proposal.

Board members had other concerns such as the fact that no other proposal was considered, that Planned Parenthood is so close to the school (just two miles away) with no other school having such a program and that the board was never presented with evidence that showed Planned Parenthood’s proposal would actually work.

With all of these concerns, the board narrowly voted down the proposal by a 5-4 decision.

Watch this clip for more reaction after the board’s vote.

VICTORY – Planned Parenthood Stays Out of Reading High

A brief recap after tonight's board meeting in Reading and the 5-4 decision to keep Planned Parenthood OUT of Reading High School. We still have work to do but certainly a tremendous victory.To be ready in the future for what Planned Parenthood might try next in PA, be sure you receive our email alerts: tinyurl.com/emailsignups

Posted by Pennsylvania Family Council on Wednesday, August 23, 2017

4) Statement by Planned Parenthood Keystone after the vote.

It appears that Planned Parenthood is fuming. Just read part of the statement they gave to WFMZ after the vote:

“These protesters don’t care about our children… They’re out-of-town bullies who used this vote to pursue a narrow political agenda without any care in the world for the young lives their actions affect.”

I’m not sure if anyone from Planned Parenthood was at the meeting, but I was there. I saw dozens of Reading residents holding signs outside against the proposal. The first four people to offer public comment were all from Reading and against this proposal.

There were also protesters yelling out in support of the proposal. Police were on the scene and the only time they had to yell to the crowd was when someone in support of the proposal was screaming at a pro-life supporter.

And if Planned Parenthood was there, they are the one’s proudly stating they are a political organization that gives millions of dollars to pro-abortion candidates.

But bottom line – thanks to this vote Planned Parenthood is not starting the school year in Reading High School being paid for by taxpayers.

Learn more about Pennsylvania Family Council.


I heard a story this week about a student who was asked to write a paper on the topic of love. She is a Christian and chose to write about her hopes for marriage. When she got her paper back, it was covered in red ink. The teacher had docked her for describing marriage as a covenant between a man and woman.

Like Daniel and the Israelites in Babylon, Christians today are living as exiles in a foreign land. Living faithfully quickly reveals that the things we believe are at odds with the culture around us. Sometimes we accept that reality and move ahead; sometimes we push back.

The student was brave enough to go back to her teacher and politely insist that she be graded on the quality of her writing and not her beliefs. I can’t help but think of the untold stories of other students who lack that courage or may be too intimidated to write about traditional, Christian, conservative beliefs in the first place.

Those untold stories motivate me to do this work every day. I am proud to be part of an organization that will stand behind and support brave students while we bring to the light injustice for those who can’t speak for themselves.

Public schools are increasingly the battleground. Right now, the education movement wants to teach our kids that the very basic concepts of male and female are “outdated” social constructs. The Kansas Student Privacy Act is a barrier to that lie. Stand with us and with those faithful students who want no part of a genderless world.

Eric Teetsel

P.S. Ask your lawmaker to support the Student Privacy Act. We’ve made it easy through our Action Center.

My son, Cade, has a problem.

Despite the fact that my oldest son, Peyton, is a sometimes less-than-nice big brother (we are working on that!), Cade adores his “big bro,” 19 months his elder. That means Cade follows Peyton, does what Peyton does, tries to play with what Peyton plays with (which sometimes leads to an epic, though usually one-sided, tug-of-war), and emulate his brother in nearly every way.

That gets Cade into trouble.

You see, while Peyton is a nimble, athletic 2-and-a-half-year-old, Cade, who turned 1 in January, is not yet where his brother is physically. That means, when Peyton takes risks like jumping off of something or trying some other form of a daring stunt (a regular occurrence), Cade usually follows along unthinkingly only to end up hurt and in tears.

The same is true for us! When we blindly follow, unquestioningly, any man not named Jesus Christ we will fall, end up hurt, disappointed, and looking foolish.

I preface my comments below with the analogy above because I never want Family Policy Alliance of Georgia to fall into that trap. Cade’s folly is often seen when Christians allow themselves to become tied too closely with a person or a movement.

While I never want us to go down that path, we must acknowledge when our leaders do something worthy of applause.

That’s why I am asking each of you to join me in thanking President Trump for his revocation of President Obama’s “bathroom mandate,” which demanded that boys be allowed to use girls restrooms, locker rooms and showers in public schools.

There is not likely to be anything more rooted in pure “common sense” than Trump’s decision to rescind that over-reaching edict, but we need to rally around the president on this issue.

While this issue is one of abundant clarity to us, the liberal media and even many in Trump’s inner circle urged him to let the order stand. His willingness to stand against the tide and for the innocence of our children is worthy of applause as well as illustrative of the influence people of faith are having on this administration.

Will you join me today in thanking President Trump for his willingness to do what is right?

President Trump needs to know we are watching and that, while we will never follow blindly and unquestioningly, he has our strong support on this issue. Please join me in thanking President Trump for his willingness to stand with us!

In His Service,

Cole Muzio
Executive Director

P.S. The greatest buttress we can provide the Trump Administration against the onslaught of attacks from the Left, from the media, and even opponents of pro-family issues within the Republican Party is to voice our support when the president stands strong in support of the family. Please join me in thanking President Trump today!


Great news came to Derby with an assist from President Trump.

The Trump administration has ordered America’s schools to ignore a mandate previously issued by the Obama administration instructing them to use “gender identity” instead of sex when determining policies for bathrooms, locker rooms, and other private facilities.

Shortly thereafter, the Derby School Board, which governs the only Kansas school district to publicly announce implementation of the Obama policy, reversed course. The voices of hundreds of parents and students who opposed the radical shift in policy were heard and prevailed.

This is a win, but it’s not the end of the fight to preserve the safety and privacy of girls and boys in Kansas. We are working alongside the parents of Derby schoolchildren and others across Kansas to pass the Student Privacy Act and other laws. Our work is vital because we know the proponents of LGBT ideology are not going to give up.

Consider the ongoing saga of florist and grandmother Barronelle Stutzman. Just last month, the Washington Supreme Court ruled that the State of Washington can force her to use her artistic talent as a florist to participate in events which violate her religious beliefs.

Another example is the story of David and Jason Benham. These entrepreneurs from North Carolina lost an HGTV home renovation show when progressive activists made an issue of their traditional Christian understanding of marriage.

David and Jason will be featured guests at two events for Family Policy Alliance of Kansas in May. They will share their story and remind us why this work is so very important. Keep an eye out for more information!

The news was good for parents and students in Derby this week but other issues all across the nation continue to challenge our religious freedom. The Family Policy Alliance of Kansas is here to ensure you have the ability to live out your beliefs – and to fight alongside you when you run into obstacles to this fundamental right. Thank you for allowing us this opportunity.

Eric Teetsel

P.S. Please take a moment to visit our Action Center to send a message to President Trump thanking him for removing the bathroom mandate in our schools.

Do you believe that boys should have access to girls’ locker rooms, showers and bathrooms? President Obama does. His “bathroom mandate” is using Title IX federal funding to force public schools to allow just that.

 Autumn Leva, policy director for Family Policy Alliance, tells us why we’ve formed an unusual alliance to make our voice heard at the U.S. Supreme Court.

Download a copy of the amicus brief as filed with the U.S. Supreme Court.

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