Dear Friends,

Last week in New Mexico, a special session was held to determine how our state district lines would be re-drawn. Many candidates fought hard to have fair consideration throughout their districts. Fair consideration and balance would ensure that any candidate has a fighting chance no matter what their party affiliation. However, the results of last week’s special session landed as a hard blow to the conservative voter. All over our state, new lines have been drawn that purposefully diminish the conservative voices in specific industries to reduce their impact in the outcome of a vote. To see the accepted redistricting map visit, see here. The left has taken balance and fairness out of our elections as they have created new district lines that will tip the scales to their liberal agenda.


All is not lost. While last week’s decision was discouraging, the fight isn’t over. While many would have the conservative believe that we are sorely outnumbered, it’s just not true. Let’s take the life issue for example. Our state is shameful when it comes to its anti-life legislation. Many would have us believe that there is no hope in changing that. But did you know that in a Quinnipiac poll in 2017 it showed that Millennials are nearly split down the middle on the issue of abortion after 20 weeks? That tells me that life has a fighting chance. Did you also know that here in NM only 40% of the millennial population shows up to vote? How many pro-life voices are not being represented because of a loss of hope? How many pro-life voices are not being represented because they don’t really know what’s at stake or that they could possibly make a difference?

We must awaken the conservative voices in New Mexico.

That’s why Family Policy Alliance of NM is here. To make sure these unrepresented pro-life voices have the information and the hope that they need in order to cast their vote and make their voice heard. We exist to help the conservative find their voice and use it effectively.

How can you use your conservative voice effectively?

Together, we can be the change and the hope our state desperately needs!

Standing with Grace,

Jodi Hendricks
Executive Director