Imagine this scenario: At home, your daughter lives as the girl God made her to be. At school, she claims to be a boy, and her teachers and classmates affirm this.  The shocking twist? You, the parent, are left in the dark about her life at school.

Sage’s parents experienced this firsthand when the school their daughter attended kept Sage’s decision to identify as a boy hidden, even after she was sexually assaulted in the boy’s bathroom. And, that was only the beginning of a harrowing tale – one that you can hear today at 1 pm ET.

After racing to save Sage from a dangerous path of transgender interventions (and much more), Sage’s parents began sharing her testimony, which eventually inspired the introduction of “Sage’s Law” in the state of Virginia. The bill would require teachers and school officials to inform at least one parent of a child’s gender confusion and to discuss counseling options for the child.

Sage’s story is not easy to hear, but it reminds us of the serious threat gender ideology poses to our kids – and the importance of protecting parental rights. Josh Hetzler of The Family Foundation (our state ally in Virginia) shares Sage’s story in today’s live video, and how he and his team are fighting to protect kids like Sage. Don’t miss this gripping story!

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Emma Rarden
Communications Specialist – Produce

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