The race for governor is pivotal for the future of our state and for our nation, and we cannot afford to get this wrong. That’s why I am so excited to announce that Family Policy Alliance of Georgia has endorsed State Senator Michael Williams in his bid to lead our state.

What kind of decisions will the next governor of Georgia make?

They will decide whether to protect religious freedom or surrender your rights at the altar of the radical LGBT Agenda. The governor will decide whether or not to save babies, promote parental rights, or strengthen educational choice. Their decisions will have a profound impact on issues such as whether a boy can enter your daughter’s bathroom, whether your pastor can preach Scripture without fear, or whether you can operate your business in accordance with your conscience.

As we’ve sized up the field, it has become apparent that Michael Williams is the leader we need making those calls.

Over the last year, I have enjoyed the privilege of getting to know Michael, partnering with him at the Capitol, hosting him in my home, and seeing how he operates. This is a man of faith, with a genuine love for his wife and children, and a fearless approach to protecting the family.

During his time in the State Senate, Michael has distinguished himself as among the most conservative, pro-family legislators in the Golden Dome and a true friend of Family Policy Alliance of Georgia. He has sponsored strong school-choice legislation, co-sponsored the Religious Freedom Restoration Act (RFRA), and is carrying key bills in partnership with us this session.

But, that’s not all. Michael has, throughout this campaign, exhibited a boldness unequaled in the field. When it came time to sign the Religious Freedom pledge, Michael was the first to sign, and he remains the only one willing to look beyond RFRA to protect Georgians’ rights of conscience. When a teacher attacked students for their political views, when a school told its coach he could no longer pray with his team, and when a school district imposed a radical new privacy-violating transgender policy, Michael was the only candidate to address the issues. This legislative session, he even carried SB 361- working with us to promote the most comprehensive legislation in the nation to restore religious freedom in schools.

While there are other quality conservatives in this race, Michael has, time and again, spoken while they remained silent.

I will not lie to you: Michael is not perfect. No one is. However, one of the most refreshing things about Michael as a candidate is his humility. He does not pretend to be perfect, to know it all, or to be superior to anyone. Despite all the success he has enjoyed in life, I have seen him serve, do the little things that few notice without seeking any credit, and take time out of his day to address the concern of every citizen.

Now, I want to be abundantly clear: Michael is not the preferred candidate of lobbyists, the political establishment, or Party leadership. This will, without a doubt, be an uphill climb. But, if we want someone who goes beyond checking a box and actually leads the charge on behalf of Georgia families, then we need Michael Williams as our governor.

My promise to you is this: I will work tirelessly to see this fearless advocate win this race, will both partner with him and hold him accountable should he win, and engage in this campaign in such a way so as not to harm another pro-family candidate.

As you can tell, I think the world of my good friend, Michael Williams, and I could not be more excited about the prospect of seeing him lead our state. I ask you to join me in praying and working to see God glorified in this campaign.

For His glory,

Cole Muzio
President & Executive Director


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By Autumn Leva, VP of Strategy

As believers, we all lament decisions by courts and politicians that have “kicked God out of our public schools.” But what if we—the family of believers—stopped lamenting and instead decided to do something about it?

That’s what’s happening in Georgia right now, and we wanted to make sure you heard about it—because it can happen in your state too.

Last fall in Georgia, a high school football coach knelt in prayer with his players before the game. Then, an atheist group called Freedom from Religion Foundation sent the school a threatening letter saying that the coach was out of line—and of course used the tired, old, and always out-of-context mantra “he violated the separation of church and state.”

But here’s the kicker—this atheist group isn’t even located in Georgia. They’re based in Wisconsin and have a reputation for meddling in other states—probably even yours, even if it didn’t make national news—attempting to silence religious speech and squelch any public displays of faith. Freedom from Religion Foundation typically targets small schools, towns, or even senior living homes without the means to fight back.

Now, our ally in Georgia, Family Policy Alliance of Georgia, and a bold state Senator, Michael Williams, are pushing back—and their efforts are getting a lot of attention in the media.

Whether public school staff can kneel or bow a head in prayer with their students is a gray area of the law, but Family Policy Alliance of Georgia and Senator Michael Williams believe that this should be a very clear area of the law—students should be allowed to pray at school, and teachers and coaches should be allowed to join them.

Senator Williams introduced a simple, common-sense bill to clarify that:

  1. Students can lead prayers and faith-based groups at school.
  2. Students can pray or express a religious viewpoint in their speeches (at graduation, for example) and in class assignments.
  3. Teachers can participate in student-led prayers.

Cole Muzio- President – Family Policy Alliance of Georgia

Cole Muzio, President of Family Policy Alliance of Georgia, praised Senator Williams’ bill: “We are thankful that Senator Williams has stepped forward to affirm that First Amendment rights don’t end in the school parking lot. Teachers shouldn’t be forced to choose between their career and their faith, and students shouldn’t have to hide their faith at school.”

Does your state have a Senator Williams who will boldly step forward to protect your state’s schools from out-of-state activist groups, challenge the status quo, and restore religious freedom for students and teachers? Does your state have a Body of believers who will support a bold elected leader who will stand for faith?

Family Policy Alliance believes bold legislators who will stand for faith are worth supporting, and we want to help you find them in your state! Our calling and mission is to see godly men and women elected to the “mission field” of public office where they will serve families like yours and help restore religious freedom in every corner of the states and nation.

Imagine if we saw more coaches praying with their teams, more students in Bible studies and praying at school, and more teachers praying and reading their Bibles during break time.  With a Body of believers willing to live out their faith by unleashing biblical citizenship, like the coach who prayed with his team, and elected leaders who share and boldly live out their values, we can see more of all of this—in every state—and we’re willing to work for it. Will you help us?

If you’re up for the challenge, I’d like to ask you to start by joining our Family Policy Alliance team in:

  1. Praying that the Georgia Legislature will pass Senator Williams’ bill to restore religious freedom in schools; and
  2. Committing, right now, to vote in the 2018 election for leaders who share your values.

On the personal front, I am proud to announce the birth of my 3rd son, Jarrett Jackson Muzio, who was born in the early morning hours on February 1st. He was a little early, but weighed 8lbs 9oz (which, as his brothers will one day point out, makes him the smallest Muzio baby so far). I cannot tell you what a joy it is to hold him, look at his precious face, and see him discover God’s world.

I know many of you have prayed for me, my wife, and this awesome dude throughout this pregnancy. While the last 9 months have had their challenges, your prayers, encouragement, and support have been such an incredible blessing. We cannot thank you enough!

And we are also making gains at the Capitol: While we welcomed a new addition into our family, we continue to make gains under the Gold Dome.

Notably, you have likely seen our alerts on SB 361 which has gained national attention.

As one of the hottest bills down at the Capitol, we are now getting what was expected: intense opposition. This week, we were scheduled for a hearing, but the bill was pulled from the agenda at the last minute. We must keep up the pressure to force a vote! Here is an update from the bill’s sponsor, Senator Michael Williams:

The scheduled senate committee hearing for the Coach Small Religious Protection Act (SB 361) was canceled at the last minute. We need your help to encourage the committee chairman, Senator Lindsay Tippins to give our bill a vote! Elected officials pay attention when they receive an outcry from the voters, that’s why we need everyone to take 1 minute and call Senator Lindsay Tippins.

Call Senator Lindsay Tippins office to encourage him to give our commonsense religious protection legislation – SB 361 – a hearing: (404) 657-0406

Next week, I will share updates on other Family Policy Alliance bills that are being introduced and causing a stir under the Gold Dome.

What to pray for: With all of the legislation we are working on as well as elections coming up (now just 3 ½ months away!), I am asking that you join us in prayer that the status quo in Georgia will change. Despite being a red state, there is intense opposition to much legislation that would be meaningful for people of faith. There are some GREAT and GODLY leaders down there, but we need more. To gain ground, we need to change the culture at the Gold Dome. If you feel called to support that effort, please consider supporting us.

For His Glory,

Cole Muzio
President and Executive Director

Are you fed up with the liberal agenda to eradicate all faith from our schools?

Well, we at Family Policy Alliance are beginning to push back. As you may have seen, we are partnering with Senator Michael Williams on Senate Bill 361 which protects the First Amendment rights of students, teachers, faculty and coaches. Passage of this bill would end a sad era where our schools have been a place of open hostility and warfare against people of faith!

But we need your help. Please join us for the committee hearing on Wednesday, February 7, at the Capitol Building Room 450 at 3:00 p.m. to express your support for this legislation!

Your attendance at this meeting will send a strong signal that you support the First Amendment and that you expect our legislators to do the same. We hope to see you there!

Because the First Amendment Still Applies in Schools,

Cole Muzio
President and Executive Director

If you believe religious freedom is worth protecting, we need 30 seconds of your time today.

As you know, religious freedom has been under attack right here in Georgia. The latest example is the attack on Coach Small from Coweta County – simply for praying with his team!

At Family Policy Alliance of Georgia, we believe that every student and faculty member should have the right to exercise their First Amendment Rights without fear of bullying from radical out-of-state atheist groups.

Thankfully, a champion for First Amendment rights for all Georgians has risen to the occasion and is standing with Coach Small from Coweta County.  Sen. Michael Williams has introduced a bill (SB 361) that protects students, faculty, and staff from these out-of-state groups and ensures that Georgians will no longer be vilified for exercising their First Amendment freedom.

Family Policy Alliance of Georgia and Sen. Williams need your help.  We are asking you to contact your state legislators to ask them to co-sponsor SB 361.

We’ve made it very quick and easy to do this at our Action Center.  With just a click or two, you can send an email to your state senator and state representative, even if you don’t remember who they are.

Let the men and women under the Golden Dome know that our students and faculty will not be intimidated by these leftist, out-of-state bullies.

Thank you for standing with Family Policy Alliance of Georgia on this vital issue of religious freedom. We are encouraged by your action as we continue to promote and unleash Biblical Citizenship.


Cole Muzio
President and Executive DIrector

Three years ago, I entered the State Senate to be a voice for Georgia families – willing to be bold, stand up and be counted, and take the tough stands. I believed that as a conservative southern state, there would be a host of likeminded individuals roaming the halls of the Capitol.

However, I quickly realized that while I wasn’t alone, I was one of a few.

That’s why I am glad that Family Policy Alliance of Georgia is here, and why I am proud to be a part of their new initiative, called the Family Leadership Team.

Far too often, pro-family voices wander in the proverbial political wilderness alone and isolated. With the forces of the Left united, well-funded, and committed to our utter defeat, our side gets drowned out and fails to make the impact we work so hard for.

I share the commitment of Cole Muzio and Family Policy Alliance of Georgia to make certain that is no longer the story in our state.

Last week, we held a meeting aiming to bring together the godly pro-family leaders of our state to organize a strategy to achieve gains for the cause of life, the family unit, religious liberty, school choice, and so many other issues we care about. I am committed to working with Family Policy Alliance of Georgia to keep this discussion going, continue to bring together new allies, and see this conversation lead to real action that provides greater protection for Georgia families and for people of faith.

Family Policy Alliance of Georgia is committed to our Christian principles. At this historic juncture in our nation and in our state, I look forward to working with Cole and his organization, along with you, to seize the momentum and advance the banner for families.

It is a privilege for me to serve in the Georgia State Senate, and I am honored to work with Family Policy Alliance of Georgia to chair the Family Leadership Team. We are blessed to have a number of great organizations who are partnering with us, and I am proud that my colleagues, Sen. David Shafer, Sen. Chuck Payne, and other God-fearing public servants are joining the cause.

Only together, with strong leadership, a fidelity to principle, a clear sense of purpose, and a cohesive strategy, can we achieve a Georgia where God is honored, religious freedom flourishes, families thrive, and life is cherished. Know that I stand shoulder to shoulder with you and with the Family Policy Alliance of Georgia to see this vision become a reality.


Sen. Michael Williams
Georgia State Senate

P.S. It has been an honor to lead the charge on behalf of Georgia families in the State Senate, and I’m excited to lead the Family Leadership Team as we begin to work together, strategically, to make gains for our values. The Family Policy Alliance of Georgia has proven to be an integral leader in the pro-family movement, and I look forward to continuing to partner with them. Would you join us?