Dear Friend,

We have an urgent request for your help.

Along with our friends at Center for Arizona Policy, we are calling your attention to a very concerning bill in your state and asking you to urge your legislators to oppose it. The Arizona House is considering H.B. 2802, a bill that undermines the rights of religious believers, licensed counselors, and small business owners.

H.B. 2802 would ban so-called “conversion therapy” and mandate counselors adopt an “affirmative care” approach towards minors struggling with sexuality-related issues. The bill seeks to silence professional speech by licensed counselors and compel them to provide a specific type of treatment that violates the consciences of some therapists and even some of their patients. This is a First Amendment violation, but worse than that, it harms children struggling with gender dysphoria or unwanted same-sex attraction by denying them the true help they need from professional counseling.

Beyond that, this bill also adds “gender identity” and “sexual identity” to Arizona’s current nondiscrimination law. Civil rights laws like these are meant to protect people and organizations like small businesses from unjust discrimination, but H.B. 2802 does the exact opposite by turning Arizona’s civil rights laws into a sword to punish people or organizations who hold a historic understanding of marriage and sexuality.

We need your help to prevent this.

Please send a message to your representative today urging that they reject H.B. 2802.

Together with our friends at Center for Arizona Policy, you can help ensure that Arizona law helps, not harms, children by preserving their access to the healthcare they need, and that the rights of professional counselors and all Arizona citizens are protected.

Now is the time to speak up for them to your state representative.

Sincerely,Joseph Kohm
Joseph Kohm
Joseph Kohm
Policy Director



P.S. For further updates, be sure to connect with our friends and allies at the Center for Arizona Policy. They are in the halls of the state capitol working on your behalf!

On February 14th, the Lincoln City Council adopted a broad 67-page ordinance redefining “sex” to mean “male, female, neither, or both,” including but “not limited to sexual orientation and gender identity” in an entire section of the city’s municipal code.

Every person should be treated with dignity and respect. Unfortunately, coercive sexual orientation and gender identity ordinances undermine both fairness and freedom.

These policies are used to:

The ordinance passed by the city council ignores common sense by giving men who claim to be female unfettered access to intimate places designated for women—including showers, locker rooms, and restrooms—at businesses, gyms, private schools, youth sports leagues, and even churches.


In response to this dangerous overreach, Nebraska Family Alliance filed a referendum petition to repeal the ordinance or put it to a vote of the people and launched an aggressive, citywide grassroots campaign aimed at mobilizing registered voters in the City of Lincoln to sign the petition.

No person should be charged with devastating fines ranging from $10,000-$50,000 by an unelected commission for simply upholding the privacy rights of women and girls in bathrooms and changing rooms.


The Lincoln City Charter gives Lincoln voters just 15 days to collect the needed 4,137 signatures. The petition must be signed in person by Monday, February 28th at 5 PM.

Visit the Nebraska Family Alliance office at 1106 E Street, Lincoln, NE 68508, 8:30 AM to 7 PM on weekdays, 8 AM to 5 PM on Saturday, and 1 PM to 6 PM on Sunday to sign the petition, and encourage your friends, neighbors, and family members to sign the petition before February 28th.

Thank you for taking action!

John Paulton
Vice President, State Alliances


I’ll cut straight to the chase: the greatest threat to the radical Left’s agenda is you. You are leading the way in promoting school choice and parental rights around the country. You have been, and will continue to be, a driving force in ending abortion in America. And you are playing a key role in protecting women and children and combatting the radical gender ideology of the Left.

Here are some of your key victories:

But for every one of these wins, the radical Left frantically continues to push its own agenda. For instance:

The Left continues to celebrate men taking titles from women – in sports and even in Jeopardy! The radical Left knows you are faithfully standing for truth and for what’s best for families, so they are trying to push through as much as they can. And with the mid-term election just months away, they know their time is running short – so their attempts are becoming more desperate.

One example of this phenomenon: the Equality Act. This radical bill has made repeat appearances in Congress and would create new protected classes based on a person’s self-identified sexual orientation and gender identity. Under the Equality Act, males could enter female-only spaces like locker rooms and women’s shelters, and they would be legally empowered to take female athletic titles and championships – and more.

Thankfully, you helped stop this bill from becoming law.

What was the next play for the Left? In Congress, nearly one hundred bills include Equality Act language, an attempt to integrate its policies piece-by-piece.

To be sure, the radical Left has its own offensive strategy. But you keep speaking up, engaging with your state family policy council, and responding to action alerts. You are an integral part of the pro-family movement.

Ours is a movement that believes children should be helped to embrace their God-given sex, not taught to question it.

We believe that when some children do struggle to embrace their God-given bodies, they should receive loving and meaningful help, not the harm of hormones and surgeries.

And no matter what happens in those policy areas, females still deserve a level playing field in sports, privacy and safety in sex-specific spaces, and the dignity not to be reduced to terms like “pregnant people.”

This is what real America believes- and the Left knows it. You are the greatest threat to their agenda.

Now, most states are in the thick of their legislative sessions, presenting many opportunities to protect families and stop the radical Left’s agenda. Nationally, Congress and the Biden Administration continue to provide many opportunities for action.

As your state determines what will happen for families in 2022 and beyond, here are 5 things you can do to keep making a difference:

  1. Pray. Pray for our nation, your state, and your community. Pray for leaders at all levels, and for the people their decisions affect. Sign up here to receive periodic prayer updates from our team.
  2. Reach out to your elected officials. We make it easy through our Action Center!
  3. Get plugged in with your state family policy council. They represent your voice and your interests in your state! Find yours here.
  4. Learn more about the issues. Click here to learn more about our vision for Help Not Harm for kids struggling to embrace their God-given bodies, and click here to learn more about the movement to Save Girls’ Sports.
  5. Spread the word! Share the truth with friends and family. (For easy-to-share content, you can follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram).

Together, let’s work for a nation where female athletes have a level playing field in all fifty states, where children across the nation are protected from dangerous agendas and transgender interventions, and where families can truly thrive.

Standing with you,

Meridian Baldacci
Director of Strategy