When Big Tech doesn’t like the truth, they censor those who tell it.

That’s what happened this week when Congressman Jim Banks (an alum of our sister Foundation’s prestigious Statesmen Academy) was BLOCKED on Twitter for speaking the simple truth. He correctly identified Admiral Rachel Levine (pictured) as a man and called out the Biden-appointed Surgeon General for saying Levine was female.

Levine identifies as a woman – he feels that he is a woman and tries to live as one. But, the truth of the matter is every cell in his body says that Levine is male.

And Twitter doesn’t like to acknowledge that truth.

But here’s what’s even more stunning: while Twitter bans upstanding Americans for speaking basic biological facts, it allows child predators to use its platform to share videos of child sexual abuse.

Plus, the Republican Study Committee—the largest conservative caucus in the U.S. House, of which Rep. Banks is chair—reports that Big Tech (at large) allows Taliban terrorists on its platforms!

The standard is backwards, and it’s time for Twitter to change now. If you agree, will you sign our petition to Twitter? It only takes a minute. We’re asking Twitter to restore the right of Americans to speak the truth. And, we’re asking them to stand up for kids by keeping child predators from using the platform to benefit from underage sexual abuse.

After you’ve signed the petition, please plan to join us tomorrow, October 29, for a LIVE conversation with Congressman Jim Banks to hear his story.

What Twitter Doesn’t Want Us To Say

Friday, October 29
11 am ET / 10 am CT / 9 am MT / 8 am PT
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Is biological reality off limits? What should you know about Big Tech? And, what’s the inside scoop in DC? Join us as Congressman Jim Banks, Chair of the Republican Study Committee, discusses with Family Policy Alliance CEO Craig DeRoche.

If you agree that it’s time for Big Tech to change, please sign our petition to Twitter now and spread the word.

See you tomorrow!

Meridian Baldacci
Director of Strategy





Four months ago, Twitter blocked our friends at Focus on the Family from their platform because one of their accounts – The Daily Citizen – accurately described Assistant Health Secretary Rachel Levine as “a transgender woman, that is, a man who believes he is a woman.”

We quickly formed a coalition of likeminded national organizations, state Family Policy Councils, members of Congress and state legislators to launch the #AreWeNext campaign on social media.

Our original tweet garnered over 640,000 impressions!

Then we shared the news with you – and boy did you respond! More than 50,000 of you signed our petition to Twitter stating that you stood with Focus on the Family and against censorship.

I’m very happy to report that after four long months, Focus on the Family’s The Daily Citizen has been restored on Twitter!  You may have seen our tweet yesterday welcoming them back.

This ordeal is an example of how your voice can make a difference – even with tech giants!  There is power in numbers, and when tens of thousands of concerned citizens speak up, change can and does happen. We appreciate each of you who engaged with us to end the Twitter lockdown on Focus on the Family.

The battle against Big Tech censorship has only just begun (just this week Twitter censored a political leader for saying that men cannot get pregnant), but this proves that together we can win. If you believe in the fight against the Cancel Culture, please help making more wins possible with your gift to Family Policy Alliance.


Amanda Banks
Family Policy Alliance


Remember when Twitter locked our friends at Focus on the Family out of one of their accounts? Twitter made this decision because a post on the account correctly referred to one Biden nominee as a biological male who identifies as a woman.

Nearly four months later, Focus on the Family’s The Daily Citizen is still locked out of their Twitter account.

#AreWeNext TweetWhen the account was first blocked, many of you joined us in jumping into action and coming to Focus on the Family’s defense. You signed our petition to Twitter, and you joined us in challenging Twitter: #AreWeNext?  Because if stating simple biological facts gets you banned on Twitter, none of us belongs there.

Our tweet reached well over a half million impressions, inspiring even Members of Congress to join in—along with many of our friends leading the state family policy councils and other national organizations doing outstanding work. Together, we all sent a strong message!

The Daily Citizen has now been locked out of their account for over three months. During that time, tens of thousands of you have signed our petition to Twitter, and other organizations signed our formal letter to Twitter, encouraging Twitter to reconsider how it blocks user content. In all, over 50,000 of you signed the Family Policy Alliance petition to Twitter, calling on them to reconsider their position, especially in blocking Focus on the Family’s account.

The time has come for us to deliver those letters and your petition to Twitter….which we did just yesterday.

Additionally, we were joined by a few leaders from other outstanding organizations who share our values, like Concerned Women for America, in requesting an official meeting with Twitter’s policy team to discuss these issues. We hope Twitter will be willing to engage with us, and we will keep you updated on whether they grant our meeting request!

In the meantime, we hope you’ll join us for a discussion hosted by the National Religious Broadcasters (NRB) about how the Body of Christ should respond when Tech giants like Twitter block user content in a biased way.

The discussion features Autumn Leva of Family Policy Alliance, Ryan Anderson of The Ethics and Public Policy Center and Jason Thacker of The Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission. The NRB will ask questions like:

CLICK HERE to register for the NRB “Live at Lunch” panel. The panel will start at 12PM ET today!


John Paulton
Mobilization Manager

Dear Friends,

The pushback on Twitter is off to a roaring start! After Twitter shut down our partners at Focus on the Family simply for stating a biological fact, you helped to expose what Twitter did and to push back in a huge way.

Already, the Family Policy Alliance tweet that challenged Twitter with the question, #AreWeNext, has been shared by many members of Congress, national and state leaders, and concerned citizens – and has been seen well over half a million times on Twitter.

But still, Twitter continues to block Focus on the Family from access to their Daily Citizen Twitter account – just for appropriately and accurately stating that a Biden appointee who identifies as transgender is “a man who believes he’s a woman.”

Will you help us turn up the heat on Twitter? Already, more than 10,000 Americans (including perhaps you!) have signed the petition to Twitter, but that number needs to grow in a big way.

We are urgently asking our friends and supporters for a special donation today to ratchet up the pressure on Twitter. Special funding is needed for digital ads, texting campaigns and more – to directly reach out to citizens and mobilize a grassroots army of Americans who care about freedom to speak the truth!

Will you contribute towards our goal of $15,000? Every gift – big or small – will make a real difference in this effort.

As you’ve seen from our emails, there is no shortage of policy battles that we are in the middle of in D.C. and around the country. But this action from Twitter cannot be allowed to stand. We cannot allow Big Tech to perceive that the American people will let them get away with shutting down the basic truth.

The momentum in this effort is exciting! Just today, other news outlets such as The Daily Wire have reported on our effort, and more national leaders are speaking out.

But it’s critical that we engage with a focused campaign to keep this in the headlines and mobilize vast numbers of Americans. Will you help make that happen with your gift today?

Yours for freedom to speak the truth,

John Paulton
Mobilization Manager

P.S. What’s at stake is more than just one organization’s Twitter account. This is the battle for freedom of speech in our culture that is so impacted by a handful of Big Tech companies. Please help rally Americans to push back with your gift today!