Yesterday, Value Them Both passed out of the Senate 28 to 11! This is a huge victory for every Kansan who believes that unlimited abortion is harmful for women, babies, and our state as a whole. Yesterday, 28 senators stood to protect the life-saving laws that place basic regulations on the abortion industry.

A special thanks to Sens. Molly Baumgardner, Kellie Warren, and Renee Erickson who carried the bulk of the bill on the floor. We are also thankful for the leadership of Senate President Ty Masterson, Majority Leader Gene Suellentrop, and Vice-President of the Senate Rick Wilborn.

Please take a moment to thank every Senator and House member who voted for this important amendment! It’s easy on our action center!

What happens next?

Now Value Them Both goes to your ballot. You will see this on your August 2022 ballot.

Getting Value Them Both across the line will take all of us working together. Here are some ways you can get involved:

Yesterday was a huge day for the dignity of every person in Kansas! We are so thankful for you partnering with us up to this point and we look forward to you partnering with you going forward so that every life is cherished.

Together we can value them both in Kansas,

Brittany Jones, Esq.
Advocacy Director

On this Monday after a Chiefs victory, I wanted to take a quick minute to update you on Value Them Both and to ask for your help.

On Friday, Value Them Both passed in the House. This is a huge victory! Last year we fell four votes shy in the House, but after the election, the House came back with an even stronger pro-life contingent. Two-thirds of the representatives stuck with us through several difficult proposed amendments.

In the end, 86 representatives voted FOR Value Them Both, two more than constitutionally required.

Special thanks to Reps. Tory Arnberger, Susan Humphries, Ron Ryckman, Dan Hawkins, and Blaine Finch who championed the bill and spent countless hours ensuring that the bill passed. We are so thankful for every representative who took a stand for mothers and babies.

Now we’re on to the Senate!

The Senate was scheduled to vote on this bill last week, but one senator, Senator Dennis Pyle, a consistent pro-lifer in the past, was absent from the building. Value Them Both will come to the floor again soon. Please remind the Senate that this is the most important pro-life bill of our generation. It’s easy on our action page. We need them to show up and vote!

Contact your Senator today!

Valuing Them Both,

Brittany Jones,, Esq.
Director of Advocacy

Despite everything going on across the nation, things are moving quickly in Topeka. The House voted Value Them Both out of committee this morning & is preparing to take it up TOMORROW!

It’s time to start contacting your representatives. They need to hear from you today!!!

It’s easy on our action center.

Many of these legislators came here because of Value Them Both. Help us get it over the final line in the legislature!

For life,

Brittany Jone, Esq.
Director of Advocacy

You sent your legislators to Topeka with a mandate to pass Value Them Both. They are listening!

The bill was introduced last Tuesday and the hearings in both the Senate and the House were held this past Friday. And today, the Senate Judiciary committee, chaired by Senator Kellie Warren, passed Value Them Both by a voice vote. It will likely be heard by the full Senate very soon.

Many legislators have told me how much they have been hearing from you! It is time to let the entire Senate know that you are counting on them to vote YES on Value Them Both. It’s easy on our action center.

It’s a simple vote. They simply need to give you the opportunity to vote on this vital amendment to stop unlimited abortion in Kansas.

Contact your Senator today! Your voice really does make a difference.

We will continue to keep you updated as things move forward, but we need your help to get us over the finish line!

So we can value them both,

Brittany Jones
Director of Advocacy

As Americans we love our freedom. Historically speaking, if you asked someone on the street what Americans value most, I’m sure you would hear some version of freedom, liberty or the ability to do as we please. Since our founding these freedoms have allowed unprecedented growth and achievements in this country that could not have been imagined by its founders.

But what happens when we have unrestrained, absolute freedom, when there are no constraints on what we want or when we want it? Lord of the Flies comes to my mind.

In the beginning God created the Garden of Eden, and in it he gave Adam and Eve everything they could want or need, a true paradise. Genesis 2:16 God said, “You are free to eat from any tree in the garden; but you must not eat from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, for when you eat from it you will certainly die.” We know the end of the story, Adam and Eve betrayed the freedom God gave them and introduced sin into the world.

God could have easily prevented Adam and Eve from getting close to the tree, but instead he allowed them to restrain themselves and they failed, disaster followed.

This session in our Kansas Legislature we will be addressing the Value Them Both Amendment. This Amendment is in response to the Kansas Supreme Court’s unprecedented ruling which somehow found unrestricted abortions up until the moment of birth in our Kansas Constitution. In 2017 even with safeguards in place to restrict abortions, Kansans aborted 6,830 babies. If this is self-restraint, I would hate to see the results of absolute freedom to abort a child at whatever developmental stage one wants.

Our American founders understood that self-restraint (morality) was needed in order for our Republic to survive. John Adams said, “It is religion and morality alone which can establish the principles upon which freedom can securely stand.” In other words, if you remove God from the equation, we will need laws to protect ourselves from ourselves.

As our culture continues to drift, we must safeguard existing laws that help women and babies, absolute freedom in this case would be disastrous.

This Value them Both Amendment will have its first hearing in the House & Senate on Friday morning. Please click here contact the members of the committee who will be hearing the bill and ask them to support its passage.

For life,

Jeff Bennett
Executive Director

As we mourn the loss of life & the breach of the rule of law in Washington, DC earlier this week, we continue to pray for our nation, our law enforcement, and our elected officials who are continuing to do the people’s business. Every life is valuable and should be protected. We pray for the Holy Spirit to touch lives across our nation and that we each will seek the Lord.

As we continue to work to protect life in Kansas, it’s a new year. And that means a new legislative season for Kansas. It’s like the first day of school for me. Lots of excitement about getting back to it, but also a lot of late nights and long hours making sure our agenda and strategy for the year are ready to go.

With the great victories from this past election in Kansas, we have a mandate from the people to get Value Them Both passed. This is our number one priority this session. The Kansas Supreme Court is trying to force unlimited abortion on Kansas, but mothers, babies, and the people of Kansas are depending on us to pass this important amendment for life. We sent a strong signal to legislators – Kansans will not tolerate legislators who put personal political gain above life.

But we need your help. Even if you contacted your legislators last year, we need you to do it again. This is a new legislature with many new faces. They need to be reminded that this matters to you!

It’s easy to contact them from our action center!

This amendment does several important things:

These are all basic protections that mothers and babies deserve. Stand with us in 2021 to #ValueThemBoth!

Standing for life in 2021,

Brittany Jones
Director of Advocacy



P.S. As we mourn the loss of life & the breach of the rule of law in our nation’s capitol yesterday, we continue to pray for our nation, our law enforcement, and our elected officials who are continuing to do the people’s business. Every life is valuable and should be protected. We pray for the Holy Spirit to touch lives across our nation and that we each will seek the Lord.

P.P.S. Thank you to each one of you that financially supported us this year! Your support allowed us to do so many phenomenal things in 2020. We look forward to partnering with you in 2021. If you would like to start out your year with a gift to our efforts, it’s as easy as a click here!


“…you will find a baby wrapped in swaddling
cloths and lying in a manger.” – Luke 2:12

I can safely say 2020 didn’t look like any of us planned. Yet we saw God show up in so many unexpected ways. No matter what the year has brought, we still have a reason to adore Christ – nothing will ever change that!

Despite COVID, we saw the growth of some churches through their live streams and neighbors everywhere connected for the very first time because we were all stuck at home.

We excitedly watched as the Kansas Pastor Network grew, courts stood up for the religious freedom of citizens in Kansas and across the country, and the Supreme Court became much more conservative.

Plus, the elections delivered the most conservative Kansas legislature ever, and we have a strong conservative congressional delegation from Kansas serving in Washington D.C.

Though the Presidential election does not look anything like what we prayed and fought for, we will keep fighting alongside our brothers and sisters in Georgia as they decide the balance of power in the Senate. Here in Kansas, we will keep fighting executive overreach from the Kansas Governor’s office and other administrative agencies as we seek public policy to protect life, families and religious freedom.

Because of some of these things (and despite others) our team is looking forward with hope this Christmastime. We look forward to the passage of Value Them Both in the legislature. We look forward to helping parents find better educational solutions for their kids. We look forward to standing up for religious freedom.

We are thankful for your prayers, financial support, and engagement with our ministry. We pray that each of you is surrounded by those you love and who remind you of the gift that Christ gave to humanity at Christmas. May we each share this gift with those around us!

The prayer from our entire team is that this week you will see the goodness and faithfulness of God and be drawn to worship Him.

Merry Christmas,

Brittany Jones, Esq.
Director of Advocacy

This week is the first week of the Advent season. Quite honestly, anticipating anything in a year like 2020 feels a little cruel. So many plans have been rearranged or outright cancelled. Just like many of you, I’ve felt this personally and professionally this year.

But the Advent season is all about hope and anticipation, even when it doesn’t make sense.

From a big picture perspective, it’s a reflection of the Israelites long wait for the Messiah. The Israelites had been waiting for thousands of years for the Messiah. The prophets constantly reminded them that He was coming, but then God appeared to go silent. Silence for 400 years. That would make anyone a little cynical.

In the Christmas story, we see individuals facing disappointed hopes as well – particularly reflected in the stories of Elizabeth, Zechariah, and Anna. Elizabeth & Zechariah who waited for a child year after year. Anna who waited alone in the Temple for the Messiah for decades.

And after all this waiting, they each got to be a part of preparing our world for the Lord to walk among us.

The promise the angel gave to Zechariah about their long-awaited child in Luke 1:16-17 has beautiful meaning to me this year:

“He will bring back many of the people of Israel to the Lord their God. And he will go on before the Lord, in the spirit and power of Elijah, to turn the hearts of the parents to their children and the disobedient to the wisdom of the righteous-to make ready a people prepared for the Lord.

In their waiting, in their disappointment the Lord was working. He was preparing them for their Messiah – the Redeemer of the World.

For our organization, we dealt with a big disappointment when COVID-19 ended both the legislative session and any hope of getting the last four hold-out legislators to vote for the pro-life Value Them Both Amendment. It didn’t make a ton of sense why God would let four individuals block a bill that is needed to protect moms and babies. But after the primary and general elections, I can see that He was preparing us to be in an even better position for the 2021 legislative session. And that is just a small piece of what He is doing.

My prayer as we begin this Advent season is that we will continue to anticipate God’s coming goodness even when it doesn’t feel like it will ever happen. And that as a result we will see His goodness all around us. It has been a year unlike any other and our hearts are weary. May we hang on to the hand that is holding us and press into what the Lord has for us in the coming days.

May your heart be filled with expectation for our coming King,

Brittany Jones
Director of Advocacy

One of the most exciting days of my life was the day I finally got to vote. One-hundred years before, I could have been jailed for the simple act of casting my ballot. This week we celebrate the official ratification of the 19th Amendment – the Amendment to the U.S. Constitution that protects the right to vote for both men and women. The ratification of the 19th Amendment in 1920 was a huge step forward in our nation in creating a more perfect union.

While the political Left has tried to hijack women for their cause – saying they have to think a certain way or support certain candidates – the 19th Amendment is not about identity politics. The 19th Amendment is about recognizing the dignity and worth of women to our society. Just like the 15th Amendment further worked out the philosophy of the Founders to include all races, the 19th Amendment was a further unveiling of the original ideas of the Founders.

Women have pushed back against the Left’s attempt to hijack us for their cause. Women like Phyllis Schlafly,who stood up against the push to pass the Equal Rights Amendment (ERA) that would have eradicated our ability to regulate the abortion industry and erased hard won victories for women. She paved the way for so many women to advocate for their conservative belief systems. While not perfect, God used her to help wake up the church and women all across the nation from their apathy about politics.

But the Left is at it again trying to erase women from the story. Maleness and femaleness are gifts from God and therefore defined by Him. But the Left wants to buck God’s design and re-write truth. They are pushing not only the ERA on a national level but are also working to reverse or stop all state initiatives to protect life and girls’ places in our society. In fact, a major goal of the of the Biden-Harris ticket for 2020 is to stop state laws that protect life.

This is exactly what our state Supreme Court tried to do through its radical abortion ruling in 2019 that took away our ability to regulate the abortion industry for the safety of women and girls in Kansas. While pro-life advocates worked to give Kansans a say in the process, Governor Kelly and the Democrats tried to silence the voices of women and men across our state by blocking Value Them Both – a constitutional amendment to correct what the Court declared.

The wonderful thing is that we have strong female legislators in Kansas that fight for babies in the womb, who advocate for the safety of all women, that will stand up for fairness in sports, and who do not cower when the Left tries to mandate who they have to be, what they have to believe, and what they have to say to be deemed a woman. It is an honor to stand alongside these women to fight for life, religious freedom, and families every day. Together we are a force to be reckoned with as we continue to work to pass Value Them Both this next legislative session.

I am thankful for the opportunities that I have and do not take them for granted. I can only pray, that like Phyllis Schlafly and our female legislators in Kansas, that the work I do leaves a legacy for each woman in Kansas to be free to become who God intended for her to be. May we never take for granted the gift of womanhood or the ability to vote in our country.

For the women of Kansas,

Brittany Jones
Director of Advocacy

It looks like the 2020 legislative session took its final bow last week. Legislators came back for two days to discuss a COVID relief bill that is very similar to the bill Governor Kelly vetoed just two weeks ago.

The notable differences were that the bill extends the governor’s powers until September 15th with oversight from the State Finance Council (a committee chaired by the governor), allows counties more latitude in the decisions they make, does not allow the Governor to close businesses unilaterally, protects Kansans from forcibly being involved in contact tracing, and allows some oversight in how the governor can use federal dollars. The legislators I spoke with were not totally satisfied with the bill that passed, but recognized that it was a necessary bill that did allow us to control some of the governor’s actions.

There was a move in the House to insert Medicaid expansion into the COVID-19 Relief bill by Rep. Jim Ward (D-Wichita). When the amendment was ruled not germane to the bill, Rep. Ward challenged the ruling. Thankfully, his challenge was roundly rejected by a majority of legislators. All but one Republican voted to sustain the decision of the Rules Committee against the amendment.

This session will almost certainly go down in the record books as one of the oddest in Kansas history. It started out with two main topics – Value Them Both and Medicaid expansion. In the end, neither measure was passed, largely because the worst of COVID-19 occurred right when most of the legislative work usually gets done in March.

We are thankful for all those in the House and Senate who fought so hard to pass Value Them Both early in session. We are especially appreciative for the dedicated work of Senators Susan Wagle and Eric Rucker who carried the bill in the Senate and Representatives Susan Humphries, Renee Erickson, and Susan Concannon who carried the bill on the floor in the House. House Speaker Ron Ryckman and House Majority Leader Dan Hawkins were an indispensable part of our work on the bill this year. We look forward to working with them next year to pass Value Them Both, to provide women with basic protections.

We would like to take a moment to honor the work of Senate President Susan Wagle who has been a stalwart defender of life over the last 25 years. Most recently she carried Value Them Both on the Senate floor and was key to the passage of the Amendment in the Senate. We thank her for her commitment to life in Kansas. Even though she will no longer be working with us in the Senate, we look forward to her continued involvement in the movement to protect life.

As an organization, this session is one that did not turn out like we had planned, but we are excited about turning our focus towards elections and next legislative session. Further, we know that this is not the end of the amendment but is only the first round. We look forward to coming back next session with a legislature that is even more committed to life.

We eagerly anticipate continuing to work with you over the next several months to elect men and women who will defend life, the family, and religious freedom.

For Kansas,

Brittany Jones, Esq.
Director of Advocacy