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We have a request for your urgent help.

The Washington legislature has approved Senate Bill (S.B.) 5599, a bill that would forcibly remove children from their families if they were seeking an abortion or irreversibly harmful gender transition procedures.

The bill is now headed to Governor Inslee’s desk. We need you to encourage him to veto it!

Currently, any program, shelter, or individual housing a run-away or homeless child must report to police, CPS and/or the child’s parents within 72 hours.

Under S.B. 5599, if the child is seeking abortion, hormone blockers, gender mutilation surgery, or any other gender-related health services, these programs, shelters or individuals would no longer be required to report to police, CPS, and/or the child’s parents.

S.B. 5599 effectively allows these entities to provide a “witness protection program” for runaway and/or homeless children of any age. They can provide free housing and other essential services while keeping the child hidden from their parents for an undefined period of time.

Parents have the God-given, Constitutional right to direct the upbringing of their children. And minors who are pregnant or struggling with gender dysphoria deserve real help, not harm.

Along with our friends at Family Policy Institute of Washington, who have worked tirelessly to oppose this bill, we need you to send a message to Governor Inslee today urging him to veto S.B. 5599.

Please join us in praying that parental rights are protected in Washington. And regardless of what the governor does with this bill, please connect with our allies at Family Policy Institute of Washington. It’s vital that Washingtonians work together for the long run to build a state where God is honored, religious freedom flourishes, families thrive and life is cherished.

Now is the time to speak up for families and vulnerable children in Washington!

Joseph Kohm
Joseph Kohm III
Director, Public Policy

P.S. Please send a message to Governor Inslee today requesting that he veto S.B. 5566 – it only takes a moment using the form below.

Gov. Inslee is about to decide on a bill that would push many minors towards transgenderism.  Your quick help is needed to stop it!

Senate Bill 5722 is what is known as a “therapy ban.”  It would ban professional counseling for children and teens who are struggling with their gender identity.  But the ban would ONLY forbid counseling that is designed to help them identify with their birth sex.

In other words, counseling that encourages them to change their gender – even to go through irreversible sex-change operations – would be protected by the state.  But counseling to help them accept their God-given birth sex would be outlawed.

Incredibly, such laws have already passed in California and a few other states.  But it has also been stopped in many.  Regardless of what Gov. Inslee does with this bill, it’s critical that we make our voices heard!

The bill would also affect counseling for unwanted same-sex attraction.  This type of counseling has helped thousands of young people deal with unwanted same-sex attraction, which often arises out of sexual abuse.  But if SB 5722 passes, these young people will only be allowed to get counseling that encourages homosexuality.

Here’s what you can do:

  1. Please click here to send a note to the Governor. You can reach him with just a click at our Action Center.
  2. Please pass this email along to friends so they can make their voice heard as well.

Thank you for taking action!

The Family Policy Alliance Team

by Paul Weber, President & CEO

What last week’s elections tell us about what’s ahead for 2018

Full disclosure: I grew up in Jersey.

And while it breaks my heart to see the Garden State continue its liberal slide, it’s not surprising that the Left ran the table last week. Outgoing Governor Chris Christie has only a 14-percent approval rating — proof that political scandal (Bridgegate), constant cross-party fighting, and undermining your voter base has consequences.

But the election outcomes in Virginia, Georgia and Washington should cause Christians alarm.

Here’s why:

Nationwide in 2017, Democrats have now won 30 legislative seats that had been held by the GOP.

Is this a preamble to what will happen in 2018? To listen to the media, it certainly is! But it doesn’t have to be that way if you — and friends like you — determine to take a stand and generously support Family Policy Alliance, today!

 Yes, we could try to justify that these gains are explained by the natural pendulum swings following presidential elections. Or — as the establishment media would have you believe — that this is a referendum on President Trump’s policies.

But remember, conservatives added more than 900 state legislative seats during the Obama era. That demonstrates that when we stay engaged and activate voters to the polls, we can impact the leadership of our nation.

Still, Tuesday’s elections should set off alarm bells for those who care about life and religious freedom.

You and I can help shape what happens in 2018.  Your support of Family Policy Alliance will motivate pro-family voters to be engaged in key races throughout the nation.

Since 2009, our targeted and strategic election work has provided a measurable and significant lift to pro-family voter turnout.  That will be more important than ever in 2018. Can I count on your support today?

True — I grew up in Jersey. But I – and our alliance of state organizations – will never give up on serving and protecting the family and the values we hold dear nationwide.  Won’t you stand together with us today with your financial support?

A group of our state allies got together for a tour of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, today.

From left to right: John Helmberger, Minnesota Family Council; Eric Corcoran, Palmetto Family Council; Jeff Laszloffy, Montana Family Foundation; Carroll Conley, Christian Civic League of Maine; Michael Geer, Pennsylvania Family Institute (and an FPA board member); Jonathan Saenz, Texas Values; Joseph Backholm, Family Policy Institute of Washington; Jonathan Keller, California Family Council; and John Stemberger, Florida Family Policy Council.

John Rustin, North Carolina Family Policy Council; Nicole Theis, Delaware Family Policy Council; Allen Whitt, Family Policy Council of West Virginia; Victoria Cobb, The Family Foundation of Virginia; Jason McGuire, New Yorkers for Constitutional Freedoms; Len Deo, New Jersey Family Policy Council; Peter Wolfgang, Family Institute of Connecticut; Bob Vander Plaats, The Family Leader of Iowa; Elizabeth Wolfgang; Shannon McGinley, Cornerstone Action of New Hampshire; Meredith Campbell and Stephani Liesmaki, Minnesota Family Council.

Family Policy Alliance is proud to be allied with each of these organizations.

by Stuart Shepard

Here’s what surprised me most: The sheer number of people on social media who found it impossible to write “It’s wrong to shoot members of Congress” – without adding – “but…”

I was scanning the reaction to the news this week that a gunman targeted a baseball field full of Republican lawmakers practicing for a friendly game against their Democrat rivals.

I’ll share a few social media posts I saw, but out of mercy, I will not share their names:

“I’m very sorry these people were shot… I suppose it’s too much to think that this might be a learning experience…”

“Not happy that anyone was shot. The irony (given their position on gun laws) is inescapable, however.”

“Funny my thoughts were this is not good… (but I) bet they never thought a gun would have Sacalise in it’s sites. Swift recovery and I hope some mediation on gun laws.” (sic)

“I can’t muster empathy for them. I just can’t.”

“Congress has viciously turned on all of us. If they continue to ignore the needs of the people they best expect more of this.”

“These people who were shot, voted to be shot.”

Okay, so some of them skipped right past the “It’s wrong to shoot members of Congress” part.  But these are all actual comments by ostensibly actual human beings on a rather gracious post by the Southern Poverty Law Center, a group that regularly opposes much of what conservative members of Congress stand for.

But some followers of SPLC took issue with that expression of goodwill. One example:


Here’s a question for you: How do you respond?

Do you match name-calling with name-calling? When dark money pays people to pick fights at conservative rallies, do you swing back? Do you respond to ALL CAPS COMMENT with ALL CAPS RETORT, YOU CHUCKLEHEAD!

Oh, I know, it’s tempting. I fight that urge all the time – with varying degrees of success.

But, I’m convinced of this: It’s best simply to reply with a winsome, unassailable argument. To treat our friends who would “slap you on the right cheek” with surprising, unmerited grace, respect and courtesy. Because, in the end, our ultimate goal is not to beat them, it’s to win them to our point of view. And the proper way to nudge them gently in the right direction is by being salt and light – as opposed to, say, a sledgehammer.

Here, let me show you an example. Here’s a winsome, unassailable argument that has no need for a clarifying remark, footnote or “but…”:

“It’s wrong to shoot members of Congress.”


Sometimes, before you can build, you have to clear out what’s in that spot.

In his Stoplight® commentary, Stuart Shepard shows you a little construction project he’s been watching. What you may not realize is that you happen to be the contractor on this job.

He served in Afghanistan – Now, he’ll serve in Washington.

Today, you’ll hear from freshman U.S. Rep. Jim Banks about his goals and what he hopes to see from a conservative majority in both chambers of Congress.


The March for Marriage in Washington, D.C., will be held on Saturday, June 25, the one-year anniversary of the Supreme Court ruling that redefined marriage.

The Obergefell v. Hodges ruling blatantly ignored the U.S. Constitution and wrongly imposed the will of five justices on all 50 states. Brian Brown, president of the National Organization for Marriage, is helping organize the rally.

“We will be marching this year to protest the unprecedented and egregiously incorrect ruling of the narrow majority in Obergefell,” he said, “as well as to advocate defense in law for the rights of people of faith to abide by the consciences and the mandates of their religion when it comes to recognizing or participating in the solemnization of same-sex ‘marriages.’”

He added that they will also speak out about the administration’s efforts to open up public school girls restrooms and locker rooms to boys.

Marriage supporters will rally in front of the Capitol, then march to the steps of the Supreme Court. You can learn more about the event and sign up at

A teenage boy saw the phenomenally long line of people marching past the Capitol to the Supreme Court. As he surveyed the participants in the March for Marriage, he asked his mom, “Why are there so many kids?”

In his Stoplight® commentary, Stuart Shepard offers some keen insight into one of the most important questions to be asked in the marriage debate.

Family Policy Alliance (then known as CitizenLink) cosponsored the rally on April 25, 2015, that drew 15,000 people in support of God’s timeless design for marriage.

In his Stoplight® commentary, Stuart Shepard takes us along for a walk in the nation’s capital.

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