President Biden released a budget plan that refers to mothers as “birthing people.”

The President’s Supreme Court pick, Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson claimed she couldn’t define “woman” because she’s “not a biologist” during her official confirmation hearings to become a justice on our nation’s highest Court.

Nancy Pelosi, in her authority as Speaker of the House, continues to push woke legislation that erases women as a distinct category of people in language and law—and opens up women’s sports, prisons, locker rooms, and more to men.

It seems that the woke political ruling class needs help defining what a “woman” is.

Thankfully, yesterday, in a bicameral effort, Rep. Debbie Lesko (R—AZ) and the House Republican Study Committee led by Rep. Jim Banks (R-IN) introduced the Women’s Bill of Rights Resolution, H.Res 1136. Senator Cindy-Hyde Smith introduced the Senate version of the resolution, S.Res 644. The resolution simply defines “woman” as a biological female and reinforces the need to maintain differences between females and males in federal law.

Setting aside for a moment how stunning it is that we have to define what a woman is for extreme political elites, this Resolution is an important step forward in restoring the dignity of women, mothers, daughters, female athletes, and more in our nation.


President Biden, Speaker Pelosi, and their allies are leading us all toward an America we don’t recognize. And certainly not an America I want my two young daughters to grow up in—where their own country doesn’t even know how to define “woman.”

I don’t trust today’s political leaders to protect and empower my daughters. If “woman” means nothing, then sports and educational opportunities for women mean nothing, protections against sexual and other violence for women mean nothing, and women’s achievements mean nothing.

I will not stand by while a woke political agenda threatens to erase my daughters from their own country and laws intended to protect them. Will you join me?

Urge your Members of Congress to support the Women’s Bill of Rights now!

For my daughters and their generation,

Autumn Leva
Senior VP of Strategy


Save Girls SportsP.S. Speaker Nancy Pelosi refuses to allow Rep. Greg Steube’s (R—FL) “Protection of Women and Girls in Sports Act” to come to the House floor for a vote. The bill would ensure that girls’ sports are reserved only for girls.  Rep. Jim Banks and the Republican Study Committee released a “discharge petition” that would allow the bill to be voted on—without the need to get Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s permission. The discharge petition is another important effort in the fight to maintain protections for women and girls in the law. If you haven’t urged your Representative to sign onto the discharge petition, please send your message instantly today through our action center! You are making a difference: Already, 183 representatives have signed on, and only 218 are needed to bring the bill to the floor for a vote!

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