Family Policy Alliance of Georgia Endorses David Shafer for Lt. Governor

April 18

Atlanta–Family Policy Alliance of Georgia announced its endorsement of State Senator David Shafer in his campaign for Lt. Governor of Georgia. Pointing to a need for a “leader who can facilitate sweeping pro-family reforms,” the organization was enthusiastic in announcing its support.

“We face incredible opposition to our values in Atlanta, and David Shafer has a proven track record of championing the family,” said Cole Muzio, President and Executive Director of Family Policy Alliance of Georgia. “As a leader in the Senate, he withstood the pressure, and we know he will do the same as Lt. Governor. This is a crucial position here in Georgia, and, as we seek to restore freedoms and protect values, we need someone with the strength and fortitude of David Shafer.”

Muzio also highlighted Shafer’s strong support for the Right to Life and his leadership this legislative session.

“Instead of abandoning his position, David Shafer has used the 2018 legislative session to advance family values,” Muzio added. “As a co-sponsor of religious freedom in schools (SB 361), expanding opportunity for homeschoolers (SB 384), and protecting parental rights in healthcare (SB 437), he did what he has done throughout his career- used his political acumen and passion to advance values we care about.”

With their endorsement, Family Policy Alliance of Georgia joins Newt Gingrich, Ted Cruz, Rick Santorum, and others in their support for Shafer. Previously, the group endorsed State Senator Michael Williams in his bid for governor. It has also begun rolling out legislative endorsements of other pro-family, conservative candidates as well.

“I believe we must fundamentally shake up the status quo here under the Gold Dome,” said Muzio. “David Shafer’s effectiveness as a legislator translates well into being a Lt. Governor who can bring desired reforms to fruition. The combination of Michael Williams and David Shafer leading our state will propel Georgia to national leadership in advancing freedom, values, and opportunities for families to thrive. While there are other quality candidates seeking this seat, we believe that David Shafer is best able to deliver the results Georgia families deserve.”

Family Policy Alliance of Georgia is the state-based ally of the national Family Policy Alliance. For press inquiries or to schedule an interview with Cole Muzio, contact: Autumn Leva,