Wyoming Senate Candidate Ratings
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Your Vote matters for Wyoming Families

Family Policy Alliance of Wyoming is here to help you find the Legislative candidate in your area who will stand for Life, Religious Freedom and Family values.

We sent out candidate questionnaires to every candidate and asked them where they stand on 4 keys issues:

  1. Will they stand for the right of every child, born and unborn, to live?
  2. Will they uphold the promise of the 1st Amendment and protect the right to the “free exercise” of religion?
  3. Will they support opportunities to allow parents to place their children in a school of their choice?
  4. What is their stance on Marijuana? Are they for medical use, recreational use etc.?

The grading is based upon the answers to the questionnaire and/or their voting record if they are an incumbent.

Here are our ratings for your review on the candidates in contested primaries. Our ratings are compiled from candidate surveys and previous legislative positions on important issues in determining our ratings.

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Senate District 4

Senate District 6


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