Election 2024

Here Are the Resources You Need

Watch this page for election updates, resources and other important information over the coming months. Right now, take our straw poll and download the Election 2024 Prayer Guide.

Your Voice Is Critically Important

Social issues will be front-and-center in the 2022 midterm election. And your top pick for president in 2024 will influence who the ultimate nominees will be, starting now. We believe social conservatives are the most critical voices needed in this election, and beyond.

Please take a moment to complete the brief 2022 election survey and 2024 presidential straw poll for and by social conservatives.

Get Your Election 2024 Prayer Guide

Use the link below to to download our 2024 Election Prayer guide. It is a great reminder of those things that are vitally important to our nation always, but especially in a year such as this.

Together, we pray this election may be one that moves us closer to a nation where God is honored, religious freedom flourishes, families thrive, and life is cherished. Please join us and thousands across the nation in this prayer.

We hope this guide will serve as a reminder for our daily prayer as well as a guide for your church, Sunday school or small group throughout this 2024 election cycle.

Help Christians Cast Their Light

It takes resources to win elections. We can impact key races all across the nation but need critical election-designated dollars to do so. We don’t take any financial contribution lightly — no matter the size of the gift. We use  every dollar raised efficiently and strategically to mobilize pro-family voters. Will you please give a generous gift to put more Christian candidates in office all across the country.

Our Election Strategy


We train pro-family candidates on how to not just talk about family policy issues in the media in a winsome way — but how to lead boldly on those issues and win!

We’ve provided direct training to 17 U.S. House or Senate offices, critical message training to the largest conservative and values-based groups in Congress, and training on how to effectively lead on family values.

When a candidate does not know how to effectively advocate for the issues we all hold dear — like the sanctity of human life, the critical role parents play in their children’s lives, and more — that can cost them an election. We work hard to prepare candidates to answer the hard questions and to be effective leaders on these issues.

Learn more about the Statesmen Academy, the premier education program of our sister organization, Family Policy Foundation.


It’s true—personnel is policy. Our laws will not reflect pro-family values without trained pro-family political leaders who will champion those values at every level of government.

Planned Parenthood alone is set to spend a historic $50 Million in the 2022 election to help pro-abortion candidates. We don’t need to match Planned Parenthood and their allies dollar-for-dollar to win, but we do need critical election-designated dollars to impact key races. We spend these dollars efficiently and strategically to make the biggest impact with every dollar raised.

Since ramping up our election work in a major way in 2009, FPA has won more than 75 percent of its targeted races. Some groups cherry-pick their races—meaning that they pick likely winners — to boost their success rate. FPA does not. The FPA team picks important races that could go either way — and where the numbers show that we can potentially make the difference.



Our team—comprised of experienced political strategists, data analysts and state leaders deeply connected to the grassroots—analyzes pivotal elections and looks in detail at the impact that winning the race could have (such as changing control of a legislature) AND whether our involvement has strong potential to change the outcome.


We do not give money directly to candidates. Instead, using data-driven metrics and other analysis, we select dozens of the most consequential races in the country. We know which types of voters to reach — and our digital ads, mail and a host of other communications are proven to increase turnout for pro-family candidates.

We work hard to earn the title of the trusted pro-family voice in elections.

Check out our past election successes. From higher win percentage rates than the Republican party to reaching millions of voters, with your support and by God’s grace, we have achieved significant impact in every election cycle in a hyper-efficient way.


To win, pro-family candidates of course need pro-family voters to vote for them. Every election cycle, Family Policy Alliance is proud to invest in tools and efforts that help reach pro-family voters.

We leverage technology to identify and reach pro-family voters in all 50 states. We have proven we can regularly increase the pro-family voter turnout by 2-13% — that’s enough to change the outcome.

We provide voter registration technology to help pro-family voters get registered to vote, vote early, vote by absentee ballot, find their polling place—and actually vote on Election Day.

We facilitate a central hub where voters can find state-specific voter guides produced by the alliance of state family policy councils we host – so that they can easily vote for pro-family candidates.

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