Groups Move to Protect Churches from IRS Intrusion

June 14

IRS Letter

Family Policy Alliance, along with dozens of other groups, has signed a letter supporting the “Preventing IRS Abuse and Protecting Free Speech Act” in the U.S. House. HR 5053 would eliminate the requirement for non-profits to include information about their contributors in tax filings. It also prevents the IRS from punishing individuals exercising their free speech rights.

“Free speech has been under assault in recent years and the IRS has been at the center of the controversy,” the letter states. “In several well-documented cases, the agency leaked private and sensitive Schedule B information that should never have been made public. For example, the agency settled a lawsuit with the National Organization for Marriage after an IRS official emailed NOM’s Form 990, Schedule B to the Human Rights Campaign, which then published it.”

Read the letter.