Study Debunks ‘Born This Way’ Theory

August 25

Sexuality Report Graphic

A report in The New Atlantis says there is no scientific evidence that people are born gay.

Lawrence Mayer and Paul McHugh worked to summarize research on the subject. They are concerned that more and more drastic measures are being taken to “help” those who are confused about their identity – with disastrous results.

For instance, research shows that adults who have undergone sex reassignment surgery are 5 times more likely to attempt suicide and 19 times more likely to succeed.

“Realignment surgery destroys healthy body parts, but genetically you will still be the same male or female,” said Regina Griggs with Parents and Friends of Ex-Gays (PFOX). “Minors need to be taught to love and appreciate who they are as male or female, not some fictional concept that surgery can make everything happy and exciting.”

The report points to one study that showed up to 80 percent of adolescent boys who claimed to struggle with same-sex attractions no longer did as they reached adulthood.

The research team is concerned with the number of children being referred for hormonal treatment to delay the onset of puberty.

“This approach involves helping the children to self-identify even more with the gender label they prefer at the time,” they wrote. “One component of the gender-affirming approach has been the use of hormone treatments for adolescents in order to delay the onset of sex-typical characteristics during puberty and alleviate the feelings of dysphoria the adolescents will experience as their bodies develop sex-typical characteristics that are at odds with the gender with which they identify. There is relatively little evidence for the therapeutic value of these kinds of puberty-delaying treatments.”

In an interview with LifeSiteNews, Griggs cautioned parents.

“Parents need to read this study,” she said, “and work to help their children love and respect who they were created to be.”