Giving Hearts Day is February 9th

January 27

How would you like to have your donation to Family Policy Alliance go a lot further? Giving Hearts Day, an event hosted by the Dakota Medical Foundation and allied organizations,  allows people to donate to causes doing good work in areas they passionately care about. Last year $8.3 million was raised through 37,109 donations directly funding 326 charities.

This year, Giving Hearts Day is on February 9, and I’m happy to report that Family Policy Alliance of North Dakota is once again a full participant.

One reason people prefer to give on this day is that donations are matched. The good news is that thanks to a generous ministry partner, Family Policy Alliance of North Dakota has once again raised matching funds. In 2016, we raised $35,000, and our goal is to reach $50,000 this year. This is a major fundraising event for Family Policy Alliance of North Dakota and an opportunity for you to support an organization that stands for your most treasured values.

In the weeks ahead, you will see multiple communications about our participation in Giving Hearts Day. We will post links on social media, on our website and in emails.

It’s simple. Search for “Family Policy Alliance of North Dakota” on the Giving Hearts Day website, and make your contribution. Rest assured that your credit card information and personal information will be completely secure when you donate through the Giving Hearts Day donation portal.

Note that Giving Hearts Day only lasts for 24 hours, from midnight on February 8 through midnight on February 9, so don’t miss it! However, if you do miss the timeframe for some reason, you can always donate to Family Policy Alliance of North Dakota through our webpage at any time.

We’re very excited to participate in Giving Hearts Day. These donations will go directly to Family Policy Alliance of North Dakota as we represent your pro-family and pro-life values.

Thank you in advance for your participation. Together, we can make a difference!

Mark Jorritsma
Executive Director

PS TAKE ACTION: House Bill 1163 would broadly repeal Sunday closing laws for North Dakota businesses.  Family Policy Alliance of North Dakota is opposed to this bill because these longstanding laws promote a day of rest, focus on family, and time for worship for those who choose. They are an important part of North Dakota culture and who we are. We encourage you to contact your District Representatives to let them know you want them to vote “No” on HB 1163! Just go to our website and enter your zip code to find your lawmakers’ email addresses.