Sometimes Doctors Just Don’t Know: Worth Fighting For

January 27

Elizabeth Bakewicz has brain cancer. The same kind of cancer as Brittany Maynard, the California woman who ended her life by assisted suicide.

Instead of taking her own life, Elizabeth is fighting for every single moment with her husband and two small children. Why? Because she believes that life is precious – from its very beginning to its natural end. Watch our video sharing Elizabeth’s story.

Right now, the legislature is considering HB 2120 that would make it legal in our state for a doctor to prescribe a lethal dosage of drugs to assist someone in taking their life. It’s dangerous because it neglects one very important fact about assisted suicide.

Doctors get it wrong.

While Elizabeth’s diagnosis is spot on, her prognosis was not. Doctors gave her only 3-5 years to live. She is now in year 7. Those same doctors who were doing everything they could to get her to her daughter’s first day of kindergarten are now working hard to get her to her daughter’s wedding day.

Would you take a few minutes today and contact your legislator? Tell them you oppose HB 2120. Respectfully ask them to vote no and thank them for their service to our state. We’ve made it easy through our Action Center.

Kansas can do better than abandoning those with the most serious illnesses to hopelessness and death by assisted suicide. Wouldn’t it be far better to be known as a Kansas that provides the best patient-centered and family-centered care possible when its citizens need it most, than a Kansas that abandons its most vulnerable?

Family Policy Alliance of Kansas believes every life is worth fighting for. Thank you for standing with us on this important issue.

Eric Teetsel